The redonkulousness continues…


"Blobule!" [a redonkulous poem]

Blobule, blobule,
he’s a little blobule
Stubbular, Tubbular, smooshed-up muzzle-puffular
Blubbular, gut-u-lar, wall-eyed ankle chubbular
Even tho he’s radi-kewl,
he’s a little bloooobuuuuuule!


Right, Jessica T.?



  1. Oh oh just look at him!
    So round and those stubby legs…*Sigh*

  2. And woo FIRST!

    Q: Does that first pic give anyone the urge to break out the nail polish?

  3. OMG… A Sonnet to blobularness….

    Has ever such a chubby puppy existed before now??

    Cute ankles!

  4. OMG OMG OMG! AWWWwwwwwwww.

    Look at his likkle pink belleh, all round and chubbulah. Oh and the tail. I bet he has no control of the wagging of his tail.

  5. haha he looks like he’s about to pop.

    His tummy makes it look like a post-Thanksgiving dinner pic. 😀

  6. AliceTanzer says:

    Oh my goodness.

  7. Ahhh, bulldogs are my absolute favorite!!!!!!

    And this one is more prosh than some of the kittens and pups on this site.

  8. Thats a belly that even Buddha would rub.

  9. O M G

    looks like troubular!


    How can you ever get a cuter puppy than this?

  11. fawn lust says:


  12. michellemybelle says:

    That puppeh belleh must be zerberted NOW!

  13. erm . . . is his nose ok? or is it just black and pink spotty and only appears as if he’s been chasing parked cars?

  14. Holy bananas. I do not think that we CAN snorgle, kiss, squish, or in any other way love on that puppy. He Will POP!!!

  15. Don’t scrape your belly on the gravel, Blobulus!

  16. Just TOO cute! Love it!

  17. Moochiecat says:


  18. Puppies!1! He reminds me of T-bone on Clifford the Big Red Dog. (kid’s cartoon)So pudgie and cute!

  19. Jessalyn says:

    aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww but whats widdat noz?

  20. girlnextdoortn says:

    Oh, I just deflated myself with a major “ooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!”

    I could eat him for dinner.

  21. a manly man says:

    two words – snorgle. tummy.

  22. A know-it-all says:

    ummm…wat breed is dat little blobbie?

  23. chet's momma says:

    carlisa-he is tewtelly t-bone! what a schweetie!

  24. LOOKIT THE JOWLS PEOPLE!!!!! *faints from th e cuteness*

  25. could that be??? the tune of “bananaphone!!!!!” ring ring ring ring, banana phone. cellular, modular, interactive-odular

  26. Oh my! He’s the pokey little puppy! I hope he gets his strawberry shortcake.

  27. LOL at Mel! You are right, he is the Pokey Little Puppy!

    I don’t think I have ever seen such a young bulldog.


  28. Galgh!

    I was totally unprepared for that level of cute! The puppeh chub rolls! The roly-poly belleh, the smooshface!

    I will fall asleep dreaming of warm, snorgle-able muzzlepuffs and soft puppeh tummies.

  29. Katherine says:

    Soooo cute… what’s wrong with his nose though?

  30. What a cute blubblar, that is happy and content, as I can be!!!

  31. Lookit his little belly button!!! I shall poke eet.

  32. China's Mom says:

    OMG! The cuteness has just melted me into a puddle!

  33. if i rub his belly, will he give me good luck?

  34. I do hope he doesn’t injure those chubby wittle paws on those sharp rocks!!!!!!! Think of the weight those feets must bear!!!

  35. R. Moore says:

    As much as I love his round little tummy, I love his wittle pink smush-nose better 🙂

    That’s a well-fed little guy right there 🙂

  36. OH MY GOD.
    oh my god.
    oooooh my god.

    I want to hold one, just like that, RIGHT NOW.

  37. Th faaaace! The smooshy smooshy smooshy faaaaace!!! *rasthpberries the tummy*

  38. Get in mah belleh! 😀

  39. LoooooooorddddddHalllpMeeeee

    I know .. I repeat things others have said..but SHOOT..


  40. cubby cuteness

  41. Oh the belleh! The belleh!

  42. This pup is un-BELLY-veable!

    God, I’m good.

  43. I’m in arms enhancing ur relative body image!

  44. ladies watch out, when those balls drop he’s gonna be a pup to watch out for!!

  45. What a pretty squishy baby!

  46. eikoleigh says:

    He is SO cute! I love how he looks like a stubby (over)stuffed animal~! Too cute!

  47. I think this is my favorite ever on this site. I just can’t resist a bulldog puppeh.

  48. Doggies-R-Cute says:

    Just as an aside, for those who commented….. *Ahem*….*clears throat, rustles papers into order*…..

    “When puppies are born, many have an unpigmented nose.. ie Pink. As the puppy grows older…. the black pigment starts to cover the approprieate bits of the schnozular area… looking a bit patchy at times… until one day… the puppy has a black nose”. Thank you.

    *blushes sheepishly, rearanges papers and sits down at back of class*

  49. AuntieMame says:

    DRC is a teacher’s pet! 🙂

    And they clearly aren’t feeding this scrawny little pup nearly enough. He looks like he’s wasting away.

  50. *blinks* Dear heavens, he’s an outie.

  51. Persephone says:

    I want one just like this! He’s so low-slung and sturdy looking, and his leetle face is so pink!

  52. Whoa !!!

    Imagine this butterball lying on his back, trying to curl his mighty mitts …

  53. darkshines says:

    He clearly needs a little baseball cap, a red one….

  54. I ADORE him! 😀

    And he/she’s only gonna get more beautiful and precious as the years go by. Bulldogs RULE!!

  55. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Its a little known fact that the Cabriole leg on furniture is modled on bulldog limbs :}

  56. OMIGOSH! What a blobule of stubby cuteness! I just want to snorgle, and nibble and pokepokepoke until I’m blue in the face! Just too cute!

  57. LOOK AT HIS PUPPY BELLY!! This is by far the cutest puppy I’ve ever seen.

  58. This is the first CO post that has taken my breath away and made me put my head in my hands. I CANNOT HANDLE IT!!!

    This might be even cuter than the bocce-ball playin’ pug.

  59. He’s even got NOSE CHUB!!! OMG!11!!!

  60. Yay! welcome back meg 🙂

  61. I see his bellybutton!! Poem perfect.

  62. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! The stubbitude!!! The round belly!!! The-the BELLYBUTTON!!!! I LOOOOOVE bulldogs.

    *smooshes face into puppy belly*

  63. You’re just too blobuley to be truuuueee,
    Can’t take my eyes offa yooooou,
    You feel like heaven to tooouuchh,
    I wanna snorgle you so muuuuch,
    At long last your belly has arrived,
    And I thank God you’re alive,
    You’re just too chubbsters to be truuuue,
    Cant take my eyes offa yoooou.
    Da duh, da duh, da duh duh da duh,
    I loff you puppee,
    And if it’s quite all right I must snorgle you puppee,
    To warm my lonely nites,
    I loff you puppee, trust in me when I saaaay,
    O pudgy puuppeeee,
    Don’t leave me alone I pray,
    Now that I’ve seen you stay,
    O pudgy pupppeee, yeah…da duh, da duh……. (finishing with a trumpet solo)

    Abject apologies to Barry Manilow – but it just HAD to be done).

  64. ooops, it looks like someone over-inflated him! that’s the roundest belleh i’ve ever seen. SOOO cute.

    and the poem totally rocks.

  65. Oh c’mon! This has got to stop! This is way too cute! It’s interferin with ma work. Some people have to work yer know. How can I get anything done while I spend all my time gazing at the lil puppeh? How? Tell me? I beg you!!!

  66. cutest. pup. ever.

  67. zeldapie says:

    Oh dear gawd, can his legs and eyes get any wider apart? Can he look any CUTER??!!! NO!!
    He is anerable to the nth degree, people.

  68. OMG!!!! i just want to smoooooooshhhhhh heeeeem and snorgle heeeeem the belleh tewtelly owns you it makes you want to blow raspberries on it !! hail to the blobule!!

  69. KGirl81 — you *never* need to apologize to Barry Manilow. Barry White, now, he gets respect.

  70. That’s IT. CO has STOPPED my biological clock. I get all the cute I need right here, with none of the trouble. 😛

  71. Pictures like this are slowly, but surely, killing me with Cute. I am dying to rub my face in this pup’s tummy.

  72. OK, I know everyone has already said it, but I’ve already showed this guy to like 5 people, and STILL I have to say HE IS SO CUTE!!!!!!!! (or is he a she?) Either way. That chubby stubby face! The big front paws/little back paws! That belly! It’s just too much. Really. I’ve always liked adult bulldogs with their grumpy faces but happy personalities, and their rock-solid feel when you pat them, but this puppy!!!! Now I have at least one reason to go on. 😉

  73. It’s the pokey little puppy! I see I’m not the only one to think so…

  74. OMG! He’s wonderful!!! I want him! LOL
    Lucky you!

  75. LOL

  76. At the very moment I viewed this picture, I was listening to the “Wicked” soundtrack, specifically the song “Popular.” So I read this as “Blobular.” Maybe I shall be inspired to make up lyrics for same.

  77. LOL, Noelegy! I hear it in my head! “Yer gonna be blob-U-lar (ooh!)…”

  78. Cutest. Thing. Ever.

  79. guineapiggin9 says:

    AHHHHHH!!! I must have heem. I must smoosh his lil chub rolls and his smooshy face…EHN!

  80. Lisa Bambrell says:

    Ahhhhhhh. I was having the most awful Monday at work until I read this post. Now my frayed nerves have been soothed.

    Thank you!

  81. Oh I have melted. I want one tooooo…….

  82. must have doughy doggie…i knead him!

  83. Anner — say this out loud:
    “Pillsbury Dough Dog”
    Now say it again.
    And again.
    Two three four! He’s a…

    [repeat ad nauseam]

  84. yummie!!!!!!!again

  85. This one looks JUST like the drawings for “The Pokey Little Puppy”, yes?

  86. book_monstercats says:

    A friend of mine had an English bulldog (all white) called Florence (aaaaahhhhh!). When she was a puppy, she wasn’t blobular, so her skin was too big for her. I used to wait for her to sit down, to see her skin folds slowly follow her rear end onto the floor – cute (honest)and so funny. She grew into a very grand and dignified lady.

  87. Dear Honourable Gladys: eh what what? The 21st Century Scientific Method — Googling ‘cabriole’ and ‘bulldog’ — gets me some classified ads but nothing else…

  88. I do believe that this would make the perfect pet in space; floating by in zero gravity, doing a little half-twist, its legs are obviously useless ;).

  89. Oh da’ KYOOOOOT!!! (That’s pidgin English for all you Hawaii peeps)

  90. OMG!! My post went through!! It’s a miracle!! ::ded::

  91. musicchick2 – You know, (puff) take it a-from a-me, Father Cute-o Sarducci, when ever a computer does a-what you a-want, it is a miracle, yes.

    And, welcome back, yay.

    SarahR – Google, Cabriolet furniture leg. Seems THGA is the Chairman. 😉

  92. gimme gimme gimme! he needs uh burpin’!!!

    favorite one so far!!!

  93. mydragon says:

    OMG>.. thats the dang cutiest dog ive ever seen.. I want to cuddle him.. so cute!

  94. Theo – the regimen you prescribed is most efficacious. many thanks.

  95. Ah, Pyrit…thanks for the welcome back. And thank you for confirming the miracle. I feel SO much better now! 😉

  96. Christine says:

    I definitely sang this poem to the tune of Raffi’s “Bananaphone.” xD

  97. Not sure why you’re apologizing to Barry Manilow – “Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You” is a Frankie Valli song.

    Adorable puppy, though…

  98. SpaceCowgirl says:

    Love the poem and the pup!

  99. Tum-tum!

  100. Um, I think he is a SHE.

  101. I didn’t know anyone else used the word Redonkulous

  102. Well, you’ll love this, then. Check it out:

  103. one of the erins says:

    For as much as I love the pictures… the poem does it for me. That’s hilarious! Is it just me or does it seem like it needs a tune to go with it?

  104. compy-saur says:


    I’m afeared that this puppy ‘splosion of cuteness is getting the best of me. Makes me wanna polish its tum-tum!
    “Here, I make it shiny foh you.”

  105. the litle bubleee is very very prety this is granderfull