‘Monks prefer Macs

Warrrrm lap-toppy… Ahn. [burrow burrow]

Nice submishe, Sparkalishe 😉



  1. oh GOD that’s cute.

  2. Woo-HOO! First bleen! Definitely.

    This is illegally cute. Is this actually this person’s _pet_ chippy???

  3. I have two full-grown cats that STILL try to pull off that move. It’s adorable. 😛

  4. pugmamatimestwo says:

    Love his face: “Wha? *Blink blink*. Put it back down! Warmness now!” It’s like me every morning when the alarm goes off.

  5. juggle geese says:

    what kind of an animal is that? Besides being cute of course.

  6. is that the new interactive ‘mouse’ from Mac? 😉

  7. AliceTanzer says:

    Apparently its a Golden Mantled Squirrel, not a chipmonk.

  8. misscrisp says:

    Ah yes, more evidence in support of my theory that all intelligent species
    prefer le Mac. To wit (and Too Qte!):

  9. Wait a SECOND.

    It’s your FRIEND?

    The chipmunk is your FRIEND??!!

    You have a chipmunk FRIEND that chills out with you? Randomly?


  10. is that….is that a SQUIRREL? that looks like a CHIPMUNK????

    i didn’t know those existed.

    i have found my purpose in life. i need one. STAT!

  11. I love his little blinks!

  12. I always knew computers were powerd by chipmunks! Now I have proof!

  13. Laurie C says:

    My cats only try to wedge themselves on top of my lap, between my stomach and the laptop. There is nothing at all ergonomic about reaching over a cat to type.

  14. katerpie says:

    *lifts up computer hopefully*


  15. Is that a chipmunk in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  16. I’ve lifted up rocks and found chipmunks underneath, but never a computer. Must try that sometime!

  17. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    ohhh me too katerpie.. me too..

  18. HEY! My MacBook didnt come with a chipmonk for the putting underneath!
    *throws pudding*
    omg. pudding, putting lololololol

  19. I don’t know what a “bleen” is, but I’m mighty proud to have gotten the first one! 😀

    This little dewd is clearly peeved that his warm electronic blankie has been taken away. He should get a popsicle or something as compensation.

  20. Spaced out or what… I see title – i think monkey. I watch video – i think what the hell kind of monkey is that.

  21. Mrs. P. — small correction, the tiniest… ’twas YOUR first bleen.
    Important distinction.

  22. oh my goodness! a baby chipmunk! is that his pet??

  23. Kallisto says:

    ‘Tis very cute.

  24. Jenn Jordan says:

    Is there a rule about your head being the same size as your whole body? I think he definitely counts for this.

  25. cheese!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    will eat u in 6.999999999999999999999999999999999 days

  26. Alice Shortcake says:

    This is the sort of thing that makes IT worthwhile. Never again will I use a laptop without hoping to find a chipmunk/squirrel/whatever this little darling is lurking beneath.

  27. Yvonne — er, whaa? (RADIO!)

  28. Thats totally the warmest part of the Macbook, too. I have also been grateful for the warmth of my Macbook on more than one occasion.

  29. *sigh* I really needed this funny cuteness…I have a sick 4-year-old on my hands, and watching my normally exuberant son laying in his bed like a warm sack of bones is just tearing my heart to pieces… :-/


  30. So does this dudelet randomly run around the house and then snuggle under the computer when its person is typing? Seems a little risky– though I guess it is worth it for everyone involved….

  31. My kitten likes to sleep on my warm MacBook Pro.


  32. hooray for teensy chipmonkery goodness!

  33. Eric, I love it! But if this is the first-gen model MacBook Pro–well, some of them might get *too* warm! Hmmm. I guess fur is a better heat shield than cotton pants.

  34. Ohmigosh Eric!! I adore Daisy! The pic of her “flying” over the couch cushions is PROSH PROSH PROSH! 🙂


  35. Aww. Whatta WTF expression. Poor baby’s warm cubbyhole is gone.

  36. Please to replace blankie…
    Miss Emily-Were you by chance channeling Loraine from Mad TV???

  37. Poor little thing is all like “Why you do dat? I was all warm and comfy. That’s not nice! Put it back!”

  38. Eric – your pics are awesome! I nominate Darwin and Daisy’s “spoon” to be the nest post for interspecies snorgling. 🙂

  39. The Chipnotizer says:

    SO! You want your OWN chipmunk?? I’ve had quite a few. (I kindly let ’em live outside). Peeps-it’s spring. The bushes will soon be full of hungry, pregnant mommie-monks. They will do ANYTHING for sunflower seeds and strawberries. Other items needed-the ability to sit still for a long time and not move a muscle, and a no-twitching love for rodents. Just sprinkle a line of sunflower seeds from a known chipmunk hangout (the boys are chipping like mad right now-easy to find) to your vicinity and move the seeds closer with each frenzied trip. Soon the little buggers will think of you as a wonderful source of food. The most tameable are the new ones just out of the burrow-Mom keeps ’em there for nine weeks. They have pointier snouts than the adults. My favorites-Schnitzel and Autumn Serendipity (born in the fall-a third batch of the summer!!) let me take off fleas, clean their eyes anf KISS THEIR TUMMIES!!! You haven’t lived until…. They would come when I called and if sleeping I’d pound on the ground near thier burrow and they’d get up. Autumn S. came out in the spring and posed for pix the first day I tried. Schnitzel loved the soundtrack from French Kiss and would close her eyes and sway in the tall grass. They are so prosh-you won’t be able to stay away. Addiction, peeps. You should only have a bebbeh chippeh if it’s an orphan, so if you want a chippie under your laptop-take your laptop outside!!! Take food and they will come!! I know this is disgustingly long!!! I’m sorry, but there are so many hungry chippehs out there and so little time!!! Happy hunting!!! And thanks so much fore QO!!! I tell complete strangers about it in the pet food isles and make them write down the web. I looovvve eeet!!!The Chipnotizer from >^..^^..^<

  40. DKN — words right outta my mouth.

    Nice shot, Eric.

  41. I’m under ur ‘puter storing nuts in ur SD card slot!

  42. Theo – word!

  43. michellemybelle says:

    How do I download the chippy widget?

  44. I had a bebeh squirrel once thatr used to curl up on the touch mousepad on my laptop because it got so warm…and he would fit himself perfectly in the little square!

  45. AuntieMame says:

    No fair! I just looked under my laptop, and nuthin’… 😦

    (It sure feels good on my creaky ol’ knees, though…)

  46. Ahhh – ’tis spring. Time for bebbeh animals of all makes and descriptions. The time of year when wildlife rehabbers quake in fear every time their phones ring. And we do it cause they are too cute!

  47. Shannon – WORD! Be strong. Even squeeling little naked magpies! 😉

  48. Meredith says:


  49. katerpie says:


    kitty, kitty/puppy, kitty/puppy, KEGERATOR!

    A man after my own heart!

  50. Meredith…switch to decaf.


  51. just looking at him i could taste unsalted sunflower seeds

  52. Maybe this couls be a new category, a la Cats ‘N’ Racks? Squirrels ‘N’ Nuts?

  53. For the person who said this was a golden mantled squirrel, I think you might be mistaken. The difference between them and chipmunks is the stripes at the eyes. If you look at this little guy closely, he has ever so slight chipmunky stripes. Either way, damned cute. DAMNED CUTE!!

  54. natalie q says:

    i LOVE how the lifting s like a “ta-dah!”

    and how the little guy looks twice at it in a very dissappointed manner.

    thanks for the vid!

    monk movie monday.

  55. Chipnotizer…. I fall in awe and jealousy in your wake… feeding bubby chippingmonks??? WAAAH!
    Being a Stranger in a Strange Land… will I find ’em in Missouri??? Certainly never found them in Scotland… cept in pet shops….

    need to go buy sunflower seeds.. will it work the same on the massive groundhog that lives in my yard???

    Also nee to by Apple laptop… it must be the smell that attracts them chipplymunks….

    So much to do, so little time….

    CO you rock!


    Or is it a cheepmonk?

  57. Looks chipmunk-esque to me!

  58. Laurie C says:

    T, or would that be Chimpunk, Esq.?

  59. Much like my chinchillas or the kitty. They love the heat my laptop puts off. Even more than the heating pad.

  60. Chipnotizer, I like your advice!
    I am goin’ out right now to look for some Chippendales chipping!

  61. [snicker]

  62. one day, all creatures upon the earth will use a macintosh

  63. (imagining a flatworm flailing fruitlessly on the touchpad of a MacBook Pro)

  64. heheh my cat does the same thing, except she lies down *right* on top of the keyboard. it’s so adorable!!

  65. Spikedcolor says:

    Sweet Jesus the blinking!

    *heart stops*

  66. Now my kid wants a mac and that cute thing!