It’s my pawty…

…And I’ll curl my pars if I want to.


Sender-inner Michael S. sez this pup was born on Valentine’s Day and has a white heart on his head. ;)

// EDIT — [snicker!]  – Theo. //


  1. luckycliff says:

    oooh he’s a widdow valentine!!

  2. eeee! it’s a sleepy rodent!

  3. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, now THAT’s what I call KEE-YOOT! Not usually a big pupper fan, but this little guy is tewtally fine.

  4. luckycliff says:
  5. Must…kees…abnormally large forehead (fivehead?)

  6. squeeeeeeee! i love the pawsies! and the modest tail position! so cutie! i want to curl up and fall asleep next to him…he looks about ready to honk-shu.

  7. That is the cutest alien I’ve ever seen. Seriously.

  8. Aluriaphin says:

    Yep, that’s one cute dog ya got there. Fer sure. Mmm-hmm. Yep.

  9. I no bigger than a heart and I just melted another one ***** My little tocks I want to know they are there and keep my pink tummy warm. Thanks for the heart warmer Micheal S. and cute overload.

  10. SeaBreeze says:

    (remembers to keep breathing….)


    (dies and ‘splodes here, too!!)

  11. gaaaah! rule #21!

  12. CO Hall of Fame!

  13. Aw, he can touch his toesies!

  14. wow, what a fivehead!

  15. This pup looks like a fawn.

    So sleepy-cute.

  16. The multi-colored tiny toes! The widdle nose! The fur! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    *falls over*

    *finger points into the air* I have died of cute. And I love it.

  17. “and has a white heart on his head….” and that is just where I will kees him.

  18. Ah! That puppy is almost painfully cute!

  19. misscrisp says:

    go on Meg, just kick me in the ovaries…again.

  20. eikoleigh says:

    omg, that pup is so cute! I love those footsies – paws up!

  21. lauowolf says:

    it’s feetses

  22. Holy Paws Batman! Check out the pure cuteness!

  23. I am barely able to type this…….. but look carefully….. eet ees NOT ALONE….. I presume it is accompanied by a similarly sized and equally cute sibling….

    Eet ees well you only showed one…. there would have been countless bodees across the universe… from dying of cute overdose………..

    too late I too have succumbed (ooh I like that word…. succumbed!)

  24. AuntieMame says:

    Paws up, lil’ dude! And nice placement of the modesty tail. =)

  25. Hazel is right — he’s tocks to tocks wif another teeny toed fawn wah-wah!

    That would be a total of TEN-head!

  26. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    My funny valentine sweet comic valentine, you make me smile with my heart.

  27. Weronika says:

    It’s my PAWTY.

  28. Oh my gosh, I’m sooo in luuuuv!!

  29. He looks a wee bit like a wee alien. V. cute.

  30. i don’t like little dogs. at least not before recently…and now i see -this- little one and i gotta know: can i put him in my pocket and take him home?

  31. Is that a little puppers or a cross betwixt a skewrl and a bun-bun?

  32. He looks so sweeepy…tiny honkshus are near…

  33. OMG. Loffing both the modesty tail covering his ‘bits’ and also the fivehead. Am also glad I am not the only one to notice both these features…was starting to worry that I had an unhealthy obsession. Possibility/necessity of starting up COAA (Cute Overload Addicts Anonymous)?

  34. ok, i am able to see at least five rules of cutness here:

    #2 (helpless), #16 (fivehead), #20 (paw pads), #21 (eye capsules), and #22 (curl up your paw). and if that sleepy eye one had made it, there would be 6. incredible!

    what do you call a 5-fecta?

  35. LOL! It’s a mousedeer wah-wah.

  36. fat tabby says:

    This actually makes my heart hurt with the uber vulnerable look he has going..*has a stroke*

  37. THGA – That is one of my all-time favorite songs. I sing it like Rickie Lee Jones. “But don’t change a hair for me, not if you care for me”. Who do you sing it like? ;-)

  38. paws up!

    Lookin’ cute, cuddly and sleepy all at the same time. Now *that* takes talent. You gotta work to get to that level of cuteness!

  39. I’m sorry, all I seem to be able to say is…


  40. zeldapie says:

    The slightly walleyed look, the huge space between the eyes, the curled-up paws… I can’t take it. I want this bebeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. thanks

    I got my cute fix for the week…


    I may be set till next wednesday

  42. Weronika was totally right. Typos corrected now.

  43. Now it suddenly makes sense that a small dog would be willing to adopt a baby skwerl. This little dude looks just like a baby skwerl.

  44. Gah! Why won’t my linky link? Help!

  45. Dr. McCoy:

    Mr. Spock (eyebrow raised):
    “Oooodgy woooodgy koooodgy kooo”?

  46. Redz—–Sounds like a job for Thuper Theo! [snicker]

  47. Redzilla: is this what you’re referring to?

  48. I wants to bite its widdle feetsies!

  49. Dat’s da one Jess E. How skwerly is this little pupper? Plenty, I say. No wonder Madame Papillon adopted that skwerl.

  50. This is one of the tiniest and most vulnerable puppies to ever exist

  51. *pops pup into mouf*
    mmmff mwwwf mwwwfff

  52. MODESTY TAIL!!!!

    (hand clapped to mouth to prevent coworkers from hearing squeeeeal)

  53. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I sing it like me, Heart is sung breathily lots of hhh.

  54. RedZ — the “trackback” links aren’t the URLs you’re looking for. Use those “permalink” URLs. That is all. (Well, 1 more thing: I think Jess E. got it right… right?)

  55. This dewd has a Supreme Forehead of Joy.

  56. GoddessTT says:

    That is my puppy! He will be 5 weeks on Wednesday.

  57. riolinda says:

    I have now died of cute overload! :)

  58. As my old armenian auntie use’ta say “Maman si deh kezi! Cover those little do-do’s up, you will catch a cooold” Those are certainly some nibble-able do-do’s right there. Ahhhhnnnn.

  59. GoddessTT—– I see there’s more than one in the pic, so don’t be stingy! Gimmmmeeee!

  60. LOL_PRINCESS says:


  61. warrior rabbit says:

    Ack, my eyes! Caps off, please.

  62. fawn lust says:


    f’realz though. omg.

  63. yummie!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Wow-wows are SO cute! They are really growing on me these days. Not always the nicest temperament, but when you get meet a sweet one, man there’s nuttin’ cuter!

  65. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Now THOSE are kissable toes!

  66. Oh muh gaw. I think my heart exploded.

  67. Purple Bunnie Girl says:

    Some1 put:
    “eeee! its a sleepy rodent!”

    (U U)
    o o

    TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!

  68. This picture could single handedly bring about world peace!

  69. Both baby toes are black…aaaaaahhhnnnn….

  70. I think my yorkie is really starting to get jealous of CO and all the CUTENESS it has…
    Now, everytime I go AWWWWWWW, she gets upset and walks away!!!

    Anyway, he is so GORGEOUS!!! =)

  71. *ASPLODE*

  72. Soooo adorable I just wanna skaweeze him!!!

  73. so so so so so so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!