Back to the Monday grind

Pour yourself a hot cup of ambition, People, it’s Monday.

Now, have a seat and let me tell you about our premium life insurance products.

What a way to make a livin'

Office manager Wendy P. sent this one in. I bet she can sing ‘9-to-5‘ with the best of ’em on karaoke night.



  1. bunnajenny says:

    One step closer to the dream office becoming a reality!

  2. blueberries4me says:

    I know if I brought my pets to work, I’d be a lot less stressed.

  3. Who’s taking dictation here, anyway?

  4. Man I wish I could have a doggie at my desk!

    That would make me the best darned Director of First Impressions EVAR.

  5. There are not enough schnauzers on this site! This post makes me very happy!

  6. man, I wish I worked there…

  7. The dog has a better chair than the woman. That’s how I’d have it!

  8. Schnauzers! They’re the best doggies!
    It sure would make my mornings better if I could reach over and pet a puppy while I was here at work.

  9. Please explain that life insurance part b again their please agent to the left I did not understad what she said the first time !!!! LOL that would be my favorite office companion too. But don’t chasing off the wrong clients, they little tocked agent. LOL again, everyone try to have a good day.

  10. Floppy eared Schnauzer in the office!! FLOPPY EARED SCHNAUZER IN THE OFFICE!!! Man, I wish someone would bring their pup to work every once in a while. . . I miss the old boss that would bring her nutso Corgie pup in. Those little short legs can go FAST!

  11. WOW I wish I could bring my dog to the job…but he may bite my boss

  12. Oh look, it’s Bring Your Owner To Work day.

  13. i’d never get ANY work done…

  14. michellemybelle says:

    I used to work at a place where the presiden would bring his dog to work – a big golden retriever. He let me take him for his walks and it was super. The place I work now needs animals (or I just need a new job…).

  15. Has anyone here ever seen Spaced? That dog looks just like Colin.

  16. Don’t let her fool you. She’s playing around on CO while the pooch is doing all the work.
    Wendy P.–Shame on you!

    f/y/i peeps—June 22nd is TYDTWD (take your dog to work day)

  17. just for the record—-not affiliated with this company

  18. Cuteness says:

    Every day is doggy day at my office! Both my bosses bring their pups almost every day: a dachshund and a maltese. I can’t imagine working without them!

  19. yet :0)

  20. We used to be allowed to bring dogs in the office. Some of the regulars; a Springer, Aussie, Brittany, Lab. Everybody loved it. Then a No Dogs email from the landlord. Zo, vee haf to be vewy sneakay. Vee haf our vays.

  21. That puppers looks just like Monty, who comes into work everyday with his mommy to the suite next to my office. 🙂 Monty is a flirt btw…he lurves the ladies, and we just can’t resist his brown eyes and silky furs.

  22. Laurie C says:

    katy, re Spaced — you are so right!

  23. For the love of jauntiness says:

    I think I’ve actually had to talk to this dog when calling about my insurance.

  24. Scruffylove says:

    Ha! My schnau-schnau is on the couch right now while mom works from home. He occasionally comes to check in on me.

  25. that dog does not look pleased to be working in an office

  26. That chameleodog seems to have adapted its coloring to the chair.

  27. I’ve brought a cat to the office a time or two, but just for short visits. I used to have one who was leash-trained and who would take a nap in one of my desk drawers.

  28. LOL! Welsh terrier!

    What a lucky owner!

  29. This is redonkulously cute. That dog is smarter than most of the customer service reps you reach by phone, I can tell.

  30. We have an open door (literally) policy at work when it comes to pets. There is always room at the inn.

  31. Looks at desk/office in this pic. Looks around own desk/office.
    (lightbulb on) How about starting an Office Overload website where Peeps send in pics of their work spaces?

  32. It’s a SCHNAUZER! I have one too.. I love how they look like little old men, even if they are girls. The eyebrows SLAY me. Mine does ‘talk’ to me, so I’m thinking he’d be quite persuasive sellin that insurance.

  33. Scruffylove says:

    You’re schnauzer talks to you? Mine is the quietest little dude ever. However, when he gets excited he brushes his eyebrows forward. He also has gotten into slapping my husband in the face if he stops petting him. It’s funny if you’re not on the receiving end.

  34. Scruffylove says:

    “Your” not “You’re”

  35. ShelleyTambo says:

    Office pooches can be great–or not, if they’re not properly cared for. We have two office doggies, one of which is sweet and the other of which is the most annoying dog ever (I’ve mentioned the chi/pug mix–we think–here before). He fights with the other one while we’re in the middle of important phone calls. Before he was neutered he would pee on our stuff. Between the two of them, they’ve infested the office with fleas a few times–that we’ve taken home to our pets. Not the dogs’ fault, I know, but still irritating.

  36. I love that the leash looks like a little tie. “Yes, Sir, Mr. McPuppersons, Right away sir!”

  37. Laurie C says:

    Aubrey, since you can’t have pets at home, that’s great that you can see them at the office.

    But I’m disappointed that this has to come from me and not you:
    “Does she take dog-tation?”

  38. ###GASP!### Is that chQcQlate candy I see on that desk????…Oo0Ooh..nO!

  39. Yep, and there’s definitely a BABY PICTURE visible here too.
    No onion, though.

  40. Laurie C says:

    I think Steve Carrell really needs a haircut, there.

  41. Has THAT stashed under the desk,… along with his FACE! I CAN’T MAKE OUT THE FACE! …and why is there an antennae on the monitor??? I’m so confooooozed! :(….

  42. I wish every day was bring your snuggle-buddy to work day 🙂

    In other news, amidst a night of hideous nightmares, I dreamed I had a pet sheep who was flooooofy instead of wooly. CO even makes my dreams brighter!

  43. Dustbunny says:

    We have a beagle who sometimes comes to work with his human, an office cat (who’s not very sociable) and Earl The Cat who only comes in to work once a week, because he has other obligations. Unfortunately I never have a camera with me whenever Earl does something cute!

  44. Our Schnauzer talks all the time. He sounds a lot like Chewbacca. Very vocal guy. Kind of a handful, but we loves him. He’s still young.

  45. Marley — but does he answer phones? Hmm?

  46. Well, “Paris,” at least you’re in character.
    Now shut ’em, brainiac.

  47. Awww…our whole company just stops when people bring their dogs in. In fact, when my parents came to visit, it was demanded that they bring in our greyhound, who upon her arrival, was given (almost) more treats than she could handle. My boss even keeps dog treats at her desk for when the various pets visit…definately cuts down on stress!

  48. Gee, thanks Paris. You think that I’ve never heard that one before? Where’s the creativity? Even the boys in my junior high classes could come up with better.

    And yes, that’s me and my mom’s pup, Cori. Short for Corabelle. She’s twelve now!

  49. Laurie C says:

    Corabelle, you appear very well-behaved. But you have our permission to bite Paris.

  50. Swerds, I think you’re lovely.

  51. Laurie C — y’know, you just set Le Troll up for another nasty… but:
    1) I’m sure it was unintentional on your part, and
    2) I very much doubt that PH is alert enough to pick up on it.

  52. Laurie C says:

    Yes, T., unintentional. Sitting idly by while a troll says “this is a stoopid photo” is one thing, but my fingers do itch to do something in the face of a targeted attack on someone.

  53. Swerds I think you are lovely too, and Corabelle (awesome name) is teh Qte!

  54. Swerds is teh roxxor! And so is her pup. Ignore the posts of 12 year old boys with brain damage.

  55. I miss my schnauzers now…I’ve had three, one is very vocal but sort of hyperactive about it, one is a lazybones, and one used to talk–really talk. Whenever we came home he’d prance at the door and say “heh-rooOOO!” If we were trying to get him in the bath, he’d start going “uh-uh. uh-uh.” Great dogs.

  56. I love how Cori is looking straight at the picture-taker. “Yes, I’m a dog. You wanna make something of it? Now get back to work!”

    “Er, I wouldn’t mind a copy of the picture though. How do I look? My hair ok?”

  57. Door swings open…

    “Wendy we need more office supplies, we running out of….”


    “Never mind…”

  58. I am so jealous. I have never even heard of a company allowing pets in the office – except when my husband and I ran our own company, then we used to beg our receptionist to bring her doggy in. Now why did we sell that again??

  59. That dog looks so annoyed.

    I think he’s staring down at the paperwork he has to finish before he can go to lunch.

  60. book_monstercats says:

    Does the real Paris Hilton know someone has stolen her identity? I feel a litigation attack coming on.

    By the way, “Paris”, “Wendy’s” is gramatically incorrect. “Wendy’s what?” I ask myself.

    Real Wendy, what a super office, I’d love to work with you – long way to commute for me, tho’.

  61. Meester Schnauziepants looks soooooo pleased to be in the office.
    He’s all, “bags not doing the coffee run! I have WORK to do and I’m LOVING it, fellas!” and everyone is like, “SIGH. Meester Schnauzie makes us look lazy in comparison”. And Meester Schnauzie just grins and says “don’t hate me cos I’m hard working! It’s not easy being grey!” and it totally breaks the ice and they’re all friends again.

  62. Cori and I thank you for all the attention folks!