Um, this dress is nicer than mine

McWahwah Chic-Pup-ersons is wearing a sweet St. Patreek’s dress. Holy craftsmanship, People.


S. Richardson—considered a dog clothing business yet?

// UPDATE — from the comments: "This is Arwen.  Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, so this is her in her special birthday dress."  Thanks, S.R.! //



  1. No way….[rhymes with “green”]?? How cool. And an hysterically cute, green, pic.

  2. Beauregard says:


  3. green rhymes with… bleen!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Ok, this is weird.. it’s the 18th, but these posts are saying the 17th. What’s going on?

  5. OMG what a sweet lil’ green frock!!!! Awwwww.

  6. OMG tears are falling because of how CUTE!!!!!!!

    … ok i lie – my allergies are on overtime, but still omg and to think – i thought i couldn’t see anything cuter than the hedgehog with the st paddy’s spirit!

  7. Too. Freaking. Cute.

    *My puppy looks at the picture and pouts, feeling that her little green bow has bee completely outdone*

  8. Adorable! She may have foiled the pinchies but certainly not the snorglies! *snorgle*

  9. reverse ear to head ratio!

    that fancy dress look terribly uncomfterbuls… oh well, like they say: no pain, no cute. or something like that.

    oh and i second the weird dating of the posts… what gives?

  10. Margaret says:

    I think the bow on the end was overkill (overcute?). It would look nice on a headband, though.

  11. I saw a wawa wearing a dress that looked like one of those Louis Vuitton purses, the brown ones with the LV logo all over it…she matched the purse she was being carried in.


  12. she looks kind of sad

  13. There once was a pup named Chi-Chi Flannagan
    Chi-Chi put up with a lot of shenanigans
    All dressed up in shamrocks and bows
    Lady Luck from her head to her toes
    All day long, singing Oh Danny Boy
    Dancing and drinking her favorite, Rob Roy
    But everyone knows she’s not the real McCoy
    ‘Cause Chi-Chi’s really a Mexican.

    *That* for what it’s worth, was zipped right off the top o’ my head in about 1 minute flat. Apologies, bowing, rolling hands, backing off.

  14. To the folks who’ve noticed the wonky date/time stamp… no idea. I will say that TypePad *frequently* gets weird that way, y’know, with both posts and comments appearing out-of-sequence sometimes. Couple that with the recent re-working of Daylight Savings Time, and I’d say all bets are off.

  15. This is the first pint-sized pup that I haven’t wanted to punt across the room!

    How cute!

  16. Pyrit — that was to the tune of “Charlie Finnegan” who grew whiskers on his chinnegan, right? If so, the last line in the original drinking song is “poor old Charlie Finnegan (begin again)”… and I’m trying to work out the equivalent last line for yours. So far, though, all I’ve got is “Chi-Chi’s really a Mexican (have sex again)” …and while this may be a life-affirming sentiment, it doesn’t feel right in context.

  17. Oh! So pretty!

  18. This leetle She-wa-wa is very Squee-worthy!

    And pyrit, that was sheer greenius!!!

    Now I got the finnegan earwormigan!!!

  19. Theo – Nevar heard of that tune Charlie Finnegan. Your post guffawed me! WTF? I am cracking up and cussing at the same time here.

  20. I thought his name was Michael Finnegan, non?

  21. Oh gaw, Claire, you are right! It’s Michael Finnigan.

    I didn’t think of that either until you mentioned it!

  22. guineapiggin9 says:

    Where can i get one?

  23. Well really it OUGHT to be something like “Seamus Finnegan” but the Charlie version is the one I learned when I was but a wee bairn.

  24. Honestly I was in limerick mode and I had no idea where it was going and then “Mexican” saved me at the end.
    It reminds me of, “Oh what a great bird is the Pelican, His beak holds as much as his belly can (and something-something), how the Hell he can.”

  25. Pyrit — yep, that’s another variation on the Charlie Finnegan theme (which I wish I’d learned back when I was teaching ocean ecology to 5th graders in Maine, for the duration of a college quarter… sadly it’s not so immediately useful these days).

  26. O’Wah-Wah here is obvy a Mexican of Irish descent.

    Possibly she’s had some green tequila. Or is going to.

  27. chelonianmobile says:

    Pyrit; the middle two lines are “he can take in his beak / enough food for a week”.

  28. I agree with lurker…wah wah is definitely one of the black irish. 😉

  29. I _thought_ maybe it was a regional difference thing. Obv it is – Theo learned Charlie as a kiddo. I think I might add “egan” to all kinds of words from now on-egan.

  30. OK, if you’re going to mix up “Charlie Finnegan” with “Hello there, I am a pelican,” I’ll bring out my own favorite musical mixture, which is a fugue between “You Are My Sunshine” and “The 1812 Overture”:

    You are my sun (du-da-du-da-du-da-DUM-dum-dum)shine
    My only sun (du-da-du-da-du-da-DUM-dum-dum)shine,

  31. I learned it as Michael Finnegan also:

    Note that this lyric plus midi piano track is off an NIH (US gov) website so its *gotta* be definitive, right?

    [must…stop…incessant… looping…of…sprightly…soundtrack]

  32. omg what a beautiful chi! the perfect ears…the impossibly small feet…the multitude of whiskers…
    *le sigh*

  33. A cute wahwah named Chi Chi did try to pass
    on St. Patrick’s Day dressed as an Irish lass–
    When they brought her green beer,
    She did shed a small tear
    (Margarita’s what she wanted in her glass).

    Alas, she did not like Mulligan stew,
    Corned beef and cabbage? Rejected, too!
    A potato she braved,
    Though ’twas tacos she craved,
    And her pained little face said, “baroo?”

    This foine little girl need not fear,
    For her day will come later this year,
    A hat-dance she’ll do
    In near future (months: two)
    On Fiesta, May 5, when it’s here.

  34. Puppies are so very cute without humanizing them with dresses,PLEASE don’t do that anymore.

  35. Applause Applause to momcat!

    ‘Twas a foine rendition indeed!!!

  36. You guys are sooo funny!! It seems like all of you have known each other for a long time. Anyways, I just wanted to say that I am new to this site and I have enjoyed all the pics and comments so far!! Thanks.

  37. momcat-
    Si-Si, Senorita, Cinco de Mayo!
    From Guatemala to Ohio
    Chi-Chi needs a wee sombrero
    Maybe she prefers Bolero?
    Or for a band of Mariachi-huahua
    Would she dance on each paw-paw.

  38. dpalace – Hi to you too. Join the fun.

  39. momcat——-Omg! That’s fantastic! Take a bow!


    I think this is a Minature Mexican Chi. So prissy!

  40. typo—-miniature

  41. pyrit—-great poem!

  42. Momcat — thou rulest! Huzzah!
    (OK, yeah, Pyrit, you too.)

  43. Pyrit, momcat…wow. You guys rock so hard 🙂

    dpalace- I know alot of the peeps have been posting here a while, but really everyone is just being silly. There are a couple poets among us, but beware, some of them are also very “punny” people. Just a heads up.

    Welcome to the Qte!

  44. oh. my. gawd.

  45. LOL_PRINCESS says:


  46. OK, I’m suspending your Caps Lock License for a week, Princess.
    Now I believe you have some homework & dog-walking to do…

  47. This is Arwen. Her birthday is on St. Patrick’s Day, so this is her in her special birthday dress.

  48. Crystalyn says:

    Where did you get her dress, my mom has a little golden lass who would just love one of her own….

  49. Alice Shortcake says:

    The chihuahua – national dog of Ireland.

  50. Happy Belated Birthday, Arwen!

  51. Pretty, pretty Princess!
    Pretty, pretty Princess!

  52. Ugh! A rat in green!