Totally Twinked

Um, what category does this image fit into?


Yes. It most certainly goes in thar.


Thanks for the cake category, Elizabeth. We’ve needed it.



  1. It’s… um… well, it’s still Reality-Casual Friday. Clearly.

  2. WTF???
    the things people come up with…
    day-um, love this crazy world!

  3. O M FREAKIN’ G!!!!! Where do I get me one of these????

  4. Deckard Canine says:

    How do you keep everyone from diving in?!

  5. I LOVE THAT!! LOL! They look so handsome in their tuxes!

  6. AuntieMame says:

    Groom’s cake? Shoot! I’d have one of those for the main wedding cake!

  7. Twinkies in Tuxes…*LMAO* That just made my arteries harden!


  8. Seriously, I don’t even like Twinkies and I MUST HAVE THIS CAKE. Who knew an extruded food product could be so cute?

  9. I don’t even like Twinkies & now I have to go buy some. Thanks a bunch…

  10. The bride and I could be twins

  11. They look like friends.

  12. oh m god!that is so cute and hilarous! I want one.

    (note to fellow kitty lovers-please pray for my kitty-satine- she’s sick and not eating. we are having to give her antibodic and food. Her organs are fine though)thanks and hope no one minds me posting the thing here.-thanks.

  13. “Beefcake”!
    Forgive me (hanging head) but I, this cake, it’s…quite manly.
    Twinkies, pyrit, they are Twinkies.

  14. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Schweet literaly sweet. However twinkies does have a sexual conotation.

  15. Laurie C says:

    I think it would be a lovely cake with two groomlets on top, for a gay wedding (they’re allowed up here in Toronto).

  16. Well, this is certainly a change of pastry.

  17. RevWaldo says:

    At least when they have a slice on their anniversary, the Twinkies will still be fresh.

  18. So, does the entire cake have a shelf life of seven years>

  19. I want a girly one made with Sno-balls instead. 😉 The pink ones, of course. That would be adorable.

  20. Sue in NoCal says:

    Laurie, that was the first thing I thought of, too. Although, something that creative would be hard to slice into. I’d pick the chocolate off the outside, first.

  21. Aubrey, I’m sure the Hostess went completely Ding Dong over this idea!

  22. For her wedding, my sister had a Tim Horton’s cake with Pez dispenser figures for the bride & groom. Plus a Spider-man Pez dispenser for the minister.

    I also really liked this Seussian cake a friend had at his wedding:

  23. now THAT is what i call a defense.

  24. James–that cake is AWESOME!! Who the heck baked that wondrous creation?!

    If we’re gonna talk about cool-looking wedding cakes, all you Pratchett fans will LOVE this one:


  25. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a beautiful piece of work the seussian cake is.

  26. Denita – that is KICK ASS!

  27. twodragons….


    I just…damn.

  28. jenna, hope your cat feels better soon! mine has been sick too. I kinda feel bad looking at all the kittens when the beloved old cat is sitting right here…

  29. LOL – cute cake! But what’s a “twinkie”?

    And James – that cake is AWESOME.

  30. Shoooob — Twinkies are those oblong gold-colored cake sticks. They’re kids’ snacks from, oh, was it the 50s? Anyway, they last forever if you leave them on the shelf & ignore them. (Or so it has been said.)

  31. PS — this is so many kinds of wrong, I just can’t begin to list:

  32. Denita –
    um, that is without a doubt the greatest edible creation I’ve ever seen.
    I want one! I may have to get married just so I can have a cake like this.

  33. Lezlee~Now I’m going to be thinking “extruded food product” ALL DAY!

  34. Snack cake wedding cakes are sooo swanky- check mine out!

    Although, it’s not quite so adorable as the little Twinkie people.

  35. (grumble)

  36. Oh, Denita TwoDragons, I’ve seen that Great A’Tuin cake before! I am sooooooooo jealous. I want one when I get married. *cries*

  37. Holy crap, people.
    The twinkie cake rocks!!! But the Suessian cake is OUT OF THIS WORLD!!!!

    Oooo, remember when someone posted the Discworld cake? That was otherworldly, literally!

  38. Oh, um…..sorry D2D. I hadn’t made it through all the comments when I blurted out that last one.
    Way to be on the ball there, as I am obvy NOT! ;D

  39. Martha in Washington says:

    I recently went to a “white trash” themed birthday party and the birthday cake was twinkies-still wrapped in their little plastic bags.

  40. love it love it love it!

  41. I think you just want to have an excuse to say “Twinkie-misu”, teho.

  42. oh. wow. yum. i could dive head-first into that. i luuuuuuurves me some twinkies.

    but does anyone think twikies just aren’t *quite* as good as they used to be? or do i have some kind of faux nostalgia?

  43. AuntieMame says:

    They’re certainly smaller than they used to be, anner.

    And I *know* that it’s not just because I’m bigger than I was when I was 6…

  44. The cake is beautiful, but the twinkies I don’t know about that. But great picture, anyway.

  45. Laurie C says:

    Nicki, your cake looks pretty cool. Way better than fruitcakey wedding cake.

  46. Laurie C — wedding FRUITCAKE? Ewww… that idea alone is enough to keep thousands single.

  47. Yes, fruitcake is traditional in other, um, European countries (?), c’mon Peeps, help me I’m not sure. At least the foreign weddings I’ve been to, it was, a surprise, to bite into fruitcake. And the frosting is, well, different too. What do they call it? I call it hard as a rock. But lovely, yes.

  48. The Seussian and Discworld cakes are incredible, but to me the most obvious question is: Who could bear to actually EAT such artwork? (I think the same thing whenever I watch “Ace of Cakes”)

  49. oh! oh! oh!
    We can have a twinkie wedding cake when I marry my millionaire prince charming sugar daddy!
    And the reception will be at the animal sanctuary we’re gonna buy!
    And all the CO peeps are invited!
    … right after I find him…

  50. CeeJoe — if he builds flying cars & gives me one, then you’ll have my blessing.

  51. Theo – you sound skeptical!
    [look of shock]

  52. You think for some reason I *don’t* want a flying car?

  53. amazing and tasty at the same time

  54. rave-n-mama says:

    wow, that is a cereally professional cake. What an original concept. Impressive. I wouldn’t want to eat it! (:_______P)
    (smiling twinkie)

  55. Peg of Tilling says:

    I know fruitcake is traditional wedding cake in Britain–maybe other former colonies (except the US) as well? The icing might be sugar paste over fondant, or if it’s rock hard, royal icing made with sugar and eggwhite.

    Yes, I’m a cake nerd! I made these:

  56. yummmmmmm!!

  57. It take a while…to eat a chocodile.

  58. In case that reminder made you hungry:

  59. Grumblecakes says:

    I can’t think of Twinkies without thinking of Hamwinkies…

  60. Peg of Tilling – Wowza. You made those cakes? Drool. Impressive. That is a science unto itself.
    Maybe it’s marzipan on the british fruitcakes with the hard “frosting”?

  61. Peg of Tilling says:

    Thanks pyrit! I don’t know much about marzipan, but it shouldn’t be hard, should it? I think it’s used to cover the fruitcake before the sugar paste is put on, though, to help keep the cake moist.

    And I am so jealous of the person who thought to make people twinkies I can’t tell you! What a cool cake! And Nikki’s snack cake cake too!

  62. I have always hated twinkies (don’t eat me!), but that cake is adorable. I love the Twinkie people.

    And as for cakes, I have a good friend who, while in high school, made a cake for a competition. It had red roses covering it with little berries and fruit and a big, golden bow. She was almost disqualified because they thought they were real. She’s all grow’d up and working in a bakery now, and has promised everyone in my family free wedding cakes 🙂

  63. Excellent entry title! (Of course I may be biased considering my own website.)

  64. I LOVE this!! Almost as much as tiny kittehs holding hands!
    Theo, I totally printed out the Twinkie-misu recipe. It actually looks simple enough for me to make.
    CeeJoe, please let me come to the animal sanctuary with y’all.

  65. This reminded me of a birthday cake I made one of the schmooplings when she was little:

    It uses Twinkies to make the little sleepover kids on the cake.

  66. Mary C — here’s my recommendation to remedy the Wrongness:
    Omit the Twinkies entirely.
    Substitute actual sponge-cake ladyfingers, soaked in Kahlua.

    That’s maybe trickier than it sounds, because I’m *positive* it’s easier to find Twinkies at the local grocery than oblong angelfood bits.

  67. [three hours later: looks at cake picture again]

    dang–i *still* want a chocodile!

    [heads to cupboard to look for feeble chocodile substitute]

    [gives up; looks for kahlua instead]

  68. Ok Jaye–but what it the little sleepover twinkies were also kitties, like this?
    What then, huh? I think FamilyFun needs an updated recipe…just sayin’.

  69. My dad’s going to be jealous.

    He wanted twinkies.

    My mom wanted wedding cake.

    Guess who won.

  70. acelightning says:

    Peg of Tilling – I think you own even more cake pans than I do! (Especially the unusual bundt pans.) I also do quite a bit of creative baking, although I don’t have very many pictures. I do a lot of non-mainstream wedding cakes (same-sex couples, pagans, polyamorous families), but I’ve done all sorts of other things as well. I do have one picture, of a cake I made just last week:

  71. Peg of Tilling says:

    Kewl! I love the Swedish fish sashimi! I’ve only done a couple of small wedding cakes–someone from a burlesque troup asked me to do a cake once but it never came off.

  72. wow! who’da thought there were so many creative bakers here on CO? now i want to go to cake school.

    “Twinkie-misu!” i love it.

    whoever it was that said that Twinkies seem to taste different than they used to: i’ve noticed the same thing with Sno-Balls, which I only eat rarely (and only if they are in festive seasonal colors, such as orange Glo-Balls or the green ones (Lucky Balls? can’t remember what they’re called today)). they’re just not as tasty as they used to be. i think they may have changed the cream/cake/marshmallow ratios. *sigh*

  73. omg — i just followed the link to the Twinkie recipe book, and one of them is “Pigs in a Twinkie”.

  74. Acelightning–BWAAHAHAHAHA!! The swedish fish sushi just slayed me ded! Please to be posting your technique?????? 🙂


  75. I could so eat that whole cake by myself right now. And I don’t even like Twinkies.

  76. Elizabeth says:

    I just had to send in the Twinkie cake when I first saw it.
    Here is a picture of my husband’s grooms cakes. Beware, it’s nerdy but cool!

  77. acelightning says:

    Peg, D2D – The “sushi rice” is basically Rice Krispies Treats mixture. The green seaweed was fruit leather painted with green food coloring, and the tan seaweed was a thin dessert crepe. The fish roe was small-pearl tapioca, cooked with water and dyed orange-red. The other types of fish were either other gummy candies or soaked dried fruits. The wasabi was marzipan dyed green, and the sushi ginger was candied ginger slices with the sugar soaked off, and dyed pink.

    I have a rule that, when I make cakes in the shape of an object of some kind, *all* the parts have to be edible – no plastic figurines, etc. (The exception is for wedding cakes, because the cake-topper is generally meant as a keepsake.)

    (Sorry for the thread drift, folks… now we all have to go snorgle some bunnies and kittens…)

  78. What is this crap? My awesome cat pic doesn’t get on this site, but freaking Twinkies do? I should have just sent in a picture of a twinkie up my butt.

  79. Laurie C says:

    Peter P, it’s not too late to put one up there.

    Re: fruitcake wedding cakes — sorry, I was away from the threads for a day, glad someone filled in that it’s a British tradition. I lived next door to a British family here in Canada when I was growing up, and when the daughter had a birthday party, her mom had a fancy cake for her daughter, frosted fruitcake. For a party of eight year olds. None of us ate it.

  80. Why is Mr Twinkie smiling? [insert “cream filling” joke here]

  81. book_monstercats says:

    Fruit cakes are traditional in Britain at weddings and the icing is always hard. They are usually highly decorated and made in several tiers. The guests take a piece each of the lower tiers home with them, and traditionally the bride and groom keep the top tier to eat at the first christening. I’ve never seen a “novelty” cake at a wedding over here, but this one is great.

  82. book_monstercats says:

    P.S. Laurie C, nice comment to Peter P. It couldn’t be bettered! Odd about the fruit cake at a child’s birthday party, though. They are usually light sponge.

  83. For the record, I have to say I doubt Meg would select the photo compo that Peter P suggests. But you never know what might be possible with a little creative bleening.


  85. Before he married her, she was such a Ho Ho, servicing Devil Dogs at the Hostess House. All that changed afterwards and now they have a dozen cute little cream puffs of their own :o)

    T.—-What were YOU thinking?

  86. this is one of the best cakes i have ever seen. i love Twinkies. you could do a whole wedding party of twinkies. i am planning my next BD party~!

  87. moon_custafer says:

    My cake was fairly mainstream, but I got the caterers to do little stylized trilobites and ammonites as swirls in the buttercream icing (my husband collects fossils). must put it up on Flickr sometime.

  88. Let me just say, that as much as I’m enjoying this thread (and I am), I will NOT be adding a new “CAKEHEADS” category to Cute Overload. You know. Just wanted to put that out there.

  89. Laurie C says:

    moon_custafer, I would so *love* to see that cake!

  90. ...................... says:

    ……………………………………………………………………………………………….where’s the cream filling?

  91. Vicki H. says:

    This cake…..well, what can I say? It takes the cake! Tewtally adorable.