Lookin’ at first, throwin’ to third

Can you say—wall eyes people?

I can!


"Olive" is kinda half Princess Di there, huhn Kristen H.?



  1. Ok, the eyes don’t exactly go in the right direction, but he’s a cutie. And I love the head tilt.

  2. A Marty Feldman pup….oh noes!

    He’s an absolute qte anyway.

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:


  4. Martha in Washington says:

    My 12yo son recently let me know that he can do the same thing with his eyes. Cute on the pup, creepy on the son.

  5. Perfect “Baroo?” expression!

  6. Awwwww. He’s all “Am I cute?”

  7. Awww..I think the reason for the weird posture is because he is chewing something – maybe a treat. 😛

  8. Who’s he lookin at?

    cuz he sure ain’t lookin at the camera…

    or is he?

  9. Wall eyes never!

  10. he has those justgotoutofbed style ears and the most delicious knibbelable toenails ever. who cares he’s crosseyed – he too adorable. i bet he has a beetle between his paws. 😉

  11. She’s all like, “um, ‘scuse? a little occupado with the kronsche here”.

  12. Ok, darn it…You’ve just made me into a jellyfish… I just sat here in my office for the last 5 minutes saying “awwwwwwww isn’t she anerable?” while people walked by looking at me funny… Sheesh!!!

    *looks back at pic*

    Ok ok next pic already!!!!

  13. Don’t forget that ear flop! ker-DROOP!

  14. gwenchocolate says:

    Her name is Olive and she wil live in my pocket and I will snuggle and kiss her and we will look at the same thing in opposite directions together.

    Ahhh, puppeh love. ^_^

  15. I call those “Bernie Mac” eyes.

  16. zosterops says:

    argh. that pup on that bedspread with that background made my optical nerve writhe… she looks like she’s got bat ears from some angle.

  17. Zosterops — I can see that, with her right ear and the leaf pattern on the bedspread, together in the black-and-white. (And I think we might actually *have* one of those bedspreads.)

  18. nyam..nyam..mmm…chewie treats…

    don’t mind me puppers, I’ll just nyam a little on those earsies before a full-on snorgle!

  19. zosterops says:

    nice bedspread, Theo. just make sure to shake it out well and get rid of any semi-camouflaged leftover pups before you go to bed.

  20. No, no…don’t look to ze left…I deed not chew up ze Jimmy Choos. Zee how adorable I am? You weel blame ze Cat for ze chewed Choos.

  21. Yitzysmommie says:

    Nevair mind the Marty Feldman eyes, look at the floppy earage! The ears made me squeeeeeee.
    And I agree, this should be the illustration for BAROO?

  22. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Pardon me boy it was the cat that chewed your new shoes.

  23. SeaBreeze says:

    “I’ll distract her with the eye weirdness, you grab the treats!!”

  24. LOL, Gladys!
    [snapping fingers]
    [doing the Charleston]


  26. Half Princess Di, half actor Jack Elam.

  27. I could never, ever, EVER be mad at that puppy for destroying whatever it is that she’s kronsching on. In fact, I think I might giver more things to tear to shreds if she promised to keep making that face.

  28. An ANGEL. Yes, a puppeh angel.

  29. Karen in Toronto says:

    I just divided puppeh’s face in half with a piece of paper — while the full face is kinda cute, each half face is full-on cute. Try it out.

  30. Karen in Toronto says:

    And if anyone is looking for a kitten fix, here’s Madeleine:


  31. Karen in Toronto says:

    The Hon. GA — I heard it as “Pardon me, Roy — is this the cat that chewed your new shoes?”

    Dang. Got that choo-choo earworm now…

  32. Wonky eyes aren’t cute.

  33. This pup’s wonky eyes are cuter than cute. Get your priorities straight, suh!

  34. newmoonpie says:

    See? THAT’S how they getcha… They could be chewing on a priceless antique, or $300 shoes, or a signed first-edition sci-fi novel, but then they shoot ya the Di eyes, and the “baroo?” and it’s suddenly okay. Dogs can get away with MURDER.

    My dog ate the couch.

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    My dog ate the cover on our new hot tub when she was about a year old. While my husband was at sea on a sub and I told him in a letter so he could get it all out of his system before he got home so he won’t kill me or the dog. Still have the dog BTW 9yo now.

  36. She’s bootiful :>D

  37. those are warning eyes – don’t touch his chewy toy

  38. AW. This looks like my baby, Rosie. Makes me want to give her a big old hug.

  39. This pup looks like it should be in an Annie Leibowitz-style Vanity Fair spread on the lifestyle of a Soho loft-living artiste-ingenue-heiress (said a-i-h being the dog, natch.)

  40. i can hear the sound fx now:

    *gnaw gnaw gnaw gnaw*

  41. Brak_Silverbone says:

    There’s a wonderful book called “If only you knew how much I smell you: true portraits of dogs,” by Valerie Shaff and Roy Blount Jr. It’s full of awesome dog photographs and pithy poetry. This post reminds of the one that goes like this:

    What does that mean, “expensive shoe?”
    I ate it because it smelled like you.

  42. Too moishe! Me thinkest she is hiding a chew toy between ze paws. Love b/w pics.

  43. Do you know what kind of dog this is?

  44. so independant