Long… loooooonng….. week

Whuff… biznez travel really takes it out of ya.  Stheriouthly, I need DOUBLE naps, I’m sooo pewp’d.


Hee.  Happy Reality-Casual Friday, Peeps!
  – Guess Who

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  1. Honk if you luv zonked-out puppehs … First bleen-tacular comment ??? Please ???

  2. Lawrence says:

    I… can’t… seem…to …stay…awake…
    I…can’t take….it….anymore…I…zzzzzzzzzzzz

  3. Wow it must be hard work…running around the yard and playing with toys

  4. Is that the same puppy, just older?

  5. Guess who? TAY-ooo (singsong)!!! ??

  6. This is just a very sad thing, pups sleeping in their bowls. Someone get them a real bed; teach them some manners!

  7. That is SO how I feel…
    what a hellaciously long week…

  8. oof. just got up. now i think i have to go back to bed. the pup-o-morph is making me sooo sleeepppyyy…

  9. PS — I know this is kind of a repeat, sorta. But the similarity between the two photos was just too good to pass up.

  10. i’m inspired to fall asleep in this morning’s warm and mushy oatmeal. hooonkshuuuuu

  11. Teho,this makes me feel queasies. And sleppy.

  12. Theo, don`t try to fool us lol

    You`ve been posting all week.

    Where`s Meg 😥 she’s way funnier.

  13. who knew puppies were such great multi-taskers?

  14. Theo–repeat, schmepeat. It’s pretty clever, and the tie-tie puppers are just too cute.

    Exactly what I needed this morning.

  15. ahhhhhahahahahahahaha

  16. Lawrence: That was an inverse haiku!

  17. I love how when it was loading the honk-shus were reaaaallly slow and then they sped up–must have been an exciting tail-chasing part of the dream.

    And yes, after switching coasts a couple days ago I’m still feeling like that pup in the morn…AND it is raining here.

  18. Yitzysmommie says:

    Teho – you have beautifully illustrated how I feel this morning – if I didn’t have billz to pay, I’d be honk-shuing right along with those Sleepy McSleepersons. Amost excellent Friday treat.

  19. Peg of Tilling says:

    The snores are so powerful they’re leaching the color right out of the dish! And then returning it.

    Wow. Hail mighty honk-shu.

  20. it’s like some form of hypnotic QT mind control

  21. Galveston says:

    Thanks, Theo,

    Happy Friday to you too.

  22. eee! I lubs it. Thanks, teho!

  23. TeratoMarty says:

    Wow! Great morphing. I love how it pivots on the sleepy eyes.

  24. How many guesses do we get?

    All the rain we’re getting makes me want to join in the honk shu-ing

  25. SeaBreeze says:

    I’m with everyone who’d rather return to the art of honk-shuing than stay up and go to werk!

  26. Hey “Yawn” — except for this morph, I’ve only been commenting here, and posting over on my own blog. (New foster mama kitty in residence at Teh CatCave right now.) Otherwise I’ve been out of town.

  27. I LURVE it! Honkshu honk shu…..

    I was sort of expecting a kernal of dog food in one nostril when the face came up…..

    Naaaa, better without it!

  28. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Nyer, I’ve been at work for like.. mm.. 4 hours now.. and in consideration that we’re supposed to get nearly 3 inches of snow by sometime in the early A.M. of Saturday…
    I do believe I’d rather be gracefully honk-shuing in my comfy warm bed..
    Oh and Jen, rofl big time.

  29. Insomnia kept me up all night, now I’m squeaking by on a cup of espresso and a brisk shower…and I STILL have to go to work from 2 to 11 today…boy howdy do I know how these pooped puppies feel!

    Great morphy goodness as always, Teho!! 🙂


  30. Teh0,

    If I fall asleep right now with my face smooshed against the monitor, it’s your faultzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

  31. [Gandalf voice] Don’t TEMPT me, Lauri! [/Gandalf voice]

  32. T.,

    Are you our Mighty Morphin Photo Arranger?

  33. For a moment, I thought it was morphing into a seal, because I couldn’t see the back legs. (It’d still be a “pup.”)

  34. hrh.squeak says:

    Teho – lurves it, I does. Nothin’ like chubby puppy zonkitude to make a vile flu better. Well, a little better. Honk-shu helps tooooozzzzzz . . . . . wha?

  35. *Waves a dog kibble back and forth in front of teho’s eyes*

    You are getting sleppy…..

    ROFL at Aubrey. Mighty Morphin’ Photo Arranger. God, that is just Classic.

  36. lauowolf says:

    I thought it was reality optional Fridays.
    Oops, gotta change.

  37. lol honk shu

  38. soooooo adorable i wish i had a pup like that!

  39. I hope we get these EVERY Friday, my little boy loves these! {hint}

  40. Denise in Nebraska says:

    So is it just me, or does the “honk” portion of this sleepy picture look like a cross between a doggie and a baby seal?? Check out the conveniently placed rolls of fat and peculiar disappearance of the back legs. Discuss.

  41. Denise in NE — well, Meg did originally call it a “blobule”

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  44. Um yeah OK. (AOL net rat.)