I can’t believe I watched the whole thing

There is something oddly satisfying about watchink this week-old bebeh goat (named "Sprocket!") drink his milk. It must be the tail action.

Right, Melissa? hold that bottle up!;)



  1. smokeyJOe says:


    is sprocket wearing leg warmers?

  2. Laurie C says:

    Happy, happy goatlet. (Or is it goatling?)

  3. Look at the sliding little hoofs! Sheesh! Can I get any traction?

  4. I want a pet goat! Are they called ‘kids’? For the first time in my life, I’m willing to say I want kids! Lots and lots of kids!

  5. Is that what we call a happy camper? Bleen? Bleen.

  6. BenPanced says:

    I can’t get over the happy little tail flicking!

    *diez adn iz ded*

  7. I’ve never seen a goatlet wag his tail before… So cute!

  8. rpennefe says:

    Oy! the tail! the hind leg! the absolute joy! i am ded.

  9. joodster says:

    Sprocket the goatlet is da bestest.

  10. Dang. Look at his lil tail go. What a cutie pie!

  11. Ah.. the yummy slurping sounds, the waggy tail, the splaying leg – a cuteness trifecta!

  12. Kittens holding each others’ paws… tail-wagging goatmeals… I CAN’T DO MY WORK

    (I also note that folks have started bleening THEMSELVES. This is too weird.)

  13. Don’t ya just love that tail action going on….too cute. Plus that back leg action tossed in makes him just too cute.

  14. Nice plywood floor. Did this take place in a tree house?

  15. No, I’m sorry, but no. I cannot believe something this wee and squirmy can exist. The tail…God, the tail!

  16. I can’t get no—hoofin’ traction! [Sing in Mick Jagger voice]

  17. ka9q's wife says:

    I think we need bebeh goats at the CO offices. Just for the qteness.

    My sister had a hand raised nanneh goat named Priscilla who was the sweetest thing. She was so friendly and loving. I miss her.

  18. …but I baa, and I baa
    and I baa
    and I baaaaaaaa
    I can’t get no!…

    [Meg, we need a recording studio]
    [what’s our budget?]

  19. Oh come on, look at the little slipping hind hoof!!!! he he he he…

  20. Nice little leg warmers, Sprocket!

  21. When I’m drinkin’ down my milk
    An’ my hooves keep slidin’ back
    An’ my tail keeps waggin’ back and forth…

    I can’t get no hoofin’ traction! Ah baa baa baa!

  22. “Go Sprocket, go!”

  23. lol, love the hummingbird tail. AWWWW.

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    I love goats. Nothing more to say. Except I want one.

  25. magicaldingo says:

    So adorable! Makes me want a goat<3

  26. Sprocket is wearing her Capris! I hope they don’t give her capri-corns.

  27. YAY SQUEEEE!! Baaaaby goatling! The tail! The sliding leetle hooves! I am keeled.

  28. And,there are worse things than being told to “go bleen yourself.”

  29. The tail! THE TAIL! *falls dead*

  30. smokeyJoe says:

    CO etiquette…are we not supposed to bleen ourselves? should we wait for an admin bleen?

    just wondering.

    bebeh goats R DA CUTEST

  31. Suzy's Mom says:

    Bebeh goat Sprocket is so cute I want to put him in my pocket or I could put him in a locket an carry him wif me wherever I goes.

  32. Mmm-mmm! Good to the last drop!

    I don’t know if I have ever seen anything as unspeakably precious as this wee little tail-wagging goatlet. OMG.

  33. omg, the slippey slidey little back leg…
    the super wiggly little tail…
    the sweet little gulping noises…
    *poit* ded again

  34. The sliding hind leg slays me!

  35. the accents are almost as fantastique as the wee goatlet

  36. Awwww, I would have suggested a mat, so the little darlin’ wouldn’t slide so much, but then it wouldn’t have been quite as cute!

  37. Ok, this decides it –
    when I find my millionaire prince charming sugar daddy, we will buy much farm land and start an animal sanctuary, where I can have some of every aminal that CO has ever shown!
    Anyone wanna join me?

  38. Bleening should be an inalienable right of all human bleenings.

  39. *Waves arms wildly in the air*

    Me me take me ceejoe!!!!

  40. kittymomma333 says:

    Oh whys do I haves ta live in an apartment?!?

    I wants one!

  41. Ok, Lauri – you’re in…
    as soon as I find the millionaire prince charming sugar daddy aminal lover!

  42. Oh my lordy.

    Neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed a keeeeed 😥

  43. It’s not “bleen” in this case. It’s “bleat.” 😉

  44. redzin76 says:

    “he’s a ma-ni-ac, ma-ni-ac for teh milk…”
    The little guy’s leg warmers instantly reminded me of Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

  45. Awwww… yer making me miss my kids. He looks just like my baby Jack.

  46. Ok, get busy, ceejoe!


  47. I love goats!

    Beh beh goats are so sofft and wobbly and cuddly–and mama goats (at least domesticated ones) don’t protest–they let you hug their behbehs! 😀

  48. For me, it’s leg action!

  49. oaklandcat says:

    will somebody puhleeze explain what bleen means???

  50. tail and leg action plode me to the floor, little bebeh cuter than any thing I have seen today. Thanks for the pick me up !!!!!!!!

  51. Back leg is keeling me!

  52. He looks like he’s wearing leg warmers!~I want one…

  53. EEEE! Babeh livestock! My FAVORITE!

    My parents now have three little newborn heifers in the garage. My dad wanted to keep these close by, as they are primo ($$$) babies. He of course doesn’t feed them (Mom has to) but “he talks to them” (sez Mom). I can hear the high pitched “How are YOU, little girl?” from here. I haven’t met too many people who love baby animals more than my dad. It’s SOOOO sweet. (He did not show this same affection for his human babies, though!)

    Mom said she’ll start to really worry when he brings over the portable milker (which would mean cows in the garage, too). Then she said, “I should probably check the basement to make sure he didn’t sneak any calves down there.”

  54. Goats rule. I fell in love with them when I was living in Greece – they are everywhere!

    They so aint going to hayle!

  55. so i says ceejoe’s farm —(provided by her millionaire prince charming sugar daddy)—
    should have space for meg and teho’s recording studio. and maybe all this could be an annex to the CO dream offices. THEN, i think, we’d have taken over the world. along with twinkie wedding cakes and bebeh goats in legwarmers.
    oh oh oh! and we could totally power the whole compound by the energy generated by goatlet’s crazy tail. cute AND environmentally friendly!

    and while you’re at it, ya think you could pick me up one of those millionaire prince charming sugar daddies, too?

  56. Of course, Sakuya! And more power would definitely come from zooming wheel hammies!!!

    And morphing bleens!

  57. awww, my puppy does the same thing with her legs!! She will try to be perfectly still and beg, but her paws will keep slipping and she’ll have to keep readjusting while staring at the treat in your hand.

  58. ok. zooming wheel hammies sold it for me. sign me up too, ceejoe!

  59. I love the hummingbird-fast tail action!

    And the slidey back leg action!

    I used to have a hermit crab named Sprocket.

    I want a goat.

  60. *splode*

    I’m dead.

    Tooo cute!

    And I thought I died with the kitties holding hands!

  61. Grabs mic at recording studio: The Rolling Goats and Kid Jagger.

    I saw a goat today at Cute Overload
    A bottle in her mouth
    I knew she would make my head asplode
    And her feet was so footloose, man.

  62. Let’s surf the Qte together
    Now I’m ‘splodin’ more than ever
    Let’s surf the Qte together NOW!

  63. lol the tail

  64. dewd

  65. That back leg kills me

    It reminds me of the deer we used to bottle feed when I was little.

  66. Und now iz der time on Schrprockets ven vee drink.

  67. Goaaaats! They are my people. Love them.

    Suzanne – “hoofing traction” !! I uncharacteristically LOLed…

    Did anyone else get a NSFW vibe from the accompanying sound on this video? Or maybe I should just bleen my dirty mind. 😉

  68. To all the self-bleeners:
    “I don’t think that word means what you think it means”

    And, does this scene remind anyone else of a bunch of college kids at a kegger? Clear the kid is a frosh.

  69. Hananza — just bleat it. Bleat it! (baaa)
    Tor — y’know I *could* say the same to you.

  70. Oh, wait.. Meg said it first… well, great collaboration, folks! Bravo!
    (Also appreciatin’ the “capri-corns,” laurie…)
    Gotta give credit where it’s due.

  71. [strumming minor chords]
    I see a bot-tle and I want to knock it baaaack
    More goat kid formula, I want to knock it baaaack
    Maybe next I’ll pronk & prance along with this rockin’ soundtraaaack
    But Flashdance ain’t easy when your only legwarmers are blaaaack…

  72. for ceejoe, a number from Goatklahoma:

    (insert pitchpipe tone here)

    Buns and ducks and goats better hurry,
    When you start a farm that is furry,
    Squirmy, floppy, beady and purry; genuIIIINE, not ‘shopped…

  73. Theo–Hey, it wasn’t me. Montoya took over my keyboard!

  74. …why does that *always* happen on Fridays around here?

  75. I niss my beebee goats!!! Awhile ago one of my does had triplets that she refused to nurse so I got to raise Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather in my bathroom. They were soooooooooo cuddly.

    Also, I wish this had been in the video because it’s really cute, sometimes you have to rub their little tocks to get them to start eating and they do a little wiggly tock dance.

  76. Yes – Bossy had those same leg warmers in 1978. And she was trying to chug from a bottle but it wasn’t milk.

  77. Seriously – Theo, et al. – you slay me! How am I supposed to get any work done?

    I’ll never bleat if you keep me nursin’
    I won’t ‘scape while I’m a-slurpin’
    All I want is some shoes on my slippy feets.

  78. I dunno. It’s either the tail, or the way his foot goes out in back. Thanks for sharing my “nephew’s” first video!

  79. BAH! Lord help me. Just when I think I’ve seen all the QTE I can handle, you throw this one at me. The Slurrrping! The leg! The TAIL! I know it’s all been covered.. but DAYUM that’s AWESOME. I want to hug me some SPROCKET!

  80. Hey, a goat that can do ballet! What a beautiful tendu derrière!

  81. oaklandcat says:

    will someone take pity on the newbie and give me a hint? What the bleep does “bleen” mean? Am I doing it right now?!

  82. He he he, this reminds me of my dad’s goat. My step-mum went to get some feed for their horses a few years back and came home with a baby goat. They then discovered goat milk is yummy for peoples, too! But they got a boy, and sadly he wasn’t “fixed” correctly. So my step-mum had to use a rubber band…

    I still always tell guy-friends that story.

  83. OaklandBooty (no wait, that can’t be right) OaklandCat —

    There is no bleen.
    There is only… yourself.

  84. chunkstyle says:

    Is there not ONE billionaire cute-lovin’ farmin’ sugar daddy that reads CO? Show yourself and ye shall have a cute revolution. Let’s just not let this slide into animal farm territory…so easy to do.
    >lurkertype, I loved the SNL “Sprockets” reference, I am imagining the goat doing its sliding-leg dance in a black unitard to match the leg warmers.

  85. Alice Shortcake says:

    Hardwood floors may look good but they have their disadvantages. Sprocket’s probably thinking “Love the milk, but for pete’s sake buy a rug”

  86. Teho! OaklandBooty!!

  87. chunkstyle- you forgot “prince charming.” can’t forget that!

  88. Oklandcat- The way I understand it is whenever someone get the first comment and says “First post!” or something, it automatically changes so that they say “Bleen” instead.

  89. The leg is cute, and the tail is supercute, but what slays me are the little kidlips going smack gulp glup gulp glup… And he has a built-in smile too. Shouldn’t there be carrier bags for kids? P.S. My job was pure adrenaline today, WAY too high profile and it started WAY too early, and it kept going ALL DAY LONG. It kept me from taking a CO break and I really needed one. Sprocket may have saved my sanity for another week!

  90. Easily one of the top 10 cutest things EVAR.

  91. oaklandcat says:

    eponine, tor-
    theo- ?

  92. ‘Goat The Pet Sprocket’

  93. MilkBong says:


  94. SeaBreeze says:

    how CUTE! siiiiiiiiiiiiiiigh……….

    Now, was he done with his milk? Or was the bottle empty? It would have been fun to see his reaction to The Empties.

  95. OaklandCat — coincidence; nothing more.

  96. the tail! the tail!

    -Tatoo, Fantasy Island

  97. Another Angela says:

    SmokeyJoE has the bleen!

  98. My dog does that foot-slidy-thing on linoleum. Certain floors just don’t grant traction for feets!

    Alice: Why get a rug? On slidy floors, they turn into sleds!

  99. elizabells says:

    Maybe the goatlets at the CO headquarters could have little message-scroll holders on their collars, and then they could be like couriers between our offices. Trottin’ along, trottin’ along… wif dose little smiles goatlets always seem to have… Intra-office mail!

  100. Oh, how cute! I love the voices of the people in the background…”Go Sproket, go!”

  101. oaklandcat says:

    Theo- was that a booty call??

  102. acelightning says:

    I never realized how tiny a baby goat was! But so eager and full of energy (and so hungry!), with that little tail goin’ a mile a minute, and desperately trying to get some traction with that hind hoof. Cute little baaa-by!

  103. Oh yeah, it’s all about watchin’ the tail!!!

    We have baby goaties due here in a few days – I can hardly wait!!!!!

  104. First post?

  105. For the folks commenting on the floor and lack of rugs: He’s a 6-day-old goat, who pees wherever and whenever he wants. ‘nuf said.

    About the bottle/milk: you hear us talking in the backround about the height and angle of the bottle (or at least, me asking). Apparently, goats can’t burp, so it’s important that the milk goes in the right way the first time. And I had to pull the bottle away the second the milk was gone, because he can’t take in any air (‘cuz he can’t burp). I’ve learned way more than I ever expected to about goat digestion! They will also eat until they (figuratively, I hope) explode, so he only gets 2 ounces at a time.

  106. yup, 1st timer wuz just a lurker

    behbeh goaties can wear little human behbeh diapers if needed; remember though girls 4 the girls & boys 4 the boys. We had one with us at a hotel last yr for our state wrestling tournament – the staff heard rumors of said behbeh, but never saw her – hee, hee!!!

    Speaking of which I shall find a pix of her in said nappy and post if interested.

  107. Filia — um…..
    OaklandCat — sorry, that was a Mix-A-Lot moment, I don’t get them very often…

  108. For some reason I have this strange urge to go to the store and buy some goat’s milk. Funny thing is, I never drink goat’s milk. I wonder why I have this strange urge all of a sudden to get me some goat’s milk…this has never happened to me before…I wonder why…this is odd…hmmmmmm…

  109. mb,

    PLEASE post the photo of the behbeh goat in said nappy! I just gotta see it! Please please please please PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ!!!

    Must, must, MUST see behbeh goat in a nappy!

    hyperventilating at the thought of seeing a behbeh goat in a nappy

  110. “…and T. cannot lie
    us other peeps won’t deny…”

  111. Oh my God! That is RIDICULOUS! I LOOOOVE HIM!

  112. Hello again – just got in from chores….

    I sent some *cute* pix to the link under “Got Cute?” It is up to the Cute Commander to put them up. I’m a little behind on my technological know-how….. Shall get more up on My Space later.

    Sorry if this isn’t really the place to write this but I promise to learn more about the proper Cute Etiquette – I’ve already been attempting to learn proper Cute phrasology.

    BTW: My beh beh goatie is one *cute* little girl!

  113. ppattibpatt says:

    This is too cute. Not only because of the tail action, but tewtally because of the “Bambi on Ice” back legs action! lol….nice work!!

  114. Aubrey – Er..

    (Completely enjoying the bleening, Peeps & Theo, of past weeks. Heartily watching Theo’s creative bleen-denials. Meg, thank you.)

    And, Filia’s, “First post?”.

  115. oaklandcat says:

    Theo- talk about an earworm!
    “I like big goats and I cannot lie
    you other posters can’t deny
    that when CO clocks in with an itty bitty post
    and a cute thing in your face
    you get squeeing…

  116. Goats are the sweetest animals. My boyfriend and I went to the fair last year and spent almost the whole day in the goat barn, petting the goats. I’m not sure if they really love people or just want to chew on their clothes though!

  117. I love how little goats wag their tails like puppies.

  118. natalie q says:

    I call for a rule of cuteness! (if there isn’t one involving eating already??)

  119. It’s…hypnotic…

  120. Martha in Washington says:

    Snarla-glad to hear of other adults(I assume) who spend all day at the goat barn. My children will no longer go to the fair with me because that’s what I do and it embarrasses them. I had pet goats growing up and I do honestly think that they love people and just want to be around them. And eat their clothes if possible.

  121. Hazey_Sunshine says:

    I love babeh goaties, and it was definitely a combination of waggy-tail and sliding leg that made it so addictive. 😀

  122. Whatever people.

    “The way I understand it is whenever someone get the first comment and says “First post!” or something, it automatically changes so that they say “Bleen” instead.

    I wanted to see if it actually worked that way.

    Obviously not.

    No reason to start making fun of people.

    Whatever. I’m not wasting my time on this site anymore.

  123. The best kind of goats are Pygmy goats! I used to have some.

    Though, I think some fainting goats would be awfully cute.

    What kind of goat is he? *forgive me if that’s already been asked*

  124. If you *want* a big butt of your own, just ask a goat. They’ll usually give you one 😉

  125. Okay, what’s with the stupid bleen thing?

    The “secresy” is childish and annoying over something so probably idiotic.

  126. Filia’s actually right, if a bit peevish about it. (Well… it’s not exactly “automatic” either.)

    Oh, and you might want to make up SOME kind of screen name when you comment, if only so folks can reply to you. It’s kind of awkward to answer a couple of dorky dashes & whitespace.

  127. Filia – No wait! I am so sorry my comment sounded like I was picking on you. Quite the opposite is true. I thought your comment was the best! I loved it! You cracked me up totally. So, that’s a good thing. Nothing bad. Promise. Oh no I feel really bad. Filia if you are there, I am sorry and I will be more careful. Dang.
    I thought it was very original when you typed “First Post” wayyy down on the thread. I thought, “Wish I’d thought of that.” and I laughed because what can Theo possibly do about it.
    I totally respect and admire Theo, but unabashedly adore it when Peeps try the “First Post” thing, followed by…the bleeeen.
    Yup, thrills n chills. (< --sarcasm)
    (Peter Lorre voice) “Please, Filia, annoy the Mastah Theo, heh-heh.”

  128. You best be stepping very carefully along that razor’s edge, there, Pyrit.


  130. Has anyone seen my behbeh goatie in her nappy?!?! I’ve sent her pix in but cannot find her…. I know there are some who wanted to see if behbehs in nappies are for real….

  131. that was SOOO cute!I wish I had one!

  132. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Love the leg warmers and the clockwork tail.

  133. you guys r silly says:

    pyrit — I thought Filia’s comment was meant to be funny too! (made ME giggle!)

  134. ygrs – Whew! That’s a relief. (scoots closer to ygrs) Thanks.
    And lookie, I got a can of shaving foam in case Theo mentions razors again. ;-p

  135. This one’s *specifically* for Pyrit.
    (we don’t need no steenkin razors)

  136. Theo – Why Gillette me see that? Let’s stop Bic-ering now. ;-p 🙂

  137. Pyrit — because you were in danger of flying too high; someone had to bring you down before you did a Daedalus. (You know who I’m talking about, right? Greek mythology, artificial wings made of feathers and wax, something something… he was either just depilatory was the actual inventor… anyway, it ended badly.)

    (Wow, that was a lot of work.)

  138. Eh, uhwhat wazzat middle part? (kiddink)
    I do know Daedalus. Nice work, Theo.
    Like when a marshmallow gets too close to the campfire. Hee.
    Speaking of sweet, that you are, for fixing my typo.
    Oh, this all kind of started with the “first post” thing. I promised you I wouldn’t do first post and I keep promises.

  139. oaklandcat says:

    I have to say this whole “bleen” thing led me to some very interestingk reading re: inductive reasoning, quantum physics, and the nature of reality. CO is sooo educational….

  140. Coincidence, I tells ya! Purely!

  141. MB..

    forgive me for being ignorant…nappies are diapers?

    If so, I had a little horse that used to wear them. He’s a little miniature horse..comes about to my thighs..and only has three legs. Therefore, he had trouble in the winter, so we would bring him the house. Our Pyrenees was bigger than the horse!! hehehe

    I also had a lamb that wore them for a short time too.

    Bebeh aminals in diapers= CUTEOVERLOAD!!!!

  142. Oh, those wonderful nappies! Yup, they’re diapers just a British (I believe that’s what I heard) term for them. You know how they look like a folded up 3 corner napkin in the cartoons?

    I’m wondering if the Cute Commander (Theo?) rec’d the pix I sent. They might not be the best- she was asleep under my messy desk in one of them – but a behbeh goat is just the sweetest thing.

    Speaking of behbehs, I need to see if there are any new ones in the Maternity Suite…..

  143. MB — I never see the official submissions; that’s Meg’s territory (and personal email). However, there’s always the teensy loophole of the (mostly) free-for-all nature of the comments section. If your pix are online somewhere public, you can always paste a link into a comment. Just be sure to leave a little whitespace at the end of your URL. Like this:
    http://teho.vox.com/library/photo/6a00c2252668128e1d00cd971b1fc24cd5.html …see?

  144. Thanks Theo! I shall be doing something about this soon.


    Proud to announce that Joy had 2 baby goaties (kids) on Wed. p.m. She cried for me all day – even when I left the Suite – I had to go in the house for 45 min. Turned the camera on to check her in the stall & there they were!!!

    I’ve got some behbeh pix and will be taking more. My goal today is the get some video of the first “hops” that the behbeh’s take. There is nothing funnier than watching them hop around!

    Thanks again and will get this whole post thing figured out soon.


  145. sign this little dude up! dancing with the stars *needs* him desperately…