Hold my paw…


please! hold mah paw.

I’m skeered!


Jane G. — stop it! Serious. 😉



  1. oaklandcat says:

    cuties!!! TGIF!

  2. No really it’s okay…it’s a little pin prick and then it’a all over. Besides…Mom will feel so guilty over the rabies shot she’ll snuggle you and give you canned tuna for dinner!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

    I’m “skeered!”

    How cute is that?

  4. omg, *poit*
    I’m ded
    wait … before I die … I wanna see the other cute babehs too … there, to the right, I see at least two more? Or is that mama?…

  5. ceejoe, I think there’s 3…the two to the right and a gray tiger stripe in the back. Now this pic reminds me of the first day of freshman year with all the big bad seniors around.

  6. Oh, great. Now ya done it. I’m gonna be spending the rest of the day picking brain shrapnel out of the walls…




    especially the spread-toe action on the left. I want to snorgle soooo bad I can practically feel their cottony belly fur on my nose!

  8. zeldapie says:

    OH DEAR GAWD! OOOOOH I want to hold their paws, too.

  9. That is breathtakingly sweet. Want kittens!!!

  10. BrianMPLS says:

    So sweeet!

  11. ::brain explodes::

  12. (all I have to do is wait)
    (all I have to do is wait)
    (all I have to do is wait)
    (all I have to do is wait)

  13. ClosetCuteOverloadLovah says:

    Too, cute!

    I ain’t skeered! You can hold my hand if you want’ah. *in the voice of Flower from Bambi*

  14. HAHAHA bravo on that caption!

  15. misscrisp says:

    Please teleport me into this photo. Immediately.

  16. I want to pick up de babahs and hold both

  17. ~ heart breaks ~

    Won’t someone think of the babehs? They are so very small, and the world is very big.


  18. gloom raider says:

    Ooooh. This should be on a greeting card, at the very least.

    Then again, if I got that kind of random adorability in the mail, I might melt.

  19. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I think that’s mama off to the right there.
    Oh, man…. so cute! “I wuv you, widdel bwudder!”

  20. rpennefe says:

    Teho – that’s just plain mean. I don’t never get to snorgle little kittehs! You don’t gotta brag about your impending brood.


    (Obviously I’m taking the opportunity to have a grammatically casual friday)

  21. OMLord! It’s too much! TOO MUCH CUTENESS!

    *’splodes into calico colored confetti*



    And I can’t even see my brand-new kitties at home.

    Life’s unfair.

  23. ThreeCatNight says:

    Just love the little silky-soft tops of their heads, the delicate pink ears, and little pinky-noses. Am so tempted to kiss my screen, but I’m afraid the boss will be walking by at that very moment. Wait- (bestows quick, secret smack; must wipe lipstick off screen)
    Ah, that feels better…

  24. I r ded. Absolutely too much.

  25. These guys (and their siblings I’m sure) are absolutely precious. I “know” I don’t want a baby kitteh when it’s time for another kitteh.. and yet they are SO delectable.. sigh.

  26. omg, pffft! :splode:

  27. I agree with rpennefe – Theo is taunting us!
    That is just *mean*. :o(
    It’s kitten season and I can’t foster anymore…

  28. Martha in Washington says:

    Kittens again…I need a doctor. And a prescription that says…”Take two snorgles every hour as needed.”

  29. Oh, I am waaaaaing for you, ceejoe!!! Waaaaaa!

    These dudes are teh *poit*

  30. They look like they’re sharing their deepest, darkest secrets!

  31. Further proof positive that kittens are THE sweetest, cutest entities on the face of the planet.


  32. omg! these are so cute- they remind me of my baby..

  33. If you give your kittehs paw-massages while they are still bebehs, they will let you touch their paws when they are grownup. My Stinky cat loves his paw-massages. 😉

  34. Say you, are you skeered to?
    I think I understand.
    When I’m skeered of something,
    I wanna hold your paw!

  35. what close little pair of pittys, cuddle time can I join you too we could all take an afternoon sesita,
    i will bring my blankie.

  36. Laurie C says:

    I can’t believe that at this point, there are more comments on the goatlet than on these heartbreaking kittens. It’s KITTENS, Peeps!

    (But the goat’s not baaaad, either.)

  37. *sigh* Kittehs.

    Well, Laurie, the goat is live action, with anerable tail-flicking.

    But kittehs. [gloat] My sister’s new kittehs are coming to visit for Spring Break!!

  38. ok, now redzilla is taunting us…

  39. Puddy our paws togevah
    We be smitten forevah
    Cheek to cheek, paw to paw
    Peek-a-peek, mmmmwah.

  40. Or maybe, oh yes I do think, gray & white kitten is sayin’,
    “Race ya to the catnip mouse! 123, go!”

  41. I think the kitteh on the right is keeeesing his little friend. They make such a sweet couple…ah, young love.

  42. Oh don’t be skeered widdle kittems!! I will protects you! I ken just feel the ultrasoft floofiness of these widdle furgoblins or joy!

  43. *of joy

  44. See, this is why i do not have baby kittehs!!! I totally would turn into the Abominable from Bugs Bunny!!!

    “Oh, a kitteh!!!!
    …I will name him George and I will hug him and squeeze him…
    …and pat him and pet him and…
    …and rub him and caress him and… “

  45. They grow up too too fast! The tri-color looks an awful lot like my bebehkittikins:


  46. caroline says:

    I’ll hold your little paw….. there, is that better sweetie?

  47. they are very tiny

  48. KaitouJuliet says:

    Okay, this picture has driven me to comment on CO for the very first time! When I saw the kittens’ pose, the first thing that leaped to my mind was “The Lovers” by Picasso:


    Oh, and … soooo cuuuuuute! *squee*

  49. KaitouJuliet says:

    Tagging on … the Picasso link is even better since the kitty in the “girl’s” position is a calico!

  50. arent lover suppose to be in love with each other and not scared??????

  51. Picatsso!

    (squee, splode, etc.)

  52. they not skeered, they best friends forever holding hands and whispering joks in each others teeny tiny snorglable earses.

    Not skeered, nuthin for them to be skeered of 🙂


  53. ‘s’ok kitling; they’re just granny squares

    we can try again later; we’ll just stay on the blankie for now

  54. oh….my….goodness! *sigh*


    So I just heard the post title in my head, in a Hootie voice, with full Blowfish backing.

  56. ..And if the sun comes up tomorrow…

  57. whimper-inducing cuteness!

    Or could it be the start of the 7-pawed race?

  58. just when I think CO’s kitteh pics can’t get any cuter, along comes one like this that just melts my heart …

    I’m gonna fly over to the States on my magic broom, *borrow* these two little angels for a while, and whisper reassuring secrets into their tiny earsies, then fly on back to Oz to snorgle my own two black kittehs

  59. I think these should belong in the pocket pets category because I definitely want to steal them and stuff them in my pocket to pull out and snuggle whenever I feel blue.

  60. Ok, that’s it. I’ve reached my total capacity of cuteness overload. The brain will explode now. But I go happy. Bye, all.

  61. WickedWendy says:

    So precious!!! I just want to gobble them all up!

  62. Aww, this reminds me of last night when saw my sister and a friend of hers who has been having a rough time lately. He’d had a nasty nightmare, and they were all snuggled up like these kittehs. Made me smile in spite of myself.

  63. Tony James – that is an awesome picture, quite hilarious!

    As for the wee babes holding hands – I too am overcome with the urge to hold them and protect them from the big, mean ol’ world. Such precious kitts!

  64. This is the best ever. I want to cry.

    Give me fur, paws, and a the tiniest nose.


  65. I recently read a software that, after acknowledging that nothing in particular would happen to you if you violated it, “somewhere a kitten will cry. Won’t someone think of the kittens?”

    You don’t ouppoee that these are THOSE kittens!!!!!!!!

  66. Bob — kittens are always crying anyway.
    (Hmm… maybe there’s just that many software pirates… hadn’t thought of that…)

  67. Software *license agreement*

  68. Um, I was going to see if I could install a copy of Vista on my other Mac too and see if the computer barked at me–but now I don’t have the heart to try it! Meeew!!!!

    [note to Microsoft: I don’t really mean it; I swear. It was purely hypothetical.]

  69. *cries* Little babies! Hope whomever took that pic made them safe and warm!!

  70. “Completely Comfterbul Calicos Cuddling Cause A Cataclysmic Collapse Due To A Creation of A Chaos of Cute”

    There’s your headline – take it to the presses!

  71. i’ve been looking at this pic all day. it is just too cute!!!!!!

  72. TonyJames: intrepid repotter!! Otter R. Murrow!

  73. chet's momma says:

    fable-love is SCEERY sometimes!

  74. AWWWWWWW! Dat is so anerable; I will hold you and luv you and squeeze and protect you…nuthin to be skeered of sweet bebeh.

  75. acelightning says:

    Ohhhh, the little darlings! Yes, the big world out there can be scary – it’s good to have a brother or sister or friend beside you to hold hands/paws with. But such adorable little kittens don’t have to worry, because there are hundreds of us CO peeps who will gladly cuddle you, sweet kittens, whenever you get scared.

  76. after looking at this pic all day yesterday, i had a dream last night about these kittens and i was snorgling them. oh so sweeeet, thanks co!

  77. browngrl says:

    don’t worry baby kitties I will find you and cuddle you and protect you from all bad things!!

  78. Grey-ie is kissing Patchie on the cheek.

  79. Theo –
    I got your Hootie earworm wrong
    In this pic, I saw another Hootie song
    The kit’s expressions are exactly why
    I thought your earworm was, Let Her Cry
    So there’s my earworm gift to you
    But Hold My Hand is perfect too

  80. Alice Shortcake says:

    “I don’t know what ‘neutered’ means either…try not to worry about it…”

  81. Pyrit — honestly, who can tell them apart?

    When there ain’t nothin’ left to do,
    I only wanna hear that “mew”

  82. He’s even whispering sweet nothings, too!

  83. natalie q says:

    *is speechless*

  84. Juniper Jupiter says:

    Awwww….loox like she’s givin’ widdle kisses on her sister’s ear, and sayin’ things like,”it’s okay! I’m not skeered!!!”

  85. fat tabby says:

    I wonder.. do the momma cats get cuteness overload at looking at their kittens? Are they as prone to qte attacks as we are? 🙂

  86. riolinda says:

    awww… too much cuteness! i can’t handle it!