Gee to teh Que, Peeps

Um, first, how effing cute is Christian Bale? ssssssshhh… inside voice!

Second, thanks to GQ for mentioning Teh QTE™ in their March ’07 issue.Gahhhh!


CuteOverload mentioned on this page

Nice find, BWey! Say Hi to the turtles.


  1. I can’t read what it says 😦

    I’d really like to know whether it’s Pam or Karen who likes Cute Overload!

  2. See, I would’ve pegged Angela as the CO fan, myself!

  3. I think I’m going to have to pick up that issue. Loves me the cuteness but Christian Bale…yum.

  4. I have to agree, the page is unreadable, couild we get some clarification?

  5. Christian Bale should ALWAYS be on cuteoverload! He WAS Batman after all!

  6. this combines my two favorite things on the planet … the office and CO. well played, GQ. well played.

  7. Christian Bale, The (Dream) Office and Cuteoverload. Fantastic!!!

    Congrats, Meggie Moo!!!

  8. toooo cute. He is my hero…. hmmmm

  9. Christian Bale – YUM!!! I’d luv to nibble his ear

  10. Woods Walker says:

    Christian Bale appears to be a Metrosexual man. That is effeminate but not gay.-Woods Walker

  11. acelightning says:

    If by “metrosexual” you mean “a man who is well-groomed and fashion-conscious, polite, suave, and a _bon vivant_ who isn’t obsessed with redneck sports”…

  12. The Office, hooray! hmmm — Pam or Karen? I haven’t heard either of them squeeeing at their desks… but both of them are definitely cute enough to be on CO. As is Christian Bale, of course.

  13. okaasan59 says:

    Every time I see his picture I think it’s a old picture of James Brolin. They could be twins!

  14. CO is also mentioned in April’s Glamour.

  15. kittikin says:

    Pam is definitely the CO girl. C’mon! She wants to illustrate childrens’ books! And what do we *really* know about Karen? Hmmmmm?

  16. *Faints*

    Day-um. Mr. Bale just melts my buttah.

  17. I think we need a COXCU…so we can read the page with the reference on it, natch!

  18. Courtney says:

    Totally unrelated, but are they implying Martin Scorsese looks like Bert? ‘Cause yeah, I can see that.

  19. How appropo is it that cute Christian is on the cover of a mag mentioning CO? Very I would say. 😀

  20. Pam’s a CO girl, tewtally.

    I relate to Pam since I am a receptionist by day, as well. AKA Director of First Impressions. I have business cards and everything 🙂

  21. Awwwwwwww…So cute! Same warm fuzzy feeling I get from the all adorable animal pics (except a little lower:)

  22. WTF?! why is this loser on Cute Overload? I thought this site had cute animals on it, not crappy actors.

  23. LOL @ Beth
    (it’s a press shoutout, not a feature, silly… apparently even GQ loves CO)

  24. Genevive says:

    Dewd. Chritsian Bale is the ultimate s3kz. Wonderful actor too, Beth, i’m not sure what kind of movies you are watching, but surely, you are mistaken.

  25. Wow, CO! Just WOW!!! :)))))

  26. Michelle says:

    (it’s a press shoutout, not a feature, silly… apparently even GQ loves CO)

    Crikey. I read that as shootout. Actually, this whole post/thread has me confuzzled.

  27. It’s Pam that likes CO…i submitted this info to the site, but there could have been others too 🙂

    and PS christian bale is HOTT!

  28. There’s a better scan of the chart that mentions CO located here
    (That’s actually how I found out about this site 🙂 )

  29. nesoxochi says:

    am i the only one who DOESN’T think christian bale is cute? more puppies please…

  30. This is the worst CO in a long time. People in general should not be posted on CO, or we’re gonna start getting half-naked people pretty soon.

  31. BTW, cuteoverload was mentioned in this months’ Glamour magazine as a bluesbuster. 😀

  32. Jim – I can pretty much guarantee, even without knowing Meg, that the whole half naked pretty people thing will never EVER be seen on CO. EVER.

  33. pistache268 says:



  34. Hm, normally I’m all over the CB action, but he looks too James Brolin there! With that beard…ew, beards are so not cute… But congrats on the mention!!

  35. Bale is a great actor

  36. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hmm… suddenly wishing it would be legal to snorgle Christian bale. 😉

  37. Maybe if you just asked him?

  38. Christian Bale is very handsome and yes, very James-Brolin-ish. Also a handsome man. Yum.

  39. CB is only one of the cutest things on this earth! loffs him…^_^

  40. Miss Bear says:

    Ah! Christian Bale and The Office all in one! I luff them both!!! =] Anyone who doesn’t think he is cute must watch him in the movie Little Women. *nod nod*
    Yep yep, Pam is /definitely/ a CO person :]

  41. christian bale is without any doubt the very cutest and very, very, very hottest guy on the planet. nuff said.


  42. jenni joon says:

    This is the first entry where a HUMAN is the subject of cuteness! For fook’s sayke (say in ‘Trainspotting’-esque Scottish accent)! That boy is so freakin’ dreamy. Sighhhh…Ok. Sorry. Estrogen brigade is over.

  43. Jenni Joon — Mr. Bale is actually just incidental here, since he happened to be on the front cover… but this would hardly be the first time a “cute human” has shown up here:

    …I could go on.

  44. Juniper Jupiter says:

    I have one thing to say:
    Christian Bale=Sexy Overload.

    That is all.

    ***goes off to melt into a puddle of mushy drool***