Tiny Purr-er

I shall call you:"Purrlette"!
er; "Petite Purrf"! Yes, that’s it. Petite Or-range-lette Purrfer Pants.


Submitted by Eva H, submistress extraordinaire who loves "little kitteh top-of-head roundness" LOVES IT

Kirb_3, is the rokkin’ photographer — and click here for "deja mew"


  1. So teeny tiny! *snuggles* And such gorgeous colored fur! 🙂

  2. This may just push us over the edge to a 4th kitteh! Orange, of course!

  3. hehe i couldnt see the lil one at first, but then i heard the purrr 🙂

  4. Jesus. This might be the most precious CO ever.

  5. This deserves one humongous… AWWWWWWWWWWW!!

  6. katerpie says:

    This cuteness is unbearable. I protest such a teensy snorgling kitten!

  7. Michelle Kroskey says:

    Comment number 7 woohoo! Kitties are also cute.

  8. *bonks head on monitor in snorgle attempt*

  9. Constance says:

    All together now:


  10. FyreKnight says:

    Thanks for this wonderful moment of complete peace….

  11. The wee baby makes the mum look like an enormous ARNOLD SCHWARZAKITTY

  12. Check out this shot of one of the siblings a few weeks later! Nawm nawm nawm purrr…


  13. Mrs. Snorgler says:

    Cutest ever! I mean that! Ever ever ever!!!!

  14. Kitty kissies!

  15. acelightning says:

    What perfectly color-coordinated mother-and-child orange marmieness! I can hear the sweet sleepy purrrrrrrrrrs right through the screen!

  16. Lookit the ridiculous pink pawsitude!

    What beautiful kittehs..

  17. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    So cute! AH! I want to snuggle up with them and go to sleep…

  18. R. Moore says:

    What a nice mama kitty!

    My cats would never put up with a camera during so personal a moment 😛 (Didn’t stop me from trying, though!)

  19. Another Angela says:


  20. awwwwwwh! Happy mama kitteh. and ORANGE. yay. <3

  21. I didn’t see the bebeh at first glance. I actually gasped when I did. The funny thing is, I did the exact same thing the first time I saw this picture while checking out that album two days ago!

  22. What a stinka!

  23. Juniper Jupiter says:

    oooooh!!!! soo dellikit!!! must die melting!! sighhhh!!!

  24. KITTEH!

    (Please make a “Mom & Kitteh” category.)

  25. In Awwwe says:

    Shush you guys … We don’t want to wake em’ … Can’t you see the mum is plum worn out from snorgling the cute baby kit all day?

  26. Margaret says:

    I can almost hear the purring. 🙂

  27. Not a cat lover here, but this is total SWEETNESS!

    Awwwww 😀

  28. Now that’s what I call a behbeh picture! And is there anything cuter in this world than a kitty elbow? Also, why hasn’t anybody else noticed that the kitten’s head is only marginally larger than Mom’s nose? Maybe a new rule of cute – if your entire head is the same size as Mom’s nose, that’s cute?

  29. Wow! I didn’t know female cats came in orange tabby! All the orange tabbies I’ve seen have been male.

    Adorable picture. 🙂

  30. I want to put that lil’ grape-sized head in my mouf.

  31. lookit its little earlets!! and its eddie munster-like slicked-hairdo!!

    i want to shove it in my pocket.

  32. Was this worth waiting all day for … ?

    Yes. Yes it was.

  33. Truly one of the most anerable photos *ever* to have graced this most wonderful of weblogs.

    Is there any doubt just WHY CO has gotten so much attention, and so many well deserved awards? This photo says it all, doesn’t it?

  34. Whoa, those pawpads on Dad are amazing. You can’t get a manicure that striking.

    And are those kittens just rule #12 or what?

  35. Hey! Isn’t this the same dude whose kittens were seen a few posts ago? SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

  36. OMGPurrrrrrrrr!!! I want to put him/her in my mouf fo i can cawwy hiw/hew awound aww day wihh meh. Lalala

  37. Just a lil’ dab of marmalade!

  38. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Who needs toygers when you’ve got these cuties.

  39. I love how its ears are on the side of its head! Purrr’dorable!

  40. Michelle says:

    oh they’re Bengal kits? With marmy spots!


  41. SixFootJen says:

    *contented sigh*
    I’ve been obsessively checking the site throughout the day, hoping for much-needed new qte. Now I can go sleepy bye-bye and dream of marmalade kittehs.
    *honk-shu, honk-shu…*

  42. Oi.

  43. That’s mom? A ginger female? Very rare!

  44. what happy little family snuggles all around she looks to be a happy momma not to mention tiny babies. Very adorable spode went me heart when I saw this pic.

  45. almost cried!

  46. S. Weasel – Orange female tabby cats are rare?


  47. Almost afraid I’ll wake them up. A purrfect picture of L.O.V.E *sigh!*

  48. Alice Shortcake says:

    Snuggled up all warm and safe in mum’s armpit (or is it dad’s armpit?)

  49. is this photo cute? yes.
    however…if you go to the flickr stream, god there are some much cuter photos! (some have already noted this, I know).
    the pawsitude photo is insane…there’s the coxcu of the nose leather…the crazy action shots!…and some photos illustrating the rule of cuteness that if a small thing looks big next to you, it’s cute when you see these kittens milling around a little cat toy…a cat toy that looks like a boulder next to the kittens!

  50. ow.
    I bonked my nose on the monitor because I wanted to snorgle too!

  51. This would be a great pic for Mother’s Day. Before checking the flickr stream I wondered if maybe this was Dad and his kitten. Orange tabbies more often tend to be males.
    I once had the most wonderful orange tabby cat ever. A boy. I worked for a vet and sometimes brought home newborn orphan kittens. He pretty much took over caring for them. All I did was feed the kittens and give them back to my my orange boy. He cleaned them, slept with them, and if they took one wobbly step away, he put his big, gentle paw on them and pulled them back. I have photos.

  52. Teughcats says:

    Pyrit, share! I had always heard that orange tabbies were boys and calicos were girls, but I have been seeing more orange girls lately.

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO, pyrit, I wanna see your pix.
    This beautifful marmie mommie & bebeh is a terrific way to bring sunshine into my hayfever/cold/spring fever/stuffy/runny nose day!
    I second the Mommie & babee kitteh category – except that I would have to permanently ban CO from my work computer as I would never ever get anything done except squee – ing at CO.

  54. Awww! So happy together! Don’t overlook the little brother or sister on the other side of Mom’s arm! It looks gray/mixed perhaps.

  55. Another Amy says:

    I would love to see this photo cropped tightly, just on the kitty-head, and the mama’s face. Love, love, love it!

  56. Meganfay says:

    I have an orange tabby girlie named Piglet – she’s the funiest little thing ever! Sooo much personality. The best part is that although I live on the other side of the country from her, I am going home tomorrow to visit. YAYYYYY, can’t wait to see my funny little orange head.

  57. Peg of Tilling says:

    Hey, isn’t that Vladimir and the Roskolnikov brothers Theo posted some time back in that photostream?

    I want to be that kitty. Next life.

  58. I can feel my leeps on the leetle hayd now…mmmmm..! [gentle kees]

  59. omg, good thing I didn’t see this till after I had my coffee…

  60. Peeps! You just have to check out the sender innerers flick’r page. Oh the pawsitude, the snorpies, teh Qte of it all. ESPECIALLY the pink and black pawsitude.And the wee little kitteh trying his legs out on the floor. And is it just me, or is this a wee little Vlad (from a few days ago??)Also, sender innerer appears to be a v talented photographer. Snaps!

  61. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, God! Too much, too sweet for words! Precious and wonderful! Thanks for making my day! (I want to kees them)

  62. Teughcats, Yitzysmommie – They are ‘real’ photos. I shall dig them up, dust off the scanner, and try to share.
    Meanwhile, imagine a big, fluffy pussnboots licking eeny-bitty kittens protesting,
    “..eew! mee..! m…w!”.

  63. Peg of Tilling says:

    Okay, pyrit, now I’m seeing Puss n’ Boots from Shrek II as a foster-father.

  64. Awwwwww… this pic makes me miss my own kids, who also have round heads but are not as furry (lol). Marmalade snorglage, it’s all good.

  65. joining in on the praise for this and the whole dang flickr set.

    it’ll put ya in a CO coma

  66. I do think male calico cats are a rarity.

    Female orange cats, not so rare. I have one. *shrug*

    I could be wrong.. but I grew up with umpteen litters of farm cats over the years and I think orange females are pretty common..

  67. OMG. Stripey mama, spotty baby.
    Did you-uns see about the new leopard species identified in Borneo?

  68. zeldapie says:


  69. oh lordie lordie lordie i cant take this much sweetness all at once. omg happy and sweet momma kitteh (momma kittehs are such good mommas) with little helpless anorable round button-nosed, crimply eared, snorgly babeh kitteh. do i see little pawsie pads near momma’s armpit? oooooooohhh mflurgle *passed out*

  70. Special mom-time, just me and mom! luv this pix

  71. A perfect picture! And hats off to that family-as a foster parent I know how messy kittens can be but that slide show was BEAUTIFUL-what a lucky, happy fur family!

  72. (joins in)


  73. Is it just me or does this make anyone else miss their mom?

  74. This spotty baby has found the “sweet spot” for mama snorgling. When my little Flanny is feeling particularly needy, this is where she snuggles me at night–just in the crook of my neck so she can rest her cheek on my cheek. Here it’s adorable. With a 10-pound cat it’s still adorable, but a little awkward.

  75. SeaBreeze says:






  76. SeaBreeze says:

    Orange y’all glad they posted this?

  77. snarfalutimous!!!! snorgladozimociaticness!!

  78. blair, yes, it does. Sniff.

  79. Sorry, Suzanne!

  80. aw, proud marmalade down with her kitten!

  81. No! Wait! I shall dub you the….

  82. Worth waiting for, and so very sweet.

  83. I so needed this….family tragedy yesterday (BIL killed in car crash) and I’ve been very bummed….this pic made me pause and smile between the tears. Sooooo tiny….

  84. PokeynPeanutsMom says:

    Uuuuugggggh. I CAN’T TAKE IT!!!!! This much cuteness literally makes my ears tear up and makes me want to vomit. Is that odd? My friends just look at me like I’m crazy when I say that something is so cute I want to throw up. They just don’t understand.

  85. bfl – I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Your CO family *hugs* you…

  86. michellemybelle says:

    The baby is kissing its momma and killing me while doing it. I want to smooch them too!

  87. /threadjack/

    some unofficial Qte to tide us over:

    if you like ratties, i’ve got a few pics here: http://aerhodes.vox.com/rats/

    /end threadjack/

    (was that puctuated right?)

  88. When I was like 5 I named my orange kitty Purfur, which I never heard the end of. But this is scientific proof that Purfur (or the alternate spelling “Purrfer” in this case) is a completely appropriate and legitimate name!

  89. Suzanne – actually, this pic makes me wish i could have a littler of kittens. i probably need my head shrunk. 🙂

  90. bfl, I’ve always found this site to be theracute-tic. I hope it helps. Sympathies coming to you from S. California.

  91. I would like to third (fourth? Fiftieth?) the fact that the ENTIRE flikr stream is packed full of the bestest snorgalishousness ever. I want dad, the white bengal, he’s just amazing!


  92. tweeksmom says:

    I wuuuuuuvvvs the orange marmies! they are invariably sssccchhhhweeeeett…..

  93. *HUGS* to bfl–I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers, hon…I am so sorry for your loss… *Another HUG*

    This picture made my ovaries go *TWANG!* I’m not just barfing rainbows, they’re spilling out of every hole in my body!


  94. yeah, if you haven’t checked ou the other pics that go with this one, you are tewtelly missing out. these kittehs will complete you. and if you are already complete, they will supplement you.

  95. I don’t have a catchphrase or a reason, but I love this.

  96. Chris B. says:

    There should be a new category: Mommas and Babies. My bunny had babies and they make cute pictures too. This one is so precious. I want to go home and snorgle my baby bunnies.

  97. oh ker-SPLODE. Again.
    This is the same dude I drafted into Cute Overload service from Flikr.

  98. D2D:

    “TWANG”? At least you didn’t say ‘Clang’. I’d never ride in a trolley again.

    (‘Meet Me in St. Mew-is’)

  99. hee! I was waiting for Teho to check in from sunny FLA and *asplode*!
    Or *ker-splode*, as the case may be!

  100. There is a 75% chance that a ginger cat is male. So female gingers, while rare, are not unheard of. To be a true calico however, the cat needs two X chromosomes. Therefore male calicos are extremely rare, and always sterile.

  101. Thanks miogirl! I have never heard that.

    But now I wonder and will pose a question to all the cat peeps, so is a red bengal cat technically a marmie/ginger/orange tabby cat?? They are a seperate breed, right??

  102. rpennefe says:


    I just read an excellent book for cat lovers:


    It’s called “The Dog Who Rescues Cats”…since it was published in 1995, I’m sure that this isn’t an awesome and amazing discovery. However, it is amazing to read about a dog who is obsessed with cats (especially cats who are disabled – deaf, blind, missing legs – you name it, Ginny wants to take them home with her to love and cuddle). Amazing! I say, AMAZING

    /end threadjack/

  103. Too absolutely, utterly C.U.T.E.!!!

  104. This photo is so sweet that I am having a hard time eating my bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats, and am tempted to just toss it into the garbage and make myself a scrambled egg. I said “tempted.” I’ll just have to FORCE myself to finish my cereal now. This photo is WAAAAAAAAY too sweet to go with a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal.

  105. This is just a guess from having taken care of hundreds of “basic” cats – NOT purebreds – through fostering over the years, but I don’t think a marmie/ginger/orange tabby cat is a true breed. Most cats (not purebreds) are called Domestic Long Hair (DLH) or Domestic Short Hair (DSH), and they just run the gamut of colors, coat patterns, hair length, etc. Just your basic “mutt” cats… The best kind!

  106. Orange cats are male about 99 times out of 100. That’s because coat colour is carried on the X chromosome, so males end up with whatever colour code is on their single X chromosome. Females have 2 X’s, so have 2 potential coat colours. Orange is recessive, so unless both Xs carry the orange code, the cat will be whatever colour is coded on the other X (dominant colour). OR both Xs can be expressed in patches (= calico!).

    Different cat populations may have different ratios of recessive genes floating around in the gene pool, so that can alter the odds of getting an orange female.

    As for Calicos, this is where it gets interesting. Female cats are calico when two coat colours (black/white and orange, for example) are expressed in patches (mosaic effect). Each colour is coming froma different X chromosomes – you HAVE to have 2 X’s to get this effect.

    Therefore, a male calico has to have a surplus X chromosome, being genetically XXY. He’s very rare, and almost always sterile. (XXY happens in humans too, as does XYY, but we don’t have visible indicators!)

    Clear as mud?

  107. Just felt my BP go down 10 points…awwwwwwwwwwww….

  108. OMG I’m in love.

    And congrats on all your award-winning, cuteoverload folks!

  109. joodster says:

    This is pure bliss.

  110. ThE CO BeGiNs ItS DecLIne says:

    Honestely folks, it’s getting to be canned photos, repeats and just honestly not so original stuff here more and more. Yeah, I’m a nay-sayer and poopie head, but what happened to the CO that we all knew and loved?

    I mean, yeah, this is a cute photo but I want original, homegrown photos of things doing cute things as well as things that are cute… does that make sense?

  111. Decline — feel free to be the first to leave.

  112. ThE CO BeGiNs itS DecLiNe says:

    Given that you have such a “wonderful” attitdue towards people who have complaints or comments or questions, you should get what you ask for in droves Theo.

  113. For the record: CO is a little bit of everything. There *is* original stuff mixed in with the internet stumbles and the news articles and so forth. And when you have more than one person adding content to a blog, some duplication is inevitable (see also Slashdot). But… “The CO begins its decline?” Yeah. How exactly do you THINK I’m gonna react? So please to piss and moan someplace else forever. Like, say, your own blog.


  115. Decline, people have BEGGED Meg for more posts. Imagine for one moment that you ARE Meg, you’ve got a full time job, a family, a life outside CO. You want to keep your audience happy, but your time is limited. What else can you do but post “canned” and repeats.

    So you want original pics? Go take some. You think the site is in decline? Go make your own. But don’t publicly say Meg’s (and Theo) doing a horrible job unless you’ve got a solution.

    Now I’ve got to go huff a kitteh to get my calm back.

  116. rpennefe says:

    *Falls in behind Theo*

    Decline –

    I just want to point out that cute – to a certain extent – is subjective.

    Seeing as how this is Meg’s site, isn’t it her choice as to what gets posted?

    Personally, I love cats, and so this photo makes me melt.

    When there is a photo that doesn’t really appeal to me (say, like the froggy in the rose), I note it and move on. I know my opinion on cute isn’t the law…it’s just my opinion.

    I believe that complaining that this site is “declining” is rather insulting and I don’t really think it’s all that necessary.

    You are absolutely free to say whatever you need to say about this site – insults or otherwise. Just don’t expect that others to hold back when they express how they feel.

    I agree with Theo – if you don’t like what you’re seeing, why do you visit this site? You’re not paying for this “product” so you really don’t have a right to expect Meg to change things to suit you.

  117. Also… I’m back from Florida now. I’ll have some time soon to pinch-hit when Meg’s swamped.

  118. Decline,

    If you haven’t already noticed…don’t bash Meg unless you’re prepared to take us ALL on.

    *rolling up sleeves*

  119. li'l ol' me says:

    Thanks for the COXCU, Theo! The tenderness is even more overwhelming in CU.

  120. Paulette says:

    Yiiiiii! Too cute! To snorgle at such a young age.

    Love the name(Petite Or-range-lette Purrfer Pants) We can call her POPP for short!

  121. Or, maybe, say, how about “Vladimir?” Heh.

  122. Erhm this is a blog. It’s here primarily for Meg to share what SHE wants to share. It’s not here just to entertain you alone.

    I LOVE this picture. We don’t actually see that many really young kittens on here and it’s nice seeing such a lovely mummy cat and baby cat picture.

    Yay for old skool cute.

    anyway… I’ll say what I originally meant to:

  123. (picks up pointed stick)
    (falls in with the hordes of CO peeps)

    Decline, just relax and enjoy. There’s something in every CO picture that brings happiness. And if some do so more than others, be patient! Mix up some puddin and wait.

  124. Thanks Kim, ceejo and all have helped with that ginger cat mystery. I wasn’t thinking – of course like all tabbies they fall in line with the American or British short/long hair breeds. I guess I just never realized before that bengals can be orange, I’ve only seen the silver ones. SO PRETTY! Ice, the daddy of this litter is just exquisite.

    I had an american long haired orange tabby girl named “little red” years ago. She got hit by a car right in front of me when I was 14. Anyway, my mom says to this day she was the best cat she ever had. We got her from the shelter and hadn’t been weened yet so she used to go around to us – mom, dad, then me and suck on our earlobes. We would all just sit there laughing our asses off because not only did it TICKLE it was a very funny site 🙂

  125. Laurie C says:

    I think any argument that CO is in “decline” is eompletely negated by the public plaudits and awards that keep piling up.

    ‘Nuff said.

  126. With apologies to Tom Jones:

    Marmie cat, marmie cat,
    Your small honk-shus
    Turn me all glue-sih and then I find
    You’ve turned me into a heaping mass of “Aw”

    Marmie cat, marmie cat
    Your Vladimir-ish
    And if my wishes could all come true
    I’ll soon be snorgling and going all “ooh”

    Marmie cat, marmie cat
    Your snuggling face
    Has made CO THE space to find all the perfect marmie cat purrs

    Marmie cat, marmie cat
    Your tiny paw pads
    make me totally glad that CO is here for you
    and your marmie cat “aws”
    You and your marmie cat “oohs”
    You and your marmie cat purrs.

  127. That’ll teach me to complain about having “Kit in a Box” stuck in my head!

  128. Another joining Teho and his Band of Peeps! –welcome back T.

  129. Whoa hey, we’ve got another one! [applauds Suzanne]

  130. Oh, Suzanne-ah!

  131. [picks up giant wooden spoon and hustles in between Aubrey and the restuvus]


  132. LurkerType & Lizzy – “mouf” – yer killin’ me! ROTFLMAO!

  133. OMG, the only thing better than this pic is the COXCU. The t-o-h roundness filling my screen…

    But what about the beebee at the edge of the shot? A little luv for the sib too!

  134. teho, thanks for the COXCU! It just made my afternoon alot more warm and fuzzy.

  135. well THIS is strange…. two nights ago i had a dream in which i saw a litter of orange kittens that looked exactly like my spotted orange cat walt. thought, hm, there *are* other cats that look like walt.

    when i opened my newsfeed today, the first picture i saw was this one: a picture of a cat who looks JUST like my walt. weird enough, but then i enlarged it, and what did i see but a *litter* of these orange kittens… submitted by a girl with my name!

    a strange start to my day indeed! 😉

  136. wow, Eva–you’ve got the multidimensional travel down pat!

  137. Suzanne:

    Tomcat Jones!

  138. decline
    i think you’re way off base. sorry, but meg/theo take time out and don’t get paid for this. whatever cuteness they can post, i’m grateful for. lets play nice please and appreciate the good stuff wherever and whenever we can. there’s plenty of negativity out there in the world. people come here to take a break from that and to enjoy. please enjoy with the rest of us and if you don’t like what you see, maybe you’re having a bad day and need to find more cute websites as a supplement.

  139. Martha in Washington says:

    OK, here we go again. Didn’t I ask you guys to please stop with the kitten pics because of my extreme need for one. But NOOOO, you are right back at it and now my ovaries hurt again. Damn you CO, damn you all!!!!

  140. Awww, cat mommies are the best!

    And orange cats seem to be so sweet — we were fortunate to have a sweet orange boy for 16 years or so.

    Kim, thanks for the great explanation of the genetics behind cat color/sex — especially pointing out that different cat populations may have different ratios of recessive genes, which may explain why one reader knew of several orange females. You should be a teacher if you aren’t one!

    Suggestion for Decline — perhaps you could produce a site with the kinds of pictures you like, instead of grousing about what you don’t like? Or find a site that has what you want?

    For Meg and Theo — thanks for brightening our days!

  141. Suda Nim says:

    *in a huff over the nuff. picks up wooden ruler*

    Well, I’m at work. It’s the only weapon-ish thing close at hand. The printer is too heavy to pick up and throw. And the knitted hedgehog I won in an office contest is too soft.

  142. See, Martha, this is one area where I have a natural advantage.

  143. Oh…oh…my heart hurts. COXCU is just too much for me. (although I am going to use it for wallpaper first chance I get).

    O I am slain
    O my teeth hurt
    O I need a hug…
    O too late #splode# poof!

  144. *curtseying to the applause* Thanks Theo…but I learned from the masters, Aubrey & pyrit!

    And a woot! woot! to Aubrey for coming up with Tomcat Jones. I suppose “She’s a Marmie” is next. 😉

  145. OMG… he’s got a pic of the momcat as a kitten, too, and it’s hilarious!

  146. rio_kitty says:

    Awwww…. Too cute! Love the little soft round head, I want to kees it! and I hear the teeny tiny purrr. awwww…..

  147. Neko koneko.

  148. It’s Not Unusual to be concerned, Suzanne, considering the peeps we have here.

  149. Suda Nim – a knitted hedgehog? Wow. Would love to see that. I’d even send you a wooden yardstick, better for waving at nuffs.

  150. All mommies should love their babies like this.

  151. SarahR: Here’s the company’s website with the pattern:

    My co-worker makes them in all colors. Mine is green.

    After they’re knitted, and before they’re stuffed, they go through the washer for quite a while to “felt” the wool.

    Or, as the co-worker puts it, “Don’t disturb me. I’m agitating my hedgehog.”

  152. Cutest submishe ever. Official.
    PS It’s not me writing this, it’s my Funeral home deputy. I’ve just died of a cuteness attack.

  153. Not to stir anything up if it’s already laid to rest but I have to add that some of us LIKE “repeats” or whatever it was “decline” was complaining about. I have a limited time to look at websites so hardly see a thing except CO. (I sneak it in since I’m officially addicted now.) Therefore everything is new to me and I’m glad someone else can search for and present for my pleasure, as much cute stuff as she/they have time to post. Saves me time, makes my day, cheers me up, it’s just the best. No work on my part.

    So keep it up all CO peeps and thank you!!

  154. A kitteh picture is never wrong.

  155. holy crap thats freaken cute

  156. ZOMG look at that slideshow with all those CUTE little spotty kittens! I neeed one!

    /covers her own kitty’s ears

  157. Don’t care whatcha call it, me just want it. *snuggles*

  158. That picture is beautiful. And makes me want to snorgle my own orange (not quite…beige, really) mr. kitty witty, who is sitting right next to me!
    Oh, and Aubrey,does the presence of my name ever throw you off while you’re scanning through comments?

  159. It throws *me* off. And if you start singing in pun & verse, this reality will implode.

  160. To a fellow peep named Audrey
    Though it puts T. in a quandry
    To complain it would be tawdry
    Here we have no dirty laundry
    Though Audrey may be close to Aubrey
    You may use it for a small fee

    (Besides, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet…

    Oops, wrong post.)

  161. Audrey – Shoot from the Hep, and go for the burn. 😉

  162. misscrisp says:

    Personally, Aubrey just means Jack to me…so it’s not confusing.

    (but dewd, the hundred+ comments on average is tough to manage with like, deadlines, and stuff. apologies for scrolldown.)

  163. misscrisp – ?? Jack Aubrey? Russell Crowe? Master & Commander? Color me confused.

  164. …and isn’t “Jack” just a common nickname for James or John?
    (lesser of two weevils, Pyrit)

  165. This makes me want my mommy!!! I would love to have this on a mini-poster in my cubicle at work…thank God my mother is still with us or it would make me cry! Beautiful kitties!!

  166. ‘jack’ is also slang for money, but for all that I won’t change my name. I’m coin to leave now, and I don’t want this foolisness to ocurrency again!

  167. Another Angela says:

    Aubdrey is two peoples?

  168. There is simply nothing better than the big orange cat. Unless it’s the teeny weenie orange cat.

    Lordy, that’s some cuteness.

  169. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo–and that is why I don’t have a kitten-my husband doesn’t have the “right equipment” either!

  170. mysticat says:

    Oh my god. Its so cute. Its too cute. Its killing me. Im literally drowning in the cute. The Mommy looks exactly like my three year old boy orange tabby. For shame! He will never have adorable itty bitty versions of himself to cuddle! Perhaps its just as well… this is truly the most dangerous type of “too cute”…

  171. A purrfect way to end my day. Nite, nite little kitty.

  172. oaklandcat says:

    This is one of my favoritist posts in a long time. Love the mamas with their bebehs!

    My friend actually wrote a book called Cats Are Not Peas, about her male calico. he turned out to be a chimera… i’m too tie-tie to splain it but look it up it’s interesting!
    The book is basic genetics alternating with cute anecdotes about her kittehs

  173. *loves*

  174. looks perfect for a mothers day card, so cosy cute!