Kittehs these days.

Going straight to hayle.

Don't look directly AT THEM!

Michelle L., just look at these kittehs.




  1. Awwwwww! Purrfect yin/yang kitties!

  2. hahaha…

    Note to self- kissing kittehs on the top of the head may be a bad idea!

  3. Daisycat says:

    This may get interesting…

  4. I’m with Sarah – my first thought was “They look like ying/yang kitties!” 🙂

  5. That’s what I thought too–Yin/Yang kittehs!

  6. its the perfect yin yang symbol!!!

    what cute kittehs!!!

  7. I agree Yin Yan. Just wait it’s gonna get nasty here in a little while.

  8. sassypants123 says:

    These kittehs must have stuffy sniffers. Peeee-u!

  9. caroline says:

    Little yin yang kitties.. cute!

  10. hahahahahahaha! love it.

  11. whoa! so NSFW! SCANDAL!

  12. Oh, Puh-LEEEZE! That picture is SO OBVIOUSLY: Staged / Photoshopped / an oil painting / computer-generated / stuffed animals / performance art / kitty porn / a diagram from incomprehensible Japanese stereo instructions / my last three nightmares / a streetlamp …

  13. This kitteh Ying Yang symbol is an omen of kitteh-world peace, of kittehs coming together as one, of an end of alienation of felininity and feline discrimination, and of kittehs completely losing their sense of smell during the process of kitteh evolution.

    I wonder if this should be in a new Cute Or Smelly category?

  14. kittymomma333 says:

    Brown-nosing kittehs!

    They’re pew-fect!

  15. It’s kitty porn! Don’t Look, Ethel!

  16. So hey Meg, are we going to get that Yin Yang Kitties T-shirt soon?
    Maybe can we use this pic instead?

  17. So wrong and yet….so right 🙂

  18. Other Mike — a few you forgot:
    – apostasy
    – an emergency landing with only one wing, two wheels & half an engine
    – a Ben & Jerry’s “swirl” flavor that was originally meant as a joke but ended up on the market as one of the more popular flavors (let’s see… Chunky Monkey? no… Chubby Hubby? nuh-uh… maybe $#!tty Kitty?)

  19. Teho: BAHAHAHAHAHA! I also forgot “satellite view of hurricane.”

  20. Some people just need to get their mind out of the guttter… yingyang purrfection I say!

  21. NTMTOM & Teho: LOL!

    Cats are so strange in their choice of sleeping position. It’s also a bit like the recent crotch-sleeping dog:


  22. hee heee can’t wait for the nuffs to begin! *sits back to watch*

  23. what symmetry! geez, we get excited if our kittehs sleep within a foot of each other!

  24. Ya know, in an emergency, you could probably use those guys as a spare tire, too …

  25. and who here hasn’t enjoyed a leisurely butt-snuggle from time to time?

  26. zeldapie says:

    My heavens! Goodness!

    *Zpie fans herself, blushing

  27. Come now; we can’t see their tails, which means they are decorously folded over the areas in question which means the kitties are warming their schnozzes under each others’ haunches, which means…

    oh my

  28. IT’S A DONUT!

  29. SeaBreeze says:

    Purrrrfect yin-yang kittehs for sure!!

    … who we definitely do NOT want to kees on top of der cute widdle headsies…. ew!

    But, we CAN snorgle der soft widdle tumtumsies All Day Long!! Happyhappyjoyjoy!! =)

  30. LMAO @ theo and the other mike

    cant you see? they’re hypnotism-inducers…just spin em around a bit

  31. (gazing into twirling kitty hypno-spiral) yessss … massssster …

  32. eeek, snu snu…now I’m dizzy!!

  33. Cheryl S says:

    These kitties live in a cold house and are trying to keep themselves warm. It’s the feline-therm-o-stat. Measure the temp by the tightness of the curl (cold) or the long line of the sprawl (hot).
    My sworn enemies even sleep next to each other on the radiator when the house is cold enough.

  34. OK, last one: This is an extremely rare photograph of two kitties simultaneously giving birth to one another.

  35. Kittouroboros.

  36. Theo–so THAT’s what happened to the tails…

  37. So cute… and freaky… and funny…
    Cats just have no conception of modesty. Still, it’s amusing to see them perfectly symmetrical.

    It is win.

  38. Turning and turning in the widening gyre
    The falcon cannot hear the falconer
    Things fall apart, the centre cannot hold
    Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

    Wha..whaaat’s that slouching towards Bethlehem???

  39. Re: “slouching”

    I mean, rolling at an increasingly rapid rate!

  40. Christie says:

    hehehehe…Theo, that is too funny. My aunt once had a cat named Kitty-Witty (Witty is my aunt’s last name). Guess what the kitty’s nick-name was…


  41. How do you know they are not doing that?

  42. Not a good time to fart!!

  43. YES! Kittourobouros. Kitteh-ourobouros? Whatever. Hilarious, naughty, a bit stinky. POIFECT!

  44. Yitzysmommie says:

    NTMTOM: OBVIOUSLY this is a pumpernickel swirl BAGEL, not a donut. Sheesh!
    Teho & NTMTOM, thanks for the gigglies which started with the pic and continued heartily with yer commentz.

  45. This comment if for the naive viewers – those kitties aren’t sleeping. My kitties (both female) used to vigorously engage in this behavior all the time despite the obvious discomfort of all.

  46. Yitzysmommie says:

    Oh, I forgot – GREAT PICTURE! Thanks, sender-inner 😀

  47. *Insert totally inappropriate comment here*

  48. Will someone please think of the kittens?!!

  49. violetgreen says:

    Baba! Helllbbb, Baba, we’re stug!

  50. Awwww.

    And here’s kitty news from the home front: My cat gave birth to THREE NEW KITTIES on the 11th!!! w00tw00tw00t!!!!!

  51. Subhangi: Congrats! Was that the sound they made coming out? 😉

    (Oh, and this is absolutely, positively, the last one: Ladies and gentlemen, M.C. Escher’s cats! http://www.mcescher.com/Gallery/back-bmp/LW324.jpg)

  52. Laurie, discomfort of all humans you mean…?!

    And if I can be a silly old pedant about it, Ouroboros is the snake *eating* its own tail, not giving birth. But it works, right? [puts pointer down and erases chalkboard]

  53. Reminds me of a spin art project I did at summer camp!

  54. How can a family site like this post such filth is beyond me. Shame on you Meg!

  55. (I’m kidding obviously)

  56. I wonder how they fell asleep in that yingang pattern. The scandal may belong to the person who took the photo.

  57. Don’t let Kenneth Starr see this!

  58. hehe I like the “…OBVIOUSLY…a streetlamp…”

    I giggle at weird things. I still laugh at the Edith/Archie chameleons, and I have a very short attention span.

  59. I…


    …um, ever had a logjam of ideas suddenly invade your brain and suddenly freeze it up? Yeah, you know. Like that. Anyways, I just had the mental traffic jam of all time seeing this picture, as about a guhzillion raunchy jokes suddenly crammed the neural pathways like a herd of crazed rats fleeing a flooding sewer–and bottlenecking at my Christian attempts to be polite and modest…

    Ack. Need coffee. And some good Scripture. And a cold shower…



  60. Well, that’s one way to keep your nose warm….

    (my first thought was Kitty Porn, but alas, Noelegy was much quicker than i)

  61. D2D — you have my COMPLETE sympathies. (And also Other Mike’s, I’m guessing.)

  62. The Other Mike:

    Unfortunately, the kitties were born at my parents’ while I’m stuck at a college a thousand miles away … Gaaah.

    But my guess would be “Meep!”

  63. Now THAT is perfection!

    And Tor, props on the Yeats reference!

  64. Yes, Jaypo, I did mean the discomfort of the humans … altho’ whether it was based on squeamishness or envy is hard to say.

  65. D2D and Theo: This picture has turned into something of a Rorschach test; Depending on how much you see in it, you’re either: A) Well-adjusted, B) Borderline schizophrenic, C) Criminally insane, or D) Me.

  66. How do you get cats to do that?! that’s like a once-in-a-lifetime image.

    My cats sniff each others’ butts simultaneously like dogs.

    That’s the closest we get to Kitteh Synergeh in my house.

  67. baskinglizard says:

    Hahaha, a streetlamp… do you hang out on Fark as well?

  68. hott.

  69. The perfectly opposite back paw action can mean only one thing: M. C. Escher cats.

  70. is it wrong of me to notice that before my comment, there were 69 comments?

  71. lol, first thing I thought of is also “A purrfect yin-yang!” but Escher is good too.

  72. LOL, Casey…


  73. Casey, so wrong… 😀

  74. Help for the Slow Section… NFSW??
    No Fair Sleeping Weirdly?
    Not For Squeamish Weasels?

  75. Jools: NSFW stands for “Not Safe For Work,” as in “if you look at this on your office screen, say hello to Mr. Sex Harassment Lawsuit.”

  76. oops… slow AND dyslexic… =P
    Not Sufficient Funds Wanda?

  77. joools — not safe for work

  78. Hélène says:

    No Frenchie Shall Work it out

    (feels left out)

  79. thank you, NTMTOM and Pheas. now I can go back to work. 😉

  80. “…Florida today recovering from Hurricaine Kitteh after blustering cuteness knocked all of the vitrol out of the state. People have been seen actually hugging each other. Film at 11.”

  81. Luckily, Aaron, it was only a Cat 2 furricane.

  82. ex-network geek says:

    Too funny. I laughed for like five minutes.

    Not only like the Escher tilings (as the symmetrical legs suggest) but like the Escher drawing of hands drawing each other.

    My cats sleep together cutely, but they’ve never achieved that level of symmetry. Or if they have, I didn’t have the camera handy.

  83. ThreeCatNight says:

    Oh, those shameless kittehs!
    When I once asked my vet why cats sniff each other’s behinds, he said, “Because they like to!” Well, duh!
    I think it’s just a territorial thing. However, these two are perfectly comfortable with each other’s – a-hem – scent. Either that, or they’ve been rendered unconscious by bad cat hygiene.

  84. Nice Redzilla.

    It does beg the question…instead of blowing wind…would we have flying hairballs?

    That paints a…disturbing picture.

  85. sockmonstersarai says:

    So who takes care of the 2257 records for CO?

  86. So this doesn’t go in “I shall leeck you”?

  87. My first thought was of yin-yang too, but then, the kitties waking up to the scent of eachothers butts! LOL

  88. LOL!

  89. newmoonpie says:

    Other Mike: You’re right. I see it now. It’s totally a streetlamp.

  90. KiraKira says:

    …okay, I get the “kitty ying-yang” but…I still don’t see anything else *sits and stares at pic for a while longer* nope, still don’t get it. Why are they going to “heyl”? and, Laurie: if they aren’t sleeping, what are they doing?

  91. Theo – Sh*tty-Kitty! ROTFLMAO!!! And, yes, this needs to be on a t-shirt. Where do I sign up?

    This puts a whole new angle on “honk-shu”! More like, “honk-pew!”

  92. lauowolf says:

    This is great!
    I finally got the Sanyo receiver set up right.
    Why didn’t they just send me this in the first place?

  93. One thing we keep forgetting is that kitties LIKE the scent of butt. So for these babies, it’s like falling asleep to gentle wafts of lavender or vanilla, I am muy sure.

    My calico girl has always had a penchant for getting on the table, or chair arm, or desk, in front of me and presenting her butt to me. In one of my books about cat behavior, that was a question: why do cats do this? The answer was to the effect of how the cat is acknowledging you as alpha cat by granting you sniffing rights. 🙂

  94. rpennefe says:

    W00T! I’m alpha cat! I’m alpha cat!

    I think I need to go home now, if obtaining that bit of information has just made my day.

    But it is really something, knowing that my little tortie princess thinks that I’m alpha cat.

  95. acelightning says:

    Perfect! Obscene Escher-yin/yang cats! Although they’re too beautifully relaxed to be “obscene”…

  96. OK—I totally see the yin yang. That’s the first (non-x-rated) thing that came to mind. I even get the hurricane view, a bagel/donut. Even one of these ;black and white’ cookies. But a streetlamp? WHERE?! I dun see it! ADOOOOORABLE PIC!

  97. AuntieMame says:

    I think the streetlamp was just a random comment thrown in for the heck of it.

    Lemon curry?!?

  98. The stripes match!

  99. Judy: “Streetlamp” is an running joke from Fark.com, another website. C.O. and Fark seem to share a lot of readers, so I took a calculated risk that many would get the reference.

  100. Actually, this is a new prototype of a biologically-created super-collider that’s being secretly tested at Fermilab. Following the shelving of the Superconducting Supercollider in Waxahatchie, TX, the engineers realized that a smaller, more organic solution was necessary. Basically, the Cat Flatulence Microparticles will exit the Butt Eject Nozzles, immediately traveling into the adjacent Nose Entry Ports, and becoming accelerated as they travel from the Entry Ports to the Butt Ports on the other end. They’ll continue to accelerate as each hapless cat does its best to get rid of the offending farts, until a scientist slips a sturdy cheeseboard between their Nose-Butt Interface Slots, causing the resulting microparticles to slam into the cheeseboard, making all sorts of neat curlicues all over the surface as the atoms are smashed into their component bits. Tentatively named the PMFSSC, short for Pull My Finger Superconducting Supercollider, scientists suspect that it may further answer such questions as what happened before the Big Bang, the nature of quantum physics, and why such a small animal is capable of producing such awful-smelling poots.


  101. Thread over — D2D win(d)s.

  102. I feel the need to go out to my Zen garden. Peace, out.

  103. ittybittykitty says:


    North South Fur West?

  104. Denita — you are in SANE. Buaaaahhhahahahaaaa.
    Other Mike — I thought “streetlamp” was a non sequitur too… hence “apostasy”
    IttyBittyKitty — yes, that would seem to cover all points of this particular compass. That would make them… Circumnavigatos.

  105. I really should mention, Other Mike, your wacky-ass mind churns out fine thread fodder. Rorschach the monkey!

  106. Wow, totally an MC Escher print.

  107. “Going straight to hayle”….i just can’t take it anymore…. .Meg’s unbelievably clever comments & creative spellings to make the pronounciations come out right when you read it and are absolutely going to kill me!!!

  108. My (very proper) vet refers to this behavior as “intimate co-grooming”. Hee!

  109. It looks like that Chinese thingy. The Ying Yang thingy!!! It does!!! lol 🙂

  110. Yin and Yang kitties… cutest

  111. mkbeecher says:

    There is NOTHIN’ dirty about that — it’s all yin/yang and SO right — go kittehs!!!

  112. *snork*

  113. Another Angela says:

    AuntieMame, I caught the lemon curry reference ;). I have two sheep named Lemon and Curry. NOT for eating. pets only.

  114. wtf???! Do they have cans of tuna up their butts?

  115. What a great catnap shot, hey they don’t care why should we, I don’t. Its keeping them out of trouble and quite. Please do not disturb sing should be posted.

  116. ClaudesMom says:

    ooooohhhh! let’s just say these little kittehs had a hard day and need a little good kitteh loveeng.

  117. Yin and Yang!

  118. Omg! That’s too cute/funny! My kitties (both male) walk around in circles while sniffing each other’s butts, but they’ve nevera ctually fell asleep doing it!

  119. Kitties!seittiK

  120. We shall not judge the kittehs, lest we be judged.

  121. LOL Kate

  122. beyonduplication says:

    very nice Fark references there… streetlight indeed! next we’ll be selling NSFW kitty T-shirts.

  123. Evangeline says:

    Not-Mike, you are funny 🙂

  124. Noelegy, is that a pretty substantiated thing about alpha cats and sniffing rights? I’m wondering because we just adopted a young female stray cat. She settled in very easily and the first night here, she got in bed with my husband and me, walked up between us, farted, and then snuggled down between us.
    What’s that supposed to mean? :X

  125. i am dying to find out what NSFW stands for. could some kind person please post the meaning? thank you. cute kits, btw. :}


    I tried to submit this, and they weren’t interested at the time…


    I’ve left it with the filename it had when I found it, “ski03.jpg”. Because that’s what’s significant about this picture. It looks like it’s skiing. Yeah.

  127. gena – Not Safe For Work – an email subject line used to let people know they shouldn’t open a message at work lest they be caught looking at porn or something like that. in this case, it’s sort of toungue-in-cheek, since it’s just kittie porn!

  128. Doubleclick – hilarious! my famale ratties engage in this kind of thing too. they also try to do it the “hetero” way, but don’t seem to notice the absence of the proper…ahem…equipment.

  129. Sorry, total UGH! Seriously.

  130. kittikin says:

    Noelegy: Thank you for the Ray Stevens flashback! Whatever happened to him and that whole genre?

  131. “Beavis & Butthead”

  132. anner,
    gracias. : )

  133. pyrit—–LOL. You’re a riot! Maybe it’s “Beaver”

  134. Alice Shortcake says:

    I just hope neither of these kitties is suffering from flatulence

  135. Carlisa – I can always depend on you when it’s crotch time.

  136. Mmelachat says:

    Nothing wrong with the feng sui with these two. Yin & yang in purrfect form.

  137. pyrit—– I have NO idea what you mean. (adjusts halo and floofs wings)

  138. Alice Shortcake says:

    You do realize that this is illegal in Alabama?