It’s my kit in a box

Look, you want the ultimate birthday perez?

You got it, Baby.

Don’t thank me—the pleasure is aaaaallll mine. [Eyes half mast]

Open this

Um, yeah, kittehs like boxes… Nice capture, Jacque W.



  1. It’s the law of physics: The smaller the box, the bigger the cat!

  2. cute present! what’s bleen?

  3. i know blurn as in blurnsball but i dont know bleen

  4. zosterops says:

    schroedingers cat?

  5. KITTEH!

    My kitteh used to literally run across the room when I put a box down on the floor… and we even kept a “favorite” for her.

  6. zombie – oh yeah, the favorite box can last for months! and have smooshed out sides… but they still love it.

  7. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Boy, I’m tired. Couldn’t they use FedEx Priority Overnight, instead of 2-Day? Had to hold my breath in the luggage compartment!”

  8. criscodisco says:

    that’s the way we do it, it’s my cat in a box

  9. [singing]
    He lurks and waits inside of the box,
    With purpose dark and evil.
    You raise the lid, expecting a treat,
    POP! goes the weasel!

  10. “Now where’s dat bow? I know I had me a bow to wear for dis. Ah, screw it. Happy boithday.”

  11. before all the nuffs get going, i’d just like to point out the probably scenario that this cat intends itself as a present to 2 or more female dogs.

    man, i really embarassed my mom when i was little, using that word to (i thought properly) describe our dear little Taffy to company…

  12. criscodisco – you rock! Hahaha!!

  13. Laura M. says:

    Hah it IS schroedinger’s cat 😛

  14. DewdInABox says:

    Who you callin’ weasel, NTMTOM? And why you rhymin’ evil with weasel? Eh?

  15. What, Meg, you were disappointed the noses-up-butts didn’t engender enough comments?

  16. I’m in your box…
    Stealin your presents

  17. Snu Snu, check out bleen in

  18. Why a scratch post? A cat toy? No just throw me a box I don’t care what kind it is small, big, mini. I don’t need your stinkin’ toys man as long as I have a box NOW BACK OFF.

  19. it is a true feline attribute that round kittehs can get comftables in square containers.

  20. I love to watch cats crawl into spaces too small for them, just to prove that they can, and then lay down and act like they are perfectly comfortable even though they clearly are not.

  21. sockmonstersarai says:

    “The birthday baked treats did coldly furnish forth the funereal table”

    (100000000000 Geek points to whomever knows the quote I sacrificed for the joke.)

  22. “The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage table” (Hamlet)

  23. I thought it was: “The funeral baked meats did coldly furnish forth the marriage tables.”

  24. zosterops says:

    the question remaining of course is — what’s in the other two boxes?

    and – is it still breathing?

  25. wasnt it “someone left the cake out in the rain”?

    lol. i crack me up.

  26. sockmonstersarai says:

    YAY NTMTOM and Paula….

    My brain is weird: my first thought was that that picture belonged on MyCatHatesYou, and then I was thinking of a quote for that, and then my Inner Librarian shot that quote at me….

    Yeah, my brain is weird.

  27. i don’t think that I can take it…
    cause it took so long to bake it…

  28. Quote: the furry boxed cat did cutely furnish forth the outdoor table

  29. and I’ll never have that recipe againnnnnnnnnnnnnn!!

  30. A present of claws and ingratitude, no doubt.

  31. I think I’ll have to be the first person to whine about the title’s inappropriateness. I didn’t mind “NSFW”, and the post was kind of funny, but I really don’t need that title staring me in the face – it actually makes me enjoy the kitten less. Save that sort of thing for the captions, please.

  32. You put your junk in the box . . . 😉

  33. Put your junk in this box and draw back a bloody stump.

  34. BenPanced says:

    Kitteh sez: “I’m here. Where’s the cake?”

  35. Today is my birthday! What a great present. The gift of cute.

  36. criscodisco….LOL!!!!!! (step 1; cut a hole in a box)

    And based on the paper the other gifts are wrapped in I believe the caption of this photo should be “Merry Christmas, Bitches”

  37. “I do SO fit!”

  38. Martha in Washington says:

    The Purrfect Present!!
    I want one for my birthday.

  39. Cut a hole in a box
    Put your cat in that box
    Make her open the box…
    And that’s the way you do it!

  40. yay! i know bleen! (thanks SarahR!) but i thought it was a sound you make when hitting someone in the head with a sproingy object lol

  41. Suda Nim says:

    Terry Pratchett points out that there are actually *three* states for Schrodinger’s cat: Alive, dead or bloody furious.

  42. Nice one, Redzilla!

    That took the cake. 🙂

  43. Ehehehe, I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thought of that song.

    “Backstage at the CMAs a cat in the box…”

  44. ZooKeeper says:

    You know, this cat may be thinking, “I’ll show you! I’m not the present, but when I get out of this box, THEN you’ll have your present…”

  45. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    zosterops: “the question remaining of course is — what’s in the other two boxes?
    and – is it still breathing?”

    If *it* [singular] is in the other *two* [plural] boxes.. I’m guessing not… O_O

  46. “That’s right – Cats On Delivery, my friend.”

  47. Karen in Toronto says:

    Too many freakin’ editors on this site.

  48. This reminds me of an old birthday card I have.

    Front (FAT cat in small box): “15 lb cat in a 5 1/2 size shoe box”

    Inside: “Squeeze as much fun as you can into your birthday!”

    Cartoon was drawn by Revilo.

  49. Okay, human servant, open the next box for me.
    I’ll fit in that one too!

  50. There are two thing my kitties lurve: Plastic grocery bags and boxes. A box IN a bag? Exponentially more fantastic!

  51. Bob Pedersen says:

    Cats in boxes are so strange…the problem is driving me to existentialism. *reads “Bleen and Nuffingness” by Jean-Paul Qte*

  52. Literary LOL, Bob P.

  53. oaklandcat says:

    funny, i totally thought this was a shoutout to perez hilton who keeps talking about his upcoming birthday…’cause it says “you want the ultimate birthday perez?”…and all its missing is one comma, easily omitted, to totally change the meaning of that sentence…plus the caption is “happy birthday, bitches” which is TOTALLY something perez hilton would say…but i really thought it was odd that meg would do that. Now i’ve inadvertently revealed that I read that trashy, mean-spirited column for which CO is the purrfect antidote, and… oh, never mind.

  54. I hate when “bitches” is added to the end of things…

  55. I would like a present like this for my birthday.

  56. rave-n-mama says:

    OK now, yet another kid-friendly word on this family(?) website. Give it up. Vulgar words aren’t needed here to be funny, pa-leez. Just leave cute and funny animal pics innocent as there really are in their essence….otherwise -besides the fact that she can’t look on this site unsupervised, it’s cute and entertaining.

  57. rave-n-mama says:

    I mean….my daughter can’t go in here unsupervised…oops.

  58. SeaBreeze says:

    “I’ll take one order of cat, BOXED, to go.”

  59. How come the paper isn’t shredded yet on the other prezzies? Man, that kitty is showing some serious restraint…or is it stuck? 🙂

  60. “Yup; same box I wore as a teenager–still fits purrfectly!”

  61. “SUPRIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE. Now get me some kibble.”

  62. Azaria — I sent my sister that card for her birthday!

  63. LOL, Suda Nim. Plus ten for the Pratchett ref 🙂

  64. maybe the PG-13 rating should go on the main page somewhere so parents stop getting confused.

  65. Cat-man-do says:

    Is it me, or did the headline change?

  66. toborzgrrl says:

    Heath Kat™

  67. Cat-man-do — Yeah, I think in *this* case, Meg must’ve concluded that the Saturday Night Live reference was funnier than another variation on the “wut up bitches” theme. Which I’d agree with.

    Now, if you haven’t seen that SNL skit with Ed Norton, you *might* conclude that the title had simply been edited for language. [snicker]

    PG-13, y’all. This is the internet, and sometimes adults crave Teh Qte™ too.

  68. Theo, thanks for explainin’ the snl ref…i was slo to figure it out but it is definitely tee hee funny.

  69. ya-ya-ya says:

    i am glad the title got changed!!!!!!

  70. Theo don’t you mean the SNL sketch or digital short, actually, with Justin Timberlake and Adam Sandberg??

  71. (Singing)
    Little boxes on a table,
    Little boxes made of kitty katty,
    Little boxes on a table, Little boxes all the same.

  72. Okay, rave-n-mama, you got your way — now why don’t you throw some dough (of the monetary variety) to Meg, who makes this an oh-so-safe area of cyberspace for the Children! The Children!

  73. (and that’s some pretty darn scary kit in a box, with pointy teeth and pointy toes and all…)

  74. DKN! OMG! fantastic reference! my dad used to sing me that song when i was little (with his guitar). ‘splains why i’m such a bleeding-heart liberal, i guess.

  75. Anner, thanks! Your dad has excellent taste. My mom got me two Malvina Reynolds children’s records when I was a kid, it was all over from there. 🙂

  76. DKN – did you have “Free to be, you and me” too? Marlow Thomas: peace-nick AND fashionista. Doesn’t get much better than that, in my book!

  77. No, I didn’t have that one but now I wish I did! My other folkier albums were all Fred Penner and Raffi. Then came the Strawberry Shortcake Disco and Rainbow Bright. I also had the very first MTV party-to-go 🙂

  78. Suda Nim says:

    Toonces: The cat who can drive a box. Just not very well.

  79. rave-n-mama says:

    Thanks to moderator for changing the title. NOW, how about the “— & Racks” pics??? Well, that’s another post…I’ll just be on the lookout (just kidding….sort of 😛

    And yes, if there’d be any use, maybe there SHOULD be a PG-13 rating so the parents don’t get ticked off and surprised that a cute animal website DOES need parental guidance, LOL. and no, I’m not confused at all, thank you very much.
    By the way, for anyone who may have kids surfing the net- do YOU know where your children are???? 🙂

    oh well…still like this site tho.

  80. DKN — um, you may be right. SNL did something in this (main) vein, though.

  81. bitchycat says:

    what is the BFD if a child sees the word “bitch” anyway??? welcome to the real world. furthermore. this is MEG’S blog. she can post whatever the hell she wants and I bet most of us don’t want her self-editing so the uptight parents of the world don’t get their panties in a twist. Must we put a rating on everything??? geez.

  82. bitchycat says:

    and yes, I like kids! If the kids are being raised well, no harm will come to them by seeing the word “bitch” on the interweb.

  83. i’m honestly not trying to be snotty, but it seems to me that parents concerned about this kind of thing would not want their kids on *any* blog unsupervised, given that a large amount of the content (comments) is not controlled by the blog owner (at least not immediately). no matter what audience a blog is directed at, it will never have the “safety” of a read-only website. i’m just saying.

  84. Grumblecakes says:

    Theo- What SNL skit with Ed Norton is this?

    I loved Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg’s “Dick in a Box”… I thought it was from that. No?

  85. Grumblecakes — it got crisscrossed in my mind. See DKN’s comment, upthread. Anyway, Andy Samberg LOOKS like Ed Norton.
    [can not brain today]
    [have teh dumb]

  86. P.S. —
    Ass pie.

  87. Grumblecakes says:

    Also, I second what Bitchycat says. Go ahead and limit your kids’ lives however you want, I don’t care. But don’t try to childproof the world for the rest of us.

  88. Grumblecakes says:

    Ass pie… Theo, you actually made me LOL.

    Ok, no more comments today. I swear.

  89. >>By the way, for anyone who may have kids surfing the net- do YOU know where your children are???? < <

    Yep. Surfing and SIMS-ing on Theo-built computers while Kenya the foster cat looks on approvingly.

  90. Ass pie? Haha! See this is why I love BLOGS.

    MMmmm…justin timberlake. That was a good episode.

  91. annonymouse says:

    If megan chooses to use the word b##ch, she can. But why lose visitors (children) that go clicky clicky on ads that make megan money? I say lose the vulgar language because kiddies like to clicky clicky. Ca-ching.

  92. theo – yep. we may be adults, but no one could accuse us of being mature! ;P

  93. Heh. Right, anon. It’s all those little children with credit cards that shop the internet…

  94. thisisgoingtofar says:

    we will be judged one day by God, no matter what you believe, for every word we say and everything we do. don’t get mad at me i didn’t make the rules. there are only 2 forces on this earth- the Force or Spirit of Love (God) and the force of fear and death- chaos, darkness, lucifer. Please read a bible and look at the book of revelation. Just focus on positive things and good and true things. Vulgarity does no good to the speaker and the hearer. I know, I have seen into the spirit realm and i tell you it is real. if you think this is crazy and has no place on this website, that is understandable, but ask God to show you Himself and Jesus will reveal Himself. He sees you sitting there in the dark, sad and with no hope. He will restore you. Not some bible-thumper or religion but God himself. amen.

  95. No you see, thisisgoingtofar, apparently you do make the rules.

    Righteousness is never cute… unless it’s a kitteh in a box doing the preaching.

  96. Laughing fit to die.

    Thank you all.

  97. And not everyone shares the exact same religious beliefs either.

    Does anyone else have the same problem as I do? I can’t keep the kitters out of the boxes for recycle.

  98. *I* want a kitten-in-the-box! All I ever got as a kid was a jack-in-the-box, and it scared me.

  99. I like the shifty eyes…looks like a troublemaker, hehe. So, I wonder what it did with the present? 🙂

    “mrow, it wasn’t me! (slits moving very sneakily back and forth ~>~)

    OR it iS the present 😛

  100. natalie q says:

    warning for some inappropriateness to follow../

    *cough* kitties aren’t junk! uness you’re talking about the other type, and that’d be impossible to put in..


  101. LOL!!!! The new title *IS* from the Justin Timberlake-Adam Sandberg “Dick in a box” song!

  102. Alice Shortcake says:

    More proof that cats are just like kids – buy them an expensive gift and they’re more interested in the box it came in!

    And by the way, I don’t want Jesus to reveal himself to me, thanks very much…

  103. Step one – take the lid off the box
    Step two – put your kit in that box
    Step three – take a pic of the box

    It’s my kit in a box . . .

  104. HAH! Theo- you crack me up.

    mmm. Pie.

  105. annonymouse says:

    JAYE – Megan makes cash when surfers click on google ads. Children click on google ads. Megan makes money. Why make the site unsafe for child viewing when they are clicky clickers? No need for credit cards in this transaction.

  106. Annon — I don’t follow your logic. But then, you’re quite free to supervise your own kids’ clicky clicking on your own termy terms.

    I’m personally fine with putting some kind of “WWW PG-13” notice onto Cute Overload’s main page, someplace easily visible, but it’s Meg’s call. I’ll ask her when I get the chance.

  107. I preferred the happy birthday bitches note…

  108. Million — go to YouTube and do a search on “timberlake samberg d*** box” …and it’s up to you to figure out the asterisks. You’ll feel better afterwards, trust me.

  109. ok thats just torcher

  110. Annonymouse,

    To some of us, there are more important things than making money. Like having a place where adults can gather to comment freely about cute and funny pictures. There are plenty of child oriented web sites out there with baby animals. To me, the (adults only) comments on this site are half the fun of being here, and I wouldn’t like to see that change. That being said, I don’t appreciate vulgarity, but I realize it is culturally acceptable these days, so I don’t complain about it.

  111. Juniper et al — y’know, neither Meg nor I would *mind* making money from this concept. Scads of it. Yep. Then, we could build one of these:

  112. Theo: Goes without saying, and you et al certainly deserve it! And if I wasn’t completely afraid of elevators, I would drive downtown and visit the Spaceneedle to take a 360 degree photo of the excellent view for you. Hmm, just had an idea for the office. Heated window seats for the kittehs.