Let’s er, tally, the er votes here

Let’s see, these er, votes fer uh, the Bloggies, let’s see if we uh, got them right, here.



Nerd Central brot to you by Fernanda V. and “Emily”.



  1. I bet this one can actually correctly count the ballots.

  2. =o
    I neeeeed those glasses.
    Call people magazine, they are hip. They are happenin’, they are ADORABLE ON PUPPEHS!

  3. I can see the healine, “Counting Ballots In Fashion”

    As long as Paris Hiltons dogs dont get their paws on them. XD

  4. zomg nerd puppeh

  5. Haha! A Professor of Cute.

  6. That pupper should have played Lois Lane in the last Superman movie.

  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeeees! you are right

  8. Not sure green’s her colour…. but oh, so intelligent looking!


  9. Change the color, though.
    BRIGHT GREEN is lot a very Lois Lane color.

  10. but imagine him underneath superman’s arm! and licking superman’s face!

  11. There’s no *accounting* for looks–tres retro.

  12. It’s the mild-mannered alter ego of the Uber-Hound of Justice, Tick’s dog Speak!

  13. OMG! The little puppy bottom lip action! Tooooooo cuuuute!

  14. Yay!! It’s a shih-tzu!!

  15. mrslaneeus says:

    OMG! It’s my puppy dog’s long lost brother!!

  16. SeaBreeze says:

    Uh, that’s one. … two. … three… eleven… thirty … five?

    Um, pray tell, would you be so kind as to refresh my memory concerning the specific order of said counting numerals?

  17. mrslaneeus says:

    OOPS! Sorry, EMILY … long lost sister!

  18. But glasses without the glass – Lens Drafters?

  19. Beauregard says:

    First thought: AWWWWWWWwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Jeebus! That is crazy cute!
    Second thought: Sally Jesse?

  20. Beauregard — wow, I think your Thought Number Two is right on. Woof.

  21. …and when he whips those glasses off he turns into a St. Bernard. Ta Da!

  22. Wait, what ish the breed of that doggeh? Tell meh now or foreveh hold yah peace.
    Until someone does I sahlleh talkeh like thiseh.
    Yeh beh warndeh.


  24. That made me LOL. 🙂

  25. [Lumbergh voice]

    “Yeeeaaah…So, uuuhhh…if I could have those TPS reports by this afternoon, that would be greeaat.”

  26. Irish Girl says:

    Ready for St. Patty’s Day, I see!

  27. I agree with professor of cute. The first thing I thought of is a super smart, older female communications professor who wears trendy skirts and suits.

  28. RevWaldo says:

    “And this is my dog, Sally Jessy..”

    (Yeah, I know, her glasses are red..shut up!)

  29. Soooooooooooo cute, cute, cute, cute. Did I say cute? lol…If I were a dog…this is totally what I would look like..hee!

  30. o_O

    That looks *exactly* like one of my professors.

  31. P. Erasmus says:

    Cute Octopus

  32. That looks like the late, great, and FABULOUS Carrie Donovan.



  33. So very cute! And distinguished looking. I wonder if he could take my exam for me tomorrow morning. I think he’d get a better score.

  34. CO tewtally deserves the Best Blog award…however, was this pup on the ballot counting team…? She may have been a wee bit biased to “lose” some other blog votes! Not that CO needed help to win, but the CPA** here would have wanted to make it a total CO landslide!

    **Cutified Puppeh Accountant

  35. *blinks* Carrie Donovan?

  36. There are no glasses in the glasses. I shall call the dogger’s optometrist PRONTO! I mean, geesh, how can she possibly SEE with that so as to appropriately count the ballots? Poor puppeh blurry world… 😦

  37. She’s so fluffy!! I wish we had more little fluffball dogs on here.

  38. Preppeh Puppeh!

  39. That actually super reminds me of that guy in Office Space. The one with the red stapler.

  40. congratlations cuties!

  41. Ellie–it’s a shih-tzu. You can tell by the way their hair grows around their faces, they’re sometimes called chrysanthimum-faced dogs.

  42. He looks like Austin Pawers to me. Snorg-a-delic, baby!

  43. I think cats eye glasses with little diamonds in each corner and a chain to hold them on. Tee Hee very cute.

  44. sn0rt

  45. Now, Emily, I really like you in this green, very fresh and now, but the round frames aren’t a good balance with your round face. Let’s try you in something a bit more angular….

  46. Rachel S says:

    This puppeh reminds me of Kim Jong II. So cute!

  47. This is SO my late dog, Poo Face. Which makes me wonder, behind the glasses, behind the “awwwwe”, behind the adorably kissable cheeks, does there ALSO lie an impossibly spoiled, piss-mail fanatic, cat-like-independence, free-range-beef-lovin, MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE?

  48. zosterops says:

    neither cute nor funny nor original, plain stupid

  49. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Can you move that eye chart just a little?”

  50. brilliant !!!

  51. Holy cow! Cubs win!

    (okay, so _that_ one needs black frames, but still…)

  52. I think his name is Poindexter.

  53. Hi Bill! says:

    Hi! I’m…ummmm….Billummm!
    up the…..um..ummmm. votes!

  54. The only thing hes missing is a laptop and a big book, then he will be an oficial nuuurrrd

  55. shih tzu mom says:

    now thats what im talkin about!!! we need more shih tzus on this site! like my shih tzu! they are the cutest dogs ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!