Honk to the shu, People

Honnnnk – shu

[snorts kernel of dog food into nose]

SNnoonnk – snuuu


Nice anerableness, Jez A.!

// UPDATE — Holly the bullmastiff is all grown ups now, and has a Dogster page, peeps!  Thanks, Alexandria (Holly’s mama) //



  1. bleenies!

  2. Let the puppies fall where they may.

  3. this poor pup’s all pooped!
    i would be too, if i spent all day chasing my tail

  4. Agh! I want the puppeh!

  5. I wonder if he’s dreaming of feasting upon kibbles n’ bits?

  6. I can only picture the lil’ pup waking up with some kibble all up in his nose. That would be AWESEOME! (Yet slightly disturbing..)

  7. Someone rescure that pup!

    Something tells me this pic is posed… but it’s still cute as can be!

  8. Rescue! I meant rescue!!

  9. How do you rescure a pup?! Does that mean love and cherish and adore and TRY TO EAT IN EETS SLEEEP?!

    Then yes, I want to rescure that doggeh.

  10. “Posed”….. MWAHAHAHA! ….. “Posed”! WAHAHA…..
    sorry, I’ve come over all unecessary!
    Very sweet sleepy puppy!


  11. what’s funny about this is that i used to fall asleep in my food as a baby all the time

  12. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    That’s one out pup. I wish I could sleep half as well as that lil’ one there.

  13. i only wish i could look as cute as this little guy when i’m passed out with my head between the pages of my organic chemistry book.
    somehow, organic molecules aren’t as cute as kibble. or as fun to get stuck up your nose.

    pre-med is so overrated.

  14. The wrinkly schnozzle…
    The meaty feeties…
    The warm puppeh belly…

    I wants! I wants!

  15. AliceTanzer says:

    What is it with puppies and their fat feets!?

  16. The wrinkles! The big feetsies! The ear! The tum-tum! The big ol’ head in the bowl!


    Look at his toy by his feet — it’s as if he was playing really hard for a long time, decided to stop for a snack, and was suddenly hit with the sleepies, lol!

    I reaaaaaally wanna kiss his toes, and the sweet spot on his forehead, slightly above the spot just between his eyes….

  17. Awwwwww! I wanna see the face. >moooosh<

  18. Wants the puppy! S/he’s so much cuter than the hot water bottle I’m cuddling. Love the smooshy nose, and I bet s/he’s got popcorn feets, too.

  19. Meaty feeties!

    Meaty feeties!

    Melikes the meaty feeties!

  20. Thank heavens that’s the food and not the water bowl!

  21. At least he wont be hungry when he wakes up? 😮

  22. SeaBreeze says:

    Dis one is tooooo cute for words!

  23. Funny, when I do this, noone thinks it is cute.

  24. Beauregard says:

    I am laughing so hard! I almost missed this post with all the good news about the bloggies. Hilarious and soooooo adorables!

  25. That dry food sher can be exhausting!

  26. Oh, God, what a cute little doggy! I can just FEEL his/her velvety fur!

  27. Oh lordy!

    Should cute hurt…

    …not hurt ‘zactly. More like a sting…

    …no, not like a sting neither…

    …kinda like when soda gets snorted through your schnozze…

    …yeah…should it feel like that?

    Someone owes me a new nose.

  28. Honk-shu, Honk-shu little pup
    How I wonder Why you sup
    With your head stuffed in your bowl
    The late nights on the Qte take their toll

  29. Face down in the grub!

  30. *Squiggles* says:

    Aww….. Poor baby. I’m sorry, I’m a sympethetic person.

  31. i often do this in my morning cereal, yet i am sure i do not look this cute when i do so.

    his muzzleness is all smooshed.

  32. Yitzysmommie says:

    Weeeellll, I’m usually a “Cats rule, dogs drool” kinda gal, but Sleepy McSleepersons here is very prosh. The pawsitude…..

  33. I’ve had days like this.

  34. Oh so ty-ty!

  35. OMG!
    It looks like puppeh is sleeping in a widdle cwib. I think puppeh has a lullaby mobile of bones and squeeky toys over his “crib”, and it just puts him right out, mid-kibble-snarfage!
    (I hope he doesn’t get boogies on his kibbles :P)

  36. This is me after I take my nightly Singulair pill…only not so adorabibble… 😉


  37. Bebbeh bloodhound – squeeeee! Every single inch of this pup is bursting with teh Qte!!!

  38. Could be de bebeh bloodhound, or maybe de bebeh bullmastiff, I’m thinking. It’s hard to tell with the face all smooshed into the bowl. She’s just adorable, whatever she is!

    Suda, I’m going to steal that comment at the next opportunity. Let the pups fall where they may! Ha!

  39. Let’s see the photo when she wakes up, food bits in her nose, eyes all wide, like “whaa happen?!” 🙂 Cutie

  40. This is a case of eating til you drop. I do it, too. 🙂

  41. Poopeh’ed puppeh

  42. Ack, I just read that. I meant *I’M* not so adorabibble…


    You know. That.

    Ummm, time for bed. ‘Night!


  43. LushyMcJackass says:

    I need to believe that when this little punkin’ of love woke up and lifted his head all bleary-eyed, that there were 4 or 5 bits of kibble stuck to the side of his face. I need to believe that.

    Or, failing that, at least the presence of kibble dents in his cheekwrinkles. You know, kinda like the pillowcase face some of us have in the mornings.

  44. AWWWWWWWWWW. Poor tired lil’ baby.


  45. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    How adoradribble to be sleeping on your kibble.

  46. num num num! snoooo….

  47. is this pup the long lost cousin of the one who was napping in the ‘crotcheral region’ of another pup not too long ago? same paws, same careless head placement while snoozing…

  48. little gator says:

    Not a Bloodhound. A Bloodhoudn that age would have excessive earage.

    Bloodhounds, Coonhounds, and Bassets that age sometimes have enough earage to trip over their own ears, which is most quee inducing.

  49. AWWWWWW!

  50. WRINKLY BABY!! So cuuuute 😀

  51. Der pooshed-in face. I loff der pooshed-in faces.

  52. Michelle says:

    Is that a pretty French Mastiff? I fell in love with one this weekend…. apparently they are about the most lethargic puppies that ever lived!

  53. tee hee

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Hey! I’ve been to the Lazy Dog!

  55. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    It’s a Shar-Pei mix.. I’m thinkin’..

  56. No, it’s not a shar-pei mix, she’s a baby bull mastiff and her name is Holly and she’s a beautiful big burly girl now! I can’t believe this picture is here! (this is my friend’s dog!)

  57. crzybully says:

    That is MY girl!!! Funny how pictures get passed around the web. That is Holly when she was 7 weeks old. Her breed is bullmastiff and she just turned 3 this past December. She has grown a tiny bit since then 😉

  58. I do like bullmastiffs. In my imaginary estate, you know, the modernized 400-year-old English country house with tidy parcel of land attached? …we have a pair of bullmastiffs, a doberman, and a barn full of beagles. Which sometimes we smuggle. Because no power in the verse can stop us.

    Need sleep. (Even cryo would be acceptable.)

  59. Danielle says:

    It’s cute as a baby.