I’d like to thank all the kittens that made this possible. Oh, and Chief Sister Officer for editing all the photos.



  1. Congratulations, Meg!!!

  2. Constance says:

    That’s amazing! Yay!

    Congratulations!…now, get to postin more of that there Qte!

  3. eikoleigh says:

    Kudos to CO!

  4. China's Mom says:

    Major CONGRATS and a BIG Thank You for what you do here Meg and Theo!!!!!!
    Wooooooooo Hoooooooooo!!!

  5. michellemybelle says:


  6. Toutes mes félicitations! Bravo! YAY! A much deserved win.

  7. Kittens don’t need baths!

    Oh. Wait.


  8. mejezabel says:


  9. Wooooooooohooooooooooo!

    Much deserved! Well done 🙂

  10. Yay! Well done Meg and her Minions! Well deserved!

  11. I think all the pictures deserve an extra snorgling for this, CONGRATS!

    WAY COOL!!!!

    Thanks for all the hard work that made this award and terrific site possible!

  13. So exciting and so deserved. It’s always nice to know there is a corner of the interwebs which is free of irony. Congratulations!

  14. WOO HOO! Way to go!!!! :o)

  15. Oh man, congrats! That is totally awesome, and very well deserved, i must say. Keep up the good work. ^___^

  16. Mega congrats. No one can beat the Kittens of Doooom!

  17. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    YAY!!! Congratulations, Meg! ‘Course, we all knew it all along. 😉

  18. Well-deserved congratulations and thanks for brightening up so many days.

  19. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    And awwwe… Is Paris Wannabe upset because her site didn’t win? Poor wittle baby. Go back to your ittle wittle corner and cry us a river.

  20. kewl.
    and certainly deserved.
    congratulations and the best of luck with this lovely weblog.

  21. Harooooooooooo, glad i voted. CONGRATULATIONS. But now you are in for it. you’ll get more links than a bicycle chain, (do they still have chains on bicycles?). arrgh
    pleeaazze, don’t change, ‘kay?

  22. Baroooyeah!!

    Congrats and lots of bubbly!! You guys make so many peeps’ days happier, warm ‘n fuzzier, and Q-ter all over the globe, and it’s great to see your dedication and work be so appreciated :)Thank you!

  23. “sucks” coming from ‘Paris Hilton’? ‘sabout right, good at it too from all reports!

    Well done… totally deserved!


  24. Ahem… the award that is & not the suckin!

  25. Oh, yeah! It’s so true! You are the very best!

  26. YAY! HURRAY!

    All of the two-footed, four-footed and imaginary beings in our household are VERY happy!!

  27. Still waiting for the pics of a puppy cleaning a dog cleaning a rabbit…
    But congrats

  28. Oops. puppy cleaning *kitteh* cleaning rabbit.

    May have to get my own puppy and rabbit to set this up.

  29. Meg, that’s just awesome! You are the BEST and deserve a hundred awards!! But this one will do nicely.

  30. HURRAH!!!!!!!!!!
    I voted for you :o)

  31. Yay!

  32. YAY! Well-deserved, Meg (and Theo, and anyone else who helps out!) Congrats, and thanks so much for all your hard work, and for the existence of this site!

    As for Paris — please find some joy in life. Spending your time posting lame and incorrect insults is really a sucky way to live. Blessed be!

  33. Yay! Big happy dance!

    You certainly deserved the award! Go Meg! Go Theo!

  34. Congratulations!

    Now on to the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously, if everyone got their daily dose of adorable peace might be possible.

  35. Congratulations!

    Now on to the Nobel Peace Prize. Seriously, if everyone got their daily dose of adorable peace might be possible.

  36. Buzzygirl says:

    Is anyone surprised by this award? You got my vote, because this site is the one (and I repeat!) ONE website that I simply must check each and every day — almost always before the local and world news.

    Cuteoverload.com makes me smile every day, and sometimes even many times each day. So, I conclude that the world NEEDS this blog. Stheriously. 😉

  37. Congrats Meg, that’s wonderful!

    Although I have to confess, I love PostSecret. CO will make me go “awwww,” but PS will make me cry, take a deep breath, and force myself to have a better day.

  38. gravyboat says:

    Way to go!!!

  39. Evangeline's Staff in WI says:

    > As has been said before, “We KNEW it!” The perfect start to a day? Cuppa tea, dose of CO, then bring it on!

  40. That’s wonderful Meg, and very deserved. You, Theo and all of the others who help do so much to make this a great place.

    Though like KarKar I think PostSecret is a great site too, so I’m glad to see they were nominated.

  41. [nods smugly]
    ATTENTION INTERNETS: Teh Qte™ pwns j00.
    [puts on shades, a la David Caruso]
    And you know it.
    [turns on heel]

    [aside, to “informant”]
    I need a marmie huff–you holding?

  42. SeaBreeze says:

    Congrats. Congrats! Conga-conga-congarats!! =)

  43. I am so happy. Someone just told me about this site last week. What rock was I under huh?? I love it!! I do not think I can go a day at work without you now.. Congratulations!!! Keep up the work!!

  44. …and [ker-SNERK!] to Suda Nim

  45. Yay! Congrats!!!!!

  46. Yay! Congratulations!

  47. WOW!!!!! Doesn’t it feel grand???

  48. WickedWendy says:

    Totally awesome, dudette!!! ‘Tocks up!!!

  49. congrats meg (and theo!)! you tewtally deserv it!

  50. Another Angela says:

    Congratulations Meg and Theo! It’s been great watching the audience swell and the press take notice! Totally deserved.

  51. (passes small ball of orange fluff to T.)

    “I take it that the suitcase of puddin has been left at the designated spot?”

  52. Congratulations on your Bloggy!

    My daughter is thrilled that you won.

    -Frank (PostSecret Guy)

  53. I noticed this back at the bunny/eyeliner post from Renee but I think it flew past us….

    Congrats on your Best American Bloggie, CO!

    Posted by: Renee | Mar 12, 2007 at 12:44 PM

  54. Beauregard says:

    YAY!!!! Those are some big names you were up against. Congratulationses!

  55. Congratulations! I come here everyday to see what’s new in cute and my husband loves to peek over my shoulder.

  56. Warm fuzzies! Warm fuzzies!
    Yay! Mew! Ruff! Whuffle! Moo! Tweet! Qwak! Poink! Er..Chomp? Etc. All the critters salute you!

  57. …And a congrats from PostSecret?! How cool is THAT? I’ll have to check that site out, too! Hi, Frank!

  58. Hi, Frank TPSG! Thanks! Is this like when the other candidate calls the winner up to congratulate him (or her!) at the end of a Presidential election?… at any rate, it’s classy of you. Thanks again.

  59. LOL!
    …and Hi, Carlisa.
    (btw, *I* didn’t miss Renee’s comment.)

  60. Question: Seriously. how did anyone come up with the idear of cute overload.
    HEY! Lets get ridiculusly cute pictures and make everyone drool at their computers!

    Yeah, I bet thats it.

  61. Congratulations, Meg. We who are about to die of The Cute salute you.

  62. YAY! I’m with a WEEEENER! I’m so used to being a supporter of the underdogs and the dark horses. This is a little strange to be associated with such greatness. Must.calm.nerves…

    *snorgles puppeh, huffs slepping kitteh, savors puddin*

    Ah, all better now.

  63. In honor of their success, CO will be giving all their readers a free puppy or kitten!

  64. Ellie — that’s a question for Meg… but I *think* I know the actual answer. She was checking out various blog tools for a project at work, and set up a few just as experiments. Very mad scientist.
    And, well, *this* experiment? …IT’S ALIIIIIIVE!!!

  65. meg-a-SQUEE!

  66. Surprised? No.
    Proud? Oh yes!
    Congratulations to Meg, Theo and the cast of thousands behind the scenes.

  67. acelightning says:

    Wheeee! We did it – “we” being all of us who went and voted for CO, of course. And YOU did it, Meg and Theo and your faithful assistants, offering the entire internet pictures of adorable cuddly, funny, silly, sometimes sad, but always CUTE animals!

    Pudding for everyone!

  68. Bravo Meglet + Theo! Makes me proud to be an American! Cue the Lee Greenwood!

  69. CSO/Amoise — according to FatalFluffy/Kimchee, who recently moved to China, CuteOverload is allowed through the “Great Firewall” too. We’re an export!

  70. What a Fantabulous recognition of the hard work and prime quality cuteness we can find everyday at CO!! I’m a hardcore addict who doesn’t want a 12 step program – this site has put a smile on my face during some pretty rough days. And what a great way to tell the world that Americans are really nice people who know how to bring some cuteness into a world that can be pretty grim sometimes. VIVA LA PAWSA!!!

  71. Woo hoo! The award couldn’t have gone to a better blog! Pop the champagne, and let’s toast Cute Overload!

  72. This shouldn’t be that much of a suprize Meg 🙂 Who doesn’t love some ahhdorable kittehs, puppehs and other assorted cuties with a dose of hilarious?

  73. Yitzysmommie says:

    Gratulations, Meg, Teho and any silent players. This is most excellent. The Qte rules.

  74. misscrisp says:

    OH NO WAY!!! (Over boingboing and gizmodo…YES!!!)
    Another step towards complete world domination of
    ¡¡¡Teh Qte™!!!

  75. Yay!! Congratulations to the Cute!

  76. Great news! I know I voted for you!

  77. Like I tell everyone….this IS the BEST site on the internet.

  78. I second the thoughts on Nobel Peace Prize and ‘tocks up’, especially in both cases when Meg is involved.

    Those are four really beeg competitors you beat out too!

    NICE WORK MEG you deserve it tewtally!

  79. Congrats and many more to come. Power to the Puppehs and all things cute!

  80. Totally deserved!
    My adult daughter turned me on to this website and I check it out whenever I need a laugh or a cute fix, usually every day!

  81. Congratulations! Not a big surprise that you won, you ROCK!!

  82. Huzzah!

  83. Lady Ann says:

    Congrats! Whenever I feel down I run, romp, leap and bounce to your site!

  84. FRANK POSTED!!! I love PostSecret with a passion. Although there is a lack of animals cute enough to make you cry…

  85. Hi Meg and Theo! I just signed on to receive emails and sent you some pics of my pets. I LOVE your site and think your commentary is hilarious! You DESERVE the blog WIN!! Fer sure 🙂

  86. I had a terrible weekend, but I’m feeling better thanks to TEH QTE winning!

    (pats self on back for being first CO-addict to spot the Bloggies voting page and point the rest of the Peeps thither)

    PostSecret won a buncha other awards so it’s all good.

    Bunneh cremes for everyone!

  87. yay! meg is the bestest!! and the bloggie world knows it! yay! i squee, you squee, we all squee for the qte-y!!
    how did i possibly survive before cuteoverload? rock on, and thanksthanksthanksamillionthanks for all the smiles, squeals, giggles and warm fuzzies you bring to the world!

  88. Woods Walker says:

    Congratulatons on another win. Keep it going. It is a escape from the harsh everyday to the the world of cuteness. Thank you and again congratulations.-Woods Walker

  89. Persephone says:

    Cuteoverload is my very favorite blog, including my own blogs. Partly because it helped me get my job in online marketing.

    Director of marketing: So what blogs do you read?

    Me: well, not too many… I read some of the feminist ones, I think feministing.com does a really good job. I read some that have to do with dance… and I read cuteoverload.

    Director of marketing: what’s that?

    Me: They post pictures of people’s pets with funny captions.

    Director of marketing: Oh yeah, I’ve seen that one! It’s great!

    And I got the job and am loving it! 🙂 Also, with the help of the prosh feline companions of our friend Russell, CO helped me convince my SO to get a kitten. So CO is officially one of my best friends on teh internet. Mazel tov!

  90. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    WAY HEY CONGRATULATIONS Meg and Theo. As Paul Williams wrote:- “I won’t last a day without you.”

  91. CONGRATS!!

    *throws confetti*

    *watches the kitties chase it*

  92. Woohoo! You deserve it! You bring happiness to so many people. Ya know, you should be knighted by the queen too. And given a Nobel Peace Prize. You’re that valuable!

  93. Congratulations… well deserved!!! :-)))

  94. And another w00t for Teh Megz!!! Wheee!

    And Frank (Mr. Post Secret), your site is awesome too!

    I think all politicians should have blogs. It’s so much more fun voting for blogs – and they actually WIN!

  95. The Paris Hilton of all the blog! Followed by people everywhere!

  96. Yeah Meg & Tay-o & all the Qte-ers! Dancing around room with happiness for your well-deserved success. ‘Tocks up, People! Paws up, People!

  97. Congratulations!! You totally deserve it!

  98. We are mighty,
    We are everywhere.
    Only our smiles give us away.

  99. yay! triumph to the qt!

  100. yeah! caged animals in a zoo!

  101. wewt!

    4 more years! 4 more years!


  102. WTG CO!!!! Woo hoo!!!!

  103. Marsheeeee says:

    I am so tewtally surprised, NOT!!!!! CO is the first web site I go to each morning to get my QTE(tm) fix. The victory goes to Meg and Theo, but I’d say the bloggers helped! Congratulations!

    that’s RIGHT!!

  105. Yay! Congrats, y’all!

  106. Wonderful! They made a great choice!

  107. Obviously CO won. I mean seriously. Who else was in contention???

    oh and W00T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  108. Well, CO IS the best American blog.

    I wouldn’t presume to say the best WORLDWIDE blog, but…

    Congratulations, Meg!! Well-deserved win.

  109. and i’d like to thank all the little people — er, critters, without whom we would no—omg! puppies!

  110. Andrea|Nash says:

    I may be late but I’m sincere – I’M SO PROUD OF YOU !!!!!

    10% inspiration and 90% persperation (and an unusually cool sesnse of humor) win again!

  111. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N ! ! ! ! ! !

  112. w00t!!!!!11!!!!

    ¡Yay! for Meg, teho, Chief Sister Officer and all the rest of the peeps who make CO what it is> Mad props to you!!!

  113. Add my congrats! You really deserve it. CO is definitely an upper every day!

  114. Yip Yip!! Haroooo!!! ARF! ARF! ARF!! [violent wagging of tail]

  115. Prosh prevails! Props to the peeps!

    Yay! W00t! W00t squared! Long live the Qte!

  116. Congrats!!!!
    We love you!!!!!!!!

  117. Makes my day!And many happy returns!
    Lots of love from holland!

  118. congrats, well deserved! Power to the prosh (:

  119. book_monstercats says:

    Wheeep!Wheeeeeppp! That’s the sound of my guinea pigs cheering between mouthfulls of parsley.

  120. Congrats!!! Couldn’t happen to a nicer site! 🙂

  121. Martha in Washington says:

    (I voted for you.)

  122. Yayy!! Congratulations!! (*I* voted for you. I mean, duh.)

  123. faaaah-reakin’ AWESOME! Congratulations! so happy for you. all your fun work paid off!!!

  124. Eeeexcelllent! (a la Mr Burns hedgie)
    I would hafta say Teh Qte (and PostSecret) iz top notch in mah books! Bravos!

  125. You sure earned it, Meg and Theo. Rock on. Yeah. Rock. On.

  126. Congratulations. Keep up the great work.

  127. BrianMPLS says:

    Persephone!! What a GREAT STORY! True or not, it makes me smile; and I’m pretty sure it’s true, which makes me feel like the smile will extend well into the evening!

    Oh, and congrats to CO for recognition of teh Qte. 😉

  128. Was there any doubt?

  129. Congratulations! I love this site. It always brightens my day!

  130. ClaudesMom says:

    Hey, I voted for you! And kept my fingers crossed! CUTENESS RULES!!!

  131. congrats y’all!!

  132. Low sweeping bow to Meg & Theo. Vanna-Vogue hands to Cute Overload. Paws Up to the Peeps.
    (Waving happily) Thanks for a great time, Meg & Theo!
    (wondering if Meg will say Holy McCrapulence again next year.)

  133. [snicker]
    Nah. It’ll be all “Yawwwn… blah blah award, blah blah worldwide domination blah, blah Colbert Report blah wait WHAT??? We’re on the WHOSE SHOW NOW?”

  134. mutterhals says:

    Well you certainly deserve it!