This is you at Cute Overload (part DEUX!)

A-member the first time you visited Cute Overload?

Remember the joy?

The squealing?

Kitteh ear, OMG!

Put on your onesie and join us, Tony T. and James A.!



  1. Yay! They look so comfy….so happy!

  2. Oh my gods first post! I feel almost as joyful as that sweet little baby with his furry snugglebuddy.

  3. That baby won’t be laughing when that cat steals his breath. No sirree, bob.

  4. Jupiter Star says:

    My first time on CO? Hell, I’m like that EVERY time I’m on here!

  5. constance says:

    …i’m dead. that’s amazing.



    this looks ripe for a nuff harvest.

    I shall get them out of the way now:

    1 Babies could be cruel to the cat

    2 Cats are unclean and should not be around babies

    3 That cat is clearly in pain.

    4 That’s photoshopped

    5 That cat is about to eat the baby.

    6 That parent is irresponsible

    Did I leave anything out?

    There we go 🙂 All the nuffingham-isms in one convienant place. With numbering for handy reference! Now we don’t have to read them over and over.

    meg, I adore you.

  6. Cats don’t steal baby’s breath. That’s a myth. Sometimes (very rarely) if a sleeping baby still has milk on his mouth, a cat might lick it off and inadvertently smother the baby’s mouth and nose.

    Or was that a joke? It’s sometimes hard to tell.

  7. I want one!!! …the baby, I mean, I already have kitties 😉

  8. Happy kidlet + fat catlet = kyoot!

  9. Ugh! Cute ruined by a sproglett! Ahhhhhh!

  10. To answer you question, the breath-stealing comment has to be a joke (funny, too). Glad to be of service.

  11. OMG!!! I DO remember my first time at CO (granted it was only a few months ago with the whole panda sneezing episode). I gasped, laghed, awed, and aieeed enough to get the other people in my office to check it out too. THANK YOU CO FOR BRIGHTENING MY EVERY DAY!!!!!

  12. Rev. Trixie says:

    The cat’s all “get this fugly drool factory off me!” and the sprog’s all “OMG TOY!!!”

  13. Martha in Washingtom says:

    When my oldest son was a baby he used to roll around on the floor with this gorgeous solid black cat we had 19 years ago. My son would gnaw or the poor cat’s ears and tail but the cat never once scratched or bit my baby. He would just very gently push himself away from the baby then run like hell for the other room. He was such a sweetie. Well, they both were actually.

    My great-grandmother was upset when my mom got a cat when we were little because “that cat will steal those babies’ breath”. My g-grandma was an old German lady and believed all those old wives’ tales. Well, she was an old wife herself.

  14. I thought there was a “no babies” rule on this blog?

  15. teehee! the cat is almost as big as the baby!

  16. Is this the new Gerpurr Baby?

  17. That looks like the begining of a wonderful freindship. What a great picture, can I snorgale both they are so happy together.

  18. A cat AND a baby? And both of them very clearly adorable, happy, and content?!??

    Right, that’s it. CO has reached my personal nadir of cute. I LOOOOOOOVE animals AND babies! If I were there, I would totally be down on the floor snorgling both of them and then having a little warm, cuddly nap, the three of us altogether. Nirvana!

  19. I feel so sorry for the cat. The kid is not so cute.

  20. Too cute!! I love the wee baby looking so happy with the kitty.
    Again, the baby-haters trying to bring down the cute. Still don’t understand how someone can hate baby humans but love baby animals. Seems somehow that the cute receptors on those folks are out of whack.

  21. I agree, Candace – not sure what that’s all about. Can’t help but take it personally, as a human.

  22. Rumi – I think you mean “zenith”. “Nadir” is the bottom. And this is totally the tops!

  23. normally, i think babies are not quite as cute as other baby animals (perhaps because they inspire more complex emotions, not all of them pleasant), but this one is just so “yay! kitties!” that I can’t help but go “yay!” along with it. (theo, this might be a good addition to the collage…)

  24. YAY!!! The human bebeh-animal (bebeh or no bebeh) combination NEVER FAILS!

  25. That is the happiest picture EVER!
    “Put on your onesie and join us”…hahaha!

  26. What, is kitty’s tail not yummy enough for this kid??? Gimme a break!

    (if you don’t know the post I’m talking about… bless you)

  27. Noel (I think ALL babies, human and animals, are cute) says:

    Hey, baby haters! I was once a baby myself, and so were you!

    You must have a very low self image to think that other humans, little humans, aren’t cute.

  28. aawwww. both bebbeh and kitteh look verry happeh!

    i hope they remain good friends always. thats a great pic.

    great tag lines, co. lol

  29. the cat’s secret agenda here is obviously to get that little yellow blanket for himself. ‘what better thing to shed black fur all over than a pastel blankie..move over kid i got work to do’

  30. T., the perfect CO hazing ritual would be to revisit that post.

    But we’re not into that sort of thing, are we.

  31. little gator says:

    skippy-I totally agree,

    And given the weather we’ve been having, it’s ncie to see a warmly dressed baby.

  32. Constance, re nuffs (esp number 5) what about ‘the baby is about to eat the cat’? OMG!

    No, I think we can relax and agree that kitty and wee smiley baby are completely gorgeous together.

  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    Totally sweet, both of them!

    I can tell that this isn’t a picture of Jaypo as a baby, though… Babbee, it’s “beep nose”, not “beep ear”!!

  34. Even the blankie looks happy.

    Like the blankie in the Brave Little Toaster.

  35. Sarcasta says:

    Is it just me… or is the cat CLEARLY saying to the photographer, “Buddy, you’ve been replaced.”

    That is SO the “ex-girlfriend out on a date with your best friend” look.

  36. Happy baby + contented kitty = PERFECTION. *Deep sigh*

  37. Oops–maybe that should be:
    Happy baby + contented kitty = PURRFECTION. *Another Deep Sigh*

  38. Ok….you post this ugly picture of an ugly baby but I send in pictures of my finches cuddling multiple times and you totally ignore them.

  39. It’s not *you* sifting through that multi-gigabyte submissions pile, is it, Jessica bird? My guess is, your pix *weren’t* ignored, especially if you’ve kept re-sending them, as you say. They just weren’t chosen.

    Do you have these photos online? You could put a link in one of these comments…

  40. I extremely dislike kids.

    But this is cute. I can just imagine that kid thinking “IT IS SO FUZZY!!!”

    Cat saying ‘yeah-uh’

  41. R. Moore says:

    I can’t see it’s feetses! Murf!

    I wuv it.

    (I’ve been a bit baby-crazy lately, spring does that to me. I’m part bird or something, I guess)

  42. Constance, while you covered that “the cat is about to eat the baby” you forgot its counterpart, “the baby is about to eat the cat.”

  43. Heh, my (Hungarian) grandmother apparently had the same worries about breath-stealing kitties–yet here I am (…though very allergic; who knows what happened in the dead of night in the baby’s bassinet). And I remember the concern about the *dog* eating the baby too when sis was born. Need to get those anxieties straight.

    Good to see both baby and kitty are getting the luv here. Wouldn’t want older sib feeling displaced!

  44. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Aw, reminds me of the baby pic I sent in for the yearbook(but with a kitten instead!). Guess I had my destiny tied to kitties.^_^

  45. Gads, that looks just like my sister’s cat. Too cute!

  46. For the love of jauntiness says:

    This almost made me cry, only because my cat looks a lot like that and I’m pregnant with my first child, so I’m imagining the future. Thank you, pregnancy hormones!

  47. Cassandra says:

    Baby: “Wheeee! me and my kitteh buddeh are hangin OUT!”
    Kitteh: “Less ear-pulling, more pats please.”

  48. Because your finches are ugly, Jessica.

  49. I dunno, being a mom myself, I have to wonder – what is this baby’s poor mommy thinking about these “ugly baby” comments? If it were my child, I’d be just a little hurt. Oh sure, I’d try and take it in stride. Everybody has the right to an opinion, this is the internet, what do you expect, yadda yadda… but sheesh.

    People and their “I’m too fashionably-antisocial to say anything nice about other people” front. Psshh. Now that’s uncute.

    (By the way – I squee’d so ferociously, I probably had random dogs’ heads tilting for a good five mile radius around our house when I saw this! That is the quintessential image of squeeitude right there. Happiest. Baby. Evar!)

  50. For the love,,,

    I’m expecting my first too and though my kitteh is a torteh, I was also hoping they look as happy together as these two.

    Sweet pic!

  51. Bingos even on CO. How depressing. The uggo babies not being enough of a downer.

  52. I’ll never understand why someone would like bebeh animals but not bebeh people. But oh wells, I guess it takes all kinds to make a world, as my Mom used to say–when I was just a little kitty snuggler myself. 🙂

    That little sweetie in his little onsie (I want one! 😉 ) I just tomorrow’s Cute Overload patron, maybe even tomorrow’s ASPCA worker, now and in the future squeeing with delight and appreciating his little animal friends.

    Oh, and I didn’t mean MY first post, this was just the first time I’ve been the first one to comment on a post.

  53. Let me just make this very clear:

    There. Are. NO. Ugly. Babies.

    There are only ugly adults.


  54. noooo! teh bebeh is very very cute. he/she is making the perfect 😀 face! 😀

  55. Lila Magnuson says:

    I just needed to say , i am a cat person have 4 & a dog. Cats can steal breath, it happened to me and i was an adult !! I feel very fortunate to be able to tell the tale or tail? I am not kidding, just a thought to keep an eye on things thanx

  56. MC — er… are “bingos” anything like “nuffinghams”?

  57. Before I was born, my parents fixed up a nursery for me, but their Siamese cat was convinced the new special decorated room was for HIM. So when they brought me home from he hospital, the cat just thought I was another decoration in his new room and sat in the baby crib with me. (My mom freaked out the first time she saw that, but the cat Natchez never hurt me. On the contrary, he let me drag him around when I was a toddler. He was a very patient cat. :P)

  58. Constance:

    #7: That child looks too young to be exploited with pictures like that

  59. Just saw the learning to snorgle link that Theo put up. Oh. my. word!!!! Too cute. Chubby baby cheeks, wee little puppy! This almost makes having to take a final exam this morning and totally failing it ok! Sigh.

  60. Oops. Link was from Subhangi and not Theo.

  61. AuntieMame says:

    Amen, Denita!

    This baby is adorable, and the kitteh is obviously baby’s BFF.

  62. “Bingos” refer to when people say things like “you must be crazy/evil/a very sad person to not love babies” or “you were a baby once yourself, so if you hate babies you must hate yourself” It stems from the joke that you can essentially play the game of Bingo, crossing off these common responses on your imaginary Bingo card, when people react to the fact that you don’t like/want to have kids much or think baby animals are cuter than baby humans.

  63. Imagine having a kitty that size relative to you now, as this cat is to that baby.

    Happiness is having a furry pal who’s as big as you are, to snuggle.

  64. A thinker – yes, exactly! plus this cat is clearly wearing a furry onesie, with feets.

  65. Look, Leah, if you don’t like kids then fine, you’re entitled to your opinion. But people calling a baby UGLY? That’s just plain mean. And saying it in a comments thread is almost as bad as saying it to the parents’ faces. And you shouldn’t be shocked or indignant if people–especially other parents, like myself–find such statements absolutely disgusting. Feel free to enable your pedophobia all you want, it’s your life and you make of it what you will. Just don’t spew revulsion all over a comments thread and then be surprised when others rush to defend the baby’s honor, OK?


  66. and all I can hear is Boo’s delighted little voice…


  67. I. Am. Not. A. Kid. Person.
    But this is a great shot. Happy baby.
    Contented cat.

  68. Christine says:

    *head explodes into multi-colored confetti*

  69. i want nothing more than to poke his leetle feetsehs and watch him laugh xD

  70. mahahaha says:

    mini-me, no, we do not naw on our kitties (yes theo, i remember your comment on the other baby eating kitteh pic)

  71. JinxtheCat says:

    squeeeeeeee….. Falls over with joy at this pic….

  72. That is a *REALLY* cute baby!

    I can’t imagine how people would think the cat doesn’t like the situation. He’s a CAT, he would so totally haul ass out of there as soon as possible if he didn’t want to be there.
    Look at the curled up front paws on the cat (kneeding) and how he’s lifting his head back to reciprocate on the babys touch. That’s one happy kitty. 🙂

  73. Yitzysmommie says:

    Both of ’em are absolutely adorable, and I want to snorgle them both. I’m imagining baby giggles & kitteh purrs.

  74. TwoDragons–
    I never said the baby was ugly. As far as babies go, it’s a rather cute one. I also never claimed to be shocked or indignant about anything. I’m also fairly certain that I never said anything about me personally disliking children, nor did I “spew revulsion all over a comments thread”. Perhaps you were referring to someone else, although I believe your comment was addressed directly to me. I was simply trying to explain what the phenomenon of “bingo” is. Actually, I’ve never personally had a “bingo” comment directed to me, but you’re starting to get awfully close to the kind of disrespectful behavior I described. Thanks for illustrating my point so perfectly.

  75. “Bingos even on CO. How depressing. The uggo babies not being enough of a downer.”

    Perhaps I misread this? Or what did you mean by “uggo”…?


  76. TwoDragons:
    If you had paid any attention, you would have noticed that “Bingos even on CO. How depressing. The uggo babies not being enough of a downer.” was said by MC. I was the one explaining what a bingo is. MC and Leah are not the same person. Thanks.

  77. Aaaaargh, how embarassing…I’m so sorry, Leah, I really am… I abjectly apologize!

    Now if you’ll excuse me…I have a fresh batch of humble pie to dine on…*blush*


  78. No worries, TwoDragons. I’m sorry for any rudeness on my part. Now let’s all get back to the cute kitties!

  79. I dunno, I’m kinda enjoying all the griping about those uggo bingos.

    …aaaaaand I’m out.

  80. AuntieMame says:

    Uggo Bingo? Isn’t that Bilbo Baggin’s uncle? Or a variety of frozen waffle?

  81. R. Moore says:

    Bwa ha ha ha, very good, AuntieMame!

    I believe it was Bungo, though 🙂

    But personally, “Uggo Bingo” makes me think of Oingo Boingo 😛

  82. bees on pie says:

    You mean Oingo Boingo?

    (Only a lad!)
    He really couldn’t help it
    (Only a lad!)….

  83. bees on pie says:

    Agh, R. Moore beat me to it. 🙂

  84. What a patient kitty!

    What a happy baby!

    What a lucky mommy!

  85. R. Moore & Bees On Pie — those are some nasty habits.

  86. R. Moore says:

    Hmm? Which ones, Theo?

    (looks sweetly innocent)

  87. That kid looks absolutely THRILLED to be petting a cat. He’s got the “OMG Mom! Lookit me! I’m petting a CAT!!!” face on.

  88. I am another one of those that the childbearers among us don’t understand – generally, I don’t find human babies all that cute and charming – but this one is just delightful and clearly a felinophile in the making. After all, every “cat person” had to be a baby at one point, right?

    I’ll have to look up that bingo joke though, I have a feeling my card might be full.

  89. acelightning says:

    The kid’s expression is great. And why shouldn’t he be laughing and grinning? He’s got a warm furry cuddle-buddy, just his size!

  90. I read through all of the negative-baby comments before looking back at the picture – even if you dislike children, just look at the sheer joy on his face! How can anyone -not- smile in some small way? I can only hope that some day my kids and kitties will get along so well. 🙂

  91. darkshines says:

    I love the way the kid is all “I HAS A CAT!” 😀 and the cat’s all “this is just my day job, I swear….”

  92. Alice Shortcake says:

    I prefer animals to children and find most babies downright repulsive – so I didn’t have children. It’s that simple. There are enough unwanted and abused children in the world already, most of them produced by people who think the childfree are selfish and unnatural.

  93. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    That baby has stolen my Sidney and I only got him on Friday night.

  94. what a happy kid! it kind of looks like this baby is introducing the kitty…”ta-dahh!”…or maybe working on a little dance number with it…”me…and my shaaaaaa-dow!”

    and OMG, this baby looks just like my dad did as a baby (watch out, folks, you might just have a little professor there).

    just to weigh in on the comtroversy, as a voluntarily childless married person: while i’m sometimes bemused by babies’ lack of furriness (i admit baby animals give me palpable baby pangs in a way baby humans do not), i think “baby-hating” makes us just like those who expect us to have kids just because we are physically capable and accuse us (usually the woman!) of being selfish or unatural when we don’t. people have babies for the same reason we don’t: it’s what feels right and natural for them. plus, being a parent is a tough job – one that does not have a manual or the predictable results of other jobs, and which many people do along with another job or two. all with the result of contributing some often very cool people to our world (people with the potential to provide homes for all those unwanted pets!) so why not show a little respect?

    finally, here’s a little something i learned from my parents (people who, incidentally, i’m especially glad had babies!): when confronted with a baby you don’t find cute, and you don’t want to lie, the proper comment is, “that is quite a baby!”

  95. oh boy. that was long. sorry.

  96. Well said anner..:)

  97. To the defensive childfree among us: No one in this thread demanded that you have a baby, or even questioned your childfreedom. They just wish you wouldn’t rain quite so much vitriol on the parade. Don’t like it? Scrollbar!

    Yay for happy, healthy babies!

  98. This is not the place for the breeder vs. childfree debate. All posters who think they can nail us CF-er’s to the breeder wall, come on over to a Childfree forum and put your idiocy on display for all to see. We will hand you your ass forthwith.

  99. thanks, Kalli. i’m assuming you mean the one about the previous one having been long? 😉

  100. Luna et all. No one is telling anyone to have babies for crying out loud. Stop reading things that aren’t there.

    What’s being asked is that some folks have the common decency to NOT refer to the child in the picture as ugly.

    I fail to see how “Please don’t call the kid ugly” equals “Have babies you heartless person”.

    Spoken as a married woman with no children, who wouldn’t mind a couple but who wouldn’t consider it the end of the world if she didn’t and who was raised up right to never refer to a child as ugly in the hearing of said child’s parents because it’s not nice to hurt someone’s feelings. (and if the pic was submitted, chances are high the parent(s) read CO)

  101. He can save this pic to show the guys when he gets older! “Well, I was only 6 months old when I had *one* in bed!” (Cute baaaaaby!)

  102. I never said the kid was ugly. I said this is not the forum for this debate. Why don’t you try reading?

  103. Luna…I didn’t say that *you* said that, simply responding to what I perceived as your impression that other commentators were demanding that you (general) have babies or questioning your (general) decision to not have children when all that was actually being said was “Stop calling the kid ugly”

    I am fully freaking aware that this is not the place for a debate *I* was NOT trying to start. Simply setting the record straight.

    And honey, I can read. Try it yourself sometimes.

    Out. Forget further response from me. Thanks.

  104. *all that was actually being said was “Stop calling the kid ugly”*

    Should add (since the above seems to be the point of all brain freeze) that “To those who are calling the kid ugly, not to Luna directly since Luna never said that.”

  105. you guys r silly says:

    This picture is *wonderful*!
    I love the look on both baby’s & kitteh’s faces.
    I have always raised my kids & grandkids alongside my kittycatters. ALL of my cats did NOT like ANY of my babies at first. BUT — it was always SUCH a joy over the years to see them learning about each other & adjusting to each other & growing to be the very bestest of friends EVER with each other.

  106. Damn. Like kids, don’t like kids, whatever. But it’s not a personal affront to you (whoever you are) that there’s an OMG BABY in the picture. IF you’re so horrified by children that the presence of a happy, laughing baby utterly ruins the picture for you, you may have deeper issues than being simply childfree.

  107. I’m done.

    I’m not reading these blogs anymore, for the sake of my own blood-pressure. Every time there’s a kid in a picture the kid haters come barging in insulting a baby. Let me repeat that so that we can all revel in it’s freaking absurdity:
    You’re a grown person, insulting a BABY. On the internet. God, could that be any more pathetic?
    Even if you don’t like kids (and I used to hate the little buggers like crazy), or you think something is amiss why harsh on others’ cute-groove? If you can’t say something nice, keep your fat trap shut, you’re causing a draft.

    That said:
    “Imagine having a kitty that size relative to you now, as this cat is to that baby.
    Happiness is having a furry pal who’s as big as you are, to snuggle.”
    I dunno about that. Look what happened to Roy!

    Also: cat breath! Urgh!

  108. I’m skipping all teh commentroversy to say – this is hilarious! Put a blankie on the floor and a cat will be on it within nanoseconds. This blanket happens to have a baby on it, most likely inconveniencing the cat. But the baby! So happy! Cat! So content! So fabulous!

  109. I still feel sorry for the cat. I doubt that it wants to be a toy for the child. I’m sure that the kid will be pulling the cats tail or ears just as soon as no-one is looking.

  110. ThreeCatNight says:

    There’s nothing wrong with that sweet baby, even if you aren’t crazy about kids (and I’m not,frankly). And kitteh looks like (s)he’s enjoying the scene as well. You’ve got two innocents there just having fun; chill out.

  111. Uh, if something on the cat gets tugged too hard, the cat will get up and walk away. It’s not like the baby can chase it around. Don’t worry about it, lippy.


  112. heatherlyn says:

    I love how all the breeders come out of the woodwork to bingo those who can’t stand to see nasty drooling bologna loaf sprogs on what’s supposed to be a CUTE site.


  113. oaklandcat says:

    I can just see the headlines now: “Baby Appears on CO! Wild Controversy Ensues!” LOL. Fantastic Monday morning reading!

  114. though my official stance is still “why can’t we all just get along?”, the term “balogna loaf” made me wish i was drinking milk, so i could have snorted it out my nose.

    [bites lip guiltily]

  115. Katie, Amy, et al, I am child free, by choice. However, I have not ever insulted the babies on CO. I have never insulted you. I do not hate babies, or children. In fact, I WORK with kids. However, I resent that you are painting myself and others like me with the “Child Hater!” brush. Please be respectful of my choice and stop chunking me in the same “box” as the child haters. We don’t all hate children. Our reasons are varied and personal, and I am not going to go into that here. However, I am going to ask you, and all of us who are fanning the flames to BACK THE BLANK OFF and stop spreading the hate. Just enjoy the Qte!

  116. Aww. That’s a cute pic. Baby and Kitteh are lookin’ pretty happeh together!

    Kitteh’s all “Oh yeah Baby…you know where I like to be scratched!”

    I’m not a kid person (no kids, don’t plan on it), but this is a really nice picture to see. Baby and Kitteh are going to be long-time friends, methinks. 🙂


  117. elizabells says:

    :::wading in:::

    yzabet: I’m very sorry, but I’ve scrolled up and down twice now and I don’t see where you’d commented prior to 11:22, so I’m not really sure where anyone called *you* a child hater. Or called anyone who doesn’t have children a child hater simply by virtue of their child-free state.

    Luna: You said “ugh”, and that the picture was “ruined” by the baby. I hope you can see why it is that someone could interpret that as calling the baby ugly.

    Now let me be a tedious former editor and point out a bit of parallel structure here. yzabet takes comments in re: babies are not ugly, please don’t say that, as being personally directed at her, when she had not previously commented. Luna, however, became quite upset that someone took the words “ugh” and “ruined” to mean she found the baby ugly. We can’t have it both ways, people. Either comments are to be taken literally and exactly, or with free interpretation based on the reader’s own feelings and biases.

    Since apparently we are giving our credentials for this debate, I’m childless but a pediatric nurse. And I’ve been awake for 24 hours now, so I should probably just stop typing and go to sleep.


    With this image, we have the key to world peace. And you heard it here first…

  119. *bangs head repeatedly against the wall*

    Saying baby is ugly = rude

    Has squat to do with “Breeders” (that’s freaking insulting, some folks *want* to have kids, let them for crying out loud) “Childfree”, “balogna loaf” (WTF?), or any other whateverthehelljusthappened here.

    It’s rude to call a child ugly. It’s rude to call anyone ugly. It’s called social niceties people, might want to look that up, since it seems the vast majority have lost the concept.

    And I fail to see the debate. If you want kids, have em, if ya don’t, don’t. I’ve never felt the pressure.

  120. ali: obviously not, judging by the comments. People are still people.

    oaklandcat: LOL!!

  121. I totally fail to see the point of the hate expelled towards kids and those who want to have them. Makes zippo sense.

    Want kids? Have em. Don’t? Then don’t. Problem solved.

    (and if you think that a picture is ruined for having a child in it, your problem goes waaaaaaaaaaaaay beyond your choice)

  122. Courtney says:

    I like the kid’s blurry arm (the one not petting the cat). You know he’s waving it around, so totally gleeful at being near kitty.

    Theo, you warmed my cold, cynical heart when you asked what ‘bingo’ referred to. It seems like you can’t spend very much time on the internet before being caught in the crossfire of the childfree vs. non-childfree.

  123. While I agree with the general principle of “no babies on CO”, if only because otherwise Meg would be absolutely overwhelmed by proud parents sending in photos of their loinfruit, this picture is adorable. And hey, it’s the exception that makes the rule, right?

    Never really did understand what that means.

  124. Gae Aufforth says:

    Excuse me, I have had my fill of looking at baby pictures – I come on this site to look at animals. I know the speel, you were once a kid too, blah, blah blah. I don’t like kids – period

  125. Yeah. I’m starting to think people are nicer and smarter in the comments section of the gossip blogs.

  126. I see babies all day long at the office, so I tend to take them for granted and not seek out pics of them. However, a baby interacting with an animal in a cute manner is still something I enjoy. And this pic does tell a story.

  127. Wow. What an adorable picture, and what silly responses by some people. I sometimes get called a nuff because I don’t like pics is i can’t tell whether the animal is hurting, but this commentroversy is just absurd.No one is hurt, baby and Kitty are content, even if it’s not your think, how is it bothering you? I have yet to see anyone on this thread say there’s anything wrong with not wanting kids, or that everyone should have them. There’s a difference betwene not wanting, and even not liking kids, and thinking they don’t have the right to exist, such that a picture of one non vomity, non acting up, clothed smiley baby with his cat on a website “ruins your day.”
    Anyone who’s got such a chip on their shoulder that they think “Please don’t call the happy baby gross or ugly,” is an attack on their choice not to have kids is just looking for a fight to pick. Since there are apparently already whole corners of the internet devoted to that inane argument (Have kids if you want them, don’t if you don’t, deal or don’t deal with other people’s kids as you like, as long as you’re not hurting them or being an ass. What’s the other side of the argument?), why have it here? Baby! Kitty! Smiles all around.

  128. Oh YES…This does remind me of my first visit to CO. It was when everyone was arguing over a dog and an onion. Move over Tony T. and James A., grabbin my onsie and skootin in.

    And for the record—THIS IS A CUTE BABY. Love the toofless smile :oD

  129. you guys r silly says:

    “I come on this site to look at animals.”
    I would think that with a name like
    that it would be full of
    CUTE stuff
    and NOT necessarily “all animals”.
    Cute stuff CHOSEN by the owner/blogger of the site NOT the commenters.
    You might want to try or something like that then. Or start your OWN blog of nothing but cute animals & please yourself as much as you want to that way.
    Just trying to be helpful.

  130. A thinker: damnit! so close!

  131. Bravo, Gabi!

  132. Smiling Lurker says:

    Awww, you guys were supposed to become all nostalgic about your first memorable (or photographed) experience with an animal. There should be story-swapping about your first puppy licking your little baby feet and making you giggle like crazy…your kitty running off with your binky. Even if you don’t “squee!” for the baby, squee for your fond childhood animal memories. There are so many ways to express an opinion that’s happy. Breathe, slow down, and give it a shot. 😀

  133. I love the picture, that kid looks delighted at what he’s discovered, and the totally contented cat: “Totally excellent, another human to pet me and this one is DOWN on my level and BRINGS his own blankie, what could be better? And, he won’t step on me! PURRR”. A classic for Interspecies snorgling, I’d say.

    I read all the commentroversies, my goodness some CO people get fired up over “nuffing”, don’t they. I have learned a couple of new terms: “bingo” and “sprog”. So overall, it’s been a good day at CO for me.

    Happy fussing, y’all.

  134. Squeeeeeeee!!! The look on that baby’s face is just *awesome*! Hooray for fuzzy lovin’!

    And I hate to jump iton the mess, but I just have to mention- Does everyone realize that, if there weren’t people who wanted kids in this world, none of us would exist? Just some food for thought.

  135. ygrs – yeah, plus there *is* an animal in this pic!!!

    smiling lurker – ok, i’ll go first! when i was 5 years old, my parents got a red-and-white Pembroke Welsh corgi puppie name Taffy (they’ve since stopped supporting breeders, but that’s an issue for another thread…). i could go on and on about the cute things Taffy did, how she was such a sweet and loving member of the family, who i never quite stopped believing was actually just a little bit human, and how she brightened my childhood all the way until i was in my freshman year of college, but the silliest thing i remember is that i actually used to find myself so devastated by her cuteness, i would throw my self down on the ground in gleeful “agony.”

    i hope this baby has many pet-loving experiences like that ahead.

  136. d’oh! almost made myself cry at work.

  137. lauowolf says:

    Do you feel an overwhelming need to harsh on the cute sometimes?

    Do seemingly innocuous photos just push your buttons?

    Do you find yourself posting really rude things on a site devoted to the Cute?

    These may be signs that you are suffering from a serious anti-social syndrome:

    You May Be A Nuff.

    Don’t worry, this condition is only somewhat contagious, and usually soon passes.

    Acute attacks of Nuff respond immediately to the absence of an offending object.
    For everyone’s sake, please take outbreaks of Nuff-ery seriously and treat the symptoms at once.

  138. Gae:

    “Excuse me, I have had my fill of looking at baby pictures – I come on this site to look at animals. I know the speel, you were once a kid too, blah, blah blah. I don’t like kids – period”

    So go look at all the other pictures of animals on the site. It’s not like there’s a shortage here. Or hell, cover up the baby in the picture and just look at the cat. You don’t like kids? Congratulations! Here’s the problem, though– not your dislike of children, but your apparent need to have this site cater specifically to your likes and dislikes.


  139. Wow, still going. And by golly I just can’t fathom why.

    Courtney — er, thanks… I was just thrown a bit because it sounded like a well-known internet term that I’d missed. Which is sorta what “bingo” is, in this context, but it makes sense. Like “Buzzword Bingo.”

    I’m out of the office for a few days with limited access to Cute Resources (and time) so I hope Meg isn’t *too* swamped…

  140. oaklandcat says:

    what if this baby was BATHING the cat???

  141. laureling says:

    Good idea Smiling Lurker!

    When I was a baby we had a black lab who would sleep under my crib, whenever I would cry he’d run in to my parents’ room and basically insist they get up immediately and tend to the baby! (to the point of grabbing the covers in his mouth and pulling them off their bed)

    When I was learning to walk he’d let me use him for balance. Then, when I was a toddler I decided “I love my doggy, I love raisins, my doggy must want to share my raisins”, my doggy most decidedly did not love raisins so he would trot off just quickly enough that he didn’t have to eat the raisin, but close enough that if I started to fall I could grab on to him.

    He was the best dog ever.

  142. ugh, my stomach turned when i was slapped in the face with this picture. not a pleasant surprise. uncute.

  143. Smiling Lurker says:

    Haha! That’s so cute. Dad was always opposed to getting big animals (though I loved my little hamster and our guinea pigs so much anyway!). It’s nice to hear stories about everyone’s animal memories. 🙂

  144. This baby looks like he is experiencing this:

    Only… he’s already a baby. Hm

  145. Kandiss, nice troll!

  146. “Awww, you guys were supposed to become all nostalgic about your first memorable (or photographed) experience with an animal.”

    Yay! Okay! We have pictures of my brother with his bare feetsies dangling out of his high chair and Scooter, our fluffy lab/beagle mutt licking them. He has a look on his face not unlike the gorgeous baby waaay up at the top of the page.

    The first pet I remember, we got when I was two. She was a springer/border collie mix and 100% bombproof. I clearly remember going to the shelter to pick her out. She was a few weeks past her scheduled euthanasia date, but she was so sweet they decided to grant her a stay of execution. We named her Holly because we brought her home at Christmas break. I was scared of her at first, because she was JUST SO BIG, but she let me balance cookies on her paw, she was comfy to sleep on, and she shared my ice cream without biting it. Soon Holly and I became inseperable. When I was a teenager and her hips started to go, my parents bought me one of those really low Ikea beds so she could still get up there to sleep with me. I was 17 when severe cataracts, deafness, and failing kidneys forced us to have to put her to sleep.

    Our third dog came when my sister was 5. Here they are together at bedtime (WARNING! The following photo contains a CHILD!):

    A year after Digby, we got him a sister named Robin from the same breeder (Now with 100% fewer 5-year-olds):

    I’m so glad I have all these memories.

    Damn, anner, I nearly made myself cry, too!

  147. i visit this site multiple times weekly and listed my real name and email address – how trollish is that? *eyeroll*

  148. Here’s my “first pet” memory…my parents got my brother & me a springer mix puppy when we were about 3 & 4 y.o. We named him Freckles, & he was the bestest doggie ever (reverting to child-speak). The ‘rents still have a great (b&w)picture of the three of us on the porch steps up on their refridge!!

  149. Kandiss — you DID call it slap-in-the-face ugly. Which it isn’t.

    A little perspective, peeps? It’s a HAPPY BABY and a PATIENT KITTY. The End!

    If you folks really need an update fix soooo badly that you’re starting fights for no reason, maybe try checking out some of those links to other sites under the “MORE! MORE! MORE!” heading (it’s in the right-hand margin… scroll up, you’ll see ’em) until Meg’s able to post something new. I would except I’m out of town. (I still might try if I can’t sleep or something.)

    Also, Teh CatCave has a new resident; you might check her out, over at my Vox:
    (pregnant mama foster kitty!)
    Let’s Be Nice now. [tsk]

  150. My parents have a picture of me at about age 4 wearing my nurse hat and using my plastic telescope on our cream-colored tabby, Joker. He’s the first animal friend I remember in my life.

    My bestest childhood animal friend was our dog Paddy, whom we adopted when I was 6. He was SO incredibly sweet, and handsome besides. See?

    When my sister was a toddler, she used to use him as a seat when she watched TV. He’d just make the occasional “woe is me” moan, even when her little toddler fingers pulled out tufts of his hair as she sat there.

    Childhood animal friends are the best!


  152. Dag, people! It’s a moot point… There aren’t even any humans in the picture: just one patient kitty and one half-leprechaun/half-StayPuft Marshmallow cub.

    But FWIW – thanks, 2Drag, Teri, Gabi, Lurker (Meg?)and those others who are appreciating this picture for its intended purpose – without thier own transferential material blotting out the cuteitude. I personally find uninhibited joy on a child’s face* just as fantastic as the exposed belly on a paws-up kitty in a sunbeam. (Uninhibited crankiness, though, gets handed back to the mother…)
    *i.e., this:

  153. cheers to Smiling Lurker for (mostly) turning the conversation around! see folks? just read the caption…the point is not whether this or other babies are cute…the point is that we are all like the baby and can all be proud to have once been a happy bologna-loaf animal-lover-in-the-making. yay!

  154. elizabells, don’t tell me how to feel. I did however attach the wrong name to the wrong comment, and for that, I apologize. I will not apologize for feeling the way I do.

    I am not going to apologize for speaking my opinion in defense of the non-child hating child free. This bias has been seen in other comment threads on this site, and others have observed it. I am not the only one who sees. And if it should raise its head again, I will speak up again.

    Meanwhile, I do enjoy the Qte, and I am done with this thread.

  155. “i visit this site multiple times weekly…”

    So… kandiss, are you saying that being rude frequently is preferable to being rude just once?

    As to the photo, I… am… JEALOUS of the baby! Of all babies, actually, because their very scale allows for greater fuzzy animal huggability. I need a newfie or a St. Bernard to hug completely. A baby just needs a CAT! My goodness!

  156. um… to clarify, where I said “mother,” I meant “parent.” Didn’t mean to generalize….

  157. Smiling Lurker says:

    Aww, thanks! I just try to look for things to be happy about. I’d much rather know about cute animal stories than argue (trust me, the urge is still there sometimes!). Everyday life can get depressing with my husband in Iraq and cuteoverload helps me stay upbeat. It’s hard to see so many controversies though. Maybe I’m remember the past with rose-colored glasses, but weren’t they pretty rare before? People would see a particularly sticky picture and there would be a big 300-400 post blowout. Then things went back to normal. I just hope people can find things that bring the same joy our giggling baby feels and spread it where they can. 🙂

  158. Ken gets the Sly Comment Award® the day.

    Awarded to the funniest comment that also suckers another poster into thinking he’s serious.

  159. the cat is not amused

  160. Jennifer says:

    BABY — it was him! 🙂

  161. oh wow, can’t even come to this site without seeing people’s comments about how much they dislike seeing baby pictures…GET A GRIP YOU WHINERS. Does it get this hateful when there’s an ADULT in the picture instead???

  162. “can’t stand to see nasty drooling bologna loaf sprogs on what’s supposed to be a CUTE site.”

    Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about all the people in here hating babies.

  163. AliceBlue says:

    First Pet Memory (as suggested by Smiling Lurker):
    I was six, and it was bedtime. I was kissing everyone goodnight, and the cat was laying on the floor. I licked her forehead, and when my stepmom yelled at me for being what she called gross, I explained that I wanted to kiss kitty like she kisses. Made perfect sense to my six year old mind…(and the baby pic is SO cute. nyah)

  164. Ya know, I didn’t have any kids, but I know see a cute picture when I see one. The big smile on the little guy’s face as he’s patting the kitteh, the kitteh enjoying his/her pat while snuggling up to the little guy – C’MON!
    He’s a fellow animal lover, people!

  165. Hey do you kids who hate breeders and moos so much, also hate the moo who shat you out a few years ago because she couldn’t keep her legs together? I mean, you yourself were brought into the world as a wailing crotchdropping, so I’m just curious, how’s that working out for you?

  166. I wasn’t aware that the whole world was supposed to be bubblewrapped for CF people, and hide all babies so they would not scratch the delicate sensitivity of supposed adults who could simply scroll past the pic if they don’t want to see it.

    Geez. The world is full of babies. Don’t like it? Though luck. Close your eyes and deal.

    This is getting ridiculous

  167. Stop making all childfree people look like psychos, guys, seriously.

    That’s a really cute picture. I will scroll back up and get rid of all the grumpiness that reading all this obnoxious comments has gotten in my system.

  168. To the people that are going “I don’t want to see pictures of babies” – THERE IS AN ANIMAL IN THERE TOO. LOOK. IT’S RIGHT THERE.

    Where does it stop? No pigs, they’re against my religion. No crucifixes on the women in cats in racks, I’m athiest. In fact, no racks, I believe women should be covered at all times. In fact, no women at all, it’s degrading. No mixed livestock. No ANYTHING in the background.

    We will just end up with zoomed in pictures of eyes. ARE YOU HAPPY NOW YOU?

  169. The cat’s cute. Too bad the baby ruins it.

  170. That’s a squee-worthy photo, right there, despite the fact that I almost forgot what it looked like by the time I got to the end of the comments. I love babies, I just don’t have one at home.

  171. For the love of jauntiness says:

    Let’s let it rest, peoples. Time to move on. Now let’s all go out there and have a happy day!

  172. beenclawed says:

    When I was in the 5th grade our friends Siamese cat had kittens and we went to pick one out. I’m a bleeding heart so of course I wanted the runt but my mom said no. Anyway we picked out a happy, healthy male. Man was he cute! We named him Maxwell, Max for short. I took him to school to show everyone my new baby kitty! SQUEE said all my class mates. I lived a couple of blocks from school so I went home every day for lunch. My mom timed it so that I would get to feed Max his main meal of the day when I came home for lunch. She wanted to make sure I got a quality kitty fix in the middle of the day (so sweet!). The first night Max came home I wanted him to sleep in my room, but my brother wanted him in his room. My mom let me have the kitty that night. She put a blanket in a box next to the bed. But Max kept crying. When we realized he wanted to be in the bed, next to me, I cried tears of happiness. I remember feeling the tickle of his kitty whiskers on my forehead. Okay I’m tearing up I gotta stop.

  173. “Hey do you kids who hate breeders and moos so much, also hate the moo who shat you out a few years ago because she couldn’t keep her legs together? I mean, you yourself were brought into the world as a wailing crotchdropping, so I’m just curious, how’s that working out for you?”

    So perceptive, Phil!! Yup, hated her. She died. I finally lived. (Ever heard of Munchausen by Proxy Syndrome?? Not nice.)

  174. That picture is so cute. The baby looks so happy and excited (the expression just shouts GLEE!) and the kitty is just laying there and anyone with a cat will recognize a kitty happy face. Which that cat is clearly showing.

    Seriously, if the cat wasn’t happy it would not be sprawled out next to the kid. Kitty wants cuddles and kitty’s getting them!

  175. We call childfree whiners “freetards.” They’re basically entitlement-obsessed wankers who want the world to be ALL ABOUT THEM. They’re basically overgrown crotchdroppings, themselves.

  176. Why can’t people express dissent without being mean?

    Or better yet, why not (and here I will be controversial) keep your thoughts to yourself if you haven’t anything nice to say?–WAIT! Hold your guns!–This isn’t the government, peeps! Dissenting opinions on an animal blog are NOT the equivalent of a war protest. They are more the equivalent of telling a woman, “Your dress is ugly” or telling a man “You’re hair is awful.” Those are valid opinions, but still better kept to themselves!

  177. Avary…I came to the conclusion that basic social elements like being nice, being polite, being considerate of others, acting in a mature and intelligent manner are fast going the way of my grandparents.

  178. beenclawed, that’s a great story!

    I won’t tell my first animal memories because they’re all very sad and involved either trips to the vet or bad drivers who…well, I won’t tell the rest. But, I will point folks in the direction of my Flickr page where there are a couple of pics of me with our wonderful dog Toby (rest in peace). And you can see pics of my very cute beagle, too :).

    And I will tell this story, even though it didn’t happen to me: my mother taught first grade for many, many years. One of her best friends breeds Great Pyrenees (I’m an animal shelter volunteer so trust me, the friend has heard the lecture on breeding). For those of you that don’t know, Great Pyrenees are GIANT fluffy white dogs. One spring, when my mom’s friend had a litter of Great Pyrenees puppies, she brought them all to a special recess session for my mom’s first graders. My mom said it was the funniest thing because the puppies were only a few months old but bigger than most of the first graders! My mom’s friend also runs a little cafe and brought ice cream for the kids. I was telling a friend about this once and said, “Can you imagine? That must have been the best day of those kids’ life.” My friend said, “Hell, that would be the best day of MY life.” She’s right :).

  179. that baby looks so happy! he’slike “kittah!!! its so soft!!!!”

  180. bebeh say, “squeeeeeeeeeeee!”
    kitteh say, “prrrrrrrrrrrrr”

  181. Smiling Lurker – what a great attitude you have, reacting to difficulty with positivity. i hope you and your husband can be reunited soon. please thank him for what he does.

    yeah, these controversies are a real downer, and difficult not to get involved in. even when i don’t participate, i still end up feeling really bad just reading all of it. it might be time to avoid the comment section for a while!

  182. anner — I share your feelings. For my own part, which is all I control, I will commit to being polite, kind, and positive on this site.

    I am a guest here, and I enjoy the wonderful pictures, captions, and banter entirely at the pleasure of the owner, who owes me nothing at all. I feel it’s the absolute least I can do to be the sort of guest who might be invited back.

  183. One more little note-let: this so-called controversial thread is still only a small fraction of the size of that *other* kitty-baby situation. (1200+ comments and CLOSED)

  184. Thank you, Pheas, for putting my thoughts into words. I’m amazed at people’s endless willingness to get all worked up over cute pictures on the internet. As I mentioned earlier, I’m not a big baby-lover (although this picture is adorable), but I can’t see that as a reason to spew negativity all over such an innocuous site. I’ve seen many pictures of babies here that I don’t find cute, and I simply don’t comment. This one is very cute, I don’t mind saying so at all. This picture is so sweet that the negative comments are really kind of sickening. If nothing else, this has really opened my eyes to how upset some people get over the sight of an infant- and here all along I thought I was such a big baby-hater. I guess not. I guess I’m just really a mild-to-moderate baby-disliker. And in the case of this particular baby picture, the more I look at it the more I like it. I mean, aren’t we all here because we like animals? Just think, this little guy might grow up to find a cure for Feline Leukemia or Parvo or something. I fail to see anything but good in this picture.

  185. On the other hand, I also feel compelled to mention that those of you with children (or who may be childless but coo and goo over the sight of a baby) might not realize how many judgmental and unkind comments we who don’t want babies have to deal with. I’ve had a lot of nasty things said to me, including that I’m “not a real woman,” “not really an adult,” and even, “not quite fully human.” That does get old.

  186. yeah, Mitsu. i’m with you all the way. as someone who’s not totally into babies, but has never thought to use buzzwords like “childfree”, i’ve always felt in the minority but was kind of shocked during this thread to see how vehement those who share my status can be. we’ve all had that potential in-law or nosey aquaintance submit us to anything from subtle pressure to downright insults. but i don’t see most of the parents commenting here doing that and it’s too bad to see such defensiveness and ill-will directed at people whose choice to have children is just as valid — i would say just as “good” — as our choice not to, and who are only asking for civility.

    plus the picture rocks.

  187. Funny…I think I live in a weird zone or something. Married 7 years, no kids, two cats. And not one single person has ever commented on it. Heck, both my mother and mother in law tell me they aren’t ready to be grandmas!

    And I do know what it can be like. I’m Pagan in a monotheistic world. Those nuffing here..take it from me. You cannot ask/demand respect for your choice and in the same breath smash someone elses. The two cancel each other out and you end up where you started.

  188. AuntieMame says:

    Yeah, this thread is pretty puny compared to the Mother of All Commentroversies, the kitteh-eating monster-baby.

    Anyway, I found this little gem on my Chicklit forum rules:

    You have NO POINT if you can’t make it respectfully.

    So, um, what’s going on in the froggie thread?

  189. They look so happy