Built-in eyeliner, Dewds

This bunneh looks suspiciously like Rule of Cuteness #28 bunny but even more prosh markings (if that’s poss).

Should guys wear eyeliner? Discuss.

This better be organic

Yes. Yes it is, Lisa K. and Bunneh Cassidy.



  1. Toooo cute! I want a gothic/emo bunneh!! 🙂

  2. Guys SHOULD wear eyeliner. Captain Jack Sparrow, anyone? Tewtally prosh.

  3. oh! aren’t those the nicest almond shaped eyes EVER?! super CUTE!

  4. awww 🙂

  5. yyaaaaaaaayyy meg!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes, guys in makeup are hot!

  6. Hm, eye, ear, AND nose accents!

    Anyone else think the bun has an expression of knowing something we don’t? Like the secret of teh Cute?

  7. firefinch says:

    Hey, wasn’t that an R.E.M. song? “Kronsche with Eyeliner”

  8. Yeah, FireFinch; they also did “Orange Kronsche” (on the “Greens” album).

    I think this bunners is of the Dwarf Hotot breed. The “eyeliner” is distinctive:

  9. guys/rabbits in eyeliner = good!

  10. I too have a bunny with ‘eyeliner’. He loves it.

    PS: Guys in makeup? Yes!!

  11. He’s all made up and ready to go! Kind of reminds me. I ought to buy a new tube of eyeliner one of these days.

  12. I kinda think that perhaps the bunneh could use some body piercings, one in each ear and a little golden stud in the nose, to complete his body-painting ensemble.

    Maybe I’m just weird. LOL

  13. cleobuntra? egyptian bunneh? hareoglyphics?

    beaucoup de cute, i must say. and that carrot is histoire!

    i wants to smush heeem.

    and yes jack sparrow is the best argument that guys can look hot in makeup.

  14. You got me screaming over here in mn, awwwwwww, my goodness. I think my animals are jealous of this site because I eww and aww at almost every pic put up. Now If I could get my eyeliner to stay so well, lol

  15. Doe eyes on a bunneh? Is the world spinning off its axis? Has daylight savings time come early?


  16. Bunny: It’s Friday I’m in love….

  17. This bunbun is definately the Cure-all for what ails you.

  18. SeaBreeze says:

    CUTE bunbun!!!!

    If properly applied, yes, guys can wear makeup. However, since I don’t, why should they have to, either?

  19. Cute bunny 🙂

    And I feel I have to say as a guy that we should not wear makeup.

  20. Hie & Aubrey — Robert Smith Rabbit is fine; I’m waiting for Alice Cooper Cougar.

  21. that’s the purdiest bun i’ve ever laid eyes on. guys can only wear makeup, if it makes them look *this* good.

  22. martha in mobile says:

    It’s Jared Leto Bunny (only less fey and more Qte).

  23. Sarcasta says:

    That bunbun is ready to go play some baseball!

    Batter UUUP!

    Or is it football where they do the black eye thing to help against glare? Who cares, Emo Bun is actually listening to Fall Out Boy and writing crappy blog poetry about how life=pain.

  24. Second Megan – more Goth bunbuns!!!

    What a cutie.

  25. I love bunnies!

  26. astrogrrrl says:

    I like guys in eyeliner. It’s cute 🙂 when I first met my bf, he was wearing eyeliner and we’ve been together for almost 6 years now. (yes, there’s a definite causal relationship there…)

  27. R. Moore says:

    Oh yeah, Baby Bunnies are totally Punk Rock.

  28. LOL, R. Moore!

  29. R. Moore says:

    Also, as a note of irony, on the topic of of guys and makeup (yeesh, I sound like Dickens!), last night I missed my SO’s final play. Stupid people buying tickets before me. I was devastated, because I first saw him in a play. The next time I saw him in a play was about a month before we stared going out. He had on major eyeliner, a hat that reminded me of my grandfather’s favorite hat, and suspenders. And I totally fell for him dressed like that. I don’t wear makeup, but I think guys with some well applied eyeliner are totally cute.

    Final ironic note: Last night’s play was set in Egypt.

  30. R. Moore says:

    Theo: Have you heard the song Hot Topic is Not Punk Rock?

    Makes me giggle every time.

  31. Beauregard says:

    I say yes to guys wearing eyeliner. Also, firefinch, that comment was awesome.

  32. NOW I remember the name that came to my mind when I saw the bunny – Edie Sedgewick!

    Um, wait. Bad choice.

    Theda Bara?

    Never mind.

  33. Firefinch, you hurt me:)

    Are we sure this bunney is emo/goth? I think I might possibly sense a little retro “hair band” ‘tude from this wee man. Perhaps we need to see if he will rock out with his air guitar to:

    Sweet Tocks of Mine-Buns N Noses
    Pour some Snorgle on Me-Prosh leopard
    Bunns Bunns Bunns-By Motley Tude

  34. AliceTanzer says:

    Auggh! I want a dwarf hotot so baaaad!


    ((skweeeeelz untill she passes out))

  35. Pretty baby!

  36. turtletattoo says:

    When I was little, I had a book called “Bunnicula” about a vampire bunny who would sneak out of his cage at night and suck the life out of vegetables. I imagine this is what he looked like.

  37. bunnyslave says:

    eyeliner on men or women, i’ll skip it. eye circles on this prosh baby bun? BRING IT ON!!!!!

  38. bunnie joe armstrong

  39. Margaret says:

    Bunnicula. Straight up.

    Love the little black spot on his face. He’s like “You only THINK that black spot is my nose! My real nose is gettin’ busy with this here carrot!”

  40. So cuuute! So fuzzy! Must snuggle.

  41. Lady Ann says:

    Wow! Elizabeth-Taylor bunney from “Cleopatra”!

  42. omg! Bunnicula rules!

  43. lol a gothic bunny… how in the world can both of those words be put in one sentence… well the bunny is sporting the white goth colourings with black eyeliner, it just needs a small swirl at the end.

  44. Cute cute cute – I want him! Why must I be allergic to bunnies?!?

  45. This thread is a perfect (bunnyfect?) example of today’s all-too-crazy eyeliner contradiction.

    90% of the lady-type commentators here have JUST professed a fondness for men-types in eyeliner, be they bunny or Cap’n Jack in variety. And yet, societally-speaking, far too many man-types continue to call eyeliner girly. (Horrors! Not THAT!) Think about it; how many times have YOU heard a man-type whining about how fey Cap’n Jack/emo boys/masculine bunnies are? Too many times. Enough already.

    Face eyeliner facts! Many women enjoy men in eyeliner! If you are a man, and you like women, why not stop whining, take a cue from this progressive bunneh, and start wearing some? Stop genderizing the eyeliner already!

    How about THEM koal-rimmed carrots. XP

  46. chelonianmobile says:

    Oh my … he looks like Silverblue. (Gothic bunny woman featured in webcomics “Lacunae” and “Jack”, which are not childsafe so I won’t link to them just in case. She wears eyeliner which looks kinda like that.) Except he’s cuddlier, and probably neither a vampire nor an inhabitant of Hell.

    D’aww shnuggly.

  47. A breeder of dwarf hotots who lives near me has two very new babies. I may get one! Yay!

  48. Hot Bois in Eyeliner Ex: GERARD WAY, DAVEY HAVOK, VILLE VALO

    They probably all check CuteOverload every day.

    (At least I know Davey does. For the kittehs.)

    Goths love any combination of cute and evil. In fact, CUTE + EVIL = Goth.

  49. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yesterday I saw TWO guys with eye makeup on. In this town, that’s kind of odd. They were both hot, though.

    But we must ask ourselves: can a bunny with natural eyeliner master the Disapproving Bunny Glare? Won’t the eyeliner soften their gaze?

  50. This bunny may give the appearance of being somber and gloomily dark, but what we don’t know is that this is the part of his birthday party clown outfit that he forgot to remove. :o)~

  51. Well now that we’ve seen Bunneh Cassedy here all made-up, I think we can expect to see a lot more guys running around with eyeliner.
    This guy is a trend-setter if I ever saw one.

  52. i love the little sploosh of grey/black on his little nosey. oh what a fuzzeh little bunneh.

  53. cutest bunny evah!!!!!

  54. omg..bunnies wearing eyeliner..the world gets alittle better ever day, doesnt it?

  55. should guys wear eyeliner? WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT!? *gasping for air* of COURSE guys should wear eyeliner! DUH!

  56. mahahaha says:

    yes..many punk-rock boy bands like panic!at the disco wear eyeliner

  57. eh, guys in makeup is really, really cliche. Anyone gleefully embodying a stereotype like that is automatically disqualified. It’s willful conformity.

    Of course, that’s just one girls opinion.

  58. my goodness I need a bunneh IMMEDIATELY.

    I can honestly say that the idea of dudes in eyeliner does NOTHING for me. Actually, it would just turn me off entirely. Though I feel that way about any kind of high maintenance guys… I’m an easy going girl, I don’t need a guy to act like more of a woman than I do lol

  59. R. Moore says:

    I don’t mean to be one of THOSE commenters, but, um, Panic! at the Disco is NOT Punk Rock 😛

    And gleefully embodying a stereotype is better than falsely believing yourself to not be fulfilling a stereotype at all and being offended when one suggests you are. Such as when my baby sister said she was “going as an emo kid” for Halloween, and only then realized… she was already in costume.

  60. AuntieMame says:

    I vote “no” on the guys in eyeliner question. Unless they’re going to line their ears and put a blob of it on their noses, too, like Mr. Bun-Bun Cassidy here.

  61. R. Moore says:

    AuntieMame, more eyeliner-ed boys for me! 😛

    Or not. I can think of one only rarely eyeliner-ed boy who would be rather put off if I started a collection 😛

  62. Whether it’s a stereotype or not – just make sure you gleefully embody and embrace it…whatever it is.

    I would like to gleefully embrace this bun, for instance.

  63. acelightning says:

    Yep, that’s gotta be a Dwarf Hotot, the “eye makeup” breed of bunnies. Being a bunny, he’s goth, but not emo – look how happy he seems to be with that carrot! Goth bunnies rule!

  64. natalie q says:

    so soft looking <3

  65. darkshines says:

    I thnk hes adorable, and should definately have an inappropriate Goth name….. Like Nightfang, or…..erm….Coffin……Dude…

  66. some guy says:

    go cry, emo bunny.

  67. Should guys wear eye liner?



    Johnny Depp.

  68. CB- your the only one that agrees with me *sob*

  69. The honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Thats not eyeliner he’s just been up all night humping.
    Should guys wear lipstick?

  70. My Lancelot looks like a grown up version of this bun. He also has a black mark on his back that looks like a symbollic black tattoo. I say he looks like a Goth chick.

  71. I have one question, what type of liner is that? and is it waterproof?
    Beautiful almond eyes.

  72. makeup on guys or girls? hot!

    no makup on guys or girls? also hot!

    makup on this bunneh? hop!

  73. Please remember that carrots are a TREAT food. A rabbit’s diet should consist of 80% green timothy hay, 10% PLAIN pellets and 10% leafy greens. Carrots, as well as fruit, are high in sugar and should be given in very small amts as treats. http://www.rabbit.org

  74. Jessica,
    My Maximus Decimus Bunnius looks a lot like this little guy too…but Max is an English spot mutt…not Hotot.

    Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Bunnehs!!!!!

  75. I think I see some black nailpolish, Mr. Bunneh.

  76. Watch out, Liz Hurley, Estee Lauder has a new model.

  77. Not a fan of guyliner on humans, but this is ridonk. My calico cat has built-in eyeliner, too!

  78. cokane – “guyliner” LOL! that’s even better than “manscaping.”

  79. Very precious English Spot cross. Hotot’s are pure white outside of the black eyebands. (how’s that for pedantic =P)

  80. Ooooohhhh wook at the widdle tootsies and the perfect fur puff!

  81. Hmmm, I thought so…

    Hopefully this works…here are my bunnehs “The WonderTwins”…McKenna in the front, abandonded in a carrier in someones back yard =( and Max in the background, 8yrs old and SPOILD ROTTEN.


    (i’m like a parent showing everyone class pics!)

  82. Looks like the eyeliner slipped and got to it’s earsies. BEAUTIFUL bunny!

    Eyeliner on guys—guess I’m old fashioned, but, naw, wouldn’t make MY thing twitch!

  83. Guys as a whole should not wear makeup. Most of them just can’t pull it off. Guys like Jack Sparrow, Billie Joe Armstrong, and Brandon Flowers are few are far between. Jared Leto needs to stop.

    Cute bun!

  84. One Eyed Daruma says:

    What if someone just played that blacken-the-binoculars trick and the poor little fluffums has no idea?!?!?!?

  85. Eyeliner on guys?

    Um, no.

    Especially if they are in a rock band, and MOST especially, if they are middle-aged and in a rock band.

    I don’t wear makeup, so why should they.

    Eyeliner on buns?

    Most definitely.

  86. “I’m so pretty! Mmmm carrot. ..”

  87. See now, I was thinking more along the lines of “Bunneh Davis” or “Hopsty Springfield”, but I suppose I’m just too old for this lark.

    Men in eyeliner: will they, too, now start going out with a little *smoosh* of it just off one side of their nose? That would certainly get my attention….

  88. First-time commenter, long, LONG time lurker.
    Am I the only one who has considered switching places with that carrot? It’d probably kill me (put me in the same room with a bunneh and I almost go into anaphylactic shock) but I’d die happy, being snorgled by a bunneh…Then chewed on. But that’s a minor detail.

    As for guyliner? (lol cokane) No thanks. My rule of thumb is, if my man spends more time in front of the mirror than I do, we have a problem, cuz he’s taking up MY time in front of the mirror. And Lord knows I need it. 😉

  89. Bunneeeeh, stoooop. Stop giving me that look. Yes, you’re cute, but I’m happily cat-owned. I would never do that–oh, hell–{SNORGLE}

    Don’t tell my cats, okay?

  90. i think we’re all ignoring the real issue here: makeup is tewtally inappropriate for bunnies! shame on this bunny’s person for putting pics of it online, looking all sexed up.


  91. Faekitty (heather M.) says:

    I do believe most of the votes are in favor of men wearing eyeliner.. though I only read like half de comments. But I’ll second the notion that if Johnny Depp is doing it.. then ALL men should.. goodness sake..
    btw, his wasn’t even applied that well.. a bit thick(obviously on purpose).. but he was still tewtally hot/qte.
    Coming from a gothy meow like myself.. I do dig the black eyeliner..

  92. Eyeliner enhances the eyes of any wearer, male or female. It’s intriguing when guys do it because there’s still a stigma attached to men with makeup, whereas women are expected to wear it. However, bunnies with eyeliner is a whole nother level of cute!

  93. yeah, anner…the next we’ll hear from bunneh Cassidy will be a Dateline special: “Carrots, Eyeliner, and Digital Cameras: The Downward Spiral of a Sexpot Bunneh.”

  94. Persephone says:

    I say yes to boys in eyeliner (having actually, in the past, applied eyeliner to a boy), and definitely yes to this bunny. 🙂

  95. My Beagle pup has built in black eyeliner! (He’s a guy too). It makes him look super cute (and he gets more treats)!

  96. Need more qte… need more qte… am parched and dying in a desert of no qte… :o)~

  97. Aww, he’s like precious and punk, all at the same time.

  98. *sings* She’s got Bunnie Davis Eyes… (:

  99. don’t click on Lo Ziorso’s link – it’s spyware…

  100. Alkibiades says:

    Congratulations on your Bloggie! YAY!

  101. Well, Lo Ziorso’s kitty pix *were* very cute.

    [leaving to run spyware detection app]

  102. Congrats on your Best American Bloggie, CO!

  103. No more of this bunneh, please. Need more photos at top of page. Stat!


    This seriously make my day.

  105. boys and bunnies both look good in eyeliner 😉

  106. So this is where the lead singer of Echo and the Bunnymen disappeared to. I wuz wondering.

  107. Selianth says:

    I know I’m in late on the breed discussion, but our Love Bug (Bugger to those who know and love her) is a mix between a dwarf hotot (dad) and Holland Lop (mom.) She looks almost like this, except her spots are dark brown. Her sisters both had black. http://www.flickr.com/photos/stalag131/220367036/in/photostream/

  108. ya-ya-ya says:

    hes like a little bunny peter wentz, only less huggable. and less tattooed. ^_^

  109. ya-ya-ya says:

    and yes, i did say LESS huggable. i cant help it if i am in love!!!

  110. “Pirabbit of the Caribbean”

  111. Domestic bred rabbits cant digest carrots… it impacts their bowels… (shrugs) Sorry, but Im worried to death looking at this pic.

  112. Love the Any Winehouse eyes!

  113. Selianth says:

    Really? They can’t eat carrots? I’ll be sure to tell Cassi and Ben and Bugger that when they refuse to speak to me after missing their regular evening carrot. Not that they get a whole one, but they won’t be happy to learn that they’ve been wrong the past year about their ability to eat the orange treat.

  114. Caroline walters says:

    This bunny is soooooo cute! The breed is Hotot right?

  115. i think guys that wear makeup r hot

  116. hey just for the record i am a goth guy that wears eyeliner and i am not trying to be anyone else apart from me. i don’t think it’s weird at all it absaloutly rocks and i’m sure many girls would agree and other lads for that matter although i don’t get any lads saying i look hot in eyeliner where as quite a few girls have lol don’t mean to boast. oh and the bunny is cute i wish i had in built eyeliner

  117. gothgirl says:

    yh guys look SOOOOO hot in eyeliner! HOT! HOT! HOT!

  118. Guys should deffinitly wear eyeliner! They look beautiful with it! It gives them a gothic, mysterious look which unfortunatly, no one has.