I’ve got ISSUES

That annoying new baby is getting all the attention in my house.

Pay attention!

Thanks, "Guffman" pup and sender-inner Kjessian J.

I agree, Guffman does have mad coping skills.



  1. My older brother used to do that…except he would throw a matchbox car in my cradle as trade. Is there a baby somewhere playing with a squeaky rubber hamburger?

  2. What a tragic expression! Hopefully they’ll be best buddies soon.

  3. misscrisp says:

    He’s waiting for himself?

  4. Ha!

  5. constance says:

    aw. muppet doggie!

  6. creepy

  7. Man….I need that thing today – Where is that dog so I can go steal it from him?

  8. Okay, naming him Guffman was absolutely BRILLIANT! And he is absolutely snorgablicious.

  9. hischillyness says:

    that dog is absolutely hideous

  10. Can someone please tell the breed of that dog, I don’t know that one. I think they better get a few more pacifiers in that house, lol

  11. I think he is a labradoodle…

    Very sweet looking, btw.

  12. It could be a labradoodle, but the eyes and that nose make me think it’s a curly coated Portuguese Water Dog. It would be an odd colour for one though, they’re usually not blonde.

  13. joodster says:

    Awwwww…Cujo with a binkie!

  14. i second the creepy comment… yuck!

  15. happagirl says:

    Hi everyone!
    What a sweet baby! He looks almost exactly like my first generation cockapoo baby. Yes, I think that he is a cockapoo! 😀

  16. snarkhunts says:

    That dog needs a bath.

  17. paulajeanne says:

    (sighs) Do we have to go over this again? This pup is adorable. If he wants a binkie, he gets a binkie. I am sure he is much loved by his people and is obviously well taken care of. The new baby and he will grow up together and be best of friends. And so ends another prophecy.

  18. I am almost 100% sure that’s a labradoodle, for what it’s worth.

  19. Come on! The dog may be sweet, but I can almost smell him from here. Foop.

  20. THAT is a pricless shot! I wants to comfort heem. 😀

  21. Persephone says:

    I think he’s adorable. I’m not seeing the creepy, there.

  22. useta hada kitteh says:

    Took me a while (quite a while) to notice that hims nose is BWOWN, not black but bwown. Cool. And I can’t smell him, Emmy, he’s just fine.

    I like his binkie. He looks so cute!

  23. And to think… all this time, we’ve just been http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0118111/

  24. (…and gold stars in advance for everybody who didn’t have to click!)

  25. He’s so fluffy, yet he GLARES!

  26. Sorry to the owner of this dog, sure he’s lovable and what-not, but he certainly isn’t the cutest dog I’ve ever seen..He has kitty litter on his face by the way..

  27. He looks very much like my Cockapoo (especially the eyes and nose), but my dog is black. Cute!

  28. I can’t help but point out how many of the people in that movie are Canadian b.t.w… like with any immortal comedy. :p


    This dog is CUTE, CONSARNIT!! Millenium hand and SHRIMP! … oohh, it’s too late. I shouldnt be posting…

    Gives puppers a snorkle and dips teh binky in beef-broth.

  29. AlbertaGirl says:

    I love the reproachful eyes… “SEE what you have DRIVEN ME TO?!?!”

  30. Awwww! Who’s da bebeh now?

  31. To me he seems to be saying, “If I hold this in my mouf will you rock me and hold me too?”

    I can’t smell him either. I think he’ prosh.

  32. He looks just like Raven the Labradoodle at work.
    Why do you think he needs a bath? Maybe just a face wash. I think he’s cute!

  33. aww..don’t be sad little man! I’ll pet you and play with you and rub your floofy kroche-able ears and scritch your belleh!

  34. I have a labradoodle and this cutey here isnt the same. He must be poodle crossed with something else like cocker spaniel. They have a very gentle nature…and yes, they do like attention!

  35. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I am merely returning the comforter to its owner, like any good retreiver.

  36. Falling over in my seat. Gosh sakes that is just sooo funny. LOL I just can’t I can’t stop laughing.

  37. Falling over in my seat. Gosh sakes that is just sooo funny. LOL I just can’t I can’t stop laughing.

  38. Hahahaha!!! That’s great! And I think the pup is cool, looks like a dahlia flower.

  39. OMG, this totally reminds me of a picture in the “Bad Cats 2007” calendar. It’s of a puffy tabby cat with a pacifier in its mouth, captioned, “And I’m not giving it back until you take that hideous baby back to the hospital”.

    Anyone else seen it?

  40. TeratoMarty says:

    Oh, he does look mournful. Possibly he realises that the dummy wasn’t for him, but just couldn’t help himself.

  41. oh what a cutie…

  42. Does anyone know what breed this dog is?

  43. It looks a lot like a soft coated wheaten terrier, except the areas that are brown should be black…. so maybe it is a wheaten lab… 🙂 Or just a good ‘ole fashion mutt…

  44. that is so cute