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whoop whoop whoop

Panda ‘Tocks Alert, People!



  1. Laura K says:

    Glad you ‘splained the photo–it took me a while to figure it out!

  2. Yeah, with some parts of the panda, you don’t know whether they’re coming or going.

  3. Cute panda cub!!!
    Hope it wasn’t stuck for long!

  4. kind of appears to be a mono-tock!

  5. nermalkitty says:

    help. i’ve fallen and i can’t get up. poor little guy.

  6. zosterops says:

    …and me thinking it was a caterpillar…

  7. I dunno… It looks like some little kid tossed his stuffed bear up into a tree… 🙂

  8. Perhaps its a giant slingshot and the panda is about to be launched somewhere.

  9. Adorable panda tocks! Love it!

  10. I am considering myself warned and alerted!

  11. kittymomma333 says:


    Looks like the poor fella has a case of the Pooh Bear.

  12. omg, too adorable! Pandas look like they were designed to stimulate the part of the brain that appreciates cuteness.

  13. aroooooogah? LOL!

  14. I think I’m gonna call it a day. First post means I can go home from work now, right?


  16. Speck-tock-ular!

  17. You guys I can’t believe it. Made my day. I have been following Tai Shan from the National Zoo and just found out him and his mom have been separated he is 19 months old. I was feeling really sad. Thanks for this.

  18. Cute but sad panda alert!!! Read about the three-legged panda who needs a fake front leg at:

  19. Hee heeee! PANDA-BUTT!

  20. O M G

    look at his little clawsies


  21. That must be some tender-looking bamboo–hope this beebee got a good mouthful!

  22. Daisycat says:

    now that’s what I’m tockin bout….WOOT!!!

  23. Leilani says:

    OMB, I love the fuzzybutt!

  24. Daisycat says:

    so cute it’s almost tocksic…

  25. Daisycat says:

    *watches as mind wanders off*

  26. OK, this is SO UNFAIR! I went to zoo atlanta and the closest I got to Mei Lan was watching her on the tv monitor. And Elaine got to see her climbing around and everything. I am so jealous.

  27. have people seen the panda/chow? the AP says it’s *painted*!?;_ylt=AkyJ.P_sY2jodUOmPHG8L68DW7oF

  28. Michelle says:

    Baby Panda. Sneezes. Scares Mommy. SO CUTE!

  29. cuteness is not really a word but, also where is the rest of thst poor panda???!!?! What a wonderful giggle you all got out of me today thats just what I needed Thanks CUTE OVERLOAD !!!!!!!!!

  30. layla42 says:

    Panda buns!
    Panda buns!


  31. according to the american heritage dictionary, cuteness is a word. then again that is a “descriptive” rather than a “prescriptive” dictionary…i wonder what the OED says.

  32. Which brings us neatly to today’s Dream Job threadjack…
    This lady at the National Zoo gets to spend ALL DAY looking at PandaTocks…[sigh, I knew I should have worked harder at school…]

  33. Suzanne says:

    Want to cuddle him!

  34. Kritter says:

    Another athlete! (see hamster posting of yesterday)

  35. Honest to Pete, Velveteen Rabbits look more real than this! 😀

  36. I hope everybody saw this article in the NY Times Magazine this weekend:

    I’m already saving up my money.

  37. nice…euh…set fabrication Sarah!

  38. looking at your friend getting a hug should be has good has getting one, you dont need an artcicle trying to convince you you are missing on something.

  39. I’ve only seen a cuter tush on my baby! I want to play with his big soft paws.

  40. in my household, we call that the west end of an eastbound panda.

  41. Reply to NYtimes article: Not trying to sound racist or anything, but chinese people sure know how to rake in the money.

  42. anner: Cuteness IS a word! Since you wondered, the OED says:

    “Cuteness (colloq.)

    The quality of being cute.

    1768 GOLDSM. Good-n. Man II, Who could have thought so innocent a face could cover so much cuteness! 1807-8 W. IRVING Salmag. iv. (1860) 88 All that quaintness, cuteness, and clumsiness, for which he is remarkable. 1845 Knickerbocker Aug. (Bartlett), He had a pair of bright, twinkling eyes, that gave an air of extreme cuteness to his physiognomy. 1872 H. M STANLEY How I found Livingstone xii. 464 Very fine people and singularly remarkable for commercial ‘’cuteness” and sagacity. 1903 Booklovers Mag. Dec. (Advt.), The illustration gives but a faint idea of the beauty and cuteness of the calendar itself.”

  43. RJ – splendid! thanks.

  44. Darling, where are the post??? we want more post! I undestand, you must be busy with real,actual work, but we need our daily cuteoverload dose and just one pick is not enough….!

  45. Lady Ann says:

    Just want to snorgle those little footsiewootsies!

  46. Suda Nim says:

    ajww: I’d counterargue that it’s a common trait of anyone anywhere in the world who knows they have something that people want.

    Or can make them want. P.T. Barnum, anyone? Come see the fabulous egress!

  47. Fable:
    Set fabrication? What? Color me confused.

  48. Teho, are you all “right in the head”? Just asking! Your a laugh-out-loud RIOT!! Thanks!

  49. McTwin — that’s generally a fair question… but this post was all Meg’s.
    I posted the marmalade bengal kittens, though.

  50. I love it that the panda-tocks alert consists of ’50s submarine movie sound effects.

  51. my husband wants to know if these are “pandaloons”

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    Further to RJ’s dictionary definition of cuteness, if I recall correctly, “cute” originally meant “clever” or “intelligent”. Must mean people who appreciate teh Qte ™ are highly intelligent. Doesn’t surprise me at all…

  53. Yitzysmommie says:

    Not *just* panda tocks – BABY panda tocks!!

  54. Gah! I was THERE when this picture was being taken! I remember thinking, “Man, this would make a great baby panda ‘tocks picture!”. That poor bear was stuck there for a good 10 minutes. Couldn’t figure out WHERE it was going.

  55. John Dough says:

    What the heck does “Tocks” mean? There needs to be a glossary of all the “gooey” words used on this site!

  56. useta hada kitteh says:

    John Dough — there *IS* a glossary of the unique words used by commenters on this site. May I point you to the side bar on the right, under More! More! More! in which there is a glossary. Here’s the link to “Tocks”:

    Okay? Okay.

  57. “gooey”?????–We peeps rather think of the word as “sweet and sticky” Yeah, much better. Sorta like melted taffy :o)

  58. And must add—Lurve the Panda’s prosh tocks!

  59. Great comment above; re: Winnie the Pooh moment.

    I wish my reaction to this photo were as tubbly cubbly all stuffed with fluff but…

    I got more a, “Where’s it’s head?” reaction which led to, “Headless”, then realized the panda is upside down. So, “Sleepy” in the “Hollow” of a tree.

  60. love , yvonne says:

    eww butt!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. John Dough says:

    Thanks for the Info!!! I looked but couldn’t find the glossary. Thank you…why you are just a poopsi little schnugulbum for helping me!

    Seriously though thank you!

  62. Hazey_Sunshine says:

    Panda tocks!!!!

    Made my Sunday morning – now I can get in the bath, all cuted-up.


  63. John Dough — the link is “Official C.O. Glossary” and it’s up in the right-hand margin, under the heading “MORE! MORE! MORE!”

  64. John Dough says:

    Thanks Theo…but someone directed me to it.

  65. Ah. Wups. OK. (Thanks, Useta!)

  66. “Another fine mess I’ve gotten myself into. SIGH.”