Brace Yourselves


Here we go!


…and here they come!  I don’t know their real names, but in my mind they’re Mischa, Sacha, and Vladimir. 

Keep a sharp eye on Vlad…


…I did warn you.


Kirb_3, your kittens are TEH WANT!!!  Super thanks! — Theo



  1. Eleanor says:

    Sweeby Jeeby What cuties!


    Little furry babies!!

  3. Marmie Attack!

  4. yaaaay! now THAT’s a great friday post.

  5. Kittens are wonderful.

  6. I lOVE the straight-up-tail-action.

  7. kiiitteees says:

    Are those bengals? the dark kitten definately looks like one and the others have the markings but i’ve never seen an ‘orange’ bengal.

    so cute…

  8. brooklyn says:

    i kind of want to shove the entire last kitty in my mouth

  9. ::Flops over dead::

  10. OH EM GEE!!!!

    Tooooooo cute! I love the little marmy who looks like marble rye.


  11. rpennefe says:

    Why does Vlad look so sad? I must snorgle him to cheerfulness.

  12. Julianna says:

    Oh, wow…
    That’s not even right.

    My kittens do this in the morning, climb all over me and put there anerable faces in my face to check if I woke up yet and want to pet them. Turns out, I always do.

  13. Ahhh… I love the one dark kitty. So funny and different. And the last kitty picture makes my heart melt.

  14. Peg of Tilling says:

    O muzzle pouf o muzzle pouf
    I want to stuff you in my mouf.

  15. That face…that face! *swoon*
    I’m in love!
    *fighting desire to jump through computer monitor and have a snorglefest*

    Beeeuuutiful kittehs!

  16. HERE’S MORE. It’s Kirb_3’s “Cats and Kittens” photoset.

  17. Holy Moly these little furballs take my breath away. GAsp Gasp

  18. (sound of “Taps”)


    (more “Taps”)

    * slain by muzzlepuff

  19. Persephone says:

    Wow, guys, it’s really worth it to click on the link to the flickr album — all the cat pictures are just wonderful.

  20. I R TEH WANT!!!

  21. Yea, Bengals anyone?

  22. Vladimir Fuzzorovich Muzzlepov, thou art my new desktop.

    Keyboard ruined from ‘sploding. Sigh.

  23. KITTEH!

    Seriously, man, KITTEH!

  24. mahahaha says:

    …oh god..i had a dream like the first picture once…

  25. It’s a swarmie of marmies.

  26. michellemybelle says:

    These kilt me, and then my ghost clicked on the flickr link and now I’m really dead! The Pink Paw Pads shot is lethal.

  27. O




  29. Squeeeeeee!



  30. I want, I want, I want!

  31. thedistractor says:

    That last picture reminds me of something from a Kubrick movie. Is that odd?

  32. Mom’s eyes in the first pic…she’s all “whoa!! How did I end up with 6 miniature me’s?” And that sweet little sad face in the last pic! I just wanna kiss his widdo face!

  33. R. Moore says:

    Baby kittens!

    Marmie baby kittens!

  34. R. Moore says:

    Oh, and the patterns on the baby fur are both adorable and beautiful.

    Love the spots 🙂

  35. After a sad morning at the vet (my kitten has FIP, but she is one tough cookie), this is what I needed to cheer me up!

  36. thanks for all the comments, they just started learnign to walk this week. its so fun watching them try walking, then stumble forward real fast. if they get too far from their room the mom cat drags them back

    when one starts meowing they all meow, its a lil symphony of kittens.

    and yes they are bengals, 4 spotted and two are marble.

  37. I. M.U.S.T. H.A.V.E. O.N.E!!!!

    those are unbearably cute kittens. i fink i’ma gonna pash out.

  38. Oh sweet spotted stripey marmie HEAVEN.

    So meowvelous me wants to write sonnets about them.

    Grrrrrreeeeaat post!!!

    That is all.


  39. I just ‘sploded.

  40. Christine says:

    Aw. Mom’s eyes are the same color as her fur! 🙂

  41. Long time cute-lurker(Does that mean I think I’m cute or just that I desire the cute but have yet to comment?) ANYWAY…what absolutely adorable kittens of doom!(multipul kittens = “of doom”) Especially that last one…what a way to brighten 3:20 on a Friday while still being at work…

  42. I sat, Sweeby Jeeby just about sums it up!!! OMG!!! The Fluff!

  43. Excuse me – been a long day, I meant to say “I Say…Sweeby Jeeby”….

  44. Laurie C says:

    Teho, I admire your ability to post such orange wonderfulness with a ‘sploded haid.

  45. layla42 says:



    marmie babies!
    marmie babies!

    I wants one! At least to give a good long snorgle, and possibly a belly rubbin or two…

  46. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Picture 1: Mom: “What did I get myself in to?!”
    Picture 2: Kitten on the left: “Hey, what’s that over there…?”
    Picture 3: “Meg named me after a guy famous for impaling people! What was she thinking?!”
    (sorry, but whenever I see “Vlad”, I think of Vlad Tepes [a/k/a Vlad the Impaler, a/k/a Dracula]…)

  47. omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg

  48. hamster too fat tu runn says:

    are they the bengal kittehs?

    kittehs, gimme please


  49. FEnM — sorry, that was me with the names. Heh. I wasn’t thinking of Vlad Dracula, but it *was* an obscure reference to something; am waiting to see if anyone picks it up.

  50. Keebie, Theo–OMG; after this and the flickr set I *must* rearrange my entire life so I too can adopt a kitty family!!! Squirmy beebees!

    […must…engage… 24 cooling off period…now!]

  51. aw… cute. too bad everytime you breed, shelter cats suffer…

  52. Noel (Munchkin Muncher) says:

    I wanna be munchin’ on those widdle munchkins.

  53. WOW – an embarasment of ginger-riches. It’s acutally rare to get a female ginger and their kittens are often extra beautiful! 😉 Unless of course they are a breed I’m ufamiliar with.



  55. Um, Vladimir Guerrero, the baseball player? That’s all I got. I personally see no connection, but who knows what lurks in Teho’s mind?

  56. few things on earth are as sweet as an a worried face on an orange tabby kitten. must…nurture…baby animal!

  57. Liosliath says:

    Sounds like characters from a Chekhov play! Must snuffle…

  58. Lady Ann says:

    Kiss kiss!
    Snuggle snuggle!


  60. Lady Ann says:

    Oops! That should have been
    two Protects! No protest.
    I just love kitty innocents!

  61. Wow, you just killeded me. I hope you’re happy with yourselves!

  62. Juan Tuthry says:

    Generic kitten pictures? What happened to this site? It’s not even cute anymore.

  63. juan has no heart. 😛

  64. Cara N. says:

    They are BEAUTIFUL.

  65. lauowolf says:

    I wandered lonely as a nuff,
    Muttering my mad reproofs
    When all at once I saw a crowd,
    A host of golden moozlepoofs.

    I vainly sought some unkind thought,
    Or unsafe move of claw or tooth,
    But Marmie mom my ‘plaints undone.
    I yield, and squeee “How cute!”

  66. Indi — there’s always SOMEbody, isn’t there?

  67. This post made me gasp. Sudden audible breath intake was necessary to adequately express my longing for these little kittens.

    This is probably one of the most adorable things I’ve seen on this site (admittedly, I am biased in the direction of kitten-hood 🙂 )

    Also, I want one <_ <

  68. What GORGEOUS markings they have! And the muzzlepuff on that last one just about knocked me over. If I ‘squeee’ in my office, though, the boss may suspect that I’m not working. TGIF!

  69. Female red-orange tabbies ARE rare, or at least that’s what I heard from surprised vets over the years with my female red-orange tabby.

    SO CUTE!

  70. Oh My Gosh! I LOVE KITTENS!!
    Is there anything better in life? Really, is there? I think NOT! hehe Yay!

  71. I can’t be grumpy after this. Marmies – cut my crust-iness off (but save it for crueltons)…I’m toast.

  72. Mollence says:

    Mama should be proud of her beautiful babies 😀

  73. lauowolf says:

    Well, Aubrey, it’s a far, far butter thing you do…

  74. zeldapie says:

    Oh dear gawd. I think my heart just burst from the cuteness.

  75. brooklyn – you MUST share them with me! *stuffs into mouf*

    Theo & keebie – that photoset almost KEELED me! oh wait, it did!


  76. WANT ONE!!!!

  77. Theo, why do only 3 of them get names? 😦 The others are feeling neglected I think. I suggest Leonid, Alexi and Nikolas for the others.

  78. Unless those other 3 are girls…then Anastasia, Tatiana and Olga

  79. Fuzzybutt says:

    For some reason, the last pic reminds me of Haley Joel Osment.

  80. Ohhh I love the dark kitten.. soooo cute… and the one in the first pic on the far right.. it has such unusual markings!

    Sooooo adorable and such a fantastic start to my day 😀

  81. Martha in Washingtom says:

    Please…PLEASE…I’m begging you. Stop with the overly adorable kittehs. YOU ARE KILLING ME!! My husband is dead set on NO CATS and I am having major pains in my ovaries because I want to birth a whole litter of them!!!!!! And the CO is not helping matters by posting pix of these anerable sweetiepies! So please for the love of God PLEASE stop it!!

  82. Suzanne — better take that up with Keebie!
    (aka “Kirb_3”, aka “IEatBrains”)
    (and before you ask, I have NO idea)

  83. lauowolf:

    That’s from ‘A Bake Sale of Two Cities’, isn’t it?

  84. The kitties are so cute! Is it weird of me to think that the third picture (the close up) reminds me of my two-year old son? I hope not!

  85. acelightning says:

    *wakes up again*
    Those kitties are not only unbearably cute, they’re GORGEOUS! Such lovely and unusual markings! But mostly I want to cuddle all of them at once. (A cuddle of kittens?)

  86. I showed the picture to a young friend of mine (she’s 4). She wanted to know if the mommy cat knew that one of the kittens isn’t orange.

  87. lauowolf says:

    It was the best of cats.
    It was the worst of cats.

    Yeah, sums it up nicely.

  88. But where are the kettledrums?

  89. R. Moore says:

    Suzanne: Why not “Marie?” It isn’t very Russian, sounding, though…

  90. R. Moore says:

    Hey, extra comma!

  91. *

    Mischa, Sacha, Vladimir, Rasputin, Nicholas and Alexandra, the totally edible
    marmelade Bengals …

    aka marmiebens …

    and bengamarms


  92. lauowolf says:

    They had two daddies, but they aren’t ashamed.
    Two daddies, but she loves them all the same.

  93. Where’s Waldo anyone?

  94. *



    update, peeps …

    these are marmelabengal kittehs

    said in a Christopher Walken voice as in “Welcome To The Jungle” …

    try saying it – marmelabengal …

    so exotic




  95. Pretty babies! So small and soft!

  96. Mom, better keep an eye on those kits, before they Romanoff.

  97. lauowolf says:

    They aren’t Russian anywhere.

  98. *



    … before they Romanoff …

    good one Aub; hehehehehehe

    soon, they’ll be Russianoff, too




  99. HRH — this is not a CONTENT complaint, just style… could you please not do all the extra linespacing and asterisking? It’s kinda space-hoggish.

  100. first post said it best: jeez they are cute!

  101. I just watched the whole photo set. I will never be sad again.

  102. ok, Theo – sorry …

    must be cos I’m a Fire Pig;

    (snorting prettily)

  103. Should they Boltshellvik-toriously bring them back home again.

    (HRH – is there any other way to snort?)

  104. OMG they….are….so..kewwwt….*passed out*

  105. natalie q says:

    in the top one the mother is totally: “look kid, if you want chow you’ll have o get in line.”

    they are the fearless explorers! <33333333

  106. yarnyoga says:

    I’ve clicked through the photostream again and again. In no single picture are there more than 6 bebehs, but there must be at least 7, because there are at least 2 dark bebehs.

    Unless one of the marmies changed his stripes (and/or spots, as the case may be)?

    Please tell me, *what* is the kitten-count?

    (And BTW, mama-cat is gorgeous, but papa-cat is positively swoon-worthy!)

  107. pssssst, Aubrey …

    I have to be careful cos Theo’s watching and counting space …

    you are SO funny that I just have to snort –


    these kittehs & overall comments are killing me, yet my keyboard’s spotless.

  108. Doesn’t Vlad have a Volkswagen symbol on his forehead? Too cute!

  109. Suda Nim says:

    Odd that no one has mentioned how Disapproving Vlad is. He shall impale you if you don’t get that camera out of his puss.

  110. warrior rabbit says:

    VW on Vlad? It should be a Chevy logo; that’s who made the Impala.
    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)

  111. OK, that last pic is apoplexy inducingly cute. Maybe I’m just crazy, but does anyone else see the silhouette of a smiling german sheperd on the kitten’s forehead fur though? Ok I need to put the keyboard down.

  112. Yitzysmommie says:

    Spectacularly Qte kittehs.

  113. I have 3 sweet, sweet kitties. But I lost my Marmie last May. I miss my Marmie, NEEDS ME A MARMIE BEBEH
    AHHHHHHHHHHHhhhh hhh hh h (just fades away)

  114. Don,

    I TOTALLY see a dog’s face in the kitty’s forehead. And now every time I look at that pic, i can’t see anything else! Oh the power of suggestion…

  115. Julie Raven says:

    Oh my goodness, those are the most beautiful markings I’ve EVER seen on kitties!


  116. theres 6 kittens, a year ago she had 5 kittens, 3 orange and 2 dark

  117. OMG!!!!!!!11! Kitt1es!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously, effing cutest thing I’ve seen in WEEKS.

  118. Picture #3:

    “And so we meet again, human, on the Battlefield of Cute. What match are you, with your babies, and their diapers and their crying…once you confront ME, with my pink disapproving mouth, my deep blue eyes, my meeps, my forehead with the shifting symbol, my aggressive marmiliciousness, my whiskers, my furreh rat tail, my perfect kitten tininess? Be off with you I say! Begone!”

  119. Warrior Rabbit said,
    “VW on Vlad? It should be a Chevy logo; that’s who made the Impala.
    (Sorry. Couldn’t resist.)”

    I say,
    Hahahahaaa! I love that. Vlad the Impala. Perfecto.

  120. Tigger Jourard says:

    Theo – glad to see you had a proper education in the classics. Say it in a Sterling Holloway voice: “Mischa, Yascha and Vladimir. That’s Vladimir in the middle.” It’s a favourite in my family, too, from Disney’s “Peter and the Wolf”. Fabbooooo. Bonus points for naming Sterling Holloway’s other great voicework (series).

  121. The humane society where I volunteer gasses 300+ cats a year (and we’re a SMALL shelter!), including mamas and kittens, so it makes me ill to see people intentionally breeding them. =*(

  122. Looks so huffable!!! 🙂

  123. Oh my what gorgeous cats! They are just wonderful. And cute photos too.

    Note to blue: I agree that indiscriminate breeding is an ever-increasing problem. But we don’t know what the situation is here. Perhaps these kittens were bred by a very responsible person, who will be taking exellent care of them (obviously they are happy and in great shape), and making sure they are adopted by equally responsible people, who will love them immeasurably… right?

  124. they are soo sweet!! ohhh i can’t look at them, i’ll eat them all!!

  125. I love the pic from the slideshow where the kit is like “Hey look, I can fit my whole paw in my mouth!” nahm, nahm, nahm….

  126. I will take everyone of the. I love them all.xxxxxxxooooooooooo


  128. Martha in Washington—LOL

    Will someone PLEASE go boil the water before Martha gives birth?!!!! can’t wait to see those kitties. Hope they’re as cute as these!

  129. I’d take all these kittehs home with me but my landlord, unfortunately, would say NO. 😦

  130. Two Cents Worth says:

    Tigger Jourard, the fabulous voice of Serling Holloway was used for Winnie the Pooh and also Kaa the python in The Jungle Book. He also turns up in old Twilight Zones. 🙂

  131. Theo – Oh me oh my what have you done here goodness gracious wouldja take a look at that. Trouble City. Wiiiiilma!

    Nice kitten names. Where’s the wolf? Oh I do hear a certain jaunty-sleuthy clarinet solo though.

    I just purchased (not pirated! ba da bing) this very week Peter & the Wolf narrated by Andre Previn.

  132. The barrage of dinner-time meows from this troupe must be pretty insane.

  133. Nothing brightens up one’s day like a horde of rampaging kittens. : )

  134. Tigger Jourard FOR THE WIN!
    And extra credit because “Tigger” used to be my nickname.

    Sounds like I confused Sacha with Yascha, though. Luckily, there are more kittens.

    And yes, I hear Sterling Holloway in my head as a number of classic Disney characters (which $0.02 Worth mentioned)… although I didn’t know his actual name until I read the Wiki yesterday. Yay!

  135. Mom’s expression is all like “Wow…it was bad enough when they were all inside me!”

  136. Link alert….musical kittens…

  137. I dont’ know the kitten’s names but the mum’s name is Lava.

    I think they’re breeders because if you look further back in their flickr album there’s another litter from the same mother, so the kittens probably don’t have names. The dad’s name is Ice though, he’s Grey.

  138. The do look like tigers cubs on the prowl…tres cute!

  139. gigglingpear says:

    .WOW* Bengals have got to be the most striking breed I’ve ever seen. such exotic beauty! love love love.

  140. chelle27 says:

    The last pic of the kitten’s face looks like he’s thinking “I wish more cats would be spayed and neutered so tons of kittens would stop growing into adult cats and overpopulating the world.”

  141. O RLY

  142. To the Nuffs:

    How nice of you to take it upon yourselves to inform us already-knowledgeable animal lovers of the Terrible Horrible Dangers of Natural Functions.

    Here’s a ticket to the Clue Train, boarding at your local station:

    Not every litter of kittens is destined to grow up unloved on the street.

    Not every litter of kittens is the product of uncontrolled breeding.

    And lastly, not every litter of kittens is from an animal mill cranking out overbred fad-moggies.

    Of course, I’m sure that this is difficult for you to accept, but there are actually critters of many species whose humans are responsible, caring breeders! Take off your crap-colored glasses, extract those broomsticks, and step off your soapboxes. You’re just coming off as annoyingly self-righteous dipsticks, preaching to an already aware crowd.


  143. luckycliff says:

    is this another example of the infamous disapproving cat? I think so!

  144. Keebie, how do you keep from dying from teh cuteness especially since you get the meowage along with the visuals?

  145. The last pic of the kitten’s face looks like he’s thinking, “Sabotage. Reeowr.”

  146. 2Drags: I am merely stating (as is the cute kitten) that animal breeding is unecessary as there are many beautiful, unloved, unhoused cats/kittens/etc in shelters right now… not that breeders as people suck. Calm yourself!

  147. Chelle27, I’m calm, believe me. I’m also–despite asthma complications brought on by pet dander–lovingly owned by three rescued stray cats. I’m the last person on the planet who would completely disagree with you, believe me!

    But why can’t people just enjoy the cute image of a small stampede of healthy marmalade kittens, without turning it into their personal warhorse against population explosions? That’s my issue. Not the crusade itself, but the fact that Cute Overload is just a site dedicated to cute pictures, populated by people who love animals (and of course, the occasional troll thrown in for contrast…). Chances are very likely that 99.99% of the folks here thoroughly agree with your feelings concerning shelter cats and strays, and any proselytizing about spaying and neutering your pets here is simply redundant.

    As for you yourself, you’re not so much the Nuff I was directing my rant against, as someone who is simply preaching to the choir. It was just the chance timing between your comment and mine that made it sound like I was directing it at you specifically, is all. My apologies if there was any confusion about that.


  148. Would it be too much to ask to have people with signs at the local maternity clinics carry signs that say “Please Spay Or Neuter Your Children”? There’s population control I could get behind.

  149. So sweet..! But my favorite part is the names Meg gave them, because my cats are Katrina, Ivan, and Sacha. (And we’d considered Vladimir instead of Ivan.)

  150. Hey! Not Meg this time? Hello?

    D2D — yeah, that’s pretty much what I was saying with my “O RLY”. I mean, I *kinda* thought it was obvious.

  151. Martha in Washingtom says:

    OMG now I see the dog on the 3rd kittie’s forehead!! Like some bizarre birthmark that He shall be a Friend to All Dogkind and lead the Dogs and Cats on their Journey towards Peaceful Co-Existence! Or something like that.

    Carlisa-thanks for the thought but it was obviously just Braxton-Hicks because there are no kitties yet. I’ll keep you informed. (BTW, my neighbor had a baby HUMAN girl this morning at 3:30. Yeah babies of any species!!)

  152. Martha in Washingtom says:

    I meant YAY babies…

  153. Yes! Eureka! We found it! The markings on the marmelade kittehs is the secret to world peace! Must contact Pres. Bush and inform him of this latest information! Or, maybe not. He’d just think I’m psycho and lock me away. LOL

  154. The grey one looks like a lynx.

  155. *;-) back at Theo* Yeah, I shoulda condensed it down to O RLY myself, yah?

    Eehh, I’ll just blame my wordiness on the crazy Spring weather here… *grin*


  156. Oh sorry Theo! Gosh, the one time I comment, and I go and screw it up! Um… nice choices on the names!

  157. were you just watching dr. zhavargo or what? Like the main characters names in that movie?

    I want to burry my face in their fur.

  158. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I want to nibble those Gingers like a Ginger biscuit (Cookie)

  159. Theo: “Piiiiigsss innnnnn spaaaaaaaaaace!!!!” ;D

  160. riolinda says:

    awww…. cuteness!!

  161. ThreeCatNight says:

    I would take them all, if I could. But, oh, that last little one looks SO sad! Just want to snorgle it!

  162. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Tiny orangeness!! I have a huge weak spot for ginger kitties.