OK, THIS is a first.


TWO LOVE BIRDS snuggling?  That’s right, you just saw "bird" and "snuggle" in the same sentence.

Not to mention eye capules!

This is not even REAL.


OMG, I still can’t believe it. They look so human-like, Daniel L. 😀



  1. Even *Meg* is being sneaky about the “first” thing now.


  2. And they called it birdie looooove ….

  3. misscrisp says:

    sooooooo tie tie…me too!

  4. O.O

    That is adorable on at least twelve levels of adorability…

  5. are they even alive?

  6. Two birds tucked under a blanket I think this is a first for me too. They must be well trained. Tuggin’ at my heart. Precious.

  7. pny WHAT? Don’t ruin the moment. Yes they’re alive. I see them breathing.

  8. Chelsea says:

    So, the one on top is all squinty-eyed like he was just woken up from his snuggle-session with his smiling little birdy partner.

    Adorable, absolutely adorable. 😀

  9. This is one of THE sweetest things I have ever seen 🙂 My heart has been warmed for the whole day *squeeeee*

  10. punkpie says:


    I want to go home and do this right now with… well, someone. 😦

  11. They’re spooning each other! Too cute.

  12. ThreeCatNight says:

    ” Come closer,dear. Sweetie Pie has gone home to mother!”

  13. pny — to be excruciatingly pedantic, “they” are a digital photograph, in point of fact, and therefore cannot possibly be alive. There. Happy?

  14. Suzanne says:

    This is totally a married couple…you can tell by the bottom bird’s expression

    Bird 1: Hey honey…you up? I can’t sleep.

    Bird 2: *sigh* I’m up now…and I have a headache.

  15. Kathryn says:

    Oh my goodness- The beak on the feathers, the beak on the feathers, the beak on th-


    Oh my god, too rare and too cute.

  16. Theo Confused about your remark. Were you being sarcastic to PNY? Please tell me they are alive.

  17. I want to kreonch on them! I bet they taste like Pink Lemonade Bubble Yum!

  18. hronnsa says:

    hello folks! let’s not get carried away here with dead or alive question. what is it with you?! theo was being sarcastic, dude, have you read his other comments? sheesh.
    wow. *pause*
    i’m sorry for the eruption. i just don’t want another comment-drama here. enuff wif da drama, back to da qte!

  19. Daisycat says:

    Do I hear some “Let’s Get It On” silently playing in the background??

  20. Daisycat says:

    ok…I meant quietly playing….if it was silently playing I WOULDN’T hear it now would I? It’s too early, people.

  21. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Syd, I think he meant because it’s a digital photo they’re aren’t alive.. because it’s on the web.. online..
    I’m sure in their house, in real life, wherever the lovey birds live.. they are contentedly snuggled up.

  22. joodster says:

    I am ashamed to say that I have nevah thought of birdies as cuddly. This has just bowled me ovah! So shweeeet! Thank you CO for opening my eyes to all manner of Qte.

  23. the one on top is totally smiling! sweet!

  24. Andrea DuBois says:

    This has just proved to me that birds are some of the best pets ever! Gotta love the lovebirds 🙂

  25. Honk-tweeee, honk-tweee (in stereo, no less!)

  26. smoosh fluff!
    ohhhhhhhh the blush!

  27. aaahwww, omg sooo cute!!!!

    I want 2 snuggle with them…….

  28. thnx co, i just spit water on my desk. this photo is so sugary sweet, so over the top, that i actually feel nauseous! i cant take it! stop, i beg you, stop!! all this cuteness cant be healthy in such large doses!!!! yargle!

  29. Sydney — yep, that’s what I was doing. (Agree w/you re: PNY’s comment.)

  30. Awwwww! That pic makes me wanna spoon wiv’ mah own hoo-man hubbin! ^__^


  31. Ok, Daisycat, now I had to go online to figure out how birds, er, mate. While at work. I sure hope no one here is monitoring my searches….

  32. I do believe they are SMILING…..

  33. Gotcha Theo Thanks.

  34. That’s bird spooning.

  35. “It’s only Thursday..wake me up for the weekend, yeah?”

  36. Next, she’ll be moving in and half his shirts will be pink.

  37. Well, at least they’ll match their “blush” feathers.

  38. layla42 says:

    aww..the sweet little babies!

    any room in there for me?

  39. these birds are actually smiling!

  40. puppymama–my thoughts exactly!

    I had a parakeet that took naps under my chin…his name was Chuchi and he was really cute and shweet.

  41. Michelle says:


    Birds lay down on blankets??!!eLEVENTY!!1

    that’s cute.

  42. Awwwwww. They even look like they’re smiling.

  43. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Oh mon cherie you kin ruffle mah feathers anytime, my petit creme puff.

  44. I don’t really like birds much, which is why I’m going to eat one for lunch, but this is adorable. Reminds me of hubby and me on Saturday mornings.

  45. Could this be a birdie case of Rule 6?! :O

    They look like little fruit snacks.

  46. isn’t this illustrating the rule of cuteness about if you can tuck yourself in, it’s cute?
    anyway, it’s cute.

  47. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Three words.

    Cutest – Thing – EVAH.

  48. You want tie-tie birdies? I’ll give you tie-tie birdies: http://www.parrotchronicles.com/2007/yourbirds/janfeb/yourbirds.htm

    The top two pictures just about killed me.

  49. My lovebirds do the exact same thing, except they like to snuggle under the newspaper in their cage. Even cuter, sometimes they sleep next to each other with their heads tucked down together so that they actually form a perfect little heart. I’d love to send a photo, but every time I try to get out the camera they wake up and start hopping around for attention.

  50. My lovebirds do the exact same thing, except they like to snuggle under the newspaper in their cage. Even cuter, sometimes they sleep next to each other with their heads tucked down together so that they actually form a perfect little heart. I’d love to send a photo, but every time I try to get out the camera they wake up and start hopping around for attention.

  51. My finches snuggle all the time. ^__^

  52. andrea l nash says:

    “Our cheeks are nice & rosy
    And comfy-cozy are we-
    We’re snuggled up together
    Like two birds of a feather should be!”

    Remember “Winter Wonderland”?

  53. Aww, I always wanted a pair of Lovebirds. When I was a kid I saw them in the pet store snuggling up to each other, it was so sweet…

  54. sunshineshashi says:

    i can’t stand it. i saw this post this morning, it immediately became my background, and i went home for lunch to try to teach my starlings how to snuggle with me like that.
    i need a hookbill. stat.

  55. Oh mon dieu ! Cela est si beau !

  56. snusnu- those are some cool birds! The eclectus in flight is just awesome.

  57. snusnu–my head splody.

  58. Suda Nim says:

    Theo and pyr:

    “Ceci n’est pas deux oiseaux.”

  59. Birds are cuddly. My parrotlets sleep with their beaks tucked into each other’s backs. And they smell soft. I lof my birds.

  60. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    They smell soft snusnu?..
    I loff that smell too..

  61. nichole says:


  62. How would one describe the smell of soft? Like hay and the outdoors and sleepiness and warmth and a slight amount of squish.

  63. that’s why they are called lovebirds, of course! so sweet.

  64. Suda — Je n’achèterai pas ce disque. Il est rayé.

    (Babelfish didn’t have Hungarian.)

  65. Linders says:

    hehehehe. that’s funny.

    The left birdie must be the boy birdie. He’s waking her up… ehem.

  66. Umm, I’m sorry, Theo, but I’ve studied the photo a bit closer, and I’m reeeeally getting concerned about that one on the bottom. He looks like he’s being smothered. His beak-airhole is awfully close to the blanket. : \

  67. 😀 Awwwwwwwwwwl, its me and my boyfriend in bird form :33

  68. Suda Nim says:

    Theo: Bouncy Bouncy.

  69. warrior rabbit says:

    The “Hey, buddy, pull my finger” picture from snusnu’s link cracked me up. They’re all adorable.

  70. Daniel Larsson says:

    I submitted the photo (I had no idea it would get accepted, very cool). The birds on the photo are named Sherri & Terri, both are girls, and they were just a couple of weeks old at the time. The photo was taken after a hand feeding session, and yes, they are just sleeping. Baby birds always cuddle up like that. I was lucky enough to get a shot of them both with eyes closed (or half closed at least), but the flash made them wake up. They are now all grown up, and they both still live with me.

  71. Awwwww! They’re such sweet little babies! I wish my birds snuggled like that…. So sweet! ^o^

  72. nice Simpsons-related names, Daniel Larsson!

    i always thought lovebirds were usually real hetero mated-for-life pairs. is that incorrect? i guess it *would* lead to unwanted clutches of eggs…

  73. Alice Shortcake says:

    Two little birds enjoying a Barry White moment. Lovely.

  74. They’re spooning! Very sweet. Lovebird love.

  75. I squealed out loud! SO CUTE! Such precious little lovebirds~

  76. Theo – I bet you like Magritte too, huh? Ceci n’est pas une snorgle.

  77. *sighs happily* Instant desktop 🙂

    Those Lovebirds are definitely smiling! So content and happy 🙂

  78. Jupiter Star says:

    Pny…can you curl up under blankets with the blanket touching your nostrils and still breath? Because so can birdies. If the bird were being pushed face-first into the blanket, then I’d say you could be concerned. But that comment that you actually made is really kind of silly.

    My parakeets curl up in their little Happy Hut, which is a heavy little thing of yellow fabric, and press their heads up against the fabric while they sleep all the time, and they’re totally fine.