uh oh.

Uh oh.

I think I pee-ed.


Winston! good boy on the paper. Nice Dogster page, too! Tori O., way to sumbit ’em.



  1. SixFootJen says:

    It’s okay, Winston!! Good boy! You went on the paper! Don’t look so sad. (Meg, the link to the Dogster page doesn’t work… help me leave a bone for Winston!)

  2. Daisycat says:

    bwess hees widdle hart…

    and I can’t get to the Dogster page… 😦

  3. That’s ok, lil guy. I just squee’d a bit myself.

  4. zeldapie says:

    Winston, don’t worry. Ya done good, lil feller!

  5. OMG, the MUNCHKIN!!!! Wee thing barely qualifies as a dog,lol — he’s more like a precious little IDEA of a dog! ADORABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. That is possibly the cutest puppy I have ever seen. I just want to squeeze him~

  7. yay for bostons! best dogs in the entire world.

  8. Dustbunny says:

    Morigale: please don’t squeeze the puppy. More pee will likely come out : P

  9. Pore puppypants! He looks so sheepish!

  10. Boston Baked Bleens

    Don’t ask. I just felt like saying it.

  11. Bless his widdle heart!

  12. I am in UR Opinion pages,
    PN on UR letter to the Editor.

  13. Candace says:

    Too cute and pitiful! Oh, the big eyes. So small! I bet he can fit in your palm!

  14. Why IS Winston such a great name for a Boston Terrier, anyway? (It is!)

    Good boy!!

  15. TeratoMarty says:

    Oh, the poor little contrite spotted nose!

  16. It’s ok, little Weewee! You’re a good boy! [snorgles and pets hims]

  17. I fixted the Dogster linkgs.

  18. PS — I ♥ BleenZilla

  19. Martha in Washington says:

    My sister-in-law adopted a Boston from the Humane Society and He is the absolutely GOOFIEST dog I have ever met!!! He runs around bouncing off the furniture with this improbably long tongue hanging out the side of his mouth and then he stops to look at you with this head-tilt thing going on and I almost pee my pants laughing at (or WITH) him. I hope this little guy grows up with the same JOI DE VIVRE (spelling? I don’t speak French, obviously) as my s-i-l’s has.

  20. Good boy, Winston!! *showers him with praise* *skweeges him*

  21. Wishnick says:

    Yay, a Boston Terrier baby! He’s so sweet ^_^ I don’t think there’s another breed of dog alive that can look as guilty as a BT.


  23. fawn lust says:

    his FAAAACE! omg!

  24. cavalaxis says:

    TFMS for the win!

  25. OH lift me from the grass!
    I die! I faint! I fail!!!!!

    I’m not normally partial to little dogs, but I’m officially in love !!!!

  26. Christine says:

    Do those count as Princess Di Eyes??? Maybe not because it is technically remorse and not demure….ness.

  27. I bet when the picture was taken he was so embarrassed he blushed bright red, right down to his Sox.

  28. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Awwww.. Winston is all moo-cow colored.. and he’s all bashful and ….”Sowweh Mommy..” Faced….

    *Pink confetti*..

  29. Are you sure that’s pee and not tears from those GIANT, ADORABLE eyes?

  30. Awww! He’s got the classic puppy dawg look that’s across between the pepsi schlurping weinerschnitzel and that “What? Did I do that? Cute adorababobble innocent lil ol me?**then bats eyes sheepishly*”

    Too cute!

  31. Persephone says:

    awwww. Usually I can’t stand when people act like animals or babies relieving themselves is cute, but I have to make an exception for this li’l guy. He’d be cute no matter what he was up to.

  32. the schnozzle splatter!

  33. Lovely but why not the ‘nap with daddie’ or the ‘bunny ears’ photo, well make it the entire photobook from dogster.
    Big juicy bone the same size as winston for being so good.

  34. layla42 says:

    aww…the widdle puppeh man!

    er, don’t mind me. I’m just going to dissolve into baby talk while looking at those big sweet eyes and the widdle spotty nose…

    :: poit ::

  35. Oh man, MAJOR flashbacks of paper training my Boston!!!! I used to love the look on his face when he’d suddenly realize – in the MIDDLE of playing or romping – “gotta go!” and then take off RUNNING to the newspaper. Good booooy, pee pee on the paper!!!!!!

  36. pookiepuff says:

    Just look at that speckled nose people! The pee spot is even cute!

  37. OMG MY WINSTON!!!! I am so shocked to see him on here! Thank you for featuring my puppy!!! He’s over a year old now, lol, but doesn’t he look so ADORABLE!!? I am freaking out!!! Thank you all so much for the comments!

  38. Aubrey– *sigh*

    tsk tsk.

  39. guineapiggin9 says:

    SQUEEE!!! I just luv luv luv boston terriers! I want one soooooo bad!! They r just 2 QTE!!!!

  40. Hee, TFMS. :p

  41. my, that’s a big puddle…i bet he feels better. and “puppypants”!!!
    BunFF, may i quote you? so wonderfully french, so tragique, so FUNNY!

  42. Peeing in the right place is always a bonus in today’s world.

  43. oops! pb shelley, was it?

    (back of hand pressed to pale forehead in embarrasment)

  44. Violet's mama says:

    OMG..I LOVE all the little spreckles on his schnozzle! I could eat him up. Bostons just melt my heart!

  45. You remember those little toy thingies that were made out of rubber? the ones whose eyes pop out when squeezed? that’s what people’s earlier comments on squeezing him reminded me of….

  46. Is that the editorials page? XD

  47. The whelp wanted pages?

  48. “Mommy, did I do it right?”

  49. best caption EVER!!!

  50. No, Aubrey, the litter-ature review section.

  51. TwinJusie says:


  52. Good boy Winston! Sweet puppy face. Good boy!

  53. It’s cool little guy. We all gotta go pee. And newspapers are as good (or better) than anything. Come here for a face snorgle okay?

  54. R. Moore says:

    Wittle spotted nosy!

    So cute!

    BAH. I was fine with my next dog being acquired as an adult, why must you post adorable puppies!?

  55. Prolly cutest pup eva…


  56. R. Moore, online, one-time, dry, odorless puppy pee is much cuter than the real thing every few hours.

  57. Jessarakitty, check near the mastiffhead, that usually tells you which section. Or – is there any news coverage? Any pit-bulletins?

  58. Jessarakitty, check near the mastiffhead, that usually tells you which section. Or – is there any news coverage? Any pit-bulletins?

  59. Oops.

  60. R. Moore says:

    Pheas: Good point. It’s been ages since I’ve had to deal with that particular aspect of pet ownership, too. And rescuing full-grown pups is cheaper (and easier) than finding and training bitty pups.

    But still, such noses are hard to resist…

  61. Who leaked it to the newspaper? Winston!

  62. After much dogged reporting…

  63. Hey, I think maybe poor Winnie has been framed. Anyone else notice that suspiciously sideways drinks can right next to the puddle?

  64. He looks like Cruella de Dog.

  65. Please sir…I want some moooorreee! :-} He makes me want to cry happy/cute tears. I LURV him!

  66. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Yes Winston I think that’s a fair comment on todays political situation, you couldn’t ad a poo could you?

  67. This is adorable, how much a face can tell haha!

  68. I think anyone who has (or has met) a Boston Terrier has seen that look before. What an adorable bebe!!!

  69. Aubrey sez:
    “I bet when the picture was taken he was so embarrassed he blushed bright red, right down to his Sox.”

    Ha! Love it!!

  70. good old whatshername says:

    Don’t feel bad, Winston, I think I pee-ed too. From laughing. 🙂

  71. AWWWW that’s a good boy. What a sweet little face.

  72. Villeline says:

    Why am I being censored…?

  73. Now everyone turn away let’s give the little guy some privacy I think he’s getting ready to let a little pooter.SOOOsweetlilface.

  74. Villeline — huh?
    Explain, please?

  75. Winnie stands for Winsome, not Winston…I can just feel that little wet puppy nose snuffling against my neck. Can I…can I just *borrow* him for a bit? I could use some time with an excruciatingly adorable pup. I don’t mind the pee spots. Sigh.

  76. rosemary says:

    i have a dog like that a boston there are no better dog she is marked like yours but has ablack nose and one side of her face is all white and the other side black . enjoy every minute with yours there a joy



  78. I wanna pick him up and smoosh my face into his wrinkly puppy belleh.

    Ah. It does feel good to splode.

  79. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Awww little sweetie!

  80. Who’s a good puppy!!

    My wee one did that 12 years ago……to this day….she figures that if she has two paws on the paper….its ok!!!!! She will be 13 tomorrow. What do you think?? LOL

  81. Stephanie says:

    awww, Winston!! the cutest boston terrier I’ve ever seen! have you put up the picture of him with the devil horns?

  82. I think maybe you ought to have a category for good pet names. A boston terrier named Winston? How cute! A labradoodle named Guffman? Even cuter!

  83. juggernaut says:

    That’s one ugly dog.

  84. awww … that’s just 2 cute !!!!!!!