Oil Slick

Listen up, People [licks chops and tastes 5W-30] Oil slicks ken be hazardous. I mean, check me out—SLIPPERY CITY!


Moxie Roxie wears the “wet look”, by Kelly L.



  1. Another Angela says:


  2. Another Angela says:

    I couldn’t help it. I don’t know what to say about this dog. I think my rats are cuter.

  3. He’s sitting on someone’s hand! How small is that pup? Maybe he is a rattles:)

  4. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Looks like he’s overdone the hair gel.

  5. I think he needs some ‘VO Fido’ to wash that stuff out.

  6. acelightning says:

    I sincerely hope that’s *not* motor oil soaking the pup’s fur, although it looks awfully like that’s exactly what it is. Not only because I feel really sorry for the dog, but also because it’ll bring out every dog-loving, petroleum-hating Nuff in the Cuteisphere.

  7. elizabells says:

    I’ll take this one, acelightning. Ahem…

    Yo. Nuffs. Lemme bend your ears a tick. Meg is not saying oil slicks are funny, cute, or admirable in any way. Even Meg, with her shocking and abhorrent appreciation of (shudder) furry animals in bosoms, does not get a giggle from the Exxon Valdez. K? Wet dog, black in color, looks remarkably like oil. I do not know Meg personally, and yet I am able to assume that she is not a bad person. I do, however, think the dog might smell a little.

  8. So heartbreakingly adorable. I like that I had to scroll down to see the cupped hands supporting Moxie. Man, this one kills me.

  9. *Snort* at pup! I bet he’s shivering up a storm and I also bet he gets cuddled up in a warm towel instantly after picture was snapped!

    Applause applause to elizabells for the Nuff Interference run.

    But..how do you know it’s not Teho?

  10. oh jeez, it’s too early for this…. my computer was being slow, so i just read the description and the very top of the pup’s head popped up. i was wondering if the picture would have Elvis in it with some pocket pet (TM). as i said, it’s early…….

  11. i love how his little front paw is gripping onto the person’s hand.

  12. omg, this should be in CUTE or SAD!

  13. What a cute little oil typhoon. Love the look he’s givin the owner. hehe

  14. oops—*tycoon*

  15. you people are up this early commenting???

    *hides self*

  16. Beautiful Drunk says:

    Good Golly, Miss Molly! Even Little Richard would be jealous of those perfect little jerri curls.

  17. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Awww.. AA.. shame on youu!!(LOL)
    This puppeh, is cute too, even slippery when wet..
    *Snorgs the furry wetness and coughs!*

  18. solandra says:

    As a note, if that were motor oil, the hands so carefully holding the pup wouldn’t be quite so clean…

    And if it is, baby has a date with a couple of bottles of Palmolive, some warm water, and a fluffy towel.

  19. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Hey Park, I’m at work.. and I have nothing better to do.. ..scratch that.. I have NOTHING to do.
    So I’m awake.. and I shall commentish!!

  20. This puppeh needs some palmolive STAT!

  21. Lauri — Teho who?
    (weird… say THAT 10 times fast, and folks will think you’re yodeling)

  22. By the way… the first comment under this post? I did NOZZINGK. Scout’s honor.

  23. good old whatshername says:

    No worries, Teho. I totally didn’t see you hiding a blue pencil behind your back there.

  24. Dreadlock Rasta!

  25. LOL, Pyrit. (But no thank you for the roommate flashback.)

  26. Irie! Jah know One Love!

  27. Candace says:

    Oh, so cute and pitiful! All wet and shivery. He probably doesn’t appreciate his picture being taken and shared all over the world when he doesn’t have his hair done. Pups have some pride 🙂

  28. TINY!

  29. SHINY!

  30. Carlisa–looks like he got caught in an oil typhoon. So you coulda been right…!

    Nuffs–imagine it’s olive oil, a rich conditioning treatment so the bebeh is beauteous when done. Get outta the rut.

    teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo teHOtoo

    [polishes nails on collar]

  31. Puppers is just sporting the retro 1980’s Jheri curl look.

  32. the jheri coils
    look like oils
    groovy disco
    looks like crisco

  33. He’s just wet. He’s the opposite of the white pup that was posted melting in buttercream.

  34. It looks like what I pull out of the drain every couple days!

  35. Sydney — wasn’t that a cat? Coulda sworn.

  36. i just realized those are two hands holding him. at first i thought he was so tiny he could fit on one hand but look closely and you see two.

    btw, re the first post, what does “bleen” mean?

    puppeh looks like a dark chocolate macaroon. i want to eeetz heem!

  37. OMG. Wait till he’s dry.

  38. Mayhaps that is a puppeh leave-in conditioner liquide. Mmmmm, softee softee.

  39. Thanks, Jaypo–I knew there was something rhyming to be got out of jheri curl, but I’m no poet.

  40. Looks just like my toy poodle when he’s gettin’ his bath!

  41. Aww! He’s one slick puppeh! 🙂


  42. Human: Go grease lightnin’ you’re burning up the quarter mile…

    Pup: Ummm. Grease lightnin’, go grease lightnin’?? (le sigh)

    Human: Go grease lightnin’ you’re coasting through the heat lap trial! (hip shimmie) OooooOOhOOOh OOh OOh! You are supreme!

    Pup: (pause) bahmp? bahmp?

    Human: the chicks’ll cream…

    Pup: bahmp! bahmp! (le sigh)

    Human: fo’ grease lightnin’! go go go go…

    Pup: MOM! TOWEL! NOW!

  43. Mrs. P. says:

    OMG! It looks like he only has ONE EYE! Alien Oil Slick Puppeh!

  44. DKN – Well done!

  45. Thanx, pyrit. *blush*

  46. Christy says:

    Aww. Haha, I wonder what that silly little puppy got itself into :).

  47. What a soogy doggy!

    Too cute……

  48. For heaven’s sake, cuddle that poor baby in a warmed towel! So very sad!!! 😦

  49. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ever notice how people tend to see a brief moment frozen in time by photography as somehow still happening? So the soggy puppers is seen as being held up forever, getting shiverier and shiverier, instead of what likely happened — lift puppers outta bath. gosh he’s cute. take a pic (‘cuz with a puppers this small and this cute, your camera would be at hand at all times). pic’s done, wrap puppers in a warm towel. a minute, max, twixt lift puppers and towel puppers. However, the cute lingers on furever.

  50. DKN – love the Grease Lightnin’ + “le sigh”. Good one!

  51. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    I’m on ur hand, gettin’ it wetz.

  52. Usetohasveakitten,

    Your right, that expression is not the flashy box things again “I want my special towelly cuddle now”

  53. Looks like someone’s been using some Soul Glo.

  54. elizabells says:

    Danke, Lauri. I just get so mad when people assign nefarious intentions based on little to no information. My assumptions on the Meg-ness of the post simply sprang from the fact that Teho usually sez when it’s him posting. Oh, and my personal conspiracy theory that Theo and Meg are the same person, but I’ll just keep that one to myself.


  55. Ha! I am sooooo not Meg. (And this was her work, today.)

  56. noone would confuse you with Meg, dahlink.
    we’ve seen her picture. we’ve seen your picture. and frankly my dear, you aint’ no Meg.

  57. R. Moore says:

    When did we see Theo? I’ve seen Meg’s picture.

    Anyhow, this puppy is adorable. My SO now insists we will some day have a toy poodle (without the puffy haircuts) because they are, at times, the axis of cute. (We once sat and watched a family play with their puppy sproinging through the grass for about an hour)

  58. mariser – You so funny.

  59. Grinch eyebrows! Check them out!

  60. ClaudesMom says:

    please show the AFTER picture of cute puppeh! i hope he’s all fluffy and dry now and sincerely hope No Oil Was Used in the Photo of this Puppeh!

  61. Yeah, ClaudesMom. That leave-in-conditioner should leave him with bouncing and behaving locks.

  62. My pic isn’t generally public, Mariser. ‘hem. For all R. Moore knows, I might be Jake Gyllenhaal.

  63. (…or Terry Pratchett)

  64. R. Moore says:

    Is it a bad thing or a good thing that I’m more inclined to ask you to MARRY ME (or adopt me, whatever) if you’re really Terry Prachett than if you’re really Jake G., Theo?

  65. lauowolf says:

    A puppy made of licorice!

  66. R. Moore — LOL! I’ve never had to choose between THOSE two options before.
    (FYI, am married w/kids already.)

    Is it good or bad that your screen name reminds me of some of the sillier James Bond movies?

  67. >>Oh, and my personal conspiracy theory that Theo and Meg are the same person, but I’ll just keep that one to myself.< <

    LOL…since I’ve seen pictures of Meg accepting awards & such, and she bears NO resemblance to the guy I snuggle up to every night..I’d have to say this one is conclusively debunked.

    R. Moore, you’ll have to get in line. I’ve lost track of all the marriage proposals he’s gotten. Anybody keeping a tally?


  68. You mean, anybody *else*?

  69. Hey, I just get *jealous* of them, I don’t *count* them.



  70. Well, I, for one, would be perfectly *happy* to marry you.

  71. Awwwwwww….

    I think we really need to post a wedding picture, hon. Except with a kitten where your head ought to be.

  72. After bath.
    Please……wrap a warm towel round this wee one……BRRRRRRRR s-so c-c-cold..BRRRRRR

  73. ***DUE TO CUTE MARITAL BLISS OVERLOAD, comments on this post are now closed*** 😉

  74. Funny… I don’t remember changing that setting…

  75. R. Moore says:

    Theo and Jaye, you two are ADORABLE!

    Can you adopt me now? 😛

    And Theo, if you knew what the R stood for, my screen name would be MUCH funnier.

  76. R. Moore — I think teh Schmooplets might have something to say about that.
    Not to mention the cats.

    PS — roger, Roger. What’s our vector, Victor?