No cat—no rack…

“Hi, i just wanted to let you know how much i love your website. I would put money in the tip jar if i wasn’t a broke college student, but the site has been my homepage for almost two years now. I’m not sure if this is the right place to send things in, but i have a picture of me and my stuffed animal that i’ve had since i was born. It might fit under the cats and racks even though its not a cat, and i dont have a rack.”

OK, sender-inner with no name, we have a THING for childhood toys, and we admire your entrepeneurial spirit.

Welcome to cats and racks.




  1. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:


  2. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    P.S. Looks like a beaver?
    Beaver’s N’ Pecs?

  3. just love the sentiment and the pic — made my day!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    “Beavers N’ Pecs”? That sounds *really* naughty, Faekitty. ^_^
    This is really cute. ^_^

  5. How positively enchanting! I say a beaver or something vaguely rodential. I need to go get my Teddy (upstairs, in his rocker) right now.

    But don’t you think someone with such a nice smile should adopt a pet? I’m just sayin.’

  6. CUTE! The stuffed nanimal ain’t too shabby either. >:)

  7. Well isn’t HE cute!

  8. that is super-sweet.

  9. Cute! His toy is in much better shape than ours. When I was little, there was a small stuffed cat that the three of us kids had dubbed “Jonathan Kitty” (don’t ask me why). Well, that thing made the rounds with every single one of us, and by the time we were done, it was missing an ear, an eye, part of a leg, and the tip of its tail, had had all the fur loved off of it, and had been through surgery, many, MANY times. It still sits on the bookshelf in my folks’ house to this day.

  10. Adorable. And yes- he needs a real animal to cuddle. I see him w/ a large, older male grey tabby from his nearest shelter ….

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.. thats just so sweet and cute <3

  12. catrina says:

    can I date him? He’s soooo adorable!

  13. haha, I love this. Oh, don’t you love being a poor college student?

  14. catrina – only after he adopts a cat.

  15. Queen of LOL says:

    This will probably be the FIRST photo in Cats ‘n Rack that won’t be discussed lol.

  16. catrina says:

    He can adopt me! I’m cat-like.

    Seriously, he looks a little like Jake Gyllenhaal.

  17. i think its awesome this got posted. it makes me heart do funny flip flop things.

  18. O.M.G. This guy is adorable and so is that little…um… woodchuck? Can I kees heem? Want to kees bof of you.

  19. How cute is he? And anyone who has a beaver as their stuffed animal is alright in my books.

  20. Adorable. And so is the lil’ beaver.

  21. Cute stuffed animal, cuter guy. GORGEOUS eyes! (on the guy, that is…)

  22. Aww the dewd is so cute! Dewds with stuffed animals are totally cute.

  23. How cute is he??? What gorgeous eyes!!

    New category: Gorgeous sender-inners 🙂

  24. constance says:

    Wow. all dorm room doors look alike!

    Cheer up broke college student, pretty soon, you’ll be a broke college graduate! like me!…wait..that’s just depressing.

    At least you’ve got an anerable stuffed animal to snorgle! And, if I may say so, an absolutely adorable smile!

  25. Catrina I am right there with you. I saw the picture and thought, “Jake Gyllenhaal can too afford a tip for the tip jar!!”

    What an adorable pair.

  26. he’s cute, oh and the guy too ^^ :p

  27. OMG you guys are right! I thought he looked very familiar – he totally has a Jake Gyllenhaal thing going on!

  28. well, they do say animals are chick magnets 🙂 good work! haha, we are attracted! that is a cuddle-fest waiting to happen!

  29. *Waiting for the Brokeback mountain jokes to start…*

  30. Candace says:

    Very cute. Next to the little doggie on the newspaper, it is the cutetest post of the day. The stuffed animal is cute too.

  31. ThatRedhead says:

    OoOoh – very adorable guy. I’m a broke college girl, seeking a broke college guy with a love of animals. It’s written in the stars!

  32. Jake G lookalike. And Jake happens to be my fave HW hunk so I adore this young man. He’s hot AND he likes CO????

    I however don’t think he should adopt an animal. Rarely does adoption with college students work well together. They are too transients. (The students that is, not the animals).

  33. DKN

    If you insist…

    Cute Boy: “I wish I knew how to quit beaver.”

    -Dodges puddin

  34. Candace says:

    Yes, have to agree on the Jake Gyllenhal resemblance! That is the first thing I thought when I looked at the pic…well, that and “mmm, mmm, mmm”

  35. Beaver, I mean.

  36. This pic made my day! So cute, and he has the best smile I’ve ever seen!

  37. Martha in Washington says:

    Sometimes I wish I wasn’t married…

    I adore well-loved stuffed animals–of all persuasions.

  38. Perfect mix – looks, playfulness, and SWEET. Honey, you wanna be on my desktop?! 😉

  39. So does this guy need a date? Because he’s got me on the hook!

  40. llism:

    “‘What is REAL?’ asked the Rabbit one day… ‘Does it mean having things that buzz inside you and a stick-out handle?’

    “‘Real isn’t how you are made,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘It’s a thing that happens to you. When a child loves you for a long, long time, not just to play with, but REALLY loves you, then you become Real.’

    “‘Does it happen all at once, like being wound up,’ he asked, ‘or bit by bit?’

    “‘It doesn’t happen all at once,’ said the Skin Horse. ‘You become. It takes a long time. That’s why it doesn’t happen often to people who break easily, or have sharp edges, or who have to be carefully kept. Generally, by the time you are Real, most of your hair has been loved off, and your eyes drop out and you get loose in the joints and very shabby. But these things don’t matter at all, because once you are Real you can’t be ugly, except to people who don’t understand.'”

  41. I think you all may be scaring him away from ever posting again…. ;>

  42. oh, Emc, that’s sweet – it’s been SO long since I’ve read that.

  43. Good grief… he’s… is that…
    …??? No way.

  44. bunnyslave says:

    Hey Meg-
    Remember all that talk about a CO dating page?



  45. Um yeah, I guess a few folks have already spotted the resemblance. Well anyway.

  46. Okay, super cute boy who still has his stuffed animal… I want to date you. Get in touch with me. *wink wink* Thanks a ton for posting something nice for us girls to look at, Meg.

  47. This picture is the most un-cute thing I’ve seen posted on this blog. I am very disappointed.

  48. molly – check for pulse

  49. HOW SWEET! 😀

  50. I thought Bob Denver was dead?

  51. “To be stuffer
    Or to become stuffed
    That is the question
    Whether ’tis nobler to become the stuffer
    Offering protection against outrageous fortune,
    Or be a stuffed animal, receiving snuggles
    Stuffed down a shirt to get them?”

  52. Emc, that’s one of my favorite books ever!

  53. Wishnick says:

    This guy is too adorable. I love seeing cute guys with animals, but heck, cute guys with stuffed animals are pretty sweet, too ^_^

  54. Cute and cute!

  55. Danielle says:

    Maybe I’m just “one of those girls” but this was the most “squee worthy” post in a long time! I want to snorgle him!

    Drop me a line, cutie. LOL

  56. cute and cuter….but which is which? Never mind – I know. ;>

  57. useta hada kitteh says:

    Instead of cats ‘n’ racks, I think this one needs a unique category — maybe toys ‘n’ boys?

  58. …darn. I was hoping for a whole new category: ‘Boys and their Beavers’.

    Uh. I think my lesbian membership card is prolly gonna be revoked now. Man, I *hate* it when that happens!

  59. Christine says:

    I will marry him and have the stuffed animal be the ring BEARer. HA!

  60. useta – Ding-ding! Ka-chow! We have a winner!
    Er, or put the Boy first. “Boys n Toys”
    (It could include toy pet breeds too dontchano)

  61. samantha says:


    i have that EXACT stuffed animal…i am 20 and ive had him since i was like born!! sooo weird, i thought i was the only one lucky enough to have a ratty old (loveable) beaver.

  62. ok- we have a winner in the dating game (sorry, catrina). It’s written in the stars, samantha.

  63. Brokeback Beaver.

    Now with that out of my system, samantha, you *must* submit a shot of your Mr. Beaver…if we can’t hook you and Mr. Cute up, maybe your beavers can build a plushie dam or something…

  64. lol @ melis….
    me too, me too
    at least we arent alone
    And eyelashes that long? my head will as-plode, and I will sqee in jealousy! The beaver is pretty cute too :).

  65. Diamond says:

    That’s hot.

    Yeah, I said it.

  66. Megan-Fay says:

    I had a really similar beaver growing up as well. I loved that beaver. I think I called him Bucky (original, huh). It’s amazing how deeply embued with sentiment our little stuffed friends can become.

  67. LOL, that is seriously cute

  68. Polly P says:

    Trying desperately not to giggle at the ‘ratty old (loveable) beaver’ line above =^.^=

    He’s hella cute tho, yum!

  69. I’m glad I’m not the ONLY one that saw Bob Denver before Jake G. although clearly, this cutie is neither.

  70. LOVE them!

  71. CO is the purrrrrr-fect place for this picture. I want to leeek eeet!


    *goes back to being a good little engaged girl (*flashes a sparkly ring*)*


  72. Doesn’t it look like he’s thinking, “Come on, admit it — you want to hug us.”

    Except I have a feeling a lot of commenters want to do more than hug him. JUST A HUNCH.

  73. Theo – Another college roommate flashback???
    (I mean the GUY)

  74. De, Samantha – Leave it to beavers.

  75. He must meet some inner cute quotient if even us lesbians think he is so cute.

    Beavers and Pecs. I’m outraged. 😉 just kidding.

  76. Well, you got away with breaking the rules! You are just as cute as a little furry thing!

  77. Oh my. Mary.

  78. Julie Raven says:

    What a sweetie 😀 and yes, I agree, Samantha should have at him.

    He kinda looks like my beau =3

  79. [snort]
    Yeah, Pyrit… me & Jake go way baaaaack.

  80. Toys and Boys?


  82. Yeah, Mello… looking at beavers online does that to me too.

    Er, stuffed beavers.


  83. Laura – Yes, but useta said that one. Still, a winner. Great minds, mm-hmm.

  84. guineapiggin9 says:

    OMG! That reminds me of my bear that i’ve had since i was one. he just turned 13 this Valentine’s Day and we had a birthday party 4 him. He is in pretty bad shape, tho. He has almost no fur, has had multiple eyes replacements and surguries but i still luv him. Infact, i still sleep with him every night. He is my bear bear 4evr.

  85. My favorite thing to sleep w/ was a long white fur snake. (silence) When I was 4 I got really sick and threw up all over it (not on purpose). My mother insisted there was no way she could clean it and threw it away. I have yet to forgive her.

  86. this guy is SMART! look at all the girls that want to do some same-species snorgling him now!

    incidentally, my husband and i often tell each other we belong on cuteoverload. i know: “GAG!” but give us a break; we’re newlyweds.

  87. Princess says:

    OK, I’m lost….what’s the deal here? What does this mean?

  88. Well, don’t we all want to marry you now…

  89. The guy just wants some attention from the ladies. It’s annoying. More animals please.

    Or racks. Whatever.

  90. yankeebird says:

    Adorable boy, nice beaver.

    So, anonymous submitter, how did it feel to open your home page today and see your photo there, along with all the girls fawning over your cuteness? (And if I weren’t so blissfully taken, I’d be fawning too. You’re easy on the eyes.) Will you fess up and tell us who you are?

  91. My god, you just gotta love a guy who’ll shove a plushie down his shirt to be cute for thousands. 🙂 I’m with warrior_two, but I’m already married. LOL

    Broke college guy: you’ve become the new chick magnet. 🙂

  92. Marianne says:

    That’s awesome.

  93. OH MY GOODNESSS!!!!!!! email address please, HOTTIE.

  94. No cat, no rack — no service.

  95. Haha I totally know what you mean @ melis. Saaaame here. That boy is ADORABLE. I want him. XD

  96. Omg…can i have his number? Haha!

  97. I’m with StoogesWoman, I tewtally saw Bob Denver as Gilligan:
    I see the Jake connection, but is mostly the eyes. the smile is pure Gilligan.
    mighty cute
    [in a grandmotherly “awww, pinch your cheeks” way]

  98. I have that same beaver. I used to take him to the dentist with me because we had the same teeth. Thank god for braces!

  99. Yeah he’s hot! Can I date him?! Do you live in LA, CA? Seriously!

  100. OMG i have that EXACT stuffed beaver!!! His name is “Beav” and he was always my favorite growing up! Totally blows my mind to see another college kid (i’m assuming anyways) with the same thing hahah

  101. de – use bleach, my man, bleach

  102. wow – that beaver sure gets around ;>

  103. oh, ask-god, thankyou, but a little late now. And I think it was everything dried and stuck to the fur that was the challege. (ew- I know – sorry.)

  104. Now that’s what I call Cute Overload.

  105. Lady Ann says:

    Does this fellow look like Dobbie Gillis or what?

  106. oh – T? spelling clnup? I shouldn’t type so fast. Going home to sleep all this off….

  107. Wow, he’s cute! Gotta love them boys not afraid to hug a plush and smile for the camera. Woot! ^_^

  108. OMG I tewtally want to date him too!!! SO CUTE!!! 🙂

  109. ‘ratty old (loveable) beaver’

    the tea is still running out my nose… cleaning up the mess….

    He’s not my type… too much bumfluff on his face…. but the soft toy is sweet!

  110. hi cute-beaver-man-of-my-dreams,
    please show up on my doorstep later.
    thank you.

  111. de–

    I had a snake too, you’re not alone. Mine wasn’t furry, though– my mom crocheted it at my request. Also at my request, she made a stuffed platypus for me. THAT was furry.

  112. constance says:

    All that cute and only one nuff!!!!!!!!!!!

    That’s what I’m talkin about!

  113. Please tell me you live in Seattle, or nearby, and are single. I work for the library and enjoy hanging out with my cats, playing scrabble, drinking forties, and defending the honor of Poland. Let’s make some cute overload magic…

  114. I haven’t read all of the comments, but it looks like ‘beavers in boy boobs’ to me.

  115. ka9q's wife says:

    No Lady Ann, I think he has the full on Maynard G Krebs thing going on. Who was played by Bob Denver who played Gilligan. The G stands for Walter by the way.

  116. Elizabeth in Portland says:

    Aww. He must be from Oregon.



  117. R. Moore says:

    Heh heh, I have a stuffed raccoon with a flat tail that everyone thought was a beaver when I was growing up. Now that I’m older I’m glad it’s a raccoon. I discovered beaver had another meaning when I decided it sounded like a swear word and told my step-mom that “beaver” was my favorite swear word. Her eyes. They bulged so.

  118. AliceTanzer says:

    Oh no, There’s going to be some cutting of corners on some lesbian membership cards.

    Also, I think my brother has that beaver plushie.

  119. Wow, the stuffed animal is almost as cute as he is 😉

  120. that poor guy, he must think we are all crazy lol

    i’m glad to see that i’m not the only college student who still has a stuffed animal ( looks toward stuffed hippo sitting on bed)

    p.s yea i think he’s uber hot. <3

  121. that was me! i forgot my name! but thanks everyone

  122. Rosie O. says:

    Jesus. Are all guys ugly?

  123. rosie o!!! that’s very bad karma!

  124. He is just too precious. What a sweetie!

    Good luck to you in college, hun. I was a penny counter in school, too. It’s all worth it in the end. Keep your sweetness. You’ll never want for friends or company. ;D

  125. R. Moore says:

    Joe: Your popularity just rose amongst many young ladies! Congrats.

    And you look a little like a guy in my English Lit. class… Are you secretly named Damascus?

  126. Nothing compares to the emo kid with the duck…come on ladies! That guy looks like he’s from Sebastapool!

  127. Another Amy says:

    HE is overloaded with cute. Yum! Okay, I’m too old for him, but still.

  128. Best looking guy on CO so far was Nov. 16, Teeny Tank Ted. And only part of his face is showing, but still…hubba-hubba.

  129. cheddarbunny says:

    That there is a fellow after my own heart. I am overcome by the adorableness. And also the fact that cuteoverload is his homepage. Meep.

  130. wrong myspace up top…myspace isn’t even cute so i dont know what it has to do with anything…but thanks again!

  131. Oh, well, they’re both cutey woogums. Excellent that you posted this.

  132. dweeb

  133. Total eye-candy. Made my day.

  134. MihoChan says:

    omg. Why doesn’t he go to MY school???

    Where ARE you cuteoverload lovin’ college boy??? WHERE????

    My ringtailed lemur stuffy would like a beaver companion.
    *wink wink*

  135. Yee-ep, if I were single (and insane), I’d *definitely* be postin’ my photo here.

    Pre-emptive “SHUDDUPPA YOU FACES” to Mariser, Pyrit, and whomever else needs one.

  136. And sweet musical hellos to me Soaring Filmy Wumpkin Doodle.

  137. paulajeanne says:

    emc2, was that from the Velveteen Rabbit? It has been so long but it rang a bell.

  138. toastbkiss says:

    too cute! i remember when i was a poor college student.

  139. aww. cute and clever =P

  140. lauowolf says:

    Instead of Nutcracker, O.D.C. does a ballet of The Velveteen Rabbit over the holidays.


  142. chimera17 says:

    Wow, all college dorm doors really DO look the same…

    This is really cute. My guy looks like that but with longer hair. <3 He doesn't have any stuffed animals in his dorm room though.

  143. chimera17 says:

    Oh, I also have to disagree with everyone saying, “OMG you have to adopt an animal!” It’s not just the initial cost, taking good care of a pet is a bit of an investment too. On top of that, most dorms don’t allow anything that lives out of water most of the time.

  144. Christy says:


  145. waffles says:

    so cute! and he’s pretty cute too 🙂

  146. waffles says:

    p.s. he looks kinda like jake gyllenhall

  147. Hmm, I’d say the occasional cute boy can’t hurt this page!

  148. hottie.

  149. Nice sentiment and TASTY.
    I’m easy…cute animals and cute boys.

  150. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Erm, sorry to spoil the fun ladies, but have you stopped to consider he might be gay. I mean I am just saying you know .

  151. Hes actually kinda cute!:D (Gay or not)

  152. haha thank you for putting that question out there, but i’m straight

  153. Straight and available? Don’t suppose you’d consider a move to England would you?!

  154. oh hello. who might you be? i never thought i would have dirty thoughts whilst visiting cuteoverload D:

  155. So cute!!!!!

  156. i wondered how long it would take before someone suggested he was gay.


    p.s. theo…uh…

    and hey, quasi-jake…look out! interview on your local TV station in 3…2…1…hope you don’t get stalked, cutie-pie!

  157. not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  158. being gay, i mean.

  159. or being an impossibly cute and geeky boy with a widdwe stuffed animaw in his shirwt.

  160. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    There you are girls Iv’e teased him out Joe Solof look at his blog.

  161. Michelle says:

    Awwww <3 so so cute! :D :D

  162. coraline says:

    he has the same pic in his myspace. 🙂

  163. Precious' Mum says:

    Nice! 🙂

  164. Marry me, Joe.
    But you’ll probably have to get a cat first. Stipulated in my contract.

  165. Ooooooooh Cute! I wanna be the beaver!

  166. Sarah A. says:

    Gotta love the cute boy with a stuffed aminal. ^_^

  167. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Poor dude, lots of beautiful women on a cute website hunting down all his information!
    Wow..just wow..
    I’ll concur to the notion that Mr. Joe is cute.. but I still want to get into Billy Bob Thorton’s p—- more..!!!!
    (that was my poor attempt at keeping it pg13)

  168. I was so confused... says:

    I thought that *was* Jake G. and I was wondering why he was saying he was broke…

  169. Cool! checked out the Myspace page and Joe was grrreat taste in music and such. hollah! Wu tang clan?? For such a youngin’ I am IMpressed! If I were still in college and ten years younger I’d so hang out with you! *suddenly misses college very very much* 😦

  170. megan-Fay says:

    Joe, you must either be loving or hating all this attention. (any consternation at being told you look like Gilligan?). With all these beavers and lavalife messaging, this is one cute posting that has gone to somewhere I never knew cute sites could go.

  171. If he’s in the market, I have an orange tabby who needs a home and she would love to cuddle with him and his beaver. 🙂

  172. MihoChan says:

    Come to OHIO please?

    UC needs some boys like you. The beaver too. No stipulations, no contracts! Just me and my lemur! And…three cats and a rabbit and bird and fishes and frog…

    but you could handle that, right?

  173. rdhwyalane says:

    That was lame!

  174. tiny bubbles says:

    Is it sad that I recognize the beaver (Gund’s Eager the beaver)? I had the same one, but less ratty-looking.

  175. stumblinbumblin says:

    good teef

  176. NeoCleo says:

    Finally, some serious human MALE cuteness.

    Thank you!!

  177. A BIG YAY!!! for the occasional human (and stuffed toy) Cute Overload!!! 😀

    I especially like the combination of Sherlock Holmes-ish hat and sepia tone. Way to go, cutie!

  178. Bad Little Otter says:

    I don’t know who is cuter the Boy or his furry friend….

  179. joe’s ego, stroked to capacity! way to go…

    have i missed the boat or am i the first to suggest a CODating service???

  180. not for dating COD, (sorry… that looked funny) :B

  181. LOL, Iphi!
    Forget the cods, Gil; this guy’s gonna need a sturgeon.

  182. adrienne says:

    Well isn’t this adorable. Wish my college had more boys like this, instead of just the frat-types.

  183. HE is SO CUTE XD

  184. lol. all these sexually deprived women are all over this guy. what an ego boost.

  185. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    LOL Beck.. Sexually Deprived?…

    Not in the slightest.. I’m a happy corn monger at 21 thank you..

  186. (corn monger? does that mean what i think it means?)

  187. this is soooo not cute

  188. I agree with Lady Ann.

    He totally resembles Maynard G. Krebs. Check it out:

  189. HAUT_GURLiE says:

    dang he’s cute. the teddy isn’t bad, either…..

  190. Wow, he’s super-cute!

  191. I’d hit it.

  192. He is sexy, and I am not talking about the stuffed critter. He reminds me of someone I knew a few years ago. Thanks for the pic, now where is the printer key

  193. Best “ladies, I am looking” ploy ever. DOES HE REALIZE HOW MANY OF US CHECK THIS DAILY? I think he does. Clever man.

  194. CatFreak says:

    Yes, he resembles Maynard G. Krebs … as played by Jake Gyllenhaal, only he’s lots lots cuter.

    A truly darling young man, in both a be-still-my-beating-heart way and a pinch-the-little-cheekies way.

    He needs to start his own webcam site, even if it’s entirely G-rated. Wouldn’t most of us be perfectly happy just to watch this sweet young man brush his teeth? Comb his hair? Do his homework? Play Scrabble with friends? Share confidences with Little Beaver?

    Hell yeah.

  195. Yeeps.
    Joe: don’t do it, man.

  196. I… I thought we all came here for the animals O_o

  197. Scarlet says:

    Ooh, ooh, I’ll be on his desktop!

    This is hilarious. We come here for the cute animals and get distracted by the cute…college student? Hm. We should make it a new category! Not that we’re trying to take away from the adorableness of the animals or anything. : )

  198. You guys are being REALLY creepy about this poor guy. I’m pretty much scared to ever lurk in the comments section, ever again. JESUS.

  199. Lingering laugh says:

    Cuteoverload’s bringing sexy back. What a delight!

  200. Dear Boy in No Cat No Rack Picture.

    Will you marry me?

    Circle One:



  201. “I’m not sure if this is the right place to send things in, but i have a picture of me and my stuffed animal that i’ve had since i was born.”

    Oh, please. He totally knows he’s cute… so he gave into his ego and sent his picture to: (you guessed it!)!

  202. Webcam of teeth-brushing? Uh, taking it a BIT far on that one…I mean I go to a women’s college and even I’m not that hard up.
    And yes, we do come here for the animals, but apparently we’re also…animals.

  203. I usually change my desktop image whenever I see a really, really cute picture on here. I don’t know how my boyfriend would feel about me having a picture of some random [adorable] guy as my background. Haha.

  204. OH SCARY he’s half my age, literally. I think this means I need to go register myself somewhere.

  205. OMG- I think I want to take him home & feed him…come to Skwerl Beaverman

  206. I don’t know, he looks pretty young to me. With all these over sexualized comments going on I’m not sure I can come to CO anymore with my children, or visit the site at work, one of my nosy boses might come by. It’s just too inappropriate, shame on you meg.

  207. Hey T — these comments that you’re objecting to? …it’s not Meg making them.

  208. marge jr. says:

    warrior two, i think we are the same age, because he is also literally half my age- and yet, here i am stalking and drooling with everyone else. honestly, i’ve come to terms with it. he has the beauty of youth, and there’s nothing wrong with appreciating that. (especially since he is, in fact, a legal adult.)

    (Also, if in fact we are the same age (and you are female), do remember that we are in the prime of our lives… :P)

    oh, young college boy, with your cute stuffed animal in your (not) rack, look what you’ve done! i come here daily, and yet i have never posted a comment until now… anyway, cute picture, cute beaver, cute you! now watch out for myspace stalkers…

  209. ya-ya-ya says:

    hot boy hot boy, whatcha gonna do, watcha gonna do when these crazy girls come for you

    *to bad boy, bad boy tune, obviously*

  210. a thought:

    whenever a cat’n’rack pic goes up, people get all ruffled about the oversexing of a girl’s boobs and the animal.

    there are no organ’s or animals here (other than a human animal and a fake animal) – and maybe that makes all the difference – but this hot and steamy stream is so opposite to the usual comments…

    i think i’m calling sexism here.
    but i’ve just started to think about it and am wondering outloud (however unsafe that may be)…

  211. iphi: This picture is G-rated while other “cat’n’rack” pictures contain actual boobage, see the difference now? This dude’s just smiling with his face, while the other pictures, they’re smiling with their boobs.

    Of course girls are going to have a entirely different opinion of a guy’s face as opposed to a girl’s rack. I do agree that their comments are a bit out of order for this site, reading them almost felt like I was on a “ratemyface” site. I did find it refreshing not to see some random boobs, I’d prefer to see someone’s smile over cleavage anyday.

  212. AW!

  213. how do i get his number?

  214. T: “over sexualized comments”? Now, I don’t know in which world you live where *any* of these comments can be called “over sexualized” and I’m not all that sure I want to know, but I sure would like to know
    1) what exactly it is you want your kids to be sheltered from here
    2) why your precious, innocent brood would be reading through 200+ “over sexualized” comments in the first place if they’re so very unsavory
    3) if your bosses really come up close to your desk and put their nose to the screen to decipher a small-print list of comments on a website
    4) if they’re really going to reprimand you for having your screen open to sentences like *gasp* “Aw, that guy is so cute!”.

    If the answer to the last two is a yes (which, you know, highly unlikely) you might want to consider maybe simply not spending your work hours browsing the web in the first place. Crazy idea, I know. Silly me.

  215. i think this no cats no rack thing is overrated…but it his a nice specimen, like the please,please adopt me face, if only he did not bite.

  216. jules – thank you, thank you.

    sometimes i feel like i might not be a true american, as i am completely mystified by the american obsession with what is “appropriate”(it’s in quotes because i’m not convinced it actually means anything concrete).

  217. “appropriate” exists only as a social term and therefore is not concrete by definition. however, this does not imply it does not exist…

    note: cuteness is also a term of perception only. there is no physical property of cuteness, only our agreed (or disagreed) notion of it’s context.

    not bad for friday at 4pmEST, eh?

  218. The stuffed animal is cute, the boy is cuter. Hey boy, if you read this you should let me take you on a date, that is, if you don’t mind going on a date with another boy.

  219. R. Moore says:

    Oooh, philosophy! Fun!


    Clearly, this rack-less man and I were meant to be.

  221. jphi – not bad at all. clearly, you had less beer at lunch than i did.

  222. *looks around to see if it’s safe* nobody here …..

    ok. Oh Fable, if only he did bite (nicely).

    *runs away* Calling as I’m running – warrior two, where do we register?

  223. mjr chapin says:

    I’m sorry but this guy stuck out like a sore thumb from the wunerful pix! I don’t want to see people faces on CO, especially not “Aw, aren’t I cute” ego-trip faces–think what a nightmare that could start. The whole point of the critters is they are natural and not posing and self conscious!!!

  224. Yes –think what a nightmare this could start indeed!
    Maybe women will start sending in pics of ALL kinds o animeels stuffed in their chests with an “Aw, aren’t my boobies cute” ego-trip faces. Pandemonium would ensue.

    *shudders at the thought*

    Well, glad that will never happen.
    We’ll just STOP all that nonsense with this picture right here.
    No more.
    Uh uh.

  225. dear broke college boy:

    marry me?

    broke college girl

  226. Go to BGSU by any chance? Call me!


  227. millicent says:

    YES, Yes, yes.
    Let me count the ways that this is so cute…the sweet sentiment, sweet smile, beloved yet homely stuffed life companion,and … thank you.

  228. This is absolutely adorable.. xD Thanks, broke college guy!

  229. From one broke college student to another: Nice lack of rack!

  230. This comment thread is like the ‘philosophical arguments’ us office girls used to have about who was cuter, the Fed Ex drivers or the UPS drivers, or, the Pepsi truck drivers vs the Coca-Cola truck drivers. Oh how we cracked up. Sara, Rose, me, Sabrina, Lisa & Karen. Good times. Then Sabrina would tell a story about her Mustang GT or Cindy would tell a story about pigs. All of us laughing so hard, and then the evil phone would ring.
    Thanks be for cute guys! Disagreeing about what cute is, is a good thing.

  231. papi !!

  232. gigglingpear says:

    It’s cute! And funny! Whoever took the picture is a very lucky person, the look he’s giving them says nothing but love and sweetness.

  233. Heidi[Ho] says:


    Methinks his smile is adorable, especially when paired with his equally adorable beaver … sweetness.


  234. Thank you everyone! I’m so surprised/flattered! This kinda stuff usually doesn’t happen to me….but to answer the questions i saw, i’m straight and over 18
    thanks again!


  236. Well he will make a fine husband one day. He brought tears to my eyes, thinking of my son away at college

  237. This picture surely made me smile! How sweet are the two of you?! We starving college students with adorable stuffed friends must stick together! I hope that you have had plenty to smile about today! Thanks for making my evening!!!! 😀

  238. i was going to say, who IS this pretty boy that looks like jake gyllenhaal…but catrina beat me to it. glad i’m not the only one to see the resemblance!

  239. Thanks everyone for the compliments, but i have a lady i think she might like the dog more than me though!

  240. Joe — wow. Hope she’s OK with her face being on the internets & all… and lemme know if she’s not ’cause I can edit… but that aside, I think the two of you are *both* lucky critters indeed. (And that’s all I have to say about that.)

  241. Damn, that boy is makin’ more lady friends than he even realizes right now. *pinches his cheeks*

  242. He doesn’t need to make anymore lady friends :o)he has one that adores him dearly!

  243. Jane E. Smith says:

    I’m showing my age here, but does anyone else see how much this guy looks like Gilligan?

  244. Jane E. Smith says:

    PS. I love the dog!

  245. Jennifer says:

    Hi cutie. Let’s chat?

  246. Hey that Guy is GORGEOUS!!!! Ahhh, How Sweet is that Teddy too?! Ahhhh!!!!

  247. Wow. If looking at cuteoverload everyday makes one as cute as this dude, I’m on my way to cuteness! He’s so cute!

  248. I think the apropriate response to this would prolly be “NOM NOM NOM”.

    Cutest boy evarrr. =)

  249. hotChai says:

    you’d think out of the 50000 students here at UT there’d be other guys as cute as u ^^

  250. this is WAY TOO CUTE! i love boys that love cute animals!!

  251. talking about cuteness… =P

  252. Wow. I think I know this guy.