YAAAAYYY!!! [rolleyes]

Jane_g_exclamGinger: I’M KING OF THE WORLD! WOOHOO!!!

Poppy: Egad, I hated that movie… anyway, you’ve got the arms all wrong; what you’re doing is the American end-zone dance.


Poppy: [quiet sigh]

Greetings Peeps, Puddins & Possers!  This is Theo!  The Spontaneous Opera Syndrome photostream, over at Flikr, has inspired me to use EXCLAMATION POINTS!  And these two kitters are like my own cats’ Irish cousins!  Yay!!!

Thank you, Jane G.  Your cats are fine indeed.
Full-size original photos are here and here.



  1. one of the erins says:

    That first pic would be kinda scary, but the commentary made me almost fall on the floor laughing!

  2. useta hada kitteh says:

    Them’s some heavy-duty fangs on Ginger. I ain’t gonna mess with that kitteh.

    Beautiful catses, though.

  3. shanchan says:

    I love his orange belleh- good size stomach for an opera singer!

  4. DejaMew says:


  5. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    LOL, GOOOAAAALLL!!! Teho you amuse meh.

    There is this really annoying announcer guy who during the Saber’s games (local Buffalo hocky).. he’ll shout that.. and it’s so amazingly annoying how long he can hold that one word…Egad is right.

  6. Spike the ball, Gingy!!
    Now moon walk!

  7. DejaMew — yes! Even Poppy had to’ve loved THAT movie!

  8. Ahn! Gingy is raising her little manxy tail nubbins! (click on the the original photo of the second one)

  9. T:

    The next time you exclaim
    I know I will complain
    But perhaps I should abstain
    And in my seat remain
    And await one more refrain

    (I run the risk of being yelled at today, peeps – wish me luck!)

  10. kittikin says:

    So, is the ginger kitty a yoga instructor in her spare time?

  11. Aubrey — yelled at by whom?
    Break a leg…

  12. Kittikin — ALL cats are yogis. Om mani padme hum.

  13. I don’t think I could ever keep a straight face if I ever saw a cat wake up from a nap and stood up on his hind legs and stretched like that! Next thing you know, the kitty would ask for a cup of Java with no “catfiend”.
    Can’t get over the outstretched paws. Could definitely use Ginger at the hockey games!

  14. Laurie C says:

    Teho – how to have fun with a post!
    Also, nice touch with the color-coordinated captioning. You rock.

  15. Aubrey – just be sure to yell back in rhyme. And good luck.

  16. [Borat]High Five![/Borat]

  17. Aubrey — …I’ll leave it up to you, as to *whose* leg.

  18. Poppy:

    “Anyway it’s CAGNEY, not CATNEY.”

    (continues to bogart the catnip)

    T., I run the risk of having a co-worker be extremely displeased with me…thanks and all, but somehow you wishing that I break a leg doesn’t inspire confidence…

  19. Heh. See previous comment.

  20. Oops.

    Well, she’s little and quick. Don’t know if I could catch her.

  21. Nobody’s fast with a BROKEN LEG. Muhuhuahahahaaaahaa!

    (…eep. OK, for the record, I don’t mean to promote leg-breaking.)

  22. layla42 says:

    Aubrey–if she’s little and quick, hit her with something big and hard. That’ll slow her down. 🙂

    Pretty cats, and one seriously impressive stretch going on there.

  23. misscrisp says:

    Just in case anyone thinks kittehs don’t make these faces much, check out my Ruble saying “Geef mee zat feeeeesh!!!”:
    and also, Aubrey, may your stunning punnery on the bok cop bunny dustup protect you from any inter-office disapproval!
    and yes! I am now also addicted to the terrible !!!

  24. omg, thank you CO, i really really needed a good laugh just now. a plethora of thanks to you!

  25. Misscrisp, htat is a most excellent picture!

    My kitty doesn’t stretch that way- he moves from lying down kitty to Halloween Kitty in one smooth move. It brings a little tear to my eye for the beauty- and ok, a tiny bit of envy.

  26. Ginger, from the full-size photo, looks like a Manxiebutt.

  27. Bats — actually, Ginger’s tail was foreshortened by a “road accident” (from notes in Jane G’s Flikr pages). But that’s ancient history & he’s otherwise a healthy happy moggy.

  28. Theo – Great post! And I didn’t like that movie either.

    Jane G. – I used to live right round the coast from Castle Rock. “Keeyassle Rawk” In Portstewart, next to the Strand. Morelli’s?

    Aubrey – I hope you’re wearing your lucky underwear. On the inside.

  29. You know, I can’t help but think that this is a scene from a reen-cat-ment of “The Rainmaker”. Poppy is the stubborn rain cloud, Ginger is Burt Lancaster – coming into town to try and make the skies rain.

    (Had a phone call with the co-worker. There was Disapproval but no yelling. No breaking, no violence.)

  30. Hm, Theo–are you sure Ginger isn’t from Transylvania?

  31. I love how Poppy is sniffing Ginger’s toes in the second photo. 🙂

  32. BenPanced says:

    Ginger: “Alla ginger kittehs in da house RAISE THE ROOF! LEMME HEAR YA HOLLAH!”

    Poppy: “No more catnip for you.”

  33. It’s not a great angle – but I definitely see some cataloons there! Tee Hee.

  34. How elegant is Ginger with his white ruffled shirt under the golden jacket and pure white cat pants.



  35. Everybody Jump! Jump! Jump around!

    (how the duece to you get a cat to do that????)

    That’s Amaaazin!

  36. Pic 1 –
    “Le Salon du Pawdicure”

    Gingaire: “Me EAOU! Non! Zees ees not acceptableu! I specificlay wequestaid zee Fronsay Manicuray, not zees acryleek. I speet on zee acryleek.
    Poppy: (dragon sigh) Sacre bleu, anothair peeky customaire. (sniff)

    Pic 2 –
    Gingaire: You must look! For I cannot bear zee sight of zem for anozair minuet.
    Poppy: Dahlink, show moi. Oui, zees ees a disastaire. Zair ees no cure. Zee? “cure”? I make leetle joke, eh? But ees not so trageek. I know a website, you’ll be zo famous, ees called,
    Cuticle Overload.

    LOL, BunFF… House Of Pain was even Irish, too.

  38. Oy, Pyrit. [snerk]

  39. Guyyssss…. She’s showing off her new manicure – she’s so happy; she’s never had one before. First – the UNDERsides (they did one of those funky reverse design thingys), then -OOOhhhhh…. – the TOP. YES.

  40. Oh – come on – I typed MY manicure idea FIRST!!! (whine, whine, whine….)

  41. DE — Ginger’s the boy, Poppy’s the girl. Not that there’s anything WRONG with man-icures.

    how CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. When great minds collide.

  44. NO- nuthin at all….(shifty eyes)

  45. Suzanne says:

    Teho, wonderful captions! Pyrit, wonderful alternate captions!
    Aubrey – just get a pic of a disapproving lagamorph, print it out, put Disapproving Co-worker’s name on it and shoot rubber bands on it. 😛

    My brain is too fried with corporate idiocy (sp?) to come up anything else.

  46. (…and thanks for the spelling cleanup, T. – quite like magic – watched the Prestige last night, but those guys have nothing on you – You are kept very busy w/ the janitorial duties around here, huh. I hope *they* are paying you well ;>

    Oh, and thanks, too – to you, Pyrit; I’m honored to be in your company (but I’ll admit -yours was MUCH more creative!)

  47. If this ginger kitteh doesn’t calm down, this will become a manic-ure.

    And if kitteh complains about the cost, it will be a petty-cure.

    And if there’s an injury involved, hopefully someone will have Medicare.

  48. HeidStar says:

    Theo, glad you’re having fun w/ the Spontaneous Opera Syndrome! My Fergus is in there somewhere amongst the bazillion photos…http://www.flickr.com/search/groups/?w=55964318@N00&q=Fergus&m=pool . He’s the marmie cat not the bee-ootie-ful dark chocolate doggie.

    Ginger here makes me realize I need more action shots of the kitters. I tend to photograph them when they’re all sleepies.

  49. BrianMPLS says:

    Aubrey, don’t forget the dog. He needs a pedi-cur.

    ok, well, … I tried.

  50. DE — sometimes I miss stuff, but occasionally I catch extra stuff.

  51. BenPanced says:

    Or the kittens. They get petite-cures.

  52. OMG PYRIT you had me rolling! lol

  53. WHOA what a shot.

  54. BenP, and if front and back paws are included, one would offer a petit-four-cure.

  55. One almost feels sorry for the camera person – the goal scream / tuna attack must have left them in ribbons.

  56. Stick a fork in me — between the marmie pic and the Peeps being wittier than ever, I’m done.

  57. Okay okay! I got some dialogue!…:

    Poppy: No…silly…it’s naptime…didn’t you see the one kitteh on its back from the other day? You need to learn the meaning of priority!

    Ginger: WHA? But I was gonna pass the offering plate for catnip!

    Poppy: Oh, well in that case, hallelujah, caturday, post cats, now do it quietly and don’t disturb me whilst I nap, mmmkay?

    Ginger: OKAY, BRUTHA!!!

    Cute pic! Sorry! Had to have a little fun!

  58. Course, I was just going from the first pic, not the second!

  59. JJ — oh man oh man oh man…
    [wiping monitor]

  60. I just got in trouble at the Daily Kitten bc I swore. What a bunch of prigs!

  61. Well, just don’t swear TOO harshly here.
    re: “prigs” — are you English, Ivy?

  62. acelightning says:

    My cat does the basic cat-stretch, like Ginger in the second photo, except that Loki prefers to do it *on* the rug, so he can get some extra stretch by digging his front claws into the rug and pulling. But the only time he stands up on his hind legs like picture #1 is when he’s chasing a bug that’s on the outside of the glass door that he’s on the inside of. (Of course, he’s 15 years old, and not quite as inclined to kittenish exuberance. But he still has his moments.)

  63. Ivy, were you poisonous?

  64. I love that I can count on Teh Peeps to be pickin’ up what I be layin’ down.

    (w00t, Aubrey)

  65. Ivy – perhaps if you go crawling back, they’ll take you…

  66. Mia — I dunno… sounds like they aren’t even in Ivy’s league.

  67. mwuhahahaha!!!

  68. ummm, that was in response to Theo, not CG…of course we want to save ugly animals, they’re all cute in their own way!

  69. Instant Pantaloons!!

  70. I like the catloaf up in the chair there the best.

  71. From Marvin JJ, TESTIFY!

    “Listen everybody, especially you peeps
    Is it right to be left alone
    Where you never hear a single meep?
    I love the cute too much, my friends sometimes say
    But I believe, I believe
    That a peep should always be that way
    But it hurts me so inside
    When I drive by Petco
    Somebody, somewhere tell me it ain’t so

    Can I get a kitten?
    Can I get a kitten?
    Can I get a kitten?

    Is it right when pets are treated so bad
    When I’d give, I’d give
    everything that I have?
    I’d toss ’em every treat
    And I’d snorgle ’em each and every week
    Chicks are cute you’d agree
    But that ain’t the thing that I want to see
    Let me hear, let me hear you say meow, meow

    Up early in the morning, feline on my mind
    Just to find out all night that I’ve been cryin’
    Now I know a dog’s a man’s best friend
    And you should stick to your dog till the very end
    But I’m still in so much misery I forget how
    Love is supposed to be
    Somebody, somewhere, agree it ain’t fair

    Can I get a kitten?
    I want a kitten
    Kitten, Kitten
    Kitten, Kitten

    Everybody knows, especially you peeps
    Life can be sad
    When the out of reach is what you seek
    Now all you peeps agree
    That this ain’t the way its’s supposed to be
    Let me hear you, let me hear you say meow, meow

    I want a kitten
    I want a kitten
    I want a kitten
    I want a kitten”

  72. Damn, girl. You win AGAIN.
    Old school!

  73. I LOVE that my last name almost means cat. Some kind of karmic (cosmic?) force out there…

    Aubrey….*clap clap clap*

  74. The Aye-aye does have a certain charm. There are actually some images that aren’t quite as startling:


    er, well..

    Still, everyone loves an underdog, right?

  75. lauowolf says:

    So somebody get that girl a kitten.

  76. SeaBreeze says:

    Ginger: “I RULE THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!”

    Poppy: “Yeah, whatevah.”

    Ginger: “SMELL the SUCCESS!! See, I do, too, RULE.”

    Poppy: [sniff} “Eh.”

  77. (faints)

    (revived with puddin and a manicure)

    I cry mercy, MERCY:


  78. Oh, lovely Poppy and crrraaaazy Ginger!!!

    Fangs so much, Teho! Great pics and post!

  79. Daisycat says:

    oh Aubrey…tht was not nice….i hurt my hand trying to grab that sweetness through the monitor…

  80. misscrisp says:

    A to tha U to tha B to tha R to tha E to tha Y!!
    Where my kittehs at? Hollah!

  81. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m startin’ to think (dangerous, I know) that the second pic indicates the aftermath of the first pic.

    Poppy: Now, bow!

    Ginger (bowing): You are the true King of the World. I don’t know what came over me. YOU are the true King of the World.

    Poppy: That’s better. Keep bowing.

  82. Nice exclaimation point with the photos.

  83. When our kitty, Cordy, sits in the position that Poppy is sitting in (all tucked up with feet hidden like a little kitty football), it’s her pouty position. She spends a lot of time sitting that way. Our other kitty, Charlie, just yells a lot. And loudly.

  84. SeaBreeze says:

    useta hada kitteh, your second picture caption is much better than mine!

  85. Kittehs are yogis! Havde you noticed they always do counterstretches aftter they stretch?

  86. Ginger: and a step, skip, step, skip.
    shimmy shimmy shimmy….

    big finish now…


    Poppy: Okay, where’s the Gong when you need one?

  87. Daisycat says:

    anyone else notice that if you *squint* while looking at the first pic, that Ginger is tewtally wearing a belt..nobody? just me? ok den. 😉

  88. It reminds me of the song SHOUT.
    a little bit softer now…


  89. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    La speranza!
    or che mi conoscete
    parlate voi,dehl parlate. chi sete
    vi piaccidir. (La Boheme)

  90. Daisycat, that actually was the first words bf came up with when I showed him the pic.

    He: It looks like a belt he is wearing
    me: no way, but you are right.

  91. Ant — thanks… I wonder how many folks totally missed that?

  92. Candace says:

    Whoa! I totally didn’t notice the pics made an exclamation point. thanks Ant

    Love the commentary, Theo. Too hilarious and perfect.

  93. Thanks Teho. I totally needed a marmie and a bitkit* to cheer me up.

    *Bitkit = bitumen kitty.

  94. Carlisa says:

    T.—- The caption is hilarious (so is the pic) Love it!

  95. Did someone say cat yogis?


  96. Damn! Tor and cg – I still had this page on my screen this morn, so I just refreshed it, and clicked open that link – UGGGHHHH!!! (and I’m usually a fan of the ugly/cute), but that was a horrible thing to see first thing in the morn (ok-afternoon). And tor – your last try was the absolute worst. I need another cute shiba inu pup – STAT!

  97. DE — try them “Findakitty” links that Aubrey & I wuz throwin around.

  98. Oh dear goodness – thanks, T. – the little grey tabby w/ the wittle spots on his tummy, eating his wittle paw did it! (and that’s the 1st and last time I talk baby talk on this thing….)

  99. I’ll believe THAT when I don’t see it, De.

  100. That orange kitty is awesome.

  101. Brie — this one’s for you:

    WARNING: currently 1,860 photos (and growing)

  102. misscrisp says:

    ooh ooh Oreengenesses is totally Geeeneeiusssesss! Lof it.

  103. ROFL