Pillow Bun

Will you please check out the white guy on his back, schnozzle up, paws up, acting as a pillow for everyone else? Puh-lease. He’s all singing in a Enrique Eglesias voice: "I will be your pillow Behbeh!"


Shelly B., nice extra touch of yin-yang bunnery too.



  1. bun bun bun bun bun!

  2. girlnextdoortn says:



  3. …bun!

  4. girlnextdoortn says:


  5. Sooooo cute

  6. useta hada kitteh says:

    Bun buns for ME!!!!!

    Look at the little white bun’s teef and pawsies!

    I’m gonna smush my face into the middle of all that bunnyness, and snorgle to my heart’s content.

    By the way, I think the pillow guy is sayin’ “I can’t breave! Get offa my froat!”

  7. Violet's mama says:

    Sooooo sooooffftttt!!! I want!!!!

  8. so soft! and little pinky feetsies!

  9. Suda Nim says:

    Why do little baby animals’ muzzles* turn pink when they’re sleepy? It’s, dare I say, CUTE?

    *pronounced in my family as MOOOZ-lay.

  10. bun bun bun bun…BLEEN!

  11. OMG! I’m not sure I’ve ever seen little pink bunny toes before!

  12. Baby bunneh teef!

    [beep] x 3

  13. Anner — yep. Thanks.

  14. They’re all in the nest box, just squirmin’ around… schweet.

    ( )
    ” “

  15. jenny T says:


    This reminds me of the sea of bunnehs!

  16. anner – Gaaahhh. Now you’re my idol. Can I say it for you? First! Hee.

    Night-night little boudoir pillow bunnies.

  17. *cries* Too preshus!

  18. Every time I visit CO, I babble on and on for ages afterwards about how I want a babeh bunneh. My husband is threatening to cut me off. 🙂

  19. lauowolf says:

    I want to nap cuddled up with sleeping bunnies as big as I am.
    Big fuzzy warm bunnies honk shu-ing in my ears.

  20. SeaBreeze says:

    Bunbun bunbun bunbun bunbun bunbun bunbun POP goes my head! Cuteness extreme!! … sigh….

  21. laura m. says:

    every time i check this site, i go “well nothing can be cuter than the – OH MY GOD! THAT IS TEN TIMES CUTER!”

    pretty soon, you guys will be up to a lethal level of cuteness.

  22. OMG!

    I think I OVERLOADED!

  23. chelsea says:

    i can’t handle those teefs.

    oh man!

  24. Oh My! I am at a lost for words. That is just beyond the cute!

  25. Yitzysmommie says:

    The pink feetsies with the wee toesies……

  26. I think I see a spot–can I squirm into the bun pile too?

  27. Suzanne says:

    UHK…I think you’re right…

    5 little bun buns sleepin’ in bed and the bottom one said…

    Will you get off meh PUH-LEEEZE?

    too too cute!

  28. Cherish this moment, peeps. Revel in the innocence of bebeh bunnery; in no time at all they will lagomorph into young adult rabbits:

    “Is this the little bun I carried?
    Is this the little bun at play?
    I don’t remember growing older,
    When did they?

    When did they learn the art of binking?
    Seems like they couldn’t hop at all –
    Wasn’t it yesterday when they were small?

    Carrots, pellets, Carrots, pellets,
    Swiftly flow the days,
    Bebehs turn overnight to rabbits,
    Soon forever leaving the cage . . .

    Carrots, pellets, carrots, pellets!
    Swiftly fly the years,
    One season following another,
    As rabbits bring joy and dry tears . . .

    One season following another,
    As rabbits bring joy and dry tears . . .”

  29. R. Moore says:


    This reminded me that I had reoccurring dreams of baby bunnies when I was younger.

    I wish all my reoccurring dreams were like that now, rather than nightmares of getting lost on campus and showing up late to a grumpy prof.

  30. Suzanne says:

    Aubrey, no “Bun’s in the Cradle”? 😛

  31. “…Can’t…breathe.”

  32. lauowolf says:

    Aubrey that’s wonderful.

  33. DUDE! Can I just curl up and die in the middle of that pile – PLEASE.

  34. Angus and Misha says:

    This is sooooooo cute. We are totally (and happily) conquered

  35. Suda Nim says:

    Aubrey — They’ll “lagomorph” into young adults?

    I weeel keeel you.

  36. OK, Aubrey — try another one. I’ll get you started:

    “Hutchmaker, hutchmaker, make me a hutch
    Fill it with straw,
    Cotton and such.
    Bring out your tools and your magical touch,
    To make me the perfect hutch.”

  37. OMG

    I will love him and hug him and call him George!

  38. acelightning says:

    I’m surprised nobody has mentioned what seems to be obvious – the one on the bottom is Mom, and the ones piling on are her almost-grown “babies”. Kinda like when your kids are teenagers, and some of them are in college, and everybody’s home on a holiday break, and the college kids bring a friend or six. But no matter how old your kids get, they’re never too old for a hug and/or snuggle from Mom. (Mine’s 28, and he still hugs me, and I hug him.)

  39. pookiepuff says:

    Bunny teefies are sooo silly! I love them! More bunny pictures pleeeease! I love bunnies!

  40. “…the one on the bottom is Mom, and the ones piling on are her almost-grown “babies”.”

    err… not to be pedantic or anything, but not exactly – those are all baby bunnies. when the moms nurse, they usually stand, and the babies lie on their backs and squirm around. When the babies are this little (under 10 days old), they lie in a pile with each other for warmth, as you can see…

  41. *speechless & gasping & amazed*

  42. Nice work, NTMTOM, but no more Fiddling With The Cute for me tonight.

  43. Martha in Washington says:

    I would like to just dive in head first. But I won’t cause I’d squish ’em. Maybe I’ll just sloooowly sneak up and geeeently lay my head on top and sooooftly snore along with them.

  44. Martha in Washington says:

    If I were a rich man I’d buy lots o’bunnehs to snorgle all day with.

  45. awwwww…. can we pweeease have an extweeme toofy cwoseup pweety pweeese? fank u

  46. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A snorgle of buns.

  47. The pinks bits in this photo and peacefully closed eyes are driving me crazy…

  48. Ack! Teeny-tiny-baby-bunny-ears!


  49. book_monstercats says:

    It took me about 30 seconds to see the pillow-bun.

    Then I died!!!

    The teefs (sobs)

  50. Awww. They’re so little and soft and snuggly!

  51. Juniorette says:

    Awwwwww. That’s like, the second-best thing to wake up to on my birthday. <3

  52. OMG. The teeths. The pawsitude. The muuzzzlleeeeppoooooouuccchh *splodes*.

    ‘Scuse me while I go and clean myself up…..

  53. Speaking of bunnies, what happened to the bunbun with the crown on? I can’t find him anywhere! 😦

  54. jeremiah johnson says:

    “i will be your pillow behbeh” is the cutest thing about this post, and that’s saying something.

  55. O M G this has got to be one of the cutest photos ever. check out the little toofies! they look so warm and sweet and peaceful. i want to snuggle with them!!! i’m feeling faint! awwwk!! *passes out*

  56. Does anyone else here remember Guess How Much I Love You?

  57. layla42 says:

    the teefs…the feets…the earsies…

    :: poit ::

    My day’s just starting and my head has already asploded.

  58. Oh! The feet! The feet!

  59. Stupid alarm!! Snooze! Snooze!
    [snorgles back into bunny pile, using a pair of bunnies over the eyes to block out the cruel sunshine of Monday morning.]

  60. O M G Doesn’t get any cuter than that. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOSWEET.

  61. Must snorgle bun buns now!!!

  62. That is so funny and cute. He’s got his dukes up ready to pop someones lights out.

  63. O….M….Gawd!!!

    OH this made me seek out Max for bunneh snorgles…now i’m getting the “back feet flick” (aka, the Bunneh F-YOU!) all the way back across the room…but, it was sooooo worth it!

  64. Christine says:

    I’m confoozed. I have never seen a rabbit with pink feet, or toes…or paws that aren’t furry. Are we sure these are bunnies? I know that sounds stupid but I have had rabbits all my life and never seen rabbit feets like that. Help!

  65. These baby bun’s are at most 7-10 days old…and are perfectly normal. Most people have never seen buns at this stage unless you’re a breeder or a rescuer (i am happily the latter)

    here are some more baby bunnehs…


  67. Aubrey – beautiful, beautiful, beeeeeyoooteeful!

  68. Call de police. BunFF and her linkage have keeled me. So many soft, pinky, warm little buns.

  69. sooo schweeettt; and look, too young to disapprove!11!!

  70. zeldapie says:


  71. bunnyslave says:

    Aubrey, your song made me get all goose-bumpy remembering bunny babyhood. Now my tiny little handful is ENORMOUS!!!

    *head explodes*

  72. I overloaded and I can’t get up.

  73. book_monstercats says:

    Has anybody got a link to Desdemona, the biscuit (or cookie, depending which side of the pond you’re on) stealing bunny and (most important) the guy who’s impersonating her? My link has disappeared.

  74. Book MC — here’s the first one…

    …having some trouble finding the dude imitating Desi, tho. This is where it WAS, anyway:

  75. That has got to be the cutest thing ever. My heart squeezed a little.. ya know what I mean??

    Great caption Meg!

  76. Chris B. says:

    This could be a picture from my house. Eleven days ago my ‘boy’ bunny had ten babies. So far seven have survived and look just like these. They are so soft and snuggly and are starting to move around. My momma bunny is actually named Snorgle Bunny because she is so snorgleably soft.

  77. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    *Honk-shuu, honk-..shuuu…*…-meep-…*teeny paw wiggle, shiftshift*….


  78. Cookie-stealing bunny has been my desktop wallpaper on my work laptop forevvs–makes quite a statement when I give a presentation, ‘specially during budget season.

    On the laptop I take when I travel, though, I like to share (also from the archives):
    before launching into my Keynote. That tongue still slays me! My best holiday present that year…

  79. BunFF you are the lucky one to have such cuties. I’m lucky enough to have jack rabbits in my yard but of course I sadly can’t pet them. I’ve tried.

  80. Christine says:

    Phew, thanks BunFF! That link was educational as well as adorable. The chub! The chub!

  81. layla42 says:

    BunFF–you have keeled me. Such soft, snorgle-able babies!
    It’s making a rough day better just looking at the velvety softness.


  83. I literally let out a “oooh!” because the cuteness was just too much. That bun bun gets an A++ for cutest muzzle and teefs eva’

  84. fionnmhaith says:

    I literally snorted after reading “He’s all singing in a Enrique Eglesias voice: ‘I will be your pillow Behbeh!'”

    Too funny!

  85. OMG, soooo sweet! But, dare I say, aren’t there actually 7 buns in there? See the little arc of brown on the bottom next to the brown & white one, and the bottom right corner looks like another brown & white ear that wouldn’t go with the others’ heads. So…

    bun bun bun bun bun bun bun!!!

  86. useta hada kitteh says:

    Mia — well, you know how it is with bunnehs. Turn your back for a minute, and there’s another one.

  87. When my eyes reached the bun with the little mouf and nose showing I started babbling incoherently…just before my head exploded from such cuteness! CAN’T STAND IT! DON’T LOOK AT IT ANYMORE!

  88. Just what I need on a cold morning, a basket of warm buns… 🙂

  89. How terrifying! Savage beasts!

  90. jebus, there oughtta be a law.

  91. Carrie Neeson says:

    OK here’s what we need to do: make 1000’s of copies of this picture and drop it by air over the Middle East and other hot spots around the world. Then, instead of saying “I hate you because you’re Jewish/Muslim/Shiite/ Sunni/funny-looking/from the wrong tribe…”
    How can people hate others so much when they live in a world where such sweet innocence exists? Good question.

  92. Carrie? That is seriously ingenious!

  93. Too bad Escher never got to see this picuture or he would have been inspired to make a tiling of bunny cuteness.

  94. emaleika says:

    so sweet!

  95. book_monstercats says:

    Thanks for the link to Desi, Theo. Now I’m happy. Sadly couldn’t get the link to the guy impersonating her, but hey, as Meatloaf nearly said, “one out of two ain’t baaaaad”.