Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about

Check out this mini-snorg action.

Stop and smell the hamsters, People.


Um, Hello! translucent lickable ear alert!


Nicely done Mr. Bailey McFlufferson and sender-inner Andrea K.



  1. I’m in ur face,
    kissing ur nose

  2. I totally think we should have a “backlit fur” category. 🙂

  3. Mrs. P. says:


  4. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    THAT is one large fluffy hammie.. omg..

    Please pass the Ham.. I would like to Snorg eet..

  5. Looks like it’s out of a commercial for hamster snuggle fabric.

  6. Mmmmm…the smell of wet cedar in the morning.

    He’s flooftastic.

  7. lauowolf says:

    The rose tones of the ear are particularly lovely, coordinating as they do with Hammie’s lady’s face.

  8. “what would we do baaybaay, without us? sha la la la…..”

  9. Heke?

  10. Doesn’t Andrea have the most perfect nose eveh??

  11. I thought the hammie had the perfect wittle nose.

  12. layla42 says:

    Don’t bogart the hammie, man!
    Pass to the left so the rest of us can have a snorgle.

  13. more like: Now that’s what I’m TOCKIN’ about. LOOK AT THE FLUFFY BUTT/TAIL!!!!!!!!!! zomg pon1es!!1!!

  14. *sniffs* Fresh hammy scent.

  15. Also, BACKLIT FLOOF!

  16. John Kerry says:

    What other things can she do with that hamster?

  17. lauowolf says:

    Well that sure stops da cute in its tracks.


    [note from Theo — fixed it]

  18. Dustbunny says:

    Cute, but it makes me want to sneeze. I bet hammie floof is very tickly.

  19. lick those ears and they’ll melt

  20. little gator says:

    OUCH! I hope the hammie is gentler than my friend’s brother’s gerbil.
    He did that and got a bite that pierced his nostril.


    Though perhaps that’s not a worry if the hamdler is gentler than the litle boy who got bit was….

  21. All hail the prosh prince of puffitude!

  22. leprechaun says:


  23. Cute hammie, yes. Sweet nose, yes. But will you look at her eyelashes?!?!?!?!?! Whoa!

  24. This precious Hammy McFloofpants is lucky I’m a vegetarian. Otherwise I would have to eeats heem!

  25. *gasp* The little whiskers! OMG….


    *regains consciousness*

    Not sure if I feel ya “Madame Beautiful” but I sure as heck huuurd ya. Weirdest. comment. EVER. 🙂

  26. Jenn Jordan says:

    I love that fluffball. I also envy Andrea’s eyelashes.

  27. BenPanced says:

    Snork the hammie goodness…

  28. I did that to a hammie once – he bit my nose! (to be fair, he was from a shelter, so who knows what happened to him before I came along)

    I names him Renfield after that.

  29. OMG– people, this is all well and good, but look how young that girl looks! Clearly she’s just doing it for attention! I must now call her names for no good reason!

    … okay, I’m done. I just wanted to see what nuffingness felt like 😀

  30. Manda — that was sooooo eeeeevil. I “tsk” you.

  31. LOL, Manda! I hate the whole hams’n’schnozzes category myself. I mean, if I want to look at some young girl’s nasal region, they have Web sites for that!

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I wonder what hammy smells like? Cinnamon?

    (And a suggestion to the mods…when you delete trolls, it might not be a bad idea to delete the posts calling attention to the trolls, too. Just to eliminate the confusion…)

  33. AuntieM — ‘cept, see, it ain’t THEM whut’s offending folks.

  34. Hey, what’d I miss? 🙂

    This pic is so amazing; looks like a studio shot! Is that hammie, like, a celebrity? ‘Couse, with those delicate, shell-like ears, it surely will be now if it wasn’t already…

  35. Awww. That’s a big ol’ hammie, too! That shot reminds me of my pet rat. He would occasionally try to stretch up to my face, and if I looked down and got my schnozz in range, he’d give me a little gentle nip on the tip of the nose.

    I miss the little guy. Cute pic here!

  36. Madam_Beautiful says:

    Ey a n!gga was bein real – you lames do you and I do me iight? and dat hammy is da bomb sh!t.


  37. AuntieMame says:

    No, Teho, they’re not offending. But they’re only posting publicly because there ain’t a way to get hold of you guys privately. I’m just sayin’ it would avoid some confusion, and would keep the clutter down.

  38. BCteagirl says:

    Heh…. I find it amusing AuntieM.:P

  39. sallybrown says:

    Shouldn’t this be in interspecies snorgling, too?

  40. useta hada kitteh says:

    I snorg you,
    You snorg me,
    We’re a hammy family…

  41. useta hada kitteh says:

    And, sheesh, Teho, clean up again!

  42. ajm1125 says:

    My hamster smells like his diet. Sort of grassy and lovely. I love to give him kisses and sniff him. I’m wierd. I know.

  43. I’ve done than once: the bitch byte me on the nose. Beware the furious hammies!

  44. ahhhh – the fresh smell of ham in the morning!

  45. the zen of ham

  46. good old whatshername says:

    Jenni, I thought I was the only one to get bitten trying to snorgle a hamster. My snorgle-fu is weak.

  47. Madam Beautiful — you’re walking a fine line, here. And let me just say, it isn’t possible to “talk street” while typing, any more than *I* could pull it off in real life. You just come off as a dork. (Seriously, you can trust me on this.) I *will* delete your “sh!t” if you keep messing around, though. It doesn’t matter if Jeezy said it first.

    One love.

    Useta, AuntieM, and other fine & concerned Peeps: Maybe lay off a bit, eh?

  48. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Imagine burying your nose into soft hammie fur! Does it feel like butterfly kisses, Andrea?

    I bet that tickles, though.

  49. useta hada kitteh says:

    Theo — sorry, I thought I was being helpful. I’ll shut up now.

  50. [sigh]

  51. Nuffer_nuffer says:

    Um, she looks underage. I came here to see cute, not to see teen pores. What kind of site is this anyway?

    (just kidding, *splodes* from Teh Qte)

  52. Ponygirl says:

    I would so put that Hammie in my mouth.

  53. I want her lashes!!

    Gator — hey, free piercing!

    Madam Beautiful — LMAO gEt ReAl!

  54. HyperCube says:

    Is it me, or she looks just like that girl from the controversial (and now withdrawn) Hedges’n’Racks pictures?

  55. Madam_Beautiful says:

    I post 100% hood realness and get dat doe boi plus mad street cred and I get hated on? FALLLLLLBACK HATAZZZZZ PS I would gently rock that hammy pie to sleep. Holla at a capo

  56. OK, hood realness it is. Just remember, y’know, the reason they call it “street cred” is it gets you respect… on the streets… and there aren’t any streets on the internet.

    Anyway, it sounds like we understand each other, so no worries. And you’re quite right about Bailey the hamster.

  57. lauowolf says:

    Hammie is so perfectly circular — do you suppose he can actually walk?
    Or has he evolved beyond the need for feet and is now always to be passed from hand-to-hand?

  58. Lauo — they can hover. See the aura?

  59. Somebody did a HEDGIES AND RACKS?!

    Are you kidding me? Ow ow ow ow ow!

  60. I do that with my hammie all the time! He also likes his wee ears rubbed.

  61. She needs to be in a covergirl commercial or something with those lashes…come to think of it, the hamster could be in it too – as the powder puff!