This Lap o’ luxury is TAKEN

Ta-ay-ay-ken. Taken!

Hear moi?

Now, back away slowleh, and I’ll put my paws down. Slowly…

SLOWLY!!! [swipe]

Swiping sounds

Hannah S.—stop with the peenk toes. Serious.



  1. s’okay, kitteh! I’m backing off…I’ll just have a seat over here and melt.

  2. AlbertaGirl says:

    I want to put my face on that white belleh – even though I know I would be immediately kicked in the head by those big back feet!

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Kitteh: My claws’re this long, ‘n I’ll use’em. You think cuz I’m cute I’m harmless…

  4. I’m very tempted to tickle that kitteh belleh. It’s well worth the scratches. LOL

  5. KISS the TUM TUM.Little pink toesys.

  6. ooh, fluffy white belly and pink toes! snorfle snorfle.

    this little kitters looks like mine did when she got stuck between two couch cushions after someone stood up — same paws-up, surprised look, though her limbs were a leetle bit more squished together.

  7. The paw pads! The Mesmer-like facial expression! <3

  8. eeeeeeeeee! pink jelly bean toesies!!!

  9. CO, CO! How long will you torment me with sweet-faced, stubby-limbed, pink-toed kittens that I cannot snorgle? How long?


    At least I got to play with a kitty for a little while yesterday. That’ll have to do…

  10. Hmm. I am overwhelmed with teh desire to dangle string.

  11. i want to kiss the little pawsicles!!! too cute. look at his bushy little tail!

  12. It’s kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?…

  13. OMG….how absolutely plush! That fur looks soooooo soft, and the wee pink toes and the wee pink nose is like to kill me ded.

  14. Ack! Teeny tabby spottage on left pawlm is keeling me!

  15. EEEEE! Furry belleh! Stubby legs! Peenk toesies! Awwwwww.

  16. I’m in the mood for bubblegum-flavored jellybeans. All SIXTEEN of ’em!! ^__^


  17. Awwwww. I wanna stick my face in the belleh!

    What a cutie, bright-eye wittle kitty!

  18. Suzanne says:

    Meg – you’ve found the perfect cure for migraines! And without the drowsy side effects!

    *sigh* I can go battle the The Man now.

  19. it’s almost as if this kitten is some kind of cuteness assassin and is deliberately tryin to kill all the cuteologists! it’s like, “look how easy it is for me to slay you. i just have to raise my pawsitude! now die die DIE, vulnerable cuteologists!”

  20. Bad Kitteh says:

    *has an unexplainable urge to eat teh lil paws, just a lil bit*

  21. weasel_tea_party says:

    It’s a tummy trap! It looks all fuzzy and snorglable, then once you get close enough–WHOMP!

  22. WTP — we know, yet we cannot resist.

  23. SeaBreeze says:

    ooooooo I must tickle de cute widdle tumtum! … den I would get 4 sets of claws tearing into me – the front ones holding tight while the back ones rabbitted all skin right off my arm.

    But it would still be fun to get a tickle or two in …

  24. Paws Up, bitches…!

  25. Yooouuu are becoming sleeepy…sleepy…sleepy…

    Youuu will get the tuuunnna frommm the caaaabinet….

    Youuuu will place it befooore meee…

    On the laaaap o’ luuuuuxxxury…

  26. SeaBreeze,
    I would tickle the tummy while wearing thick claw-proof rubber gloves for epidermal protection.

  27. Daisycat says:

    LOL @ Theo…

    I’m in ur lap…
    Uppin mah paws…

  28. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    What a pose with jelly bean toes,
    the feeling of cute jest grows and grows.

  29. Um, all of the pinks are so well coordinated…toes, noes, leeps…I love it!

  30. My Jojo has the same markings – right down to the dark spot under the front left paw!

  31. Squeeeee!!! I don’t know what to kiss first, the pink paw pads, or the furry white belly

    Keesss theem both!!

  32. cuuuuuuuuuuuute!

  33. I haven’t really paid any attention to the commenting ability since I put CO on my RSS feeds but my reaction to this photograph – amidst all the gloomy news – dictated that I return. I am SO glad I’m alone in the apartment right now. I glance up at him and cackle madly. Gawds, he’s adooooorable!

    “C’mere! Hug me! Kiss my belly! I am happycat and you obeeeeeey!”

  34. Andréa says:

    SQUEAL! Too cute! I yuv you, kitty!

  35. MamaDawn says:

    Kitters sez “I love you thiiiiis much”!!

  36. Chelsea says:

    “It’s kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Kitty belly furbert time
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?
    Where y’at?…”


    Theo, THAT made my day.

  37. Well there y’go.
    (There y’go. There y’go. There y’go.)

  38. book_monstercats says:

    Back feets in motion…..

  39. violetgreen says:

    Do you feel lucky, punk? Go on, try tickling the belly…make my day!

  40. I want to snurfle those paddy-paws thiiiiiiis much!

  41. Poster child for Paws Up!

  42. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    I’m on ur Blanket,
    Being extremely qte.

  43. What a wonderful picture that kitten looks like she is so happy and that very little bothers her, except for maybe a camera in her face but she swipes back in her very own way. Those little but going to be long tocks look so kissable, smoochies little one.

  44. Daisycat says:

    Theo, please tell me there is no baseball bat in this version….that would start a whole new commentroversy…. 😛

  45. Fuzzykittybelly!
    Fuzzykittybelly with a forepaw BAT!
    Fuzzykittybelly with a forepaw BAT!

    Come on now, I need to stop this.

  46. (PS — gaahhh… seen the K-Fed version?


  47. BrianMPLS says:

    Kittybellyfurbert with a comfy lap!
    Kittybellyfurbert with a comfy lap!

  48. BrianMPLS says:

    aw dangit, theo! nice concurrent one-up! 😛

  49. Yeah, that’s better than Mr. Ex Britney, but watch your meter, eh? Too many syllables…
    [off to wash that video clip out of my brain now]

  50. Persephone says:

    oh wow. That’s just awesome.

    In kitteh-related news, my fiance finally gave in yesterday and said that when the apartment is cleaned up, we can get a kitten! I think this has something to do with the way a friend’s kitty was snuggling him when we visited yesterday. “Did he just touch his nose to my nose? I didn’t think he liked me!”

  51. Daisycat says:

    can’t. breeve. laughin. too. moishe. Theo you rock, man….LOL

  52. AuntieMame says:

    Kitteh’s eyes are picking up the green from the afghan. Paws up, lil’ dude!

  53. Stephers says:

    omg Theo, that was great! Someone totally needs to animate that (Kitty version of pbj song + this kitty pic). I think I would die. 🙂

  54. hehe … dig the croshed eyesh thing going on … kinda “which way did he go, which way did he go” …

  55. Fuzzybutt says:

    I *so* want to razzzberry her belly!!!!

  56. lauowolf says:

    Kitteh here demonstrates mad ninja kitty skills.
    Her attack position freezes,and snorgle-stunned victims fling themselves in slo-mo into her merciless velvet attack paws.

  57. As soon as i saw it, i thought “everybody was kung fu fighting!!!!!!!! now we have 2 (yes i said 2!) songs to get suck in our heads for work/ our daily routines….. you’re welcome, from those at Cute Overload, where we fans…..enjoy cuteness, i guess….maybe??

  58. I’m innocent officer, i was forced to lay on this warm…comfurtables…loving…caring….lap…..yea, that’s it!!

  59. acelightning says:

    Oh, mighty little predator, you have slain me with your unbearable cuteness! I tremble before the power of your pink paws! I will not challenge your right to that comfy corner – I’ll go sit at the other end of the sofa…

  60. Wendy, it’s okay to have that feeling, we all get it…. but the belly’s MINE!!! all MINE i tell you!!!! (snorgles tummy before anyone else can….)

  61. Wondering if I’m the only one who literally reached out to her computer monitor to rub the belly…

  62. Chris D. says:
  63. Martha in Washington says:

    I want to rub his soft white belly!! My heart aches every time I see such a cutiepie because I WANT ONE!!!!!

  64. Stephers — I *was* thinking that… but then it turned into this massive undertaking in my head.

    GreenIghs — very nice!

    Rosie —


  65. EEEEEE! Feeties in the air!!
    hehe Theo I loved that. XD
    Kitty looks like, “You want some of this? HUH?!”

  66. PeaceNLuv says:

    I love how the kitteh’s eyes match the blankie! Talk about color coordinating!! This kitteh has taste 😀
    I wanna scoop the little bumface up and schmoozle his peenk paw pads!!

  67. Awww, the little flat nose! Looks just like my Rocketman’s — he looks a little like he got whacked in the face, but it’s super cute.

    And, I know it’s been said, but I must do it again: JELLY BEAN TOES!!!

  68. snoopysnake says:

    Admit it, everyone. You used your mouse pointers and gave this kitteh a belly rub. I did and I’ll do it again.

    Those little pink paws! I looooove him!

  69. Aha! I’m not the only one in the world who likes to kiss kitty tummies.

    My blue point Siamese has the most adorable belly ever, with just the right amount of pudgy roundness, and oh-so-soft..whenever he stretches out on his back I find myself unable to resist smooching the tummy!

    And my seal point Siamese has the cutest spot right on her tummy, which means that while HER tummy isn’t as soft, nor as round, it STILL begs for kissies!

  70. caroline says:

    Snoopysnake…. I did! I used my mouse pointer to rub that belly!…..”Cyber tummy rubs!”

  71. SeaBreeze says:

    Great idea, Noel. =)

    We had this kitty once that used to tolerate about 0.00000729 seconds of petting before the claws came out. Kitty hardly ever got petted. UNTIL kitty went into labor and then kitty could not get her tumtum petted ENOUGH for hours and hours! Post-delivery, she was back to her same old slicin’ self.

  72. “Gotta love me!”

  73. “…And the cameraman was never found alive after taking this final shot.”

  74. iwubkitties says:

    i was thinking of a caption somewhere along the lines of

    “I’m stuck. Please help me.”

    *helps poor wittle kitteh*

    “hahaha! I fooled you! Aren’t I so devious.”