Chicken Cop 1: Bok, what seems to be the er, bok, problem?

Bunny criminal 2: He hit me first—

Chicken Cop 2: bok SILENCE!

Bunny criminal 1: I was minding my own business when I was jumped!

Chicken Cop 1: I’ve, bok, had enough—we’re takin’ both of yous downtown.

F1v3r strikes AGAIN!



  1. smokeyJoe says:

    this made my day. how sad is that?

  2. WORD! Bleen!!

    *stops to contemplate why that is so gratifying…?”

    Oh well, it is!!!

  3. Bowen29 says:

    It really does look like they’re scolding the rabbits!

  4. That’s so funny. It really did look like they were acting like police trying to break up a scwabble*(check spelling)….I enjoyed that.

  5. God, this is funny.

    I guess if anyone ever gets into an argument over who would win in a fight to the death between a bunny and chicken…I guess we have our answer.

  6. It was alittle disturbing at first I thought it was those cock fights they talk about. But I see the rabbits were starting a squabble and the mother hens had to split them up. WHEW

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    OMG!! This is soooo funny!! Who knew that chickens could be so bossy!? I love the stare down with the spotted bunny.

  8. It looks as though they ran afowl of the law.

  9. Whasssuppp says:

    Hope they are just pets and not for….you know the axe.

  10. Looks like the bun buns got off with a warning.

    Chicken COPS…filmed on location with the hens and roosters of barn yard enforcement.

  11. what a riot! are those chickens or roosters?

  12. blueberries4me says:

    It’s cute because it does look like the chicken are coming in to break up a fight but it’s sad that those rabbits are fighting. Having two buns myself they can really injure each other!

  13. Disapproving chickens?! My kids thought this was hilarious!

  14. Heh, I just found this video yesterday and almost sent it in, but figured someone probably would. I’m glad it’s up here–made me laugh a lot last night.

  15. eikoleigh says:

    I almost fell off my chair at work. That was SO funny. Who knew that chickens could throw down like that…?!

    Best inter species stare down – ever….

  16. Does this mean that vis a vis disapproval that chickens are the rabbits of the rabbit world?

  17. May I just say that Cute Overload has been OUTDOING itself lately?
    This is hilarious!

  18. Margaret says:






    Was that funny or what!

    The chickens are all like “YOU CUT THAT OUT RIGHT NOW!! DAMNED RABBITS!”

  20. Y’know, I’ve *heard* about this video before, but this is the first time I’ve *seen* it. Bok!

  21. im in ur yard
    scoldin ur bunz

  22. snusnu – “afowl”

    i’m so jealous not to have thought that up myself!

  23. anyone else notice that they seem to be in an “arena” sort of like in sumo? apparently, the spotted bunny left the ring….what a chicken!!!

  24. It’s best to obey when a pullet tells you to pull over, lest you risk arroost-er.

  25. Regulatin’ Roosters!! That’s just too darn funny=)

  26. well, you can’t exactly put it under ‘interspecies snorgling….’

    and i’m pretty sure those are hens because they don’t have the long tail feathers. either that, or they’re still young, which i doubt for the size of them… and yes, hens have the combs too.

  27. This reminds me of Animal Farm.

  28. Bad vibes…nothing “cute” about this!

  29. If rabbits beat up snakes, and chickens beat up rabbits, does that mean that chickens are tougher than snakes?

    A philosophical and logical problem for you all to ponder.

    Saw this vid a few days ago. Sheer brilliance. And snusu, speaking of brilliance…

  30. Michelle says:

    The chickens TOTALLY dissapproved of those rabbits!

  31. zosterops says:

    thats hilarious

  32. Thinker — nah… it’s a rock-scissors-paper deal.

  33. I love all the jumping going on – the spotted bunny, and then the top chicken! I can’t tell whether they’re all fighting or playing or what.

  34. That is REDONKULOUS!!!! My cube is now a kiddie pool I laughed so hard!

  35. Theo – you beat me to it… Snakes take rabbits any day.

    Major props to Meg, master anthropomorphizer – what a great script!

    My first interpretation of the vid was that the chickens went in thinking they were breaking up a cockfight, and when the action stopped, the were all, “Oh, crud. no feathers.” Of course, then they had to act all tough so as not to look foolish (fowlish.)

  36. Hananza — you mean, Rabbit beats Snake, Chicken beats Rabbit, Snake beats Chicken.
    You did see this one, right?

  37. Those chickens/hens threw the bok at the buns!

  38. i can’t tell if they are fighting or playing either, but I’ve had my cats for 11 years and I still can’t tell if they are fighting or playing, until one cries and hides under the bed. Hell, sometimes I wonder if *they* know the difference.

    So bunnies too fluffy and adorable to look vicious when bounce-fight-playing – well, that’s cute all on its own.

  39. “Everybunny was bun-fu fighting
    Those rabbits were fast as lightning
    But the chicken cops were much more frightning
    And they bokked with henpecked timing.

    They were funky Chicken hens from funky Chickentown
    They were bokking them up and they were bokking them down
    It’s an ancient Chicken art and it keeps the bunnies apart
    The hens don’t take no lip, when kicking from the hip

    Everybunny was bun-fu fighting
    Those rabbits were fast as lightning
    But the chicken cops were much more frightning
    And they bokked with henpecked timing.”

  40. That was hilarious. XD I’ve spent enough time on farms, but I never noticed hens breaking up fights like that.

    Thanks for the laugh, Meg!

  41. Slap some hen-cuffs (hand-clucks?) on them bunnehs.

  42. Brill, pyrit…but–do hens have hips? We know bunnies have lips…

    Layer upon layer of joi.

  43. Madam_Beautiful says:

    them alphabet boys want us in cages
    That line there represents what them lil nikkas is going thro

    A n!gga can relate to the jakes knockin his hustle

  44. Hi-lar-i-us, ‘and don’t let it happen again, bok!

  45. “Bok him, Dano!”

  46. “Bok him, Dano!”


  47. This is tewtally the Law & Order: Criminal Intent of the animal world.

    The chicken in back is Kathryn Erbe (character name: Eames), the mousy-looking but tough woman.

    The chicken in front is Vincent D’Onofrio (character name: Goren), the DSM-IV-memorizing/crossword-solving/OCD-having crazy “bad cop.”

    While Goren-Chicken is having a stare-down with the rabbit suspect in front, Eames-Chicken in back is prodding the rear rabbit suspect into talking. Which he does, by side-stepping.


    Eames-Chicken and Goren-Chicken exit the interview pit.

    And…. scene.

    Roll credits.

  48. I saw this when I was youtubin’ the other day and its still making me laugh.

    I reckon chickens are THE future of law enforcement.

  49. The first time I watched it, I missed the beginning…I didn’t realize i had, because I SORT of saw it, but I was turning up my volume.

    And I thought, “Really? People think this is funny?”

    SO I watched it again, and it IS funny!

    It just loses its whole appeal if you don’t see them zooming in all, “Bun fight alert! Bun fight alert!”

  50. Cultural Reference Check!!! Just watching How I Met Your Mother (ok, so I was bored – gedovahidalready!) – and they said “Redonkulous”! The news is spreading, peeps!

  51. Layla42 says:

    That was fantastic!

    “OI! Break it up you two!”

    I liked the chicken pushing the bun further back with it’s chest.
    “Nothing to see here. Move along.”

    Great call there.
    And probably a good thing I didn’t see it at work, as I would have dissolved into giggles…

  52. bearlet says:

    Teej, “redonkulous” makes a cameo tonight? thanks for the tip! (slap) that’s number 2.

  53. little gator says:

    Speckled Bun is innocent. White Bun attacked for no reason.

  54. Hananza says:

    Oh yeah, I meant Snake takes* Chicken… I mean, it’s only fair, right?
    Thanks, Thinker and Theo, for reminding us of that gem! Also pyrit, for another perfect song hare-ody. 🙂

    (*and TASTES like)

  55. So I need to get some chickens to break up my kittens that can go a little overboard in the rough-housing…

  56. Cute!!!!!

  57. SeaBreeze says:

    “Bok bok bok bok bok!!”

    [wiggle nosies]

    “Bok bok BOK!”

    [wiggle nosies]


    [wiggle nosies]

    Does this mean that when we’re having a bad hare day it’s poultry to the rescue?

  58. bunny friend says:

    i don’t know, i think this is not cute. and definitely not cool. you can see that the bunnies are afraid of those birds.
    i don’t like this one.

  59. possing hilarious… nuff said.

    the dialog fits so well!!!!

  60. The buns have a total, “…What just happened?” look on their faces. Hee hee.

  61. Albert, the hands-on style of these chickens suggests to me something more old school: Elliot Nest and his UnCluckables.

    Well, Uncluckable, anyway.

  62. useta hada kitteh says:

    That is absobloominlutely hilarious! Who knew?

    For what it’s worth, from the look, size of neck, and whatnot of the Poultry Officer dealing with Spotty McIt-was-the-other-guy-I-didnt-do-anything, the Poultry Officer in front is a rooster, the Officer in the background is a hen. For what it’s worth.

  63. Pheas, that made me LOL.

    We have chickens at work and they’re totally bossy, so, yeah… doesn’t really surprise me, still effin’ funny.

  64. Umm, where’s Borat? Does this video take place to benefit the Glory of Kazhakstan?

  65. It is kind of sad because of the fighting and the bunnies are scared. But still very funny. I watched it twice.

  66. Chickens can be vicious, I’m surprised they stopped when they did. Most chickens I’ve met could whoop the snot out of anything smaller than a spaniel…and liked to.

  67. Martha in Washington says:

    My mom was terrified of chickens (and feathery things in general) her whole life. Now I know why!!

  68. Martha in Washington says:

    My mom was terrified of chickens (and feathery things in general) her whole life. Now I know why!!

  69. hibousoir says:

    I found a $20 bill on the ground today, but then my boss screamed at me and humiliated me in front of everyone. This almost makes me feel better.

  70. Martha in Washington says:

    Please excuse the double post-machine malfunction. I swear, it wasn’t me, really!! Don’t send the COPS!!!!

  71. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Clucking funny, I love the last bok as chicken cop departs.

  72. acelightning says:

    I think it would be even funnier if the chickens were fighting (and they do fight quite viciously), and the bunnies broke it up. And, having seen a half-grown bunny scare off a crow twice her size, I’m a little surprised at how these buns are giving up to the Poultry Police.

  73. My rabbits definitely need some chicken police. I’m going to have to look into it.

  74. Those buns are quite obviously henpecked.

  75. Don’t you love how at the end the chicken’s are like “Nothing to see here, keep moving!” as they walk away?

    This reminds me of parents breaking up fights between siblings. 🙂

  76. FuzzyBumpkin says:

    Bossy little chickehs, aren’t they???

  77. Fair is fowl, and fowl is fair it would seem!

  78. layla42 says:

    Bad bun
    Bad bun
    What’cha gonna do?
    When they go all BOK on you?

  79. notfunanymore says:

    Looked at it again. Seems like it’s an ARENA FOR ANIMALS FIGHTS. It looks like it’s in another country. Can’t believe people think it’s funny.

  80. Candace says:

    That was too cute and funny! I love it and the caption was perfect!

  81. This is not ok- no one should let rabbits fight like that- they could tear each other apart. This site is so disapointing sometimes. An animal’s well-being should not be compromised in the name of “cute”. so sad

  82. This kills me, because it reminds me of our own chickens XD We got dwarf-hens, and we *had* a mouseproblem too… but them chickens are not to be underestimated… because if traps or cats didn’t eat the mice, the hens certainly would! (and if you don’t believe me, I got photos to prove it)

  83. the final cluck does it for me – “don’t make me come back over here”

  84. notfunanymore says:

    Totally agree with EMFOLE this is a very disappointing site. I personally look at this site to see cute not animal fights.

  85. notfunanymore and emfole.. if it bother you this much, then just don’t look at this =/ Go look at the other Cute.

  86. Lord (or chikin) deliver us from having fun.

  87. SeaBreeze says:

    thread jack =(

    hibousoir, you seriously need a new boss! FAST! We all work WAY too many hours every week to put up w/ gestapo bosses of any kind!! You deserve better!

    end of thread jacking =)

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled chick-bun … er, … program.

  88. I don’t think we can righteously assume “maliciousness” in what’s going on here. There’s not enough evidence to support it. The bun-fight was broken up quickly before it could get out of hand, and the birds didn’t escalate it before ending it. It looked like the bun-fight came from around a corner as a surprise to the filmer, so it wasn’t “staged”. The birds were likely being territorial-maybe the buns got too near their nests. No critters were hurt in the making of this film…accept the funny/qte!

  89. That was well said, Amanda.

  90. notsofunnyanymore says:

    Thanks Amanda. I’m just overly sensitive about these things. KS Claw you’re right if it bothers some people we shouldn’t look at it. The clip just surprised me that it would be on this site.

  91. rabbits can really hurt each other- if two rabbits fight, it means they don’t like each other and they will fight regularly. I hate to imagine what would happen if we all turned our heads when cruelty occurs. I don’t understand this love of “cute animals” and not these same animals’ welfare.

  92. Emfole, you’re just making it worse, you know? Did you actually watch the video? The fight was STOPPED. And by CHICKENS, even.

  93. TeratoMarty says:

    “Speckled Bun is innocent. White Bun attacked for no reason.”

    You don’t know that! Maybe Speckled Bun was talking smack about White Bun’s mother.

  94. If rabbits fight once, they will definitely fight again. Eventually, they will kill each other if they aren’t separated. I work with rabbits and have seen some really scary fights. It is hard to imagine such sweet animals killing each other, but they will if allowed.

  95. on a completely unrelated note, I QUIT MY JOB! somebody gimme a YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  96. Christine says:

    Actually, I don’t really think the buns were fighting…if so maybe they were play-fighting. We don’t see enough of the whole thing to know what led up to their chasing and whatnot, but it really doesn’t seem serious. Doesn’t the spotted one look like he lets out a binky or two?

  97. Ariel,
    Here is what you asked for.

    I have no idea what job you quit or what’s the deal, but I aim to please.

  98. Christine says:

    PS: Yay!

  99. Ariel — does this mean you’ll have MORE or LESS time now for Teh Qte™ (and its associated Thursday-afternoon bunneh cremes)?

  100. Theo, I confused. My first post was removed…and my second one altered…what is “bleen”?? I’ve seen it on here before but I haven’t figured out what it means…

    Not that I obsessively check on my posts or anything (*shifty eyes*) I just happened to notice…can’t stop watching the interspecies policing…oooh….new category???

  101. DKN — it’s a MYSTERY!!!
    [most purely innocent expression]

    Anyway, you’ve figured it out already.

  102. ROFL ROFL ROFL!!!

    I almost fell off my chair.
    Really funny!

  103. teho, more time, less computer time. it’s a toss-up.
    i do miss bein a peep.

  104. thank you for teh yays!
    in 2 weeks, i will no longer be a desk-lackey for a painfully disorganized organization. i’m guessing my butt will stop growing. i’m getting GARDEN JOBS instead!

  105. rpennefe says:

    Total threadjack:


    Daisy the Canadian Goose!
    Sam the Beagle!
    Dan the human (he’s a little, uh, goofy?)

    end threadjack

  106. RPenn — whoa, that’s local to me! I actually *watch* KARE 11. Hmmmm…

  107. rpennefe says:

    Theo – my sibs live up in the cities, but it was my stepdad who sent me the link.

  108. Peg of Tilling says:

    When Easter baskets go bad. Film at eleven.

    Oh wait this is the film at eleven. Never mind.

  109. I loved this video, mostly because I assumed the buns were just playing. How can you tell if they’re playing or fighting?

    Freelance Cuteologists have discovered a hitherto unknown source of Teh Cute(tm) in Mongolia! Apparently they were going about their regular work, assessing the relative cuteness of baby yaks, when they came across THIS:


    “With a wingspan up to 3m (9ft) they are Eurasia’s largest raptor” – 3 metres of Teh QTE! 🙂

  111. Debi — the flying fur, severed limbs, and the blood… OMG, so much blood…

    Wait, I might be thinking of Monty Python. Sorry.

  112. “Sgt. Cluck” – “Good” Chicken Cop: Don’t make me let Little handle this. It’s about time you confess your involvement in the carrot smuggling ring.

    Bunny: I ain’t tellin you nothin’ copper! You’ll never match my teeth to those carrot nibbles.

    “Little” – “Bad” Chicken Cop: You’re all alone here, and the sky’s about to fall all around you!

  113. TJ — whoa, it’s a baby vulture wearing a Muppet suit.

  114. PS and this is his dad, sporting the latest in fashionable outerwear – high collars are in this season, apparently…

  115. Not to drag this on, but that’s definitly a rabbit fight. Probably two unaltered males fighting over “territory”. There is another rabbit in the very first few frames cowering in a corner.

    After seeing many such fights, i do not wish to see clips of them, but i just won’t watch it again, and i will not try to imagine the place where this was shot. Problem solved.

  116. DITTO What SEPI Said.

  117. Does “COP” stand for “Chicken On Patrol?”

  118. Chris B. says:

    Those bunnies were really fighting. But I still think it was cool that the chickens broke it up. That could lead to the bunnies getting along. I hate to see bunnies fight but this was really funny.

  119. misscrisp says:

    Pardon the intrusion, here’s a lil something called IRL (um, InRealLife kids), forgive the length:
    so it’s monday and you’re at the acupuncturist’s office because that’s pretty much the only thing keeping you alive these days and there’s a lady there with a beautiful dog and you’re staring helplessly at the GIANT shepherd ears ready to kronsche but the doc calls your name right away so you just call back over your shoulder to the lady “cuteoverload.com. you have to–” as you’re whisked away. The wise acupuncturist has overhead your words and asks, so you explain C.O. a little bit while being needled. He leaves and you actually start chortling to yourself as you picture the Bok v. Bunneh dustup, lying there a NOT-so-cute porcupine with silver quills sticking out everywhere. Then you start to hear the doc laughing somewhere, and more giggles spilling from the back office where the helpers are. That special grin gets on your face, the one when you know you’ve made another successful transmission of Teh Qte™. Le sigh of happiness.
    Thank you, and now back to your commentation peeps!

  120. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    I disagree, this video doesn’t look like they were all thrown intogether and expected to fight. In a typical animal fighting ring, there wouldn’t be ANY junk like the stuff that’s around the outside of the backyard/patio looking deal. It’d be alot smaller of an area too..

    (I watch WAY too much animal cops shows!)

  121. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Ohhh Misscrisp! I’ve been spreading the word too! . they had NO idea about C.O. at my local SPCA!

  122. rabbits do not play like dogs- unlike dogs who ruff and tumble when they play, two rabbits that get along will play follow the leader, take food out of each others’ mouths, jump around together, lots of snuggling and some occasional humping. NEVER will they chase and fly AT each other into the air if they are friends.
    wanna see cute bunny photos?

  123. Haha cute ! I love chickens. they are so cute !

  124. MissCrisp — that *rules*. Thanks for sharing!
    (I mean it, no irony)

  125. VitaminJ says:

    That rooster is pure badass. I never knew poultry could stare down like that. You know he was strutting away: “That’s right. You WILL respect mah authoriTAY!”

  126. misscrisp says:

    aw, Teho, thanks. I got shy by writing so long, but it had to be shared. I am SO the unofficial C.O. Evangelist. Just ask anyone! heheheh (yes I amuse myself)

  127. At the very end, that last “bok” the chicken gives the bun sounds like “punk”!

  128. Not all chickens are mean, these ones are not being mean either, my rooster will break up any fight he sees. He is quite a gentlemen. Rabbits and chickens are kept very well together, they get along with each other.

  129. Emfole = Absolutely correct…That is classic aggression.

    “two rabbits that get along will play follow the leader, take food out of each others’ mouths” ….ha! Treat time at my house is one bun in the kitchen and one bun in the living room. My little girl was an emaciated bag ‘o bones when i rescued her…she DON’T share well…sigh…

    Awesome link too!

    IF I COULD…you have to see Lyle, one of our santurary buns…

    bunneh in the tub…


  130. Chenney says:

    Chicken: “Are you gonna calm down? Hey. HEY. Look at me. Look at me when I’m speaking to you. Are you going to calm down?”

  131. layla42 says:

    Tony James–Wow! What a beautiful bird! Good find!

  132. no laura, it’s “clucking over bunnies” obviously….. lol

  133. Stephanie S. says:

    I love Fiver!

  134. Melissa says:

    Could that be mating behavior on the part of the bunnies? It kind of looks like the white one is trying to mount the spotted one. Maybe the chickens just don’t approve of fornicatin’!

  135. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I agree with Melissa–isn’t this “horny bunny” behavior going on? And if that’s the case, maybe the Chicken Police were saying “GET A ROOM!!!”

  136. Cheryl G says:

    I agree with those who said this was a bunny fight. They could have had a big fenced in arena that we couldn’t see. People fight dogs and roosters, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find people fighting bunnies, especially in latin american countries. One of my Sunday school kids said her uncle put a rabbit in with another rabbit and they both killed each other. Then he ate them. This is not a funny video and I feel bad for those poor animals. The rabbits are plainly scared to death. By the way, the one chasing the black and white rabbit is a rooster, and looks like a cock fighting rooster.

  137. “They could have had a big fenced in arena that we couldn’t see.”
    Yes, and around the other corner there was a 150,000 seat stadium dedicated to the sport of professional rabbit fighting, underneath which they prepare big fat roosters to fight to the death in a diabetes-themed bloodsport, and the loser has to go and manufacture weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – another thing “that we couldn’t see”.
    Ya NUFF!

  138. WOW! THAT’S SO COOL!!!

  139. Good Grief says:

    So what’s the next wild speculation about the terrible plight of these otherwise well-fed looking animals with nice fur and lots of feathers?
    Perphaps the white pole in the yard was put there so that the buns could pole-dance for a few scraps of withered carrot?

  140. darkshines says:

    Just beautiful, poultry in motion……

  141. did anyone notice the chicken in the top? towards the end, it literally kicked that rabbit in the ass. such…gaul.

  142. LOL!!! Now I know where we got the expression “hen-pecked”!

  143. Good Grief — OK, now I need to go wash my mind out with soap.

    DarkShines — [LOL] [groan]

    MJK — so it’s an Outrrageous Frawnsh Cheekeen?

    Subhangi — welcome to our folksy colloquialisms. Take two; they’re small.

  144. those aren’t just plain old chicken cops. They’re from the Department of Henland Security 😉

  145. How long did it take you to hatch that one, Rhizzy?

  146. It’s nice that people are concerned about animal welfare, but I think that is just an innocent round backyard patio and not a “bunny fighting ring”. EliteBishop at YouTube claims this video was made by his sister, and that the rabbits do this all day long.

  147. Ok…. emfole is right re. bunnies fighting to the point of maiming/killing, but personally, I don’t believe there was/is animal abuse going on here, let alone putting the animals in a ring to fight.

    FWIW, I posted this vid on one of my blogs at the end of Feb. – I found out about it from a rabbit rescue person who thinks the footage is *cute.* I won’t post the name of the person/shelter, but they’re both well known in house rabbit circles.

    ( )
    ” “

  148. toborzgrrl says:

    We have loads of wild bunnies where I work (we refer to them as our Trained Watchbunnies, but really they just hang out and eat the lawn). I very often see a pair of them engaged in what I call Tae Bun Do: intense staring, followed by leaps into the air, with major rear-leg kicks. Since they are 1. a yard apart and 2. facing each other, the kicks obviously don’t do any damage. So, wild bunnies, on their own, on acres of free yummy grass, with no discernable girl bunnies to compete over, will fight. They do not need to be coerced to fight by Evil Humans.

  149. Exactly. Bunnies (wild and domestic) also leap, scissor-kick and “fly” around in play, both alone and together. (As the house rabbit peeps here know…)

  150. And TJ, bunnies are actually fierce little creatures, more than capable of what some people have mentioned (fighting until one is seriously injured or killed). the fights described in Watership Down are pretty realistic.

  151. [John Cleese]He’s got huge, sharp — eh — he can leap about — look at the bones! [/John Cleese]

  152. “I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to find people fighting bunnies, especially in latin american countries.”

    Yaay for generalizations and prejudice!

    This was funny as hell, by the way.

  153. It looks like the bunnies were having fun and the chickens came in all angry and ruined that.

  154. R. Moore says:

    My chickens would be the ones STARTING the fight. The best behaved of the bunch are brother and sister, and they actually preen each other. Aaaand ignore everyone else.

  155. Selianth says:

    Nope, those are not scared buns. They are slightly wary curious and ready to be aggresive to those C.O.P.s, but not scared. Scared buns are flat to the ground, frozen, with their ears pinned back.

  156. that was THE funniest thing I have EVER seen –

  157. Oh stop complaining if you don’t think it’s cute. I’ve owned both chickens and rabbits, even at the same time and their interactions are hilarious. In our case, the rabbits were milder than the hen – but buns know when they’ve been told off, and chickens are pretty bossy. It can’t be all bubbles and clouds ALL the time when you own pets.

    I laughed so hard through this twice I started crying. Thanks CO. It IS cute, so ner!

  158. short tan says:

    good god people. It’s a funny video. ****ing Laugh.

  159. Where is the humour. Do try again! I am sure that you can come up with something far more!!

  160. tammytalking says:

    I saw this on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. I thought it was funny and was curious where they got it from. Funny.