And just what do we have here?

You know how some times you want to scream and so you have to STUFF YOUR FIST in your MOUTH so you don’t embarrass yourself?

Meet "Bumble" the Japanese (natch) Chin pup.

Fer crying out loud, People.

Bumble Yawwwwns

Say owner Anessa W., "She sleeps like it’s her job." I bet.



  1. zosterops says:

    that— does—not—-look—healthy

  2. useta hada kitteh says:

    This mornin’ I gots up, pulled up the hood on this whatsis I’m wearin’, an’ I’m already too tie-tie, an’ I’m goin’ back to beddzzzzz..Night-night…

  3. HeidStar says:

    That’s not yawning, it’s clearly a case of Spontaneous Opera Syndrome!

  4. Poor deformed puppy. =(

    Cute name though.

  5. ACK ACK ACK! Cough that Furball up buddy. Bet he’s a big snorer. He so cute.


  7. Bumble, Bumble, Bumble–you are making me hafta go get another cuppa coffee on this Monday morn.

    And–what zackly is that on your head? L’il green hearts? Awww, in nice cool tones too…soo restful…zzzzzzz.

  8. Candace says:

    Oh, not cute. That is one ugly pup. Cute hat though.

  9. That is so completely gross and ugly. It reminds me of the alien vampires in Blade Trinity. Go

  10. Faekitty (Heather) says:



    McPuppersons is actually kinda creepy/weird lookin’.

    But I luff him all the same.

  11. Tor ‘This is my hatta on my heada that my momma made for Mea’

  12. Andréa says:

    Bumble! Is there any cuter name?

  13. LOL! As if the poor Doggersons didn’t look silly enough, it has to be dressed in a ridiculous-looking outfit.

    I would laff at it. But then I would cuddle it.

  14. How can something so little yawn so big??????

  15. Oh, and where does one sign up to get a job sleeping? That sounds like a great one!!

  16. OK… this one gives me backskin crawlies. Eeeeeeeeeghk.

  17. Suzanne says:

    I’m bettin’ that outfit has little feetie pjs that go with it.

  18. HeidStar — I *love* the Spontaneous Opera Syndrome photostream!

  19. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hmm does nothing for me, ugly little bugger.

  20. gloom raider says:

    Scientific history in the making–not only is the mouth bigger than the entire pup, she’s sprouting!

  21. lol, Spontaneous Opera Syndrome…
    You should see my guinea pigs yawn… cracks me up every time.

  22. Eh? I thought it was a sloth!!!

  23. more Nuffs than for a rattie? i’m shocked!

    perosnally, i think she’s prosh enough to nibble on.

  24. Can I have that job too???

    What is she supposed to be dressed up as?

  25. She is dressed up as uh uh embarassment maybe.

  26. he’s kinda got a mini-hippo jowl.

  27. KER-YAWN! FWA-SNOORE! Sound effect for Sleepy Lad, the most exhausted dog on this site. Just looking at him is making me 30% more tired.

  28. BenPanced says:

    Me want COFFEE!!!

  29. Has anyone else noticed that in the last few days, the C.O. has been OVER THE FREAKING TOP???

    Meg, you gotta cool it. It’s too much cute.

    (No, not really. It’s not too much. Keep it comin’.)

  30. omg.. that’s hilarious and too cute! You wanna see something really cute! This’ll give the nuff’s somethin to talk about!!

  31. Sometimes life, and puppies, imitate art. Bumble appreciates Edvard Muns-chin’s, The Scream.

  32. Holy moly! It’s like the real-life Fizzgig!

  33. OMG Tongue hanging lapsidly down the side with drool.

  34. Chris B. says:

    This is not creepy, this is really cute. Love the hat and the really big yawn. I have an eskie that yawns big too.

  35. GAAAAHHH!!!!! I signed in and then fell outta my chair! Egad!!

  36. that is probably one of the ugliest pictures, ever. But it made me lol.

  37. …it’s cute, but what is it? lol I mean, what kind?

  38. I had no idea it is anatomically possible for a little puppeh to open his mouth that wide.


  39. Yes, I know that feeling, but no, I don’t get it from this photo.

  40. I can’t believe anyone thinks this is ugly or creepy or any such negative thing! She’s just a doll! C’mere sweet lil pup. I take yer sweet lil hat off, kiss yer lil head, and put the hat back on!

  41. Squinky says:

    Is anyone else reminded of a hippo when they look at this pup? ^^;

  42. layla42 says:

    (in a tiny puppeh voice) “ROWR! I am not cute! I am wearing my terrifying dinosaur hat and you should fear me! Grr!”

    ::: teh Peeps continue to swoon :::

    tiny puppeh stomps his paw. “I’m a’sposed to be scaries!”

  43. Ogopogo says:

    Sorry, this puppy is pretty much revolting.

  44. paulajeanne says:

    Hippo yawn yes! But I don’t understand you guys, how can you not see cute puppy? I think he’s adorable. When the yawn is over, can’t you just see the sleepy blinking of eyes and the little yaumping of the little jaws before he falls back asleep?

  45. paulajeanne says:

    oops. I mean “she”

  46. She is not revolting. How cruel. Have you ever see the ugliest dog contest? They’re so ugly they’re cute.

  47. Chinmom says:

    I have been an observer on this site for a long time. This is my first post, but I finally felt the need to say something. I have continuously read mean comments people write about other people’s pets. If you are truly an animal lover, you would not say crap like this and just realize that people are very proud of their pets. I have no kids, and 2 precious Japanese Chins, and the only reason I haven’t sent in pics of them is because of mean people who don’t have a life and want to pick on poor innocent babies like this one. I for one think that is one of the most adorable pups there is, and if I see an animal here that I think is not cute, I will keep it to myself. All you people are doing is insulting someone’s “baby” that is proud it was posted. SHAME ON YOU!

  48. You know, I don’t care for cats but I’m open-minded enough to think they’re cute in their own way. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to call other people’s pets ‘revolting’. Since when did Cute Overload become the place to pass judgment on others?

  49. sooo the cuteness. big yawns!

    i NEED to know where that hoodie came from! my mom’s boston terrier, lilli, has to have it.

    Polarizing Pets — Which Side Are You On?

  51. (my above post is missing a line to the effect of “So I don’t go around dissing on photos of people’s kitties” which makes the post make slightly more sense since, obviously, the above photo is that of a dog.) ^_^;;

  52. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t think anyone is passing judgment on other people’s pets. They’re simply expressing an opinion that they don’t find this pup particularly cute. We don’t all have to agree on everything, and negative opinions, expressed politely, are just as valid as positive ones.

    I think the photo is kinda amusing. She looks like a little, fuzzy nutcracker.

  53. paulajeanne — “yaumping”? what a great word! right up there with “nawming”.

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Okay, check that. Some of the comments are pretty rude. simply finding this photo not as cute as some of the other photos doesn’t make one a Nuff.

  55. Chinmom says:

    I don’t think that calling anyone’s pet revolting or deformed is polite. No matter how you say it. I just think that since the people who are proud of their animals are reading these comments, if you think it’s ugly, just don’t look at it and wait for the next picture. Maybe that one will be perfect enough for some people to say something nice about.

  56. A mug only a muddah could luv…and mebbe me! I mebbe a kitteh person…but this is one pup I wouldn’t mind snorgling…I don’t think I’ve seen a fliptop yawn on a pup tho.:P

  57. Oh…and all God’s and/or Goddess’s creatures are beautifuler when they’re uniquer! Just like polydactyl puddytats, this one miniature whippet/greyhound mix I met with a badly deformed leg*sniff*(but holy crap was it tiny and cute!)..those kittens and piggies born with two faces, two headed turtles, just about anything different!! So anybody who thinks this pup is ugly or deformed or calling it any other names is a big fat doodyhead! So THERE! 😛

  58. Puppy is thinking, “If only I had claws like a kitty… then I wouldn’t be wearing this goofy thing!”

  59. its a hippopotapup!!!!

  60. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Lol people.. I happen to adore scarey/creepy simulatenously cute things..
    Give me a rabid rotweiler in a bunny costume and I’d LOL from Buffalo to L.A.

  61. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Or even a fruit bat (whichever the large really scarey, “Cover your whole head in wings” kind are..)
    In an fruit-of-the-loom costume..
    Super LOL!@

  62. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    btw, juniper jupiter.. I’d give my left arm for a two headed kitten..

  63. am i the only one who hears luciano pavoratti when i look at this pic?

  64. Bumble could make a brave little guard dog with those jaws…I wonder if she has mini dragon breath.

  65. lauowolf says:

    JJ – A big fat doodyhead???
    I love it.

    So if his job is sleepig, does this mean he’s on break here?

  66. Aww man, I haven’t ever commented, but I have to tell you, I have a friend who has a Chin, and it is the sweetest, cutest dog ever. And I’m usually into big lab/retriever kinds of dogs. But her Chin is so sweet and social and playful, you just can’t help but smile being around her. Sooo pbbbbttttt 😛 all you people who say it’s not cute! She totally brightens my day every time I see her!!!

  67. dear lo’ he is so gorgeous, he should be our president! Bumble in ’08!

  68. LOL!~!


  69. She’s adorable…and I don’t even go for the suits, so much…but this one works. Not to put anyone down, but I really don’t understand why some people don’t like it…in general, I prefer large dogs, and cats, but this is one cute puppy!

  70. Tori – Fizzgig! Hell yes!! Hehehehehe

    I want to stick a finger into this gigantic mouf so when she’s done yawning she’s like, “Wah?!” O_o

  71. lady, your understanding of the human reaction to cute is too spot on. i see the pup, i find my hand balled up and shoved nearly into my mouth to keep from meeping out loud at work (sh!) and then i see your commentary.

    nicely done. as always. brava!

  72. (peers closely)
    (adjusts pince nez)

    After much searching, hither and yawn, for images of the cute, I have decided that this is one anerable puppeh.

  73. Sometimes when I watch dogs yawn, it seems like they’re gonna yawn their faces inside out.

    Am I the only one who sees that?

  74. “I HUNGER!”

  75. hehe Lizzy..I do that to my cats..they yawn and all of a sudden they have a finger in their mouth and they’re like “Bleh!” XD

  76. newmoonpie says:

    i’ll be danged… puppehh DOES look like a nutcracker. that’s making *my* jaw hurt.

    but yeah, stop saying nasty things about people’s pets. constructive comments, people! CON. STRUC. TIVE.

  77. Ronja — nice. How about, “…but Old Man River, he just keeps rollin’ a-loooooooong!”

  78. You know how yawns are contagious?

    As i was looking at the pics in the Spontaneous Opera Syndrome stream I broke into yawn…

  79. Phew! I feel much better. 🙂

  80. As they say, ‘small pictures have big-er….mouths??

  81. * i meant big-er as in confused, not “bigger”

  82. Wait, here’s another one… Flikr notes all over it, tho…

  83. Bahahaahahaha, Theo, totally. Tiny puppy with a giant mouth and a deep bass voice?

    So good.

  84. What a cute little baby! She’s just a sleepy little monster. The cuteness is overwhelming.

  85. gigglingpear says:

    eee hehha!!~ What’s that little baby suit of? Are those clovers on the hoodie? I want to hug thee.

  86. Hananza says:

    I cannot get over the archity-eyebrow on this silly little dog!
    Not really seeing the ugly here…

  87. It’s cute! Muppet-cute!

  88. Gillian says:

    Didn’t his mommy ever tell him his face could get stuck like that?

  89. Hmm…this dog is cute, but it really does look deformed. She doesn’t appear to have any top teeth and the bottom ones are sort of crooked. Perhaps she’s just old.

  90. shollia says:

    Cute b/c of the outfit and it’s yawning, but not cute IMO b/c it just doesn’t look right for some reason.
    Japanese Chins are very cute dogs… this picture just doesn’t do them justice.

  91. Oh my GAW. I disagree with the comments that this isn’t cute. And the outfit is like the icing on the cuppycake.

  92. useta hada kitteh says:

    holli — you mean the “puppycake”, right?

  93. Laura G. says:

    OMG, I love the little hoodie the pup is wearing. Sooo cute! Love the monster yawn!

  94. As Bumble’s daddy, she wants you to know that she appreciates the nice comments and turns a tiny cheek to the bad ones.

    Bumble is 9 years old and we found her on Craigslist, free to a good home. She was extremely overweight and all of her teeth but 4 were completely rotten and she had flys buzzing around her mouth. After 2 years of love and care and having her bad teeth pulled, we now have the loviest, snuggliest, most wonderful little dog.

  95. Ok, after reading the owner’s post I have to say that despite my own personal aversion to the sight of this animal, she is obviously much loved by her owner. So for that I say Bless you and your little Bumble. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  96. Yay, Paul, for adopting an older doggie in need! Rescued furbabies are WONDERFUL.

  97. layla42 says:

    Good for you Bumble’s Daddy!
    She does look like a sweet little snuggler.

  98. yoohoostereo says:

    Might I say, that her being almost toof-less makes her that much cuter.

  99. APPLAUSE to the owner for saving this sweet little one.

  100. Paul — IMNSHO, that should’ve been in the bodytext of the post. Kudos.

  101. kudos to bumble and her owners. not all animals are lucky enough to get a second chance, or get to be such sharp dressers. paws up!

  102. one of the erins says:

    1: Lucky for me, “weird” doesn’t rule out “cute.”

    2: ahahahahaha fizzgig! Totally! Kudos to whoever said that!

    3: Aww Paul, yay! That rocks!

  103. Anybody remember the saying “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”? Because that’s a good idea sometimes.

  104. For all you out there who thinks it’s ok to call someones pet “ugly” or “creepy” SHAME ON YOU it’s NOT ok!!!
    You’re being extremely rude and obviously have no manners what so ever to speak of.
    Have thought at all about how that makes the owner of this precious little ball of Bumble feel???
    How would you feel if someone said that to you about your pet or child even, that is how a lot of people feel about their pets… just like their children!
    Whatever happened to “if you don’t have anything nice to say”???
    Just because you’re on the Internet and you feel anonymous doesn’t mean you have the right to be rude and insensitive.
    Yes people are entitled to their opinions but if your going to hurt someones feelings why don’t you just keep it to yourself instead of being a rotten obnoxious jerk which btw is how you look when you write the stuff you do!

    I adore Bumble, a supercute little bundle of snuggly love who deserved and got a second chance at life thanks to a couple of very very special people!

    And wishing bad Karma on all you nasty negative posters, hope you all get what you deserve in the end!

  105. I know someone who has a Chin pup… it’s one of those so ugly it’s cute things for me. The story behind this little Bumble sweetie makes her even cuter.

    Also, while I don’t like the idea of people saying somebody’s pet is revolting, people submitting photos should expect it. It’s no secret that people post their honest opinions (nice or not) on here, so submitters know what they’re getting into. If you don’t want to hear that someone thinks your baby is ugly, don’t submit a picture. Bumble handled it nicely and turned her tiny cheek 🙂

  106. MelissaLovesPugs says:

    Bumble is precious, and so lucky to have gotten a second chance at life and love.

  107. shollia says:

    I’m getting sick of some of you people who are gettng upset at people who have an opinion different than your own.
    So what if people don’t find it cute, or if they find it ugly, etc… Not everyone is going to have the same opinion and it’s PERFECTLY FINE if everyone doesn’t think every single freaking animal is cute.

    It’s not rude, it’s not mean, it’s sharing ones opinion.

    As for the backstory.. good for you guys for saving your lil Bumble. I’m sure she’s a great little addition to your family.

  108. Lindsay says:

    Cutest dog on the planet!!!

  109. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Hunchback of notredom!

    Am I the ONLY one who can seeeee teh resembalance?!

  110. Correction… that’d be the “Hunchback of Notre Dame, In His Leafy Poof Hoodie.”

  111. Critique says:

    Shollia (and most everyone else) – you should truly be ashamed of yourselves and stop defending people who can’t say something nice.

    Last time I checked, neither this pup nor any others were put on “CUTE overload” b/c they were ugly. It’s one thing to say that a certain photo isn’t your cup of tea, but to say things like, “doesn’t do justice to the breed” or “gives me backskin crawlies” or “that is so completely gross and ugly” is just plain rude. Does it make you feel high and mighty to put down a 4 lb toothless rescue dog? Are you suddenly validated for your lack of friends or your peanut of a prick?

    Yes, you can have your own pathetic opinions but there’s no excuse good enough for trying to bring someone down for rescuing a dog – OR for changing your tune about said rescue dog once you find out the back story about a dog who needed a second chance. Last time I checked, second hand dogs give first class love – something it seems many of you are unfortunately incapable of.

  112. Critique — I’ll be reserving my shame, thanks. To put things in perspective, HERE is someone who truly should be ashamed (but isn’t)…

    I say this because you quoted “backskin crawlies” — my own words. Toy dogs have never been my thing.

    The fact that Bumble was rescued, given a good home, brought back to health, and obviously given loads of love… to me, that’s the real beauty of this photo.

  113. Paul– “turns a tiny cheek to the bad ones”

    ….awww [pet, pet, snorgle]

  114. Hi Everyone – This is Bumble’s mama and I wanted to send out a word of thanks for all the kind words regarding our tiny Tokyo Rose. 🙂 She truly is a wonderful companion who is friendly to all dogs, people and children and I couldn’t be more thankful for the hot June day 2+ years ago when we went to pick up this tiny creature and her “mini dragon breath” stunk up the car the whole way home. *note, it’s gotten much better since having the rotten teeth removed. 🙂

    I was a bit afraid after submitting the photo that it might be taken out of context by anyone who had never seen her before and that perhaps I should have submitted the rest of the series as well (this is #1 of 4). This afternoon I submited the other 3 photos of the series so that perhaps in the future you could see that she is not in fact, deformed (which now viewing the photo I can see how many of you could have construed her that way).

    Anyway, thank you for all your kind words. We couldn’t possibly adore this tiny thing any more!

    Lover of ALL animals, great or small <3

  115. Anessa — got a link to the rest of that photo series? Y’know, #2 through #4?

  116. As Bumble’s great-aunt, I can tell you that there is no more adorable dog on the face of the earth! (And I have three of my own) She is the absolute best dog to snuggle with. I threaten Anessa and Paul that I am going to kidnap her all of the time! She is absolutely awesome. Might I also add that Paul and Anessa rescue many dogs and foster them. They have huge hearts and haven’t met an animal that they didn’t fall in love with.

  117. Sure Theo – I went ahead and set up an album of Bumble-only pics on photobucket. I wasn’t sure if I was allowed to post a link or not…

    Please note, the pics in question are on page 2. Also, there are 2 before and after pics on the first page – one the day we brought her home and 2nd about 5 months later.

    Please feel free to keep the crueler negative comments to a minimum, as I’m posting this link in good faith.

  118. (just to be clear… that was a good-faith laugh, Anessa)

  119. Hehehe thanks Theo – those pictures crack me up as well. Most of things she does make me giggle, I’m afraid. The “good faith” comment was directed more towards any “evil doers”.

    Ok do I sound cheesy enough yet? LOL!

  120. Good for Bumble (by the way — ADORABLE name) finding a loving home. I wish her much happiness in her sweet, tiny life.

  121. LoopyMagoo says:

    Bumble is the cutest little button in all bumbledom!

    *tsk tsk* To all of you who were mean to the beautiful bumble. She’s too cute to meet you on that level anyway.

  122. wow, this really frightens me! Ahhh!!!

  123. Great pictures Anessa! She’s wonderful. Did everybody see the pic of Bumble sleeping amongst all the pillows? One of those pillows has a disapproving bun on it! So very cool!

  124. I love this creature. It looks like a tiny alien in a dog suit.

  125. Sarah V. says:

    I love her hoodie!

    Anessa- you should have submitted this photo…

    Ahahahaha. Great photos!

  126. mybutterfliesbark says:

    Whoah! This is the last time I will go to this site. Many of these comments are uncalled for. Seems this site is for many who aren’t true animal lovers. Sorry, a dog is a dog and you either like dogs or hate them. Nasty comments like many of these are hurtful and uncalled for. If you can’t say something nice stick your head somewhere else.

  127. Not only is the lil pup cute, but I find it to be an amazing example of breeding- such an interesting little pluff.

  128. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Ya know Theo, I thought I spelled that wrong.. but ya can’t really blame meh, I’m young and inexperienced in the world of erm.. Worldly Historical monuments.. maybe..
    I thought he was cute either way.,.

  129. Say it with me now: LEAFY POOF HOODIE.

  130. I can hear you giggling.

  131. I must say, Bumble is the SWEETEST baby EVER! And to all you out there that do not like her hoodie….how would you feel if you were out in the cold with no clothes!?!
    Hoodies RULE!

  132. Anessa they are all so beautiful!!! i went to the link of the other pics and i wish i had those little ones running around my house! and i’m a cat person at that XD

  133. Hey, something good came out of all the goofy negative comments – you showed the other pics! And they’re hysterical…the tongue, my god! And Bumble in the hoody nappin’ w/ a buddy…too cute.
    Thanks for the pics, and thanks for saving the little cutie in the first place…

  134. Galadriel says:

    Bumble is just the cutest thing ever! How is it possible not to fall in love with that face?!
    And to you meanies who say mean things about her…; karma will get you in the end!

  135. Auntie Lindsay says:

    Bumble,, Auntie loves you, you sweet little angel of Bumbleness.
    Quite possibly one of the cutest dogs in the ENTIRE world!!!!

  136. i hav 2 addmit thats probly not normal but hey the dog is cute

  137. Very cute puppy
    Very cute name
    Not so sure about the clothes But I love her all the same.

    LOL!I just realized I made a little poem. I’m a poet and I didn’t know it. How fabtabulous!