Sunday morning Fro

Mornin’ Bitches!

My coffee ready yet? [blinks eye capsules]

Git me a cuppa joe pronto

"Right away, Sir!"- Amanda B.



  1. Good “morning” wee fuzzledude. A beautiful day, isn’t it?

  2. SeaBreeze says:

    I am now permanently lost amidst all that gorg-eeee-ous fluffitude!! … what a great way to go ….

  3. Dustbunny says:

    Does fuzzledude have any money to pay for coffee? Or are they just going to put it on his bill?

  4. And while you’re at it, don’t forget my bacon and eggs bia.
    ————————– – We Love Animals

  5. I love this post!

    His eye capsules rule *want to squish him*

    and I can just imagine a little posse of Biatches…!

  6. R. Moore says:

    Bwa ha ha ha, that is exactly NOT what I would imagine the little guy saying. But I could imagine my SO and family having him say that.

  7. “mornin’ bitches!” ???!!!? LOLOL!!! oh thats too funny.

  8. R. Moore says:

    Theo, we need a clean up on “Meanwhile, on the set of 24”

  9. gahhhhh… wing to body ratio should be a new rule of cuteness

  10. Hucka hucka, Dustbunny. I don’t think he’d respond well to that; his bill is looking a little stubby and translucent.

  11. It’s Don “Magic” Swan! Where’s his pimp cane? 😉

  12. Brak_Silverbone says:

    What kind of a bird is this? He’s got a ‘tude and a half, whatever he is!

  13. Yitzysmommie says:

    dustbunny, I’m moaning with the punnitude….

  14. I wish I had seen this this morning. It totally just made my day.

    Good morning to you, lil’ dude.

  15. Dustbunny says:

    Yitzysmommie — I know, that was a fowl pun, wasn’t it? Sometimes I just quack myself up.

  16. Is it my imagination or has quackie ducklett got a bent beak….

    I’ll take in this poor de-billitated ducklett and care for it all my life long……

  17. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Vot the fark type of boid is eet.

  18. I’m curious about what kind of bird it is too. Cormorant? Loon? Anahinga?

    Anyhoo, just wanted to say: I love this site and everything on it EXCEPT for some of the titles! My kids (ages 8, 6 and 3) LOVE this site too. But I have to say I’m not that crazy about the 8-year-old reading things such as: “MORNING BITCHES” and “MONDAYS SUUUUUUUUCK MY HEINEY!”

    I really HATE to be a spoilsport MEG and THEO, but could we try to stick to “PG” content on the main page? PLEASE?

  19. This looks like a sandhill crane chick to me.

  20. He’s Got It Goin’ On.
    Cooooool Dude.

  21. Awwww, wee fuzzy duckitude!

    Going by the caption, methinks he thinks he’s a puppy. 😉

  22. Bill’s too pink and sharp for a swan or a goose…I just Googled up anhinga chicks and they don’t look like this little guy either…nor do the merganser chicks (though they are still cute!)…

    ..AH-HAH! I think I may have found the answer–our little fuzzball up there is most likely a whooper or sandhill crane. Take a look for yourself:

    Either way, he’s a fluffy ball of cute! 🙂


  23. PurpleBelt says:

    AWESOME research on the type of bird, Denita!

  24. Wendy, sounds like that would be a good project for you and your kid to do together–start up a kids-only version of Cute Overload.

  25. Wendy and CZ — it’s actually not a terrible idea. In fact, here, you might try this:

    Vox is a friendly, easy-to-use, free blogging tool by Six Apart, who are the same folks who offer TypePad (that’s Cute Overload’s blog service). I use it myself:

    *** I’d ask that you NOT simply copy-and-paste the photos wholesale from Cute Overload into your own online project or blog, like SOME sites have done (grrr). The occasional link & credit is more than fine; I’m just talking about blatant rip-offs. Half of CO is the captions & comments. More than half, really.

  26. Sorry Theo, you’re right–I actually meant to include more clearly in my comment that they should do a variation on CO, not to copy it outright and just remove the bitches and tits and whatnot. I’ve had my blog ripped off before–it sucks!

  27. CZ and Theo, thanks for the suggestion but I can tell you right now I don’t have the time or, more importantly, the computer savvy to do what you suggest! Wouldn’t even know where to begin.

    Ah well, guess I’ll have to do my best to “fast forward” past the “R” rated parts–although the 8-year-old sure seems to read pretty quickly these days.


  28. PG-13, Wendy. R-rated stuff usually gets modded out.

  29. Yeah Wendy… as if CO is the only place your children will learn these or other words. Get a grip and don’t ruin it for the rest of us.

  30. Well, aren’t you sweet and thoughtful sunsetmoon!

    Far as I can tell the only one ruining it for the rest of us is SOB’s like you.

    Buh bye!

  31. Wendy – Three small children and no spare time. A-yup. I’m impressed. You typed complete thoughtful, intelligent sentences. Good for you. Hon, you got a fine grip alright! 😉
    Your kids have a great Mom. I hope your kids learn the most from you, not other sources.
    There are adult Peeps here who only tolerate the off-color stuff. So, it’s not only about the kids’ behalf. Some Peeps *coughsunsetmooncough* et al will get defensive about it, and then cross the line by telling you how to raise your kids. Pfft. Eau Kaay!
    Mostly CO is all about the Cute. Meg & Theo do a great job and I think you agree. I wish it was 100% about the Cute, but Meg is a person and we all have our *moments*. I think you can agree about that too.
    So, as you said, fast-forwarding or taking a quick minute to screen CO before sharing with your kids may be a solution.
    (Oh, and, Theo may sometimes sound like it but he’s not a stick-in-the-mud. He’s a stick-in-the-cement! Marmeh kitteh offerings have been known to soften him up, a bit!) 😉

  32. Y’know I’m not *all* cement & sticks, Pyrit. There’s the claws…

  33. I have not doubt that Theo is the nicest of the nice guys. After all, he appreciates “The Cute!”

    Thanks, pyrit.

  34. Just back from dentist appt. Gettin’ my gold teeth shined – not.
    Theo – Yaaa, da claaaaws. Beware da claaaaws.

    Y’welcome, Wendy.

  35. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Ya know.. I had no idea Theo was a guy…
    This particular kitteh.. right here..(points to self).. is impressed.

  36. sunsetmoon, it isn’t differing opinions that ruin it for the rest of us; it’s jerky attitudes like yours.

  37. Amanda B. says:

    Hi! I sent this this. How exciting to be on Cute Overload!

    This darling dude is a baby sandhill crane. They come through Nebraska in droves around this time of year. I don’t live in Nebraska, but I am a travel writer, so I get to write about it.

    The photo’s from the Fish & Wildlife Service

  38. Amanda B. says:

    I meant to say, I sent this in!