DON’T BOTHER ME while I’m climb-bink! [paw fists up]


Getting Strong Nooooow!!! [Rocky theme music]

Ehn Ehn Ehn!

Climbink hiiigh now!

Meanwhile, his lazy girlfriend on the stairs is all: "Pass the bon bons"

J'adore less bons bons

Thees pair of stairclimbers brot to you by Janice G. 😉



  1. Michelle says:

    He looks ready to put someone’s lights out in that first pic 🙂

  2. she is like….nope….havent seen any boyfriemd for a long time…nope…i think i am gonna go get my on Single kraft (trade mark) cheddar chesse now….oh lets see what is the other way…sweet!

  3. onionpencil musashi says:

    heehee punchy hamster lol 8D

  4. Fluffy little thing 🙂 Looks like the hamster I had when I was about 12, awww…. 🙂

  5. she is looking for a bunny!!!!bunny i know i saw you somewhere…bunny….you used to be so simple bunny…

  6. Ooohhs, is this hammie Saturday? All I can say is… MOOORREEE!!!

  7. To me she looks like she has vertigo!

  8. Awww! Our hamster Sammy used to do the same thing. We’d let him run around, and when I went to catch him to take him home, he’d put up his dukes. Like he was gunna knock out someone who was like a skyscraper in comparison to his size! hehe

  9. violetgreen says:

    Aww, those little fisties! He’s channelling Burt Lahr as Cowardly Lion, “PUT ’em up! PUT ’em uuuup!”

  10. useta hada kitteh says:

    The “put up yer dukes” little guy made me laugh out loud! The picture takerer sure was there at the right moment!

    Great climbing there, Hammie!

  11. I wish I could take him with me while I workout at the gym, especially on the StairMaster. He’d be a GREAT personal trainer!

    Talk about en-thoo-zee-az-eem!
    He’d really keep me on my toes, that’s for sure!


    Btw, I hate the StairMaster. It’s my most dreaded machine in the weight room.

  12. The little fist up and the look in his eyes – too cute!!! He just looks soooooo mad.

  13. He looks ready to punch the camera, hey
    yo yer interupting the training session.
    I can really hear the rocky music, his girl says hey he wins the dough I get better bonbons!!!! He needs little critters running behind him except I don’t know what to pick, anyone got suggestion’s ????

  14. that first pic is THE BEST THING LIKE EVER

  15. misscrisp says:

    I just have to keep coming back to the lil hammie with his “dukes” up…giggle giggle giggle giggle gigggggleellelele {disappears into whirls of chortling}

  16. In that first picture he’s all like ‘I’m a hammy killin’ machine. Master of whyiautta. Keep back.’

    And my dogs stretch just like his girlfriend does. All ‘ehn!’

  17. [looks at pic #3]
    Does girly-ham have, like, a really giant fluffy un-hamsterish tail?
    Hammy got back.

  18. Hee hee! I just thought about it! Float like a hammie, sting like a bee!

  19. Theo, those could be her thighs. And its not nice to comment about a girl’s chunky thighs. Bad Theo.

  20. useta hada kitteh says:

    I think she went to the salon and got tail extensions. They’re the latest thing.

  21. R. Moore says:

    Are we sure the last pic. is a girl? Because, um, boy hamsters have a unique way of cooling themselves off…

  22. Anyone remember Pat Benatar?

    Well youre the real tough hammie with the long history
    Of breaking fuzzy hearts, like the one in me
    Before I put another lock on your wire lair
    You better make sure you make it up that stair!

    Hit me with your best shot!
    {squee, squeesqueesqueesquee}
    Come on, hit me with your best shot!
    Hit me with your best shot!
    Climbin’ away!

  23. R. Moore says:

    Oh GOD no, Tor!

    That’s going to be stuck in my head all night now! Hamsters with bad dance moves and sweatbands…

  24. elizabells says:

    Something about his little nosie in the first picture just keels me. Can’t quite put my finger on it…


    Ahhhhn. Much better.

  25. Wee fisticuffs!!

  26. LOL. Don’t mess with this guy.

  27. My pleasure, R. Moore. Sharing the love.

    I’ll leave y’all on your own to replay the “put up your dukes, let’s get down to it” verse.

    …And don’t forget to imagine Bon-Bon putting another notch in her wee hamster lipstick case while Rocky segues into ‘The Safety Dance’ as he reaches the top of the step…

  28. pookiepuff says:

    ahahahaa! He’s trying so hard to look tough that he just looks cute instead. hehehe! I want to scoop him up and scruffle him!

  29. and right when i saw this post, i was listening to TNT by ACDC…. “and i’ll win the fight!!!!!!!”

  30. That face might be the cutest thing, like, evah.
    And then the fists!

  31. LOL, Tor!

    BTW, this should be added to the Fuzzy McFuzzerson’s “Best of” fer sure!

  32. Daisycat says:

    I’m on ur stair, punching out ur lights…..

  33. ***Comment from musicchick2 whose internet browser isn’t working right***

    OK… I can’t believe I’m saying this about a pic wif no kittehs, but Mr. Rocky McHammertime has to be the cutest pic evah on C.O.! Fists down! (Hams down? 😉

  34. aw hammie fists! Power to the hammie!

  35. Awwww! That first one reminds me of my Youssarian!

    So so so so cute!

  36. The little fists!! So cute!

  37. paulajeanne says:

    I sorta agree with usta hada; to me the climber with the fists looks like the girl hammie, and the layabout the boy. That rear end is pretty much a givaway. Boy hammies have awfully big, ah, well, male parts that extend the rear. Ms. Climber doesn’t appear to have such extensions.

  38. paulajeanne says:

    ah, hammie raiser here for about 35 years or so. been through lots of liddle boys and girl hammies

  39. Wishing he had been able to try out for the part of the Cowardly Lion in “The Wizard of OZ”, Rocky was often heard saying “Put ’em up, put ’em up”!

  40. R. Moore says:

    Paulajeanne: Then you would know how fun it is when little kids ask what’s wrong with a hamster, and when you ask what they mean, they point to their boy-bits. Actually, it’s pretty funny when adults ask about male hamsters…

  41. Oh, somebody’s GOT to photo-shop to wee wonderful boxing gloves on that picture. 😉

    Slight thread-jack – to see my babies go here:

    I got a new cage for my degus and I’m so psyched! I had to share with someone. Sorry 😦

    End threadjack…


  42. R. Moore says:

    Also, I just realized those stairs remind me of childhood trips to visit grandparents.

    Wow, that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy inside. I think I need some of Grandma’s fresh berry pie and a big plaid blanket.

  43. natalie q says:

    Eeeee so fuzzy! <33333

    go lil guy GO!

  44. The hammies are killing me.

    *dead* See?

    And that Youssarian is quite the fluffball!

  45. He looks like he’s one of those angry stars taking a swing at paparazzi…just more adorable!


  46. Cue music!

    “Its the Eye of the Hammster!”


  47. Pixar, you paying attention? This is GOLD here…

  48. plus–ACDC? Cool, Rosie!

    [imagines self clad in black ACDC baseball shirt on officially sanctioned ‘Smoking Patio’ in high school]

    [koff, koff…looks down at high school favorite striped velour shirt; heads back to yearbook office]

    [/end imagines]

    …Wegen 99 Luftballons…

  49. LOL! He reminds me of Sly Stallone. Hambo?

    And Miss Ham in pic#3 is all “ehn” too.

  50. WOW wolfwhocriedboy – that’s one elaborate cage! Enjoyed the pics – you have a very nice animal family.

  51. “He’s bad, bad Leroy Brown
    The baddest ham in the whole damn town.”

  52. useta hada kitteh says:

    Um, Paulajeanne? That’s not what I meant about tail extensions, I was thinking of the way women make their head-hair longer and fuller. I don’t know nuthin’ bout boy/girl hammies. Um, just wanted to set the record straight. R. Moore, on the other hand, knows hammies. Me, I named my kitteh George, and she had kittnz.

  53. cfhistorian says:

    OMG SO CUTE! *pant pant pant* But based on my own experience, it’s probably the girl that’s doing the climbing and the boy that’s relaxing…I have 3 hamsters, and my girl is crazy active, while the boys are more calm and like to be petted.

  54. SeaBreeze says:

    Puffy fluffy hammie is ready for … fisti-puffs!

  55. Angela-Eloise says:

    I can’t believe someone hasn’t said this yet. The little guy in the first pick is …

    wait for it …

    ham fisted!

  56. onionpencil musashi says:

    maybe she’s the smart one, bet he forgot to stretch before he started. never seen a large hamster so ‘punchy.’ dwarves, yes. he’s great. best expression XD

  57. Suzanne says:

    Risin’ up, back on the stairs,
    Did my time, took my chances.
    Went the distance now I’m back on my paws,
    Just a hammie and his will to survive!
    It’s the eye of the hammie!

  58. R. Moore says:

    useta: I would totally name a girl cat George. My family has a long history of naming cats… oddly. Once we named a kitten “Prince” so that we could rename him “The Kitten Formerly Known as Prince”

    Sadly, he was adopted to another family, who named him something normal.

  59. You guys are silly – that last pic is OBviously one of a BEAUTiful, stretching fluffy squirrel.

  60. …and, Fable – that is the most sense I have ever seen you make, and funny – good job!

  61. Angela-Eloise – how did we miss that one?!

  62. Kcat – thanks for lookin’ at my behbehs! The cages are a lot of fun to figure out, change, upgrade. It’s a bit of an expensive hobby but it’s a blast. 🙂

  63. holy cuteness, what’s up with those little raised dukes in the first shot??!?!??! whatthehell?!?!

  64. That first pic! He’s all like, “Why you! I oughtta …!”

  65. SeaBreeze — “Fistipuffs” is awesome.

  66. Mike Tyson ham?

  67. I thought Tyson was chicken.

  68. Satoshi says:

    In the first pic, is he giving the finger?