Meanwhile, on the set of “24”…

…A bear-like puppeh is hiding, low to the ground, from CTU agent Jack Bauer…

Get me CTU!

Only to be CAUGHT!


Your techniques won't work on me, Bauer!




  1. thats a cute pup

  2. I LOVE CHOWZ!@!!

  3. Cutest puppeh eva

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    So someone tell me if this is just a myth–I heard that chows as a breed do really badly with children and will sometimes attack them. Of course any well-trained dog will be fine with kids, but is this true?

  5. Ciao Bella!!!

  6. omg loving the ear:head ratio

  7. laura m. says:

    i NEED a puppy exactly like this! it’s a bearpuppeh! so cuuuute!

  8. That dog is mah n!gga!!!

  9. R. Moore says:

    The PAWS!

    So fuzzy!

  10. misscrisp says:

    LOL LOL ahhhhhh, C.O. Gods, your capshuns are on fire today! le sigh.

  11. pookiepuff says:

    Chows are not viscious dogs, but they are cat-like so do not like to be cuddled too much and they don’t stand for any rough behavior which means that they probably aren’t the best dogs for people with kids. Anyway, this pup is quite an adorable little puff of puppeh!

  12. natalie q says:

    I’ve heard that they are very much a “one master” type of dog, that once they bond with someone, they are very territorial.

    what a cute lil baby boo! *SNUGGLES*

  13. Just my type of pup, big and fluffy.

    Cute lil guy. 🙂

  14. Jack Bauer’s (actually Kiefer Sutherland’s) dog is named Molly. She’s a big dumb lab. Confusing on the set, when everyone’s calling my name between takes. (Welcome to my world!)

  15. Natalie,
    I’ve heard that about Shar Peis, too — oh excuse me, I mean Wrinklie McWrinklesons. 😉 They get all cuddly with their humans and are not at all social with “outsiders.”

    This bear puppeh is awesome, though. The squishy paws! I hope he’d be cuddly with me.

  16. eikoleigh says:

    That is one cute puppy.

  17. Y. Wang says:

    It’s actually a Shiba Inu.


    During the period between 1912 and 1923, no less than 14 separate expeditions were mounted to seek the fabled Lost Tomb of Pupankhamen. All were lost, swallowed whole by the unforgiving sandstorms that ruled the Egyptian desert.

    Today, the leavings of these brave, doomed explorers are as rare and prized as the ancient treasures these men sought, for they provide us with a fleeting glimpse into the minds of the pioneers of archeology’s golden age.

    Our most intriguing record comes from the journal of Malcolm Brookstead-Smyth, which surfaced in 1972, over 50 years after the expedition for which he was Chief Archivist perished in the Sahara. Written in faded, shaking hand, his final entry reveals a startling discovery, as yet unconfirmed:

    “March 9: Buried the last of the guides today. The desert claimed their bodies before we even finished filling in the graves. The men are parched and weak, with only one ration of water per day to sustain them.

    “In spite of our desperate situation, and the constant storms that cloud our vision, Professor Hoggwyoode remains convinced our goal is near. I have never known a man more determined in the face of almost certain doom. I fear I may never know another.

    “It was later that same evening when Robinson burst into camp, repeating ‘I’ve found it!’ in a crazed voice. Wasting no time, the Professor dashed over the dunes to the north, retracing Robinson’s steps before the desert could erase them forever.

    “Hastily, we gathered our supplies and followed. When we reached a deep valley on the other side, we found the Professor staring up at a great sandstone monument, six stories tall at least.

    “It was just as the ancient legends had described it: The crouching figure of a dog, ominous and forbidding, yet somehow cute and fluffy as well. At the very moment when all hope seemed lost, we had found it at last — the Great Sphinx of Pupankhamen. The tomb lay waiting for us inside, and with it, treasures and secrets beyond mankind’s wildest imaginings.”

    At this point, the journal ends. Professor Hoggwyoode’s expedition — and the Sphinx itself — were never found.

  19. Also nice are the muzzlepuff, and the beady eyes.

    And the fact that his head is the size of a grapefruit!

  20. Oh I don’t know about that pookiepuff, my cousin had a violet/black chow female, and she was the best, very affectionate with everyone and more so when she had puppies, but then someone stole her from them and well….

    Ok Jack, I’ll talk, just hand me the puppeh, plz!

  21. Once again, the essence of Qte originates in Japan–

    Shiba Inu info from the National Shiba Club of America:

    And of course Wikipedia has some pix:

  22. i like how the pup seems to be taking umbrage at the treatment being doled in photo #2

  23. Layla42 says:

    Bear Cub!

    Puppeh Cub!

    Such a warm and soft puppeh man…I wants! I wants!

  24. SHRIEEEEEEEEEEK!!! The roundness!!! THE ROUNDNESS!!!

    *grabs puppeh and runs away*

  25. violetgreen says:

    The face in #2 sooo disapproving…”I BEG your pardon! Unhand me, you scoundrel!”

  26. NTMTOM – Applause, applause, as always. Love your style.

  27. [tail-wags for Other Mike]

  28. 100% Shiba Inu just like this one

    Funny dogs they are…

    Check out this site

  29. Tor and Vince — Shibas have more triangular faces, and “up” ears; this pup’s round and puffy, with “flop” ears. It’s GOT to be a Chow Chow.

  30. The dog fan in me is proud of teh Teho. I was gonna leave it alone. Didn’t want to sound like a know-it-all. Again. Ha!

    Meg – Boo-hoo. I never ‘get’ the Jack Bauer jokes. But I trust you that it is very funny.

    This pup is all, “Ahm bustin outta dis hea whut dey call “Deetinshun Sinta” den dey’ll be sorray suckahs tell you whut. Jez watch me lay de mooves on de whut de call Securutay. Ahm de original Red Hot Chili Puppah yuh see.”

  31. Well, there’s the off-chance that it could be a Eurasier.

    They have Chow in them, and some of them look VERY Chow-like. however, they are pretty rare, so chances are, it IS a chow.

  32. Holy. Moly.
    Cutest thing on EARTH!!!!!!!

  33. Also-how many times a day do you think that puppy gets it’s face kiss kiss KISSED?

  34. My husband submitted the pics. The puppy is a Shiba Inu. He’s only 5 weeks old and about 3 pounds. He’s the one we’re going to get in a couple of weeks. I’m so excited!

    But just to confirm, he is a Shiba Inu.

  35. Vi – Thanks for clearing that up. He’s a cutie. I like his little Burl Ives face. Have fun!

  36. [bows to thunderous applause]

    Yes, yes, I did boldly put those Shiba Inu links out there in the face of a Chow-centric thread. But–I did notice that the submitter appeared to be the same person who affirmed said dog’s breed a few posts above mine. And now Vi confirms. On my own I had nary a clue.

    [bows still lower to even more thunderous applause honoring such a magnificent show of humility]

  37. That expression is wonderful, like ehat is your problem ? I was fine right where I was, humans arrgh. Oh well

  38. pookiepuff says:

    Well, I know that a lot of them are very nice dogs, but I just read somewhere that some of them tend to be loners or stick to one person because of their ancestry. In china they were working dogs and didn’t have much friendly human contact and some of that is left in them today. (This is just what I read on several pages about chows.) But I also read on those same websites that if you socialize them and make sure to cuddle them lots and lots when they are wee little puppehs then they will be fine.

  39. book_monstercats says:

    Lurkingsmirk (love it!). I had a chow bitch many years ago. She would lie outside and the local (small)children would roll all over her, and treat her like a big teddy bear. She could be a bit snappish with men, though, she was a one-man dog.

  40. ear-to-HEART ratio, you mean! Aghhhhh, want one!

  41. Tor – We want to see you do your Happy Dance! C’mon! You have to now.

  42. Vi~I hope there will be many updates (photos) when you bring this sweetie home! Lucky you! Thought of any names?

  43. Pyrit-too much happy dance would be unseemly. But:

    Allemande Left, Allemande Right, Promenade

  44. R. Moore says:


    We have an issue here! Quick clean up, please!

  45. Wait wait, Mollye with an e, YOU WORK ON 24? You get to hear the velvety whisper of Kiefer along with many things that blow up real good? And a big dumb puppeh visits? You’re livin’ the dream, girl.

    SMOOCH to the bear-doggie. Applause to NTMTOM.

  46. SeaBreeze says:

    I bow to NTMTOM!! His posting here is … beyond amazing. It’s … it’s … pfurfect. Absolutely pfurfect.

  47. paulajeanne says:

    to the other mike: Wow! very cool story..I love mysteries that drift off into the desert….

  48. R. Moore says:

    Thank you, Theo!

  49. what did we clean up? ….. Sigh. Ok – Shibas. Very sweet, scarilly (a word?) intelligent. I think it’s their intellegence that gives them their rep. for not putting up w/ any crap -so to speak. Ours can be very snarky, but really, only when you’re bugging her too much, or treating her disrespectfully, or….ok, never mind. But I have 3 kids (though older), and she LOVES them. Oh, yeah -read the thread above, about them going out of their way to stay clean, and laughed. So THAT’s why she won’t step in the grass. WET grass? She practically has a heart-attack. (and it took me 6 mo’s to name mine, so don’t be putting any pressure on Vi there, Jorden….!)

  50. R. Moore says:

    de: I know, I always get curious when I see something has been cleaned up.

    ‘Twas a racial slur and the s-word. Repeated for several lines. I saw it and immediately checked that no one could see me reading it… Just in case.

  51. Wha? I did nozzink…?
    Oh, well, looks like I didn’t miss much.

    I *still* say pooch is a Chow Chow. (And I’m HAPPY in my customized reality!)

  52. Y. Wang says:

    @Jordan – His name is Loki after the Norse God of fire and mischief.

  53. R. Moore says:

    Theo, you didn’t do it? Maybe Meg got it then.

    Anyhow, I finger waggle you for your negligence as a mod and actually having a LIFE. Tsk tsk, Theo.


  54. Long time lurker / admirer of the cute, first time poster… second photo a textbook example of rule #3 (Inquisitive Look), non?

  55. Adorable puppy! I didn’t think it looked quite like a chow puppy, shiba inu makes much more sense. But to address some of the chow chow questions through my own experience: My parents got a chow puppy about a year ago. She is very sweet, but also protective of her humans. Unfortunately, she does not consider my little sister to be one of her humans, and barks at her if she approaches. I’m away at college through most of the year, but she and I are best buddies. I guess that the difference is that I took care of her and handled her as much as I could when I was home. She doesn’t like new people very much; she doesn’t bite or anything, she’s just noisy for the first 5 or 10 minutes. After that she’ll quietly watch whatever is going on. I can see how getting a chow would be a bad idea for families with young kids, but then that sort of environment is bad for raising any kind of puppy. It’s difficult to get the consistent environment needed for training when you’ve got little kids who don’t understand undermining what you’re trying to teach.

  56. Yeah, looks like Meg’s on the job.
    (I did “approve” a big ol’ batch of new pix for What’s Cuter yesterday, does that count?)

  57. Okay, if you look at his face real close in the last photo, he looks like Sam the Snowman from Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer! Ok, too much cute for one day.

  58. Loki! I love it – god of fire and mischief, wow – how perfect is that? (and it didn’t take you even one month – I’m impressed)

  59. OMG That is the cutest puppy I have ever seen!

  60. bseballgrl says:

    Shibas are so cute even when they get older! My own little door darter keeps me in stiches all the time! He’s definitely too smart for his own good. 🙂