I don’t care, just keep my muzzlepouche dry

JUST KEEP MY MUZZLEPOUCH DRY you insisting-on-bathing-me IDIOTS! I can’t believe I put up with such treatment [paws dangle] This is just humiliating. Will you puh-lease check out my dripping pawsitude? that’s right, I said dripping pawsitude.

At least my muzzlepouche is dry. I have some dignity left.

Dry Muzzlepouche

Tomas R. Are you proud of yourself?



  1. Whitley says:

    aww, he looks so… resigned.

  2. looks like he fell into a bucket of white paint 😛

  3. onionpencil musashi says:

    all in all he’s taking it pretty well. at least he will get even more compliments after…

  4. mmmm . . . I love kitties with vanilla frosting.

  5. omg they are abusing that poor animal!!!!11111


  6. Linders says:

    hmm seems to me that owners wash their cats more than people think…. I might just be able to get a cat then! I’m actually happy about that! With allergy shots and regular kitty baths I can get a kitty!! Honestly my dog also *hates* baths just as much as a cat would…. But that’s what causes dander….

  7. cranberry says:

    That’s not a real kitteh, it’s actually made out of cornstarch and water.

  8. Violet's mama says:

    That could almost be the same kitty as th eone with the 90-degree tail! Almost. Mr. 90-degrees doesn’t seem to have the same muzzlepouche.

    My Violet is also ALL white, and at our old house she would get in the pool with me. I’d be holding her, but she enjoyed it. I’d get her wet up to her neck. Then when she got out she’d be doing that funny shake-one-paw at a time thing.

    Love the white kittehs!

  9. Violet's mama says:

    Just realized Tomas R. is the sender inner for both…

  10. So creamy! So drippy! I wanna put kitty in my coffee or cereal.

  11. the miezekatzchen looks like made of sugar, dissolving.


  12. like the cat was dipped in white chocolate.

  13. LOL he does not look pleased!

    Look at that right front leg though – awesome muscle. Don’t mess with this fuzzball!

  14. zosterops says:

    ohmy — wouldnt that take forever to dry?

    and, as an afterthought, if its the same kitten as the 90 degree fluffness, do they pull it into shape while wet??

  15. When did muzzlepuff become muzzlepouch?

  16. regular user %$@ says:

    muzzlepouche is a dumb word

    we need to switch back to muzzlepuff

    then things can be right again. ahn.

  17. zosterops says:

    am with you on the muzzlepuff crusade, regular ivy

  18. Ivy, regular user %$@, zosterops – Check the CO Glossary. There are 3 versions of muzzlep____. CO Glossary is on your right screen under More!More!More! ‘S OK.

  19. Muzzlepuff 4 Evah!

    Muzzlepouch just ain’t workin’, Meg. Stick with your first cute-a-licious instincts and go back to muzzlepuff.

  20. Do kitties really need to be bathed? It just seems so cruel and unnecessary. Aren’t they very clean to begin with?

  21. That is the most relaxed wet cat I’ve ever seen. Completely relaxed legs and even his whiskers are flooped (yes, flooped!)and his ears are neutral.

    Still, I bet he wishes he was born a darker color. White shows everything!

  22. SeaBreeze says:


  23. SeaBreeze says:


  24. Ogma, no, cat’s are not clean. They’re just usually covered in cat-spit.

  25. Woot! May the commentroversy resume!!

  26. This cat seems to be long haired, and yes, they need baths. Otherwise, they often end up with terrible hairballs, or badly matted coats. It does them absolutely no harm. My Mom’s rescued Persians gets baths, and stay very beautiful because of it.

  27. Kitten says, “Help me .. I’m melting!!”

  28. R. Moore says:

    That’s how we used to bathe our pom/pap mix. We didn’t want her ears to get infected or for her to get too cold, so we’d wash up to her neck.

    Though, the best part was after toweling her off when she turned into a giant fluff ball.

  29. omega….there are many different reasons to bathe a cat. Human’s allergies, a skin condition, kitteh got into something that if they cleaned themselves the normal way would kill them or make them horribly sick.

    Very few cats like it, some adore it, some put up with it. But it’s not cruel and it is necessary from time to time.

  30. I have a calico and my grandma always wanted to know how she kept her white bits so clean.

  31. Peoples, can’t give with em, can’t live without them. I sure a can of tuna made it all better ;P

  32. I never understood how bathing cats was cruel. Well, cruel to teh cat, anyway. Just once, it would be nice to hear why it’s so cruel. Looking sad and pathetic isn’t good enough- I can look sad and pathetic when wet, but that doesn’t exempt me from getting caught in the rain or occasionally thrown into a swimming pool fully clothed.

  33. Christy says:

    Awesome. I love the kitty GLARE OF DEATH. Her wet fur looks like plaster!

  34. pookiepuff says:

    I love these perfectly white kittehs that have been posted recently! I think I want one!

  35. i cant believe i recoginized the dry kitty was the wet kitty also!

  36. thecat is not pleased

  37. Her wet fur does look like a different substance. Being into art, it almost looks like she’s carved out of white marble-especially the paws.

  38. Boy,

    You’re right.

    If I could simply lick myself clean, covering my entire body with human spit, and call it being truly clean, then a cat is, by its very nature, clean.

    Trust me here. You would NOT want me to go around all the time covered in my own spit and never take a bath.

    Same goes for any other animal.

  39. This kitteh is beautiful no matter what he/she’s made of.

    Another vote for muzzlepuff.

    You look up “resignation” in the dictionary and it should be this photo.

  40. this kitteh is saying “me no likey.”

    looks like he’s been dipped in white chocolate. (i prefer my cats dipped in dark chocolate. the high cocoa count has more health benefits)

    i’m so glad they spared his smooshy muzzlepuffness.

  41. Nope, sorry, no dignity left.

  42. AuntieMame says:

    Heh! I have a suspicion that this kitteh has the disgruntled look down pat, whether he’s wet or dry.

    He looks a little like papier maché when he’s drippin’, doesn’t he?

  43. acelightning says:

    That cat must be thinking to himself, “The moment you’re not paying attention, human… SHRED!”

  44. oaklandcat says:

    i think a ‘muzzlepouche’ is just an exceptionally large muzzlepuff. All the better to snorgle you with, my dear…

  45. I’m joining the crusade here; muzzlepuff is WAY better. Meggie-Moo, you’re not going to change “snorgleing” are you? 😉

  46. Now *that’s* what I call passive resistance.

    I’m sure that Kitty was given prime treats and snorgles and was purrin’ like mad once he was all warm n’ dry!
    Pretty man!

  47. Well if you bring a snowball into the house it *is* going to melt.

  48. As the inventor of “muzzlepuff” I have to put my dollar on it:


    (Search muzzlepuff or jaypo on page…)

  49. Darlink milky kitteh, btw!

  50. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Judging from Mister Soggy McSoggerson’s facial expression, the person or persons responsible for the bath is going to be very, very sorry at some indeterminate point in the future…

    I just added a completely white (short-haired) cat to my own cat-herd. Me with the nearly-all-black wardrobe… *sigh*

  51. Bob Pedersen says:

    As the former owner of a beautiful white purebred (may his fuzzy memory live forever), I can tell you that MY white cat, anyway, was subject to what I liked to call “waxy yellow buildup.” He’d just look…*unpleasant* after a while. A bath with some bluing shampoo did wonders.

    On another issue: of COURSE ‘muzzlepouch’ is a dumb word! Isn’t that part of the POINT?????

  52. LOL, Brak! There’re some pretty good clothes brushes out there…!

  53. Anyone else having to “verify your comment” before posting? Or does Typepad just find me suspicious tonight?

  54. Kitterling looks like he’s made of melting buttercream.
    (Guess a lot of folks have said similar things, but by golly, he *does*)

    Also — sorry, Meg, but I gotta stick with “muzzlepuff” too. The pouch thing? …chipmunks.

  55. AuntieMame- Thank you! You got it exactly; I was trying to figure out just what it was this looked like. Now I know why I was having flashbacks to girl scouts..

  56. Kitten: “HAAATE! Death! Destruction! Rage! Pain! Hate!”

  57. lauowolf says:

    They’re trying the medieval beauty treatment — washing him in milk.

  58. No claws? I can’t believe this kitty is so calm. Must love baths. Sooo cute.

  59. it’s funny, my black kitty has white skin and my tuxedo kitty has pink skin – it’s nice to see a totally color-coordinated kitty. White fur + white skin, very chic!

  60. Evelina says:

    The cat is, of course, really, really cute.
    there are two reasons why you shouldn’t give your cat a bath (if it’s not covered in floor polish etc.).
    They don’t like it.
    They don’t need it.

    Keep your kitten purring! 🙂

  61. Evelina — I’m pretty sure this kitty got into the wedding-cake frosting. 😉

  62. Evelina…my cat doesn’t get covered in floor polish, but she DOES require baths. Exceedingly dry skin. Vet recommended.

    Don’t go narrowing things down without taking EVERYTHING into account.

  63. Chris B. says:

    Linders, if you start them at a early age, they tolerate being bathed very well. I have bad allergies to cats and get a weekly allergy shot. My kitty gets a bath every other week using baby shampoo. Be sure to warm the towels. Using baby shampoo keeps her fur so soft no dander sticks to her.

  64. Linders says:

    Yep, it seems that way which is good to know. I’m actually quite happy to know that. I thought it was inhumane to wash a cat but if you think about it, it isn’t…. some cats get stinky. Their paws are in their litter box which has poop and pee. Even if the box is meticulously cleaned (I’m so getting oen of the automatic cleaning things, the idea of a kitty walking on a counter top with dirty feet makes me go GAH!!!!!) But the biggest reason for me not to get a cat is the allergies =( if I get shots and the kitty gets regular baths like my puppy dog does, I should be okay =) Actually, I think cats should get baths once n awhile….. and get uber-treat-tels once they are done =)

  65. “Oh noes! Cats don’t need baths!”
    “OMGWTFBBQ! Yes they do!”

    Not exactly the oldest story ever told, but dammit it ain’t NEW either.


  66. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    WEEEEE!!!!!!!*Dives head first into the flame war of washing kitties vs. Not washing kitties*

    Wash them thar dirty kitishes!!

    (I LOVE being FROM Ohio.. muahahah!!)

  67. Aww. How cute. My kitty would not be that good.

  68. muzzlepuff, please.

  69. Jupiter Star says:

    When I look at this kitty, all I can think of is paper machè!

  70. I… can’t…. stand eeeeet! CUTE OR SAD | CUTE OR SAD!!

  71. heidilynn says:

    “Mama said there’d be days like this, there’d be days like this, my mama said….”

    I’ve had day’s like that.

  72. This is not a cat. It’s an incredibly cute homunculus (felimunculus?) synthesized alchemically out of vital spirits and glue.

  73. Cruel is holding food or water, kicking the cat, leaving them outside in a raging blizzard, locking them up in a small box,etc, anything causing suffering or pain. Bathing a cat is not cruel. The ‘pain’ may be a few moments’ loss of dignity, but cruel? I think not.

  74. I love ‘Cute-speak’ – ‘dripping pawsitude’ indeed!

  75. I notice his head isn’t wet – I guess that would be going too far.

  76. sad…Cats hate water, so y do something to make them unhappy?

  77. many small children also hate baths, yet they smell and are bathed. cruel?

  78. yes angie,~VERY~ cruel…