Don’t git farked again! [sing in Roger Daltrey voice]

Exxxxxcellent_2Those clever, clever Farkers have FARKED US AGAIN!

Seems the Mr. Burns Hedgehog caught their eye for a Photoshop contest.

Check it out!

C.O. ❤ Fark

Here is my Fark submission:


With apologies to Matt Groening, natch.  And, um, Roger Daltrey.



  1. SeaBreeze says:

    GREAT pic!! =)

    but I do prefer the real one much betters.

  2. It’s so good!

    Alas, that entry won’t qualify, as it must use part of the source image. But I still love eeet.

  3. AuntieMame says:

    LOL! I love Fark’s photo contests. It was just the posts that were a bit much for me.

  4. R. Moore says:

    Very nice!

  5. Well, I don’t care if Meg’s cartoon is Fark-worthy or not, I think it’s … it’s — golly, how shall I describe it?

    “Neato”? No, that’s too childish.

    “Superlative”? Nah, that’s kinda hoity-toity.

    “Exceeds expectations”? Sounds like a performance review.

    I can’t find the EXact word! This wasn’t what I EXpected! How vEXing — what IS that word?


  7. No, that’s not it, either, Different Person, but thanks…

  8. Did you see this one? Made me laugh.

  9. Maybe it doesn’t fit their rules, but Meg’s is, as always, the qtest.

  10. AAAAAHHHHH!!!!

    I thought this site was for CUTE!
    That means ADORABLE!
    Mr. Burns is NOT either of those!
    … whether he’s a hedgehog or not.

  11. Great job Meg! I had to switch off Fark for the rest of the semester (and possibly my life), as it was too much of a time-suck. I love it though…

  12. meg–your entry is better than any of the fark ones…those guys have a pretty bad command of photoshop and your drawn version is much more creative than them ripping off somethingawful and ytmnd again. thanks!

  13. Mine:

    Warning, middle-finger visible. Depending where you work, maybe NSFW.

    Sorry, I had to keep it there to make the funny. :X I promise not to do it again!

  14. kittikin says:

    Well said, Katy.

    Also, funny = cute in this instance.

  15. Dustbunny says:

    The tumbleweed hedgehog is very funny, as is the Pope wearing a hedgehog on his head. I’m going to hell for laughing at that one.

  16. I got to see the CO-FARK link and I must’ve voted for at least six of the submissons. My personal favorite was the one by Yugoboy when he turned the hedgie into Kirby.

  17. Does anyone else see the optical illusion in that? Look at the hedgehog and blink your eyes.. he grows!

  18. Brak_Silverbone says:


  19. [is in crossover heaven]

  20. secret man agent says:

    This is hedge-sploitation! You people make me sick!
    Seriously, though, why that picture? Most of those shops aren’t even that good.

  21. soooorrry to point this out guy (if you follow the link at Fark) but PMS means prior to…and stop with bleading…shhhh!

  22. NTMTOM:


  23. Aubrey: Xually, while the Xplanation you Xpediently Xplained was not Xactly the Xpert Xamination I Xpected, thanX for Xking.

  24. NTMTOM:

    Such an Xtreme Xample in the Xploitation and Xtrapolation of a little-used letter must have required some Xertion.

    ThanX for playing.

  25. book_monstercats says:

    Fab! Fab! Fab! (But not as fab as Meg’s, ‘cos it just is so!) I loved the rugby players, I snorted my porridge all over my keyboard. I also loved the pope image, laughing all the way to hell. Eeeerrrmmm, what was the half naked woman with the footballs?

  26. If you look at the image out of the corner of your eye it appears to be GETTING BIGGER!

  27. pugmamatimestwo says:

    fabulous…i loved the sno-balls 😛

  28. HAHAHA! I love the Ron Jeremy one! Hahahaha!! That’s hot.

  29. LOL!!! Great job, Meg!!! He looks exactly like Homer’s grumpy boss – what’s his name?

  30. Montgomery H. Burns.
    “H” for “Hedgehog.”

  31. PS — does anybody else see an optical illusion effect with Hedgie Burns?
    He just keeps EXPANDING… woooo wooo woooooooo….

  32. Totally saw the hedgie grow. Is that trippy or what?

  33. Your Mr. Burns is a hoot; I’m surprised there weren’t others like it at Fark (I mean, come on…three Tribble riffs?!?). The Hostess sno-ball package and Indiana Jones were pretty clever. And well, Ron Jeremy…

  34. I wuz wondering if it was just me who was seeing things with this pic! Very trippy!

  35. The site was pretty cool but kinda scarey some of the pictures. People have great imaginations.

  36. my favorite was actually the marbles. It was very good PS, but also very artistic, and I’m surprised more people didn’t like it.

    Anyway, Meg, excellent drawing. I must stare at it now to see the optical illusion people are talking about.