Mean vs. Cute :P


"Mean vs Cute: While the mean internet was working itself into a frenzy over BritneyShears‘s haircut, the cute internet was all about Nora, the piano-playing cat. In one weekend, half amillion people watchedher on YouTube as she played something halfway between Philip Glass andfree jazz. She’s now been watched more than 1.5 million times."



  1. Who ever put this up is being toooooo modest the times discribes cute overload
    “The motherlode of all cute animal action is Cute Overload”
    I say no more CO is now the official source of the qte

  2. Well, just because more talent than Britney, and all cutologists know that…

  3. Of course I was referring to Nora as the Talented one…

  4. Poor Britney…

  5. zosterops says:

    there’s also these asian elephant playing the xylophon — that was quite amazing…

  6. joodster says:

    dewi you are sooooo right. ff you want the qte, you come to co. nothing else will do.

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    *Holds up a lighter and shouts out* Freebird

  8. misscrisp says:


  9. misscrisp says:

    On a related “celebration/domination of Teh Qte™” note, I have lately seen many iterations of:
    I’M IN UR [blank]
    [blank]inG UR [blank]!!
    (fill in blanks as appropriate 😉

  10. Britney…not cute

  11. Nora is the best.. such artistic concentration is hard to find. Points also for smooching le grande piano!

  12. Yup, this is where I come too after becoming horrified and deeply depressed by the mean internet (seriously…ever wonder at the state of humanity? Read the comments left on those blogs. Make our nuffs look kind and gentle). Nothing removes the bad flavour of the fact that Britney Spears has paparazzi taking pictures of her in rehab and hearing that total moron Perez Hilton call Tyra Banks fat than some kittehs, puppers and other adorables.

    I should totally boycott the Gossip Blogs. I *have* managed to stop buying tabliod magazines. One small step for me!

  13. R. Moore says:

    My favorite emoticon! 😛

    Teri – Don’t stop buying tabloids, stop buying the celeb. ones. Start picking up the crazy “Woman grows beard after giving birth to lizard!!!” type!

  14. Angus and Misha says:

    You bet! Here’s to Nora with her perfect posture and quite elegant music, and bah humbug to all the dirty gossip meisters. We all love Nora at our house.

  15. Suda Nim says:

    R. Moore — I *love* the Weekly World News. And every now and then, they actually run a true story, such as the town in California that elected a Laborador retriever, “Bosco,” as mayor (I lived nearby at the time).

    I once made a car screen shade out of colllaged WWN clippings. Warning: you have to use industrial-strength paste, which will hold up in the sun. It actually lasted about two years and always made me smile.

  16. I must have been lurking around here too long. I took an English proficiency test yesterday where the object was to pick the one sentence out of groups of four with errors. Well, one of the sentences was about a cat standing on a windowsill staring inside at a roast turkey, and the first thought I had was, “Aww, give the cat some turkey!”

  17. R. Moore says:

    Suda Nim: That story was TRUE? Wow. I’ve been watching the headlines since I was little. They never fail to disappoint. And of course the pictures are fantastic.
    As are these people’s problems:

    Bwa ha ha ha

  18. Martha in Washingtom says:

    I saw a story on our local news (Seattle) about Nora the Cat. They were talking to her people and they said that she only purrs when she’s playing the piano!! The woman gives piano lessons and they have to move the piano bench away from the second piano so Nora won’t play during the lesson. Nora is a very dedicated artist!

  19. redbone says:

    I’m glad I found CO before it got popular. That means I’m EXTRA cool. Eh, in cute terms, anyway. I think.

    Nora > Britney

    But I still hope Britney gets her head together soon.

  20. CUTE > MEAN


  21. *Deep breath*


  22. nightbird says:

    Nora is a natural born musical genius!

  23. Nichole says:

    Next week: Brit snorgles with google eye Boston pup and all is forgiven.

  24. Nichole — or, “Brit Plops Peroxide Pom Pup Upon Pate, Hits Hollywood”

  25. Suda Nim says:

    R. Moore — ‘Twas true! Here’s a Non-WWN article that cited other headlines such as “Mayor Missing; Police Suspect Foul Play,” then “Mayor Found, Had Affair With Some Bitch”:

  26. Move over Norah Jones….Nora’s banging on the keys..and knows how to spell “Nora”

  27. R. Moore says:

    I wonder if they could still get away with that sort of headline these days…