Bim, Bam, BOOM!

He’s OUT, People!

Nice find, Sparky, and excellent movie, Rummel H.!

Now playing on CuteCaaaaaaaast!

Oh, and FINALLY a song that enhances the movie. Seriously, way to go, Rummel.



  1. 1st comment?


    3 hamsters must have escaped into my house in my childhood. but there were in the little plastic cages?!

  2. I *knew* they could flatten themselves like pancakes. Cats too. Is that little critter named Stanley?

  3. Nice, and the song sounds like something my parents would have dance to back in the day!

  4. Wow. It’s like the little hammy is reenacting a scene from Lost! 🙂 Kate gets out of her cage the exact same way.

    So cuuuuute. It’s time to get the hammies a nice solid habitrail instead of that wire barred jail.

  5. Ha! The lil shit!

  6. Constance says:

    …that was amazing.

  7. Wow… paper thin hammie!! no point having the ikkle mite in that cage… just somewhere to get food and water… and hopefully poop….

    Cutey wee skinny-ham…..

  8. are you done now….

  9. Wow – Just like kitties, it appears the little hammies should be classified as liquids, as well.
    At least this one – that was almost painful! 0_o

  10. When I had hamsters — decades ago — they used to chew through the plastic of the cage to escape! Bastids!

  11. That has to be yours, Rob! And here I was just wondering today if you still had hammies…Yay hammie!
    HeeHeeHee…Great clip, as usual.

  12. Holy cr@p! That’s impressive.

  13. i am always amazed by the fact that you guys seem always oblivious to the pain this thing makes me feel everyday, and asking for the reason why is fair to me…why such a can delete that comment theo, it doesnt matter it is said.

  14. Christy says:

    AWESOME. I love how it just squirms out through the bars.

  15. Is the video just totally not working for anyone else?

    Can’t get it to stream from here, nor over on Cutecast, and not in a different browser either.

    Is this a Youtube or Google video that someone can find a direct link for me to?

  16. Man, my gerbils just chewed through their cage to get out. This guy is pretty smart.

  17. A Caitlin says:

    Love this video. I had siberian dwarf hammies as a kid…until the cats learned how to knock the habi-trail tubes off…
    Hopefully they are much better built nowadays! I mean the cages, not the hammies!

  18. DANG! They always say that if they can squeeze their heads through – the rest will follow! I’ve never seen it on camera before. Good thing someone was watching! Notice how it had to adjust a bit when it came to it’s little pelvis. *wiggle-wiggle-POP*

  19. Vultekai says:

    Great song. Great hammy.

    My friend’s hammy tried to escape too, but he used the cage door that was on the top of the cage. He got it half open, but then sadly the door somehow got stuck and pinned down the hammy and he died there =( Can’t remember exactly how it went, but that’s the general idea.

  20. Haven’t heard that song since I last saw Forbidden Zone.

  21. Okay, got it to work. What a cute little one. I have tons of my own escape tales.

  22. jackie31337 says:

    I had a really smart hammie. Her cage had a little door on the front that just slid up and down, with nothing to secure it in place. She learned how to lift the door and get out. I had to put a tiny little padlock on it to keep it closed. We moved her to a habitrail not too long after that, but she learned how to stand on top of the wheel and pry the top door off. One day she got out and we never saw her again.

  23. hahaha! the last phrase iswhat really makes the video 🙂

  24. missingmeg says:

    Ever notice how cages look a lot like prisons?

    Why do we imprison those we love?

    Hami’s and gerbali’s should be free, free to run and play and make up their own minds.

  25. I have a friend who cannot watch anything on C.O. Meanwhile I love the site. But she sees evil in it, of watching movies that she feels torture animals. You are a particularly sensitive person, I think. But you should not look at or comment on C.O if it makes you uncomfortable.

  26. darkshines says:

    I love the song used, anyone know what it is?

  27. Hammies have collapsible insides. And tiny knees. My brother’s hams used to escape and skin their knees. He’d insist on having them taken to the vet, who would shave their wee knees and stitch them up.

  28. girlnextdoortn says:

    Ohhhh, his insides got smooshed!

  29. useta hada kitteh says:

    Uh-oh, ham’s on the lam! How do they DO that?

  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    um, person whose name is missingmeg? um, meg posted this one. sparky is meg’s “other half”. meg’s posted others, too, recently. where ya been?


  32. Elizabeth B says:

    When I had hamsters as a kid, they were also escape artists. Once I saw one of my hammies climb across the top of his cage (hanging from the bars by his two front paws) _slide the catch on the door back_ push it open and climb out. After that a textbook lived on that door, but we still lost hammies. At least one permanently.

  33. I had escape artist hammies as child, too! And we even had those plastic habitrail “environments” (i.e., no bars or cages for us), so you’d think the hammies would be fairly secure… But they always found a way to squeeze through whatever miniscule gaps were left where the tubes and chutes attached. Seriously: hammies = liquid.

  34. layla42 says:

    Boneless hammie!

    I had one who would escape, and it didn’t matter *what* we did to stop him. Had to nickname the sucker “Houdini”.

    His cage was in my bedroom, so I kept my door shut to limit his nighttime wanderings. Some mornings, I’d wake up with a ball of floof taking a bath on my head, or sleeping under my chin.

  35. ugh! Everyone knows Robos need to be kept in glass aquariums. If you’re gonna get a pet and keep it in a tiny cage AT LEAST DO SOME RESEARCH.

  36. Oh noes, Jaeby.

  37. hmmm. i can’t see this at all, just a big gray square. is there another way to link to it? i want to see Hammy Houdini!

  38. LOL!!! I love the song too. Nuthin’ like Latino jazz.

    And here’s something really scary and sad:

  39. Awestruck says:

    One of the hamsters I had was always getting out of her cage. The cage was a glass aquarium with wire mesh covering the top. We thought this was escape proof. My hamster noticed that one of the mesh corners was raised a little bit, so she piled up wood chips under her wheel until it stopped turning and then climbed up it like a ladder. When she got to the top, she did monkey bars across the mesh and over to that corner where she climbed out. She was gone for three days and we found her in the basement.

  40. Did anyone ready “I Houdini – the Autobiography of a Self-Educated Hamster” when they were kids?
    It’s a brilliant book 🙂

  41. SeaBrereze says:

    Gerbils are at least as sneaky. Ours used to fun around in those snap-together plastic balls … sneak off to a corner and then chew away at the plastic holders, and then make their escape! One of them became a “free-range gerbil”. You shoulda seen all the food stashes he had going under the furniture!

  42. am i the only one who can’t see the picutre? all i get is a grey box. the other pictures load fine.

  43. This essplains A LOT of mystery escapes over the years.

    Cats are *scary* good at this flattening thing too.

  44. Elizabeth B. says:

    Reminds me of the night the entire litter baby rats realized that they were mobile and small enough to fit through the cage bars. About midnight I was almost asleep when I heard a skittering near my head and turned to find a baby rat staring beadily at me from the edge of my pillow. I called my parents and we put him back. Five seconds later, two more popped out. We put them back, and three more came out. Eventually the entire litter of eight had figured out what was up, so we had to put them in an old dog carrier with somewhat smaller holes in the front. Then they figured out they could fit through those holes too. So we covered the holes with a towel and when they hadn’t escaped after five minutes, we went back to bed.

    In the morning, there was one hole chewed through the towel, and all the babies were back with their mother in the cage.

    Little shits.

  45. Amanda Watson says:

    I have a friend that recommended I log onto this site…I see why–thx

  46. “One o’clock, two o’clock three o’clock – LOCKED
    Four o’clock, five o’clock, six o’ clock – NOT
    Seven o’clock, eight o’clock, nine o’clock – WALK
    We’re gonna walk out of the cage tonight!”

  47. Suzanne says:

    Aubrey, as usual, your lyrical skills are tops!

    Slightly off thread here, but this reminds me of the cairn terrier I had when I was in college. She was crate trained until she was housebroken, so when I left for class, she’d be “in jail” (aka wire dog crate my folks gave me). But when I got home, she’d be out, contents of the trash can would be EVERYWHERE and I’d have a nice puddle right in front of the door. Couldn’t figure out how she was doing it, so borrowed a cam from the studio I was working at and discovered the little imp had discovered I didn’t latch the top of the crate and was sliding out of the top. Misty was one damn smart dog.


    As the former owner of several, I can testify first-hand.

  49. […]Extraido de Cute Overload[…]

  50. R. Moore says:

    Wow, I’m so glad that I’ve always kept Syrian Hamsters. My cats already love sleeping atop hammie cages to watch.

  51. hronnsa says:

    very cute. and i laughed out loud at the commenting that went along with the movie “clever little sh*t”. love that song! does anyone know what band etc?

  52. Haha, cute. My hamster used to do this every night for weeks. We had to put wire mesh around the cage to stop her from escaping any more.

  53. Pika Hikari KT says:

    If I was the size of that hamster, I’m sure I’d be able to pull that stunt off too. Rodents are smart, aren’t they?^_^

    And I have witnessed some NARROW kitty hiding places at the adoption center I work at. Either it’s to take a nap or they’re too scared. Anyone else witness one in a full filing drawer?XD

  54. hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!! that’s good stuff. : )

  55. Go ahead and enter your ham in the limbo contest.

  56. Little squishy hammie imp!

  57. “Fable” sounds like a commenter from several months ago who wrote nonense sentences and non-sequitors.

  58. Solution: Feed him seconds every day for a week

  59. Puppy Momma – PLEASE tell me you are kidding about the hammie skinned knees – really – please. Take them to a vet to have them stitched up? What on earth kindve needle do you use to stitch hamster knees? OY. I’m overloaded.

  60. Obviously they just need to give this guy more food so he’ll get too fat to fit between the bars.

  61. LOL! I had an escape artist hamster when I was a kid. So that’s how he did it! Never caught him in the act.

  62. And that’s why you don’t keep dwarf hammies in wire cages. Or any ham, for that matter. Because they channel Houdini’s ghost on a regular basis.

    Also, holy ridiculous cute! I need another haaaaaaaaam!

  63. Does he have no bones?

  64. (lights fuse)
    “dunt dunt,
    dah dah,
    dunt dunt,
    dah dah,
    dunt dunt,
    dah dah ,
    dunt dunt,
    dah dah,
    dunt dunt
    (snazzy electric flute) deedledoooo, deedledoooo,

  65. yankeebird says:

    Oh, Tony James, I think I still HAVE that book! I only got it because the ham on the cover looked just like my George!

  66. yankeebird says:

    Sounds like a lot of people used to have escape hammies! I have flat-cats too that can slide under doorways.

    I know of an escape artist collie, naturally named Houdini. How this dog got out of his cage is still a mystery, as he couldn’t exactly fit in between the bars.

  67. AAAAAWWWWWW! Cute little guy! I would be soooooo afraid every time I vacuumed….. You know that sound…. *sluuuurpf*… something that wasn’t supposed to go up the hose just did :O

  68. As Cain said, it was in the movie Forbidden Zone –

    “Danny Elfman proves himself a creative dynamo in his twisted main Rock theme and in his band’s mutations of old 30s and 40s standards. Miguelito Valdez’s Bim Bam Boom was a Desi Arnaz-style Cuban hit in the late 40s that found its way into the film noir Suspense; here it is sampled and combined with new orchestrations by Elfman.”

  69. I had a syrian escape hammy.
    He learned how to push the food dish up against the pop-open door and LEEEEEAAANNN until it popped open, hehe.
    The first night this happened, I was sleeping in a different room (with the door closed, mind you) and woke up with him sitting by my feets, just staring at me.
    Little shit got out, under the door (he was a BIG hammy, too), and up my bedspread.
    We learned to lock the cage, hehe.

    Hammies are truly liquid.

  70. useta hada kitteh says:

    Good earworm, Pyrit. Perfect accompaniment to little sneakypants up there.

  71. Pyrit — luvs teh Lalo.

  72. Fabulous song, now if I could only find my other platform shoe and my favorite fruit headdress…

  73. squeesh! out he comes!

  74. Now I’m starting to wonder about my mother’s hamster and my brother’s gerbils. They’re fat little puffs and they’re more interested in stuffing their faces and rearranging their cages, but if they ever get out…the dogs may be stupid and the cat may not know what the heck they are, but when the natural instincts kick in…

  75. It’s mostly the ham I’m worried about. She’s a smart little monkey. The gerbils are just kinda spazzy.

  76. Deb B (New Zealand) says:

    You guys are all brilliant!!! Keep up the good work.

  77. useta – I think there should be one extra deedledooo! And I forgot the shrill trill intro.

    Theo – I’ve had my coffee, I Googled Lalo. Interesting new name (to me) but, “Baroo”? Or, more like, I HAVE to know!

  78. AH ha! Theo, I got it, I got it. I Googled Mission Impossible TV. You Mr. Trivia you.

  79. …Schifrin, yes. There’s a Minneapolis-area DJ who will occasionally play some of his stuff in his lounge lineup. We never got along personally (he’s a snarky bastard too, and he DOESN’T LIKE CATS) but he does play a good party.

  80. Theo – I’ve often thought of you as CO’s snarky DJ (“De Judge”, “De Jokair”, “De Jiggywiddit” oh stop) but not once a snarky bastard.

  81. Yeah Azaria, if there’s a dog and cat in the household – be ULTRA paranoid. Even the dumbest, most papered cat will end a wee rodent in no time.

    I’ve duct-tapped every tube and wired off every door and THEN I close my bedroom door and stuff something under it for fear of something going wrong whilst I’m at work.

  82. That was meant to be “pampered cat,” not papered cat – LOL


  84. 1337Pr1nc355 says:

    My hammy baby tries this every daaaaay. We have that same kind of cage. What cuuuuuuties.