Shoutout Hollaback UK


Tony James was sharp enough to spot this Cute Overload plug on Guardian Unlimited.  Here’s a YAY for our Brit fans!  And get this, the blogger’s name is Jemima Kiss.  She compiles a "viral video" list over there, and has a soft spot for prickly hedgies.  Jemima, we tewtelly understand.  Many thanks!  Happy to have you in the Peep’s Posse.

(Theo out.  More snow needs shoveling.)



  1. Ryan Blackhawke says:

    YAY! Congrats! This is humongous!

  2. Sigh, one day it’s my dream to have my own animal blog recognized by such a venerable institution as the Guardian. Nice work, Meg and Theo!
    And for any Guardian reporters reading this – it’s

  3. lauowolf says:

    Ah Theo, we all know you aren’t just shoveling snow, you’re out there hunting for snow squirrels!

  4. LOL, Annie. Plug-a-licious.

  5. Annie! I love your blog and have bookmarked it so I can continue to check it. Way to keep the peeps informed of goings-on in the world of nanimals. 🙂

  6. Anyone know where Theo lives that he has to shovel out?

  7. kittenpie says:

    I’m guessing that Theo’s a Minnesotan, since his “schmoop” is in the area, and we just got a TON of snow. Theo, where you at??

  8. Thanks kittenpie. ThEO ThEO where you at?? Can’t you hear us calling you?

  9. Yep, I’m Minnesotan all right.

  10. You weren’t shoveling your were sneekin peekin at us talking about you. Glad your back. Kittenpie was right.

  11. Meh… I’ll be shovelin & snowblowin later.

  12. C.O. and the Guardian! A perfect match, kind of like Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

  13. You guys got hit worse than we did in Wisconsin – and now the wind’s blowing everything around so we get to shovel all of the same snow again! Because once is never enough. The morning commute has been interesting. I’d much rather be at home being a lap for the kittikins.

  14. YAY!!! Whoop-dee-doo!

    [makes all sorts of silly P.G. Wodehouse noises]

  15. LOL, Subh. Pip-what.

  16. Dash it, SubH, no blighter that I know would have the bally neck to make such a dog’s breakfast and claim that P.G. Wodehouse was ‘silly’. Pretty rum, what?

    That’s my posish, anyway.

    (thinks fondly of Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry)

  17. For those of you shoveling snow, would it be awful to tell you that it is currently 72 degrees and sunny in Austin, TX? Don’t worry though. In a couple of months, it will be 132 degrees outside and we’ll all be melting. Then *you* can gloat!

  18. re: Aubrey’s comment…
    That’d be “House” and the psychologist guy on “Bones”, these days, peeps.

  19. This is so, T., so allow me to explain further:

    Oh, and it’s 70 degrees and sunny out here. Just thought I’d put that out there.

    Oh, and most importantly:

    As those in the know
    In the throes of CO
    In the sun or the snow
    Our joy doesn’t dim, it
    Goes on without Limit
    As well as that site
    That has CO in it.

  20. Pretty much anything ending with “.com” then, eh?

  21. CO in anything ending with .com?

    Well, it’s about time that the peeps took over.

    Anyway, my brain has been hurting all day.

  22. Re: Theo in MN, I could tell by his accent.

    Re: gloating, I had the windows open today. Everyone else can gloat during hurricane season.

  23. re: accents & “I had the windows open today”
    Oy, it’s so yoomid…

  24. snark!

  25. (puts on sunglasses)

    (then decides to go outside)

  26. Puts two hot sheets of cookies, fresh out of the oven, outside, to cool off, in about 3.5 seconds, before they freeze, in 5.5 seconds.

  27. AuntieMame says:

    Stephen Fry is on Bones? Well, well, well. The things I miss by never watching network TV. (Well, I don’t *miss* it; I just don’t watch it.) Do they let him use his natural British accent? That’s why I don’t like House. He talks funny.

    What ho, peeps!

  28. Puts the beer outside to stay well chilled for the party. And the milk to go with the fresh baked cookies. Chocolate chip, by any chance, Pyrit?

  29. Sue in NoCal says:

    Those videos are way too funny! My laughing drew a crowd of employees into my office, but we got busted during the cat washing demonstration. The boss had to see how we were wasting his money. 😦
    I forwarded it to my home email so I can chuckle all weekend.

  30. Chocolate fuuuudge! What kind of beer ya got?

  31. pyrit, how’s your arm? Think you can throw some sheets of cookies my way? This would be my preferred version of three sheets to the wind, anyway.

  32. OMG!!!!!! Everyone go to yahoo news stat! DOG YOGA! DOOOOOGGGGG YOOOOGGGAAA! There are pictures and everything! Gasp!

    New Post, Theo??


  33. ONce again, the japanese are kicking our booties with the cuteness!–

  34. Aubrey – Mmrwwff chrmmff mmsuf frrmf wumfl? (wipes crumb from mouth)

  35. pyrit, that’s just the type of behavior I’ve crumb to expect from you.

  36. (Humming away, making fresh batch of absinthe brownies, la, laa. Batter looks dry, pours more absinthe, whee.)

  37. (Aubrey sits alone, glowering)

    Since pyrit chooses to make brownies in my absinthe, I’ll have to return to my cauldron of puddin.

    (starts churning)

  38. The cuteness of the name ‘Jemima Kiss’ is the best part of the whole thing for me.
    ‘Hello, I am Jemima Kiss.’ (paws up)
    I wonder if she’s cute in the small, rounded, fluffy way or the gangly, knobular way.

  39. Timer dings. Ah. Puts brownies out to cool. Meanwhile, prepares transcontinental catapult. Aligns trajectory with LA. Calls air traffic control. Doot dee doo…

  40. (contacts LAX – Luscious Arrivals/Xcursions)

    (goes online to check times and cancellations)

    (calls cab)

    (is very hungry)

  41. [lots of giggling going on up in snowy MN]

  42. Is strangely reminded of that story that went around about putting ExLax in brownies…moment ‘passes’, then, wonders about effects of absinthe brownies on an empty stomach. Better load a jug of milk in the catapult too.
    Wraps brownies in checkered cloth, ties ribbon, places in wicker basket, throws in some shiny-sparkly bits ‘n bobs, loads ‘pult.
    Stands clear. Fire one!
    Pyooiiinnng, shhhyooop…

  43. Michael says:


  44. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh boy, I found the party! Who knew it would be hiding here under this shoutout! Bring on the puddins! (cookeez is good, too, hint hint…)

    Pyrit, I left you a missage (wif a compliment in it, almost as good as a cookie) in the marmalade pumpkin patch. Didn’t know where to find you, but I smelled the cookies and came runnin’!

  45. “shiny-sparkling bits n bobs”?


    (looks eagerly into the sky)

    pyrit, I never took you for a practioner of witchcraft, but if you want to use a wicker basket, I’m all for it.

    Useta, man the puddin cauldron, I’m waiting outside!

  46. useta – Yay. Thank you a ton. Your compliment means a lot to me. It’s a laid back story. An antidote to stress. Not exactly thrills n chills stuff. Four pets, four seasons, ooh-aah. So there will be more (and I promise old dog will not pass away at the end.)

    And Vox can be as private as you want it to be. But I understand your concerns.

    When I see your name I pronounce it yoozeta, and I want to put an ‘m’ in front of the ‘u’. Like Musetta. Lovely.

    I hope you brought milk!

  47. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yup, I got my milk right here next to my ‘puter. Goes great with puddins and cookeez…

    And thanks for the reassurance about old dog, because I really like old dog. and red dog. and the two catses. They’re wonderful, and your wordsmithery is spellbinding.

    And what a musical way to pronounce my name. I never thought of it that way.

    Aubs, check the sky, puddin’s incoming!

  48. She packed my brownies real tight pre-flight
    Zero hour nine a.m.
    And they’re gonna be high as a kite by then
    Above the earth so much,
    They may crash dive
    It’s lonely out in space
    On such a timeless flight

    And I think it’s gonna be a long long time
    Till touch down brings them brownies round again to find
    They’re not the same brownies that left my home
    Oh no no no they’re rocket brownies
    Rocket brow-ownies, Rocket brownies.

  49. lauowolf says:

    There are brownies?

    I need something solid with the puddins.

  50. “Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
    Coming closer, once so far.
    With my glasses, now I see
    Fresh baked brownies, just for me!*

    Brownies arrive without a clue,
    How I wonder who sent you!

    The blazing sun is now set,
    Melting time has not come yet,
    Wrapped in cloth so very tight,
    I’ll nibble on you all the night.
    Yummy, yummy little brownie,
    I’m so glad that I found ye!

    Using chocolate oh-so-dark
    Thank you for your sug’ry spark;
    There’s just one thing I wish I’d know,
    So my gratitude I’d show.
    Yummy, yummy little brownie,
    Who would bother baking for me?

    In my fridge I know you’d keep,
    Tho I’d share you with my peeps,
    And tho she thinks she’s rather sly,
    Accusations she’d deny,
    So my diet you would mar,
    PYRIT mailed you from afar!”

    *and useta

  51. Sigh. A lullaubrey. Brownie points for you.
    Enjoy. Make pretty things with the sparklies.
    Welp, I think I’ll go dream of sugarplums now…Zzzzz.

  52. Oh dear lord, you peepoe are killing me. I snorted out loud at “lullaubrey”!!

  53. I may need to substitute the whole “gold star” concept with “brownie points” henceforth.

  54. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yummm, love me some brownie points! Once, ages ago, in a college class, our professor held pop quizzes, and termed the scores of them “brownie points”. So one day, I took brownies to class, cut in skinny triangles. I was very disappointed when I had to EXPLAIN that they were brownie points. Sheesh. Seemed obvious to me…

  55. Absolutely, T.

    And if you want to go that extra step, fill a glass of champagne, and grant toast points for those deserving of them.

  56. Sounds a little sophisticated for this crowd, Aubs.

  57. useta hada kitteh says:

    Whatchoo sayin’ dere, bub? Theo? We ain’t saffistacatered anuff fer ya? Is that whatcher sayin? Cuz I just seen a hamster wonders if ya’d like to take it outside. Not saffistacatered anuff fer champ, uh, champpai, er how do ya spell it? Bubbly stuff. Ya know…

  58. Aubrey – Oh stop with the champagne and toast points or I’ll have to make some Lobster Newburg. (tosses a mudbug & hot sauce to useta & Theo – only kidding!)

  59. useta hada kitteh says:

    Dunk. Chomp. Kronsche. Slurp.

    (I learn so much on this blog. I hadta google mudbug, cuz, well, we don’t have them up here in the Frozen North, but now I know.)