Hampupmorph_final*Reality-Casual Friday.  What else?

Yes, this is Theo, messin witchoo again.  Source images are here and here.  Have a good weekend, peeps!

Don’t worry, I’ll put a real post up in a minute.  😉



  1. Teho we aren’t worthy we aren’t worthy

  2. bwahhhaahhaaaa. Puppa-mouse?? Or is it a gerbil??

  3. But question is what is the snore sound like
    HONk-eck or ecK-SHO

  4. useta hada kitteh says:

    Yup, as soon as I saw this, I thought, “Aha, The Great Teho strikes again!” You are too funny, Teho! (That’s gonna drive me nutses, absolutely nutses, everytime I sign on to CO !!!!)

    It’s the amazing sleppin’ puppy-kitten!

  5. useta hada kitteh says:

    Ooks. Egads. I wuz wrong (how can it be???) That ain’t a puppy-kitten, it’s a puppy-hamstah. Oops. I feel so dummmm. It’s cute, that much I know for sure and certain.

  6. Emily Anonymous says:

    Anyone else feel a little nauseous?…although I’m not sure if it’s from the warp or the overwhelming cuteness.

  7. franticness! runnings arounds in circle-ses! 🙂

  8. Jessica says:

    Mesmorizing …

  9. newmoonpie says:

    gaaaak! too fast! too fast! the cute can’t even REGISTER, it’s so fast.

  10. I wish my puppy could morph into other cute anipals!


  11. lauowolf says:

    It’s a hamsten.

  12. (stumbles into CO after another evening spent on booze and puddins)

    (stares at post)

    AHHH!!! Flashbacks!!! Rehab! Apocalypse Now!

    (runs away)

  13. jenniflower says:

    Please, please, slow it down a bit so we can appreciate its full cuteitude!

  14. OK… slowed the morph down to 1/3rd speed. Better?

  15. That is some wild stuff!

  16. My mental soundtrack is playing “honk” and “shu” alternately with each morph. I can’t be the only one.

  17. Oh No shouldn’t have looked at this again. YOU BAD THEO in a good way.

  18. Did some-one drop something in my tea?? hamsatapup morphing? on a Friday? what is becoming of the the woreld?

    Now that would be one very cute pet… although it would be difficult to keep in a pocket….. bust the stitches every few seconds methinks……

  19. Pheas — good idea! heh heh

  20. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    ok it’s phoney but it works well . Honkshu isn’t that a Japanese city?

  21. it is adorable. and about mid-way through the morph cycle it looks like a bunny! (or is it just me?)

  22. THGA — if by “phoney” you mean “grainy” or “having poor resolution” or “totally made up,” then yes, you’d be right. This thing’s been through a .GIF filter thrice over, now.

    [calls travel agency re: Honkshu tours]

  23. Theo, you are an evil genius!

  24. For proper viewing, Peeps must apply googley-eyes-on-springs over real eyes.

  25. its a dawg. its a ham. its a dawg! its a ham! its a dawg! its a ham!

  26. Mush beter, Tay-o. *Thank-you*

  27. yes, that is just what i needed today blizzard conditons here in Minnesota, roads are still closed and covering up for a good afternoon snooze is about all I’ll get done here. thanks theo

  28. Pfffft… you call THIS a blizzard, Leah??

    (I ♥♥♥ all-wheel-drive)

  29. Oh no! More nap-inducing posts whilst at work on a Friday afternoon! Oh cruel world!!

    PS I don’t mean nap-inducing as in boring, btw, just makes me wanna get all cozy.

  30. Is it evolution or creationism ? Neither, it is cuteolution combined with Theoism. Way to go!!!!!!!!

  31. Mommeeee!! I’m scawwwed!

  32. deskprimate says:

    I agree Katherine. I love the moment where the hampup looks just like a bunny. Right there in the middle.

  33. Faye – “Theoism.” (Grin)
    Now, if you are a believer in the CO, then it can’t be monotheoism, it must be polytheoism. Even, polymegatheoism, if I may. Actually, Megapolygendertheoism.

  34. [looks inward]
    [eyes cross]

  35. Teho you are morphvellous.

    And Pyrit, you’ve exceeded your Friday quota of rum.

  36. Pheas – I too agree with you. When it’s ham to puppy, it’s “honk” (inhale) and puppy to ham is “shuuuuuu” (exhale.)

    OMG I’ve got to go to bed now. ‘Night, peeps.

  37. Someone slipped me a mickey while I wasn’t looked. FESS UP DINT YA?

  38. Sydney — I suspect Pyrit, and a bottle of rum. (yo ho)

  39. Yep they did it’s saint patricks day happy birthday easter bunny.

  40. useta hada kitteh says:

    Sydney, it ain’t saint-paterricks-day yet, it’s still practisin’-for-saint-paterricks-day, which occurs on every day of March until the sebbenteenth, by when you’ve practiced enough and you can celebrate completely irishly. Yo ho ho and a bottle of pyrits.

    Did anyone else have the same reaction as I did after reading somebuddy’s comment up there, ‘It’s a ham, it’s a dawg, it’s a ham, it’s a dawg”…after reading all that, I thought “Dam, it’s a hawg!” Which it isn’t. Proving the stuff about practicing for saint-paterricks-day. And I don’t even drink. Well, except milk. and water. and like that.

    Thanks for slowing down the honkshus, teho, I was afraid they were going to hyperventilate.

  41. Snort, wha’?

  42. useta wins the CO Spoonerism of the Day Award! I’ll drink to that!

    Theo – psst, help, what is that funny MFDT or something you’ve posted before?

  43. Pyrit — here’s the “clean” version…
    What were you thinking of, though? Muddy Froggin’ Disco Town?

  44. Are you sure Useta hadda kitteh just dwinkin mulk and witter. R dooont thinky sober.

  45. Theo – Yeah, heh, heh, heh. That’s the one. Thaaaaanks!
    I know where to find it now.

  46. OK! One last tweak to the animation, and I MUST LEAVE IT ALONE NOW, FOR IT IS FINISHED.

  47. hrh.squeak says:

    And the Teho said “It is finished”, and all the Peeps cried, “Yay, verily, Teho is great and his creations rock!”, and did feast upon the rum, and the puddins, and the cookies, and the fruitbats …….

    (See ‘Python, Monty, and the Holy Grail’. No fruitbats were harmed in the commission of this party.)

  48. Skip a bit, sister.

  49. useta hada kitteh says:

    I isn’t dwunk, I pwomise.

    Just cuz I’m seein’ a puppy turn into a hammy turn into a puppy turn into a zzzzzz…

    Pyrit, if you’re around, I left a missage for you down by the marmalade pumpkin patch.

  50. Woods Walker says:

    It morphed nicely. Theo here in Ohio we had our first blizzard in twenty nine years.It did not rate anywhere near the Blizzard of ’78.-Woods Walker

  51. Oh, dear…hrh.squeak, don’t give him a god complex! There’ll be no living with him (and I do).

    I love how well even the blankies match up in this morph.

  52. [big fat stinkin grin]

  53. Woods Walker — I *remember* that blizzard. I could walk on TOP of the snow in my moon boots.

  54. Jaye – Must be great telling a god to take out the garbage. 😉

  55. Well, Pyrit, a god is supposed to be omniscient. Shouldn’t he just *know* when to take out the garbage…?

  56. Wooo-oo, Jaye. You are Divine. Poor Theo. (looks sideways at Jaye) I think I know who wrote the Commandments at your House. 😉

  57. (LingOL @ Pyrit & Jaye)

    BTW, what’s with that blizzard you’ve got up there? It’s seems to be blowing this way too. Brrrr.

    [huddles into blanket]

  58. Okay, *today* I believe in Theology!
    And usetology, and pyritspaghettimonsterology and Aubrology and the Jaye-nes.
    AND Subhangimonsterism.


    GOOD JOB, Teho!!1111

    I lurve its!!!

  59. (You know, it *STILL* isn’t perfect, to my eye… the nose smears when it morphs)
    (I’m hopeless)

  60. Lilyanna says:

    Hey I know someone who snores just like that!!!