Most Delicate Nibblings

Little fluffy clouds upon the forest floor…


I nibbles up one, then I nibbles up more…


Thanks to Kelly for posting these to the Weather Underground‘s photo collection 😉


  1. smokeyJoe says:


    what the heck is the white stuff?

  2. sure looks like a fun-guy…

  3. cottonball morsels?

  4. Barbara Chapman says:

    It’s called reindeer moss or reindeer lichen.

  5. the fluffy clouds are appropriately named deer moss! not a moss at all but lichen, a partnership of algae and fungi!

  6. What is the white stuff. I sure hope it’s not oversized mothballs. EGAD

  7. Clearly its deer candy floss or cotton candy
    Just clean your teeth after wards deer without teeth are not qte

  8. BlueFairy says:

    anner: Fun-guy, I snorted my lunch. Thanks for the mess on my keyboard.

  9. I want to live in marshmallowland.

    I’d lie on the ground watching all the cute fluffy things tripping lighlty across flumpy ground and I’d pluck fresh marshmallows for my tummy as I needed them……

  10. heidilynn says:

    Is it manna?? 🙂

  11. those are lovely pictures.

  12. Persephone — that article is INSANE. [snerk]

  13. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Now this is cruel, its a well known fact that deer shouldn’t eat marshmallows. Their stomachs expand and they explode, covering other sweet little woodland folk in blood and gore. An Elf told me this so it must be true. Bibble babble burble, No I dont want to put on that jacket with all the straps, Helpme!

  14. Persephone, that is a very wierd article. And reminds me of a very strange tourist attraction in Waycross Georgia — a mummified dog stuck in a hollow tree. I kid you not.

  15. Daisycat says:

    Persephone- that poor skwerl is gonna be the butt of alot of jokes… 😉 Pun FULLY intended.

  16. *Very* full, Daisycat. Or so it would appear.

  17. White fungi?

  18. in real life they are actually pale green, rob.

    there are plenty of white fungi though!

  19. oh dear!! (deer, lol)

  20. i think the white thingies the doe dost nibbleth are cheezy poofs! she’s got the munchies.

  21. SeaBreeze says:

    What dear pictures! =)

  22. If it hadn’t been for Cotton-Shy Doe
    There a-nibblin’ on the forest flo’
    Where did you come from
    Where did you go
    Where did you come from Cotton-Shy Doe

  23. [stompin’ & clappin’ along]

  24. Seriously Pyrit…where DO you get this stuff? I love your brain.

  25. Thanks, Katherine, now that I’m all creeped out. Come on people, you know that whatever weird thing you mention I will be compelled to google it until I find it. So great. Now I’ve seen Stucky, the petrified dog stuck in a tree, and I can NEVER unsee it.

  26. (Playin’ the ban-jo!)
    DKN – It’s a sickness.
    (There’s a ski one brewing for the next pic, it’s giving me a Russian accent)

  27. Redzilla –

    (ala Jon Stewart) Whaaa???

  28. Aw Redzilla, now i had to go see Stuckie too! Blast!!!

  29. BrianMPLS says:

    Teho: Persephone — that article is INSANE. [snerk]

    Dontcha mean NUTS?

  30. Um yes.

  31. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Stuckie? Honestly.. there wasn’t even a picture..*pouts in a rather morbid kinda way*..

  32. SilvorMoon says:

    Hm, this is new. I’ve seen deer, and I’ve seen deer moss, but this is the first time I’ve seen a deer eating the deer moss. What a pretty deer! It makes such a graceful line with its foreleg and the arch of its neck.

  33. pyrit — you are my idol. serioulsy.

  34. OK, how strangely coincidental…one of my colleagues sarcastically asked me to order one of these for him just a few minutes ago, and I come here and see that Mr. Deer’s friends have one too!!

  35. [joins Pyrit in the singing]

    This soooo reminds me of Bambi.

  36. Oh Faekitty, if you didn’t see the petrified doggy’s pic, you weren’t googling hard enough.

    I’m just proving that the photo is out there–I don’t actually want anyone to go look at it.

  37. Shocking…. Mia…. utterly shocking…..

    Turning Marshmallows into Weapons of Mush Destruction… it’s unholy I tell you…

  38. I looked…………..

    I need pills…..

    wish I hadn’t….

    too weak…

  39. rpennefe says:

    I looked, ’cause I luff to laff in the face of danger.


    I have to second Redz. You shouldn’t go look. I can tell you that it looks like a clay figure with a long, lean monster face and very white, white teeth. That’s all you need to know.

  40. I’m sorry Redz, I didn’t realize Stucky was on the internets. If it makes you feel any better, I’ve seen him in person, and had nightmares.
    He’s the main attraction in a small museum known as “Southern Forest World” in Waycross (Official slogan “Where the ways cross”, and I wish I was making that up), which is otherwise economically kept afloat by a large juvenile detention facility.

    I have since moved to North Georgia and things are much better up here.

  41. ^ we have chicken plants instead.

  42. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    nyer.. I don’t think that picture is real.. would the puppeh really have died with his face in such a position if he died of starvation?

    Doubt’n it…
    But gah..
    I need a kitten to snorg!

  43. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    okay picture and main attraction thingie.. I don’t think either of them are real.. (but eh.. ya never know I suppose..) Must find an anthropologist!

  44. I’ve seen him in person and I’m pretty sure he’s real! and if he wasn’t, who on earth would make an artificial mummified dog and stick it in a hollow tree behind plexiglass? Although there are plenty of odd people in this world, I suppose…

  45. katherine, you are hilarious. I’m in North Florida and feel your pain.

  46. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Well yeah.. I could see myself doing that if I had the resources and mullah..(monies)..
    alas.. I have none..

  47. What is wrong with you people? I tried to warn you away from the link, but you had to click it. It’s like that old Ray Stevens song: “Don’t look, Ethel!” But it was too late, she’d already looked (at the petrified dog link).

  48. You know, with the exception of what you would see on x-files or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I’m generally a wuss when it comes to gross thing like blood, guts, gore, dead bodies, bugs, etc. But for some reason naturally mummified things don’t freak me out. I’ve always been fascinated by how the earth naturally preserves things, there is some sort of beauty in it. But I’m still not gonna look.

  49. I looked at the mummified dog and I think the best part is that it is on “coondawgs” website which I had never heard of. Needless to say, I think this will be added to “favorites”. Just for the name alone.

    I love the deer and the deer moss. The added joy of the “mummified dog” reference is just a bonus.

  50. AuntieMame says:

    The picture’s not that bad. But maybe I’m too used to looking at pictures of excavations from ancient Egyptian sites. They mummified pets all the time. Plus, I’ve seen pictures of a dog that was caught in a volcano eruption that looks really similar.

    Probably what happened is that his flesh receded as he decayed, and that’s why he looks like he’s snarling.

    So…how ’bout that deer moss?

  51. OK, I looked. it’s not bad. Again, there is a natural beauty to it.

  52. Suda Nim says:

    Mia, ThinkGeek’s best device is:

    I’ve showed it to my cow-orkers and warned them to be nice to me.

  53. Suda Nim says:

    And yes, I had to go run and look at the mummified dog, too. Not too bad, but then I have a pretty morbid bent of mind, plus, as said above, I’ve seen lots of human mummies, bog men & women (check out Wikipedia listings), ice men, etc.

    God, I love the internet. And the fact that they took a vote to name the dog “Stuckie.”

  54. i saw a petrified little dog once; like, actually had turned to stone. sad and creepy! I’m sure he was cute once…

  55. Kate B. says:

    Who doesn’t adore seeing a deer graze? I can’t wait to start seeing mine walking around in the fields before they start planting!

  56. Today’s blog is, to me, the ep-i-TOME of CO. What’s funnier first, the picture(s) or the comments? Chicken vs. Egg kinda thing.

  57. So the dog’s named after the restaurant, right?

  58. Suda Nim says:

    Pheas: well, the dog *does* look a little like a cheese log…..

    Seriously, please tell me I don’t really have to explain the joke: “stuck” in a tree: “Stuckie”….

  59. Nope, just playin’ dumb. They went with the only option dumber than naming it after the restaurant. AND it required a vote? Yeesh.

  60. The restaurant proprietors are laughing all the way to the bank…

  61. Suda Nim says:

    Pheas: See? I’m dumber than you were pretending for falling for it. Dumber than…let’s see……what…..a LOG?

  62. Christy says:

    I’m amused by the name “Stuckie” for the dog. How…creative :P.

  63. I would like to send my friends some of these pictures. Please let me know how I can do that. Thanks