Waitin’ fer the bus

According to my pocket guide, the bus should be arriving in 3 minutes. Just enough time to run across the street to StarBUCKS AHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAH [laughs at self and looks around]


Nice one, Asami M. 😀



  1. Double timewarp! How does this happen??

    (Very cool photo, tho.)

  2. mawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  3. bunnyslave says:

    What IS this little guy??
    Is it a baby sheepie whose horns are just nubs? A kissable moose? Some other kind of elk/prehistoric large mammal?

  4. Um, where will the bus let me go ? Back up into green lush grass and leaves???
    Or, will the starbucks give me a green salad to mucha on while I ride the bus??????????

  5. Oh how funny is that. I hope he knows which bus to take. Wonder where he’s going today?

  6. Knobby knees alert.
    This must be a very cute town. The two humans are not even lookin’. Like this happens all the time.

  7. I love the cloven hoovesies action!

  8. hahahahaha…cute…I wonder why the people are not running away

  9. DEAR GOD – I want to move there! How beautiful, and they even provide sweet animals to keep people company while they wait for the bus – Fairy tale land, I tell ya.

  10. This must be from Nara, Japan, where the deer can be seen EVERYwhere and are extremely friendly. I remember a few tried to get a little too friendly with me…HA

  11. Meg – Ha ha ha ha ha ha! Starbucks. Yep.
    Maybe it did miss the bus and has to hoof it.

  12. Has to be Japan. Look at the sign on the ground under the deergoatantelope.

  13. Yes.. interesting that the “don’t litter” sign is in English also. Probably tourists do the most littering?

    Meanwhile, the beastie is adorable. Whatever he/she is.

  14. How come his horns are missing? Or haven’t they grown in yet. A very charming looking place.

  15. Definitely Japan.

  16. Sydney — I seem to remember that antlers are shed & regrown every year.

  17. Theo, Thanks I’m learning alot here. He is very cute.

  18. Constance says:

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?

    that’s awesome!

  19. Awww, what a cute … er … sheepalope?

  20. ” ニホンジカ or 日本鹿!!”

  21. nihonjika AWWWW! Japanese deer. My GOOGLR translate comes in mighty handy.

  22. I meant GOOGLE.

  23. [gurgle]

  24. aawthink I will stick to english.

  25. Laura M. says:

    I LOVE that the people in the background barely notice. I’d be gawking:)

  26. Googley (eyes)

  27. It probably happens everyday. The deer take the busses and the people walk.

  28. kaiyakon says:

    I think this is around Nara, where these deer are sort of sacred.

  29. Jamie May says:

    I thought it looked like Yellowstone. The signs are all multi-lingual there, and little moose and elk and deer are a common sight.

    Could be Japan tho.


  30. useta hada kitteh says:

    And here’s useta weighing in with “I thought it was maybe Banff, Alberta”, although the mountains in the background don’t look quite right. Definitely could see some sort of fauna waitin’ for a bus in Banff, and most signs are bilingual Japanese/English because there are so many Japanese tourists. Also, the name of the pic is b234ffc which seemed to confirm it in an odd, numerical, sort of way.

    Just a guess, however. What do I know??

  31. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oops, can’t count. The name of the pic is b345ffc. Just so ya know I can read, even if I can’t transcribe.

  32. useta – Only milk and water, eh? 😉 I keed!

  33. useta think it st patricks day. It’s not it’s firday.
    mulk and witter ehhhh?

  34. It is a Nara deer. The horns are cut off every few years to keep the other deer and people safe. They are considered sacred messengers and are EVERYWHERE in Nara. Over the years they have become completely tame and like to beg for food. I was in heaven while I was there. They even bow when you offer them deer treats!!! (A very cute learned behavior.) They also obey traffic laws…I swear I saw them use crosswalks properly! They will go through you stuff and get nibbly if you don’t feed them treats, though. 🙂

  35. SeaBrereze says:

    Dear oh dear! Where could that bus be?

  36. Femmes Fan says:

    Anybody know the Violent Femmes’ song “Waitin’ on the Bus?” As soon as I saw this pic, I started hearing it in my head. Now, I can’t stop. . .

    “standin’ on the corner, waitin’ on the bus. . .

    Let’s call the mayor. . .”

  37. numine – deer tocks!

  38. It’s a buck. Get it? StarBUCKS? The horns were just removed for some reason from the deer.

  39. And someone apparently taught them kimono taste yummy… When I was there last I saw several deer try to take a chomp out of women’s kimono.

  40. Can the deer read a bus route schedule? I am afraid he might accidentally get on the wrong bus!

  41. Look at the dainty turned in stick legs!

  42. What an entirely respectable looking animal.

    I’d love to feed it and in exchange be allowed to gently hold the forward-pointing ear for, oh say, a minute or two.

  43. Michele says:

    Aw hes beautiful! But where are his horns?

  44. One rubbed its in-between-antler region up and down my leg like it was itchy. I was its personal scratching post!

  45. Okay, it’s a deer, but can we call it a sheepalope anyway? It’s more fun to say.

  46. [to the tune of 1812 Overture, or the Lone Ranger theme]



  47. It’s too bad the roads are dry in this shot, ’cause I have another one, but it needs rain.

  48. I’m going through all kinds of rain songs in my head and gettin’ nuthin’. Raindeer?

  49. Bus stop, wet day, she’s there, I say…

  50. Numine, sweet pic!

    Did somebody want a rain song?

    Raindrops are falling on my head,
    His horns were too big for the cute lil’ sheepalope’s head,
    They didn’t seem to fit,
    Raindrops are falling on my head, they keep fallin’ …

  51. …please share my earwurmbrella.
    (wsh, wsh, wsh, dibble, dibble, dop, dop, dop, rain sound effects)

  52. How sad! Its antlers are cut off! I hope it makes its way back into the forest. Asian people will eat ANY meat. They cook rats. Stay away from Chinese food. This isn’t myth, it’s fact

  53. Thank you for that sweet bit of ignorant and xenophobic bull$#!t, Sandra. You fail.

  54. It might be Miyajima-guchi near Hiroshima. I used to live there. They are everywhere and wander all around. It’s wonderful!

  55. natalie q says:

    I wonder if it has to pay “kid” fare.

  56. Sharon RD says:

    It IS Nara, in Japan. This bus stop is about a kilometre from my house, near Todaiji Temple. And yes, it’s true, they do wait for the green man before crossing the road.
    They also take full advantage of their ‘national treasure’ status and often walk in the middle of the road as no-one is allowed to harm them and they KNOW it 🙂

  57. sarah beth says:
  58. Bwa ha ha! That’s the funniest thing i ever saw.