Marmelade plants

Um.What fertilizer did you use?CroweedSteveO, nice green thumb.



  1. SeaBreeze says:

    Kittehs love their pot. I mean… plant pots!!

  2. well lets just say the fertilizer made a plant…but the litten does not have anything to do with the plant…they are just there! and its beautifull! no fertilizer or anything!!!!!!

  3. acelightning says:

    (Wow… am I tsrif? If so, this is my frist “forest”!)

    I had to smile at the picture of those two lovely orange kitties, all curled up comfy and taking a sisterly (or brotherly) nap together, with that strange little sprig of greenery in the middle. All *my* orange cat ever did with potted plants was knock them over and spill dirt all over the floor…

  4. thats because mommy took great care of them and teach them the secret of being nice and cozy….just cause they are together!

  5. Is this one of those ‘instant pets’ I hear about? Just add water, and they grow? Send me a packet of them!

  6. BCteagirl says:

    I bet they eat the plant next! 😛

  7. but dont make them better than they are…they get a lot from it… a lot…actually they though they might get crazy cause of it…thats why they self separated at one point…all out of pure love for one another..cause if not they would of eaten each other!

  8. Another Angela says:

    Somebody wash those dirty kittehs!! just kidding…

  9. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    I hear it’s best to plant your kittehs in the spring.

  10. Keeties! Ornche keeties!

  11. I can’t wait until they bloom into fully grown dandi-lions.

    Or tiger lilies?

    Regardless, SteveO clearly uses only the finest purr-telizer.

  12. actually they are now doing their secret ritual….its there secret lambaba dance…pass under the stcik….and you’lll get to heaven!

  13. Aw, man. All I have is tulips. *pout*

    I love the symmetry!

  14. Diamond says:

    Eeee, kittehs AND plants?!

    A cat-loving, horticulture major’s dream!
    (And that’s me)

  15. I hope they have these at the garden center, I want to stock up for spring!

  16. i didn’t see these cute seedlettes in the gardening cat-alog!

  17. You know it’s spring when everything’s coming up kittens.

  18. gwenchocolate says:

    Twin marmies keel me ded.

  19. Oh. so Thaaaaaaat’s where kittehs come from.

    Thank you cute overload… now I know!

  20. stagewench says:

    Ack! Spotty tummy sides! Must…rub…

  21. It’s the circle of light. The circle of light …


  22. pookiepuff says:

    Oh how nice! I lovely pot of kittehs!

  23. My dad always told me money doesn’t grow on trees. But apparently kittens do!!! *rushes out to buy a kitty tree*

  24. ^ that one would be me. Stupid fingers-moving-faster-than-brain.

  25. Margaret says:

    bumper catnip crop this year!

  26. They say talking to your plants makes them grow faster. What do they say about kitteh whispers?

  27. I demand a close-up on the “leeps” of the kitty on the right! So kissable!

  28. Kitteh 1: Mmm. Quite comfortubls. Lovely soils. Do you not agree?

    Kitteh 2: I suppose. I might need a quick confirmation snorgle.

    Kitteh 1: More than happy to oblige, good sir.

  29. Martha in Washington says:

    I wish I could grow kitties like these. All I ever get are dumb ol’ flowers.

  30. ooooooooohh! little snorgliable marmie kitties!!!!

    *disintigrates into puddle of nonsensical cooing*

    I can’t believe how soft and fuzzy they look–and that they’re sleeping head-to-head. My cats rarely snuggle together, and when they do it’s ‘tocks to head, like a yin-yang.

    Anyway, I so want that fertilizer. I would cover myself in it and sprout warm fuzzies. (did I just write that?) 😉

  31. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    I am thinking of growing a couple myself.
    Will they really grow into tiger lillys?

  32. Alice Shortcake says:

    One of the best kitten photos I’ve ever seen. I love their little pink noses and lips.

    ::: foop :::

  34. layla42 says:

    fuzzy spotty bellehs…
    wee pink leeps…


  35. omg that is too precious. i have to go back to bed. feeling….woozy…..

  36. useta hada kitteh says:

    I think I’ll plant me a potful or two of these. Do you grow them from seed, or do you get a starter plant at the nursery?

  37. I believe that’s a pawlm plant.

  38. useta hada kitteh says:

    Couldn’t think of the right term for “starter plant” in my earlier comment (stupid cold’s attacking my brain again). “Bedding plant”. That’s it. Seems appropriate, somehow.

    Sittin’ here watching the snow fall. and fall. and fall some more. Dreaming of growin’ marmie kittehs on my balcony. Ahhhhhhh!

    I’m in ur pot, keepin’ down ur weeds. (pot meaning plant pot, weeds meaning plants growing where they ought not.) (Why do words have to mean things other than what I want them to mean?) (I feel an attack of “Alice Through the Looking Glass” after that remark.) (Yup, cold’s got my brain, alright.) (wanders off, mumbling to herself, looking in plant pots for kittehs…)

  39. have i mentioned that i love that kittehs have ears that are too big for their heads? have i?!

    well, it’s true!

  40. So this is how pussywillows grow.

  41. what’s even better about this pic, I’m pretty sure that plant is called a Cat Palm!
    (I have one, it looks the same to me)

  42. Ch-ch-ch-Chia? Or possibly m-m-m-marmie..

  43. Molly — if there is ANY justice left in the world, then you’ll be correct.

  44. Aww! Where can I buy marmie seeds? And marmie fertilizer? Hmm, this is one way I hadn’t thought of getting a cat…

  45. Thinker — you *really* don’t want me to answer that.

  46. Clearly these cats are sleeping off the ‘nip that was growing in the pot

  47. Can I grow these in Zone 7? I’ll bring them in before the frost.

  48. Hm… I think Ima add those to my Burpees order for early Spring.

  49. I wish this pic came as a wallpaper. One of the best marmie pictures evar!

  50. riolinda says:

    awww…. i want kitten plants! 🙂

  51. Seeds! I need those seeds!

  52. ThreeCatNight says:

    I love ginger tabbies, and who knew you could grow them at home? Where can you buy kitteh seed packets?

  53. Karen in Toronto says:

    {pinch, pinch} No, not quite ripe. Maybe tomorrow they’ll be ready. Nothing better than fresh-picked kittehs, and the marmie variety! Mmmmmm.

  54. speang of catnip, does anyone else think it’s pretty funny, given society’s general stance on such things, that it’s considered normal and fun to give cats recreational drugs?

  55. also, these kittehs would be just scrumptious spread on toast along with that teeny, buttery puppy from a couple weeks ago.

  56. sleeepin happy dreamers…. just ***sigh*** so happy to see this pix.

  57. lauowolf says:

    In zee eternal struggle of zee cat und zee plant for positions of varmth and sunlight, zee plant is severely hampered by itzzz inability to become mobile.

    And ittzz utter lack of fuzzzitude — vat we shall term zee ze plants utter ungefuzzzliheit.

    Here, once again, zee feline overcomes itzzzz vegetative rival, and zee cycle of life continuez.

  58. OHHH! Such cute kittums!! From watching my Elvis devour my spider plant, I’d hazard a guess that this plant was a full-on, grown up adult plant right before this picture was taken. These babehs are plum tuckered out from tearing off all the leaves/limbs/fronds.

  59. tweeksmom says:

    The latest in the “Chia” line…

  60. Cathryn Bauer says:

    Love the synchronized stripes.

  61. anner — there was a great commercial that I saw exactly once. Think the anti-druggers got it pulled. It was for Petsmart or one of the big stores. Psychedelic music and visual effects. Partying kitteh with catnip. Ending slogan: Get it while it’s still legal.

    Hey, if I can’t have any good drugs, at least my kittehs can, though only one of them really gets into it.

  62. pheas — hilarious! seriously, if this stuff had the same effect on humans it would be a controlled substance. i swear whey my old roommate’s cat was on it he got paranoid and looked around like, “dude, I think they can tell…”

  63. I just adore the humor and of course the critter shots

  64. Thankyou

  65. They are so precious!

  66. oooh! they look just like my baby! i love orange kitties. so cute.

  67. It’s a Ginger Tree!

  68. That plant doesn’t have a chance! lol

    This reminds me of how I used to grow wheatgrass in a tray at home. Sometimes it would look a little tamped down, and I’d think, well, I must have mushed it when cutting a batch to juice. Then, one day I surprised my kitty lounging and munching happily.

    I swear, I would have KNOWN if she’d used it as a litter box! Really! Eewww.

    [[soon after, I started buying wheatgrass shots at jambajuice instead]]

  69. Yitzysmommie says:

    OOOO OOOOO my head sploded too! This is so adorable it is now the wallpaper on my computer. The comments are also cheering me up after a lousy day.

  70. Soooo clean on the up side.

    Not so clean on the down side.

    Dirty kitties… well… half dirty.

  71. Where do you get the gorgeous ginger ground cover? I will plant it everywhere.

  72. Neko neko mew mew!!

  73. Peeps are having all kinds of ideas of what these two orange life forms are, or what they will grow into. Well, why don’t we ask Marme? Since Marme laid them.

    (I know, yeah, I’m going along with the typo; s/b marma…)

  74. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oooh, good one, pyrit. (once my fuzzy brain caught up to it…)

  75. useta – Hi! I have been enjoying all your comments lately!
    And maybe this is a pic of a wee pumpkin patch?

  76. useta hada kitteh says:

    Very SWEET pumpkins.

    I’ve been marvelling at the way they managed to arrange themselves so well. Did they have to work at it — “You put your paw there. No, slightly to the right. Good. Now I’ll put my paw there, and you put your tail, no, not there, underneath where mine is, ‘cuz I had the idea first. Now make sure our noses are touching. No, don’t lick me, just line up the way I said. Now the front paws go like this, just so. There. Now we can go to sleep.”

  77. Ha! A perfectionist pumpkin. McPicky-pickersons.
    (“cuz I had the idea first” made me laugh.)

  78. Must be the same kind of fertilizer I use…sometimes I grow Tabbies…they don’t call it Miracle Grow for nothin!

  79. Ch-Ch-Ch-CHIA!!!!

  80. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit — it was alarmingly easy for me to write little Picky McPickerson’s instructions. perhaps because I was such a bossy child (we’re going to play this, and you’re going to be him, and you’re going to be her, and I’m going to be the Queen, and then we do this…)

    Speaking of writing, pyrit, I stumbled upon your Vox (I’m still too much of a chicken-baby to get my own Vox, besides which, then I’d get nothing else done, nothing at all)… your writing is wonderful!

  81. Someone referred to the yin/yang kitty pose. My Festus and Lulu (littermates who will be 16 on April Fool’s Day) still do that. When they were kittens, though, they also did a heart thing that still breaks my heart when I remember it. Two little foreheads pressed together and the tips of their two tails touching; prefect heart consisting of one pale peach-marmelade floof cat and one gray tuxedo dust puff floof cat!

  82. First of all–D’aaaawwww!

    Second of all,
    [geek]catnip is *NOT* a hallucinogen.
    It mimics a sex pheromone in cats and somewhere between 75-80% of them have a genetic sensitivity to it.
    It would be more analogous to a human tripping on endorphins instead of pharmaceuticals. Besides our brains grow our own supply of endocannabinoids–anandamide, anyone? Look it up![/geek]

  83. omg teh cuteness.
    I fear I will cry ;_;

  84. anandamide… hmmm, that would explain a lot about my college years…

  85. Katie-Kat says:

    Mommy… is this where babies come from? >X3

  86. useta hada kitteh says:

    ya know, I *know* it says marmalade PLANTS, with an “l”, but I keep reading “Marmalade PANTS”, which they have. They also have marmalade shirts, and socks, and hats. And mittens.

    Thinking about all that marmalade is making me hungry…

  87. Me too, Useta.

  88. aaaaieeee!! Want kitten plants! *gardensnorgle*