I guess this is as good a place as any to sleepies


Riiiiiiiiiight up against your crotcheral region.

Works for me.


Hmmm, one drawback is that I’m dreamin’ ’bout having a headache…


They kinda ran out o’ room, Azure S.



  1. Yipes! I suppose the tum-tum area is quite warm? I myself would feel a leetle violated.

  2. lauowolf says:

    They look as if they fell asleep standing up, then fell over sideways.
    Somebody put these pups to bed on something snuggly.

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    So anerable! And the brown one has little white socklets on his back feetsies.

  4. the colours of the dogs go so well together.
    indeed a nice place to rest if you’re a dog.
    i find it very calming.

  5. Is this what they mean by a lap trance?

  6. The whole straight-as-sticks legs are hilarious. No curling up or getting comfortable at all…except for the crotch thing. ha ha

  7. pookiepuff says:

    I literally laughed out loud. hehehehe!

  8. “crotcheral” D:

  9. Whitley says:

    they’re vaguely reminiscent of fainting goats, doncha think?

  10. Elizabeth B. says:

    Well it’s the best place to sniff! And it’s the warmest place on the dog. So… I suppose it makes a kind of sick sense 🙂

  11. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Hey pal just don’t fart.

  12. lovings is right, that soft leetle tummy must just feel like a nice head warmer. Dogs just don’t get our standards of modesty–they’re notorious sniffers of people’s…um…hiney-al regions? 😉

  13. Looks, it’s Holmes and Watson!

  14. srah srah says:

    i love the random white toes on fawn boxers. mine (the Bug)frequently sleeps similarly…not so easy when she sleeps on my bed with me!

  15. “crotcheral region” !!!!!!!!
    Meg!!! Works for me too! You are funny!

  16. freetomato says:

    How comfy they look! Having 4 (yes 4) dogs presents many cute snuggly pics – my old lady chocolate lab regularly uses the teensy rat terrier as a pillow – the ratty in turn leeecks leecks leecks everyone else!

    Psssst…anyone have an idea why I see the current daily pics on my work PC but on my home PC it takes several days for the pics to catch up?

  17. I can’t wait to try and use the word “crotcheral” in a sentence somehow.

  18. I can’t look at this one for too long, it makes me want to take a nap very badly….she said at 8:35 AM. *SIGH*

  19. LOL!!!

  20. layla42 says:

    DKN–you too?
    I love the pictures of the warm, comfy babies…but all I can think is “warm..comfy..sleepy…wanna go back to bed!”

    And I’ve only been at work for a half hour.

  21. Tiffany says:

    I bet that’s a soft, warm tummy to sleep on…just hope he’s not a “bed wetter.”

  22. Yeah! It looks like they were in mid run, fell over and went to sleep in the same position they started.
    _ _
    . .

  23. How adorable! What beautiful pups.

  24. Aubrey, you just keel me!! 🙂

  25. They look warm and comfy!

    Psssssst, freetomato! Try clearing your cache on a regular basis, or changing your setting so that your browser looks for new stuff more often. In Firefox click on Tools/Options/advanced/network/cache/Clear Now or in IE… (oh my, it’s changed) um… someone else will have to tell you. Little help, people?

  26. they have the most kissable-looking muzzlepuffs ever!

  27. nermalkitty says:

    funny dog story. driving down our gravel lane to work last week & our humongous neighbor dog (don’t know the breed: solid white, looks like a german shepherd but 3X as big)was loping along beside my car, i was making eye contact with him he was so big, anyway, neighbors 2nd dog, a terrior breed, was chasing right behind him his little legs pumping as fas as he could go. well big dog decides to pull up & stop, easy done cos he’s taking his time, but little dog karooms right into big dogs hind legs, knocks his hindquarters out from under him, & they end up in a heap behind my car. i saw all this thru my outside mirror, laughed so hard had to pull over. i could just hear big dog think: WTH!. gotta love em.

  28. Tiffany – don’t you mean a “head” wetter?

  29. hee hee hee…so silly and DEAR!

  30. Yes, Layla42. I had only been at work a 1/2 hour, too.

    This Director of First Impressions is schleepy to-day.

    Nermal, that’s a riot!

  31. DumBunny says:

    Freetomato, you have a trogen, have you computer de-bugged, this is not the cute kind.
    The dogs are great, and I love this site.

  32. DumBunny — possibly. But yeah, I’d have someone geeky & professional take a look at it.

    (PS — it’s spelled “trojan”)

  33. I like the suggestion that the dogs have simply fallen over in mid-frolic (as puppies are wont to do). The crotcheral-head contact is just incidental to sudden loss of consciousness as a direct result of puppy over-exubera-fication.

  34. Suda Nim says:

    The part of the body I’m lookin’ at is The Feets! Them’s gonna be some big ol’ dawgs….

  35. Allison says:

    What kind of dogs are these? They are so adorable!

  36. Awwww! Giant puppies with big meaty feeties! I thud!

  37. zeldapie says:

    I lurve how their legs are sticking straight out.

  38. Mmmm, warm tummeh snugglin’. Must remind Brown Pup of Mama’s lovely belly.

  39. Suda Nim says:

    All right, all you MST3K fans sing along:

    “It’s an arealogical, autoerotical, toobular boobular joy,
    An exposular-regional, batchical-pouchular fun for girl and boy.”

  40. one of the erins says:

    Nermal– could have been a St. Bernard or a Newfoundland… (to me they look exactly the same) …they’re *huuuuge*

  41. Faekitty (Heather M.) says:

    Gotta love viewing CO at work.. yer co-workers get the express permission to look at you strangely when you suddenly “SQUEEE!!!” with happiness that a new pic is up!
    ..This pic makes me want to go back to bed too..nurr.. need a comfy tummy to snuggle with…

  42. can anyone tell me what kind of puppy that is on the left? i have a rescue dog that looks identical, and i’d love to know what kind of breeds went into my little guy.

  43. My guess is Boxer. I think both of them are…

  44. that is so cute.

  45. “Hmmm, one drawback is that I’m dreamin’ ’bout having a headache…”

    For some reason this sentence makes no sense to me. Have certain comment posters started writing the captions?

  46. Nermal – I love slapstick and dog or cat slapstick is the best! Thanks!
    You say the dog was 3X bigger than a German Shepherd and all white? Some German Shepherds are all white. But the other big white purebred dog is the Great Pyrenees. And they lope effortlessly. And a terrier would be a great companion for it. No, other way ’round. The Great Pyr. would be the terrier’s toy.

    Yup, these here snugglepups are boxers! A boxcar train.
    (And note the pink collar so I think maybe the crotcheral area is, I mean, is not.)?

  47. Wait, they are not pure boxers. Or, not by AKC standards if you like. Noses are too long. Def. part boxer.

  48. ThreeCatNight says:

    “Hey you, get your head outta there!”
    (Love “crocheral” – Meg is adding great words to the English language!)

  49. katherine – i think it’s a reference to what sometimes happens in the “crotcheral” region to male mammals when they are sleeping…and at other times…

  50. They look like pit mixes. I thought boxers had smooshy faces. Whatever they are, I wish I could cuddle with them.

  51. freetomato – In Internet explorer:

    Click on tools at th top of your browser window, and then click internet options. On the General tab (should be the default) you should see a section in the middle called Temporary Internet Files. Click Settings. that should bring up another little screen. Choose “Automatically” from the choices at the top, then click ok. Click Ok again on the other little screen, and then close out of your browser and re open it. That should fix it.

  52. The little brown one totally reminds me of Scooby Doo.

    Honk-shu to you little Scooby Doo!

  53. deskprimate says:

    liz, they do look like pitty mixes. Very adorable pitty mixes.

    My two (very) big mutts use each other for pillows all the time. When they’re not synchronized sleeping!

  54. I think the one on the right is an American Bull Dog mix. She looks just like my best friend’s dog.

  55. I knew that puppehs have a fascination with tummies, but this is totally ree-deek-yoo-luss! LOL!

  56. Two weeks without cute.
    Too busy to overload.
    This is perfect gift.

  57. “My forehead is cold! Whatever shall I do? . . . Ahh! That’s betterzzzzzzzzzzzz…”

  58. who do you think flopped on the ground first? Maybe brown doggie flopped first and mottled one flopped after and then first one moved head up, hence the crocheral position! All too cute, cute, cute…

  59. Suda, it’s fun for girl and boy:


  60. warrior rabbit says:

    Anner, normally I see double entendres, etc., everywhere, but in this case the first thing that occurred to me re: the headache was just in reference to the fact that the doggie with his head mushed into the other’s belly also therefore has something pressing on his head. And that might result in a dream about a headache.

  61. Suda Nim says:

    Aubrey, that’s one of my mostest favorite episodes ever.

    Although I must admit I can’t remember during the kissing scene whether they say:

    “Ewww, he’s dislocating his mandible!”
    “Ewww, he’s a large-mouth bass!”

    Either works.

  62. useta hada kitteh says:

    I thought the headache dream thing was in reference to the traditional “not tonight, I have a headache” line. I dunno.

  63. Suda: I like when the girlie is standing in front of her mirror: “Volume, Volume!”

    Picture: Sometimes I wake up feeling crotchety, but this isn’t quite what I mean.

  64. Suda Nim says:

    Aubrey, for the previous comment, I bow to you. Although rather cautiously and not very low.

  65. Heh, I thought they had been posted sideways at first.


    After they’re fat round fuzzballs, then they’re tall gangly goofballs.

  67. violetgreen says:

    Puppy below is wearing the crown jewels!

  68. D’awwwwww.

    But unfortunately, you know this is probably porn to someone. *wince*

  69. Hey, that’s my neice-doggie! the speckle-nosed one!! DooSki’s on the web, unbelievable!

  70. lauowolf says:

    Looks like when my kid would play with plastic animals, and just lay them down on their sides — now they are asleep.

  71. I lived at a bed and breakfast for a while (cooking, managing, just about everything that needed doing) The owners had a Great Pyr and a Rat Terrier…and the Pyr would lie down and the Rat would jump all over and run around and when the Pyr was tired of playing, she’d reach out a paw and flatten the Rat…all four legs in different directions…hillarious 🙂


  72. I have come back to this page 10 times today just to see the word “crotcheral” because it’s made me guffaw every time! LOL omg…it KILLS me! LOL

  73. Melissa says:

    Somewhere I have a picture of my parents cats doing something similar. Only one has her face in the other’s BUTTOCKAL region!

  74. Oh, yeah and lookit the pink jellybean toes on the little white back feets!!!


  75. Meg: ‘crotcheral’?
    funniest. post. ever.

  76. angelbunny17 says:

    what kind of puppies are these? they are adorables!


    It’s probably because of photos like this one that, according to a certain person whose name I shall not mention, CO has a PG 13 rating.

    Better hide this photo from the 11-year-old!

    11-year-old, you’d better go into the other room whenever this photo loads on the browser! LOL

  78. AUGH!

    *iz ded*

  79. I’ve looked at this pic approximately 1,037 times since yesterday. Only just now, on my 1,038th view, do I see that the bottom caption says “ran out o’ room.”

    I thought it said “ran out o’ zoom.”

    Which is exactly what happens when mcpuppersons like these drop dead asleep in the middle of playing.

  80. Albert – I think you were right 1,037 times. Funny!

  81. Wow. Siamese twins connected at the brain….

  82. ClosetCuverOverloadLovah says:

    Certainly hope everything is okay at CO HQ. This is day two with no new posts! :((

    I’m dying here — CO is *like* AIR!

  83. CCOL – “CO is *like* AIR!”
    Or is it like CO2?

    I’m OK with these pics, they are like nitrox, or compressed air and I am sCOba diving.

  84. Peeps! We’re famous…AGAIN!
    Some wicked-awesome vids, too… 🙂

  85. It’s my birthday tomorrow. Can I have a new post as an early present, please?

  86. The CO, in chemistry, is carbon monoxide. Inhale too much of this and you keel over. It can be very deadly. Hence why peeps left and right are keeling over and needing oxygen. I, myself, am feeling faint from CO poisoning. I otta install a CO detector for this Web site. It would sound a shrill alarm every time a cute new photo is posted.

    Everyone, grab your oxygen masks!

  87. As for the white dog that looks like a German but is 3X as big… it might be a timber wolf or hybrid. I had a neighbor up the street with a domesticated timber wolf named Zion that was exactly as you described. Pure white, and freakin HUGE! Biggest sweetie ever though hehehe 🙂

  88. v1ctorya says:

    All I can think of is Captain Crunch saying, “Crothertize me Captain!”

  89. what kind of dog is that

  90. uh…Newfies are dark, or black and white, not all white..therefore, it could not be a NEwfie. It could, however, have been a Pyrenees. or even a Kuvasz *though I’m not toally certain how big a Kuvasz is. I know they look a lot like Pyrs, but size wise I’m clueless, so I could be making that up! hehehe*

  91. natalie q says:

    head keeps he jewels warm, jewels keep the head warm, its a winwin situation!