You… Are… So… Beeyoooteefull…

Oi peeps, Theo here wit’ a quick News Of Teh Qte™ update…


Click the pic above for more photos, from BBC News.

Tigerang_miniI’m guessing that there’s probably about three boatloads of folks who’ve sent this in to the regular CO submissions mailbox, but since I don’t ever see that, I’ll just say that RedZilla (and me Schmoop) pointed me in this direction. [grateful thanks]

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  1. Man,. two frikkin seconds from sending that myself! cute though 🙂

  2. Talk about so cute its almost painful. Orangs and tigers are two of my favorite animals and the bebehs are just too sweet.

  3. Tiger: “You look like you taste good – can I have a nibble?”

    Orang: “Try it, stripy-butt, and I’ll set the Bursar on you.”*

    *Unseen University reference – read books, people!!

  4. So, so cute 😀

  5. the wobbly eyes!!!!!!
    what a wonderful mid-week pick-me-up. much needed. thanks theo.

  6. bongobunny says:

    I think that orang babies are the cutest babies of all, so I’m a bit biased, but that is too adorable for words!

  7. bongobunny says:

    …and I love kittehs of any kind…

  8. Ah, evidence of the prehistoric connection between humans and kitties.

  9. Just flipped through the other photos on BBC for this…I LURVE the one of the baby orangs trying to help bottlefeed on of the wee tiggers.

  10. moominmaid says:

    Tony, I believe the comment would be:
    Orang: “ook! OOOkkk! OOkkk!!!” followed by a banana toss. After all the Librarian was above speaking mere human language.

  11. Fluffernutter says:

    Don’t hate me because I’m Beautiful, just give me a SMOOOOOCH! Saw this in the news. VERY SWEET.

  12. I sent this to meg too. It was just too moische 🙂

  13. you guys r silly says:

    In the article, I noticed the part about how they’ll have to separate the little friends once the tigers get old enough to start thinking “hmmmm….I wonder what George there would taste like…”

  14. Kristabelle says:

    Toooooo cute! I saw this on the news today. I hope they can be friends forever…

  15. Good call, Teho!

  16. Teho, you picked my fave out of the BBC pics!

    I have total orang hair in the morning, and sometimes my kitteh will try to lick-tame it for me. I like to think that this is what tiger is doing here for orang.

  17. Fluffernutter says:

    Theo can we please have TAI SHAN panda on here before he gets to big to fit on the screen. Prettypleasesugarcubesontop.

  18. (NOTE — updated the post a bit & added a new photo link)

  19. Oh, my god, this is by far the CUTEST THING I have EVER seen on CO!

  20. What do you mean interspecies snorgling?
    That’s my brother!

  21. ooook!

    Good job puddy tat ain’t lying on the Good Librarians banana stash….. it’s all I’m saying peeps….

  22. My farts smell delicious.

  23. China's Mom says:

    OMG, the expression in the eyes says it all! I just had a serotonin overdose from so much cuteness.

  24. Oooh, I saw this picture in the Toronto Metro paper yesterday morning (freebie commuter rag). I was thinking what a perfect CO pic. What lovely synergy today to see it here!

  25. once again, animals can teach people a thing or two, if we are willing to pay attention.

    lovely story.

  26. Tony James- Don’t you mean “and I’ll *go* bursar on you?” 😛

  27. we’re just a movin’ along
    singin a song
    side by siiide !!

  28. oook indeed.

    & Tony J. – can’t imagine setting the Bursar on anyone would do any good, unless he’s crazy from too many dried frog pills. the only thing more dangerous than the Librarian is the Luggage.


    cutest orang ever. can’t blame him for cuddling with the kitteh. anybody else thinking about Koko and her kitten?

  29. those orang eyes slay me!!!!!!!

  30. i think there’s something wrong with my survival instincts; i’m afraid of orangutans, but i want to snorgle tigers.

  31. I dunno, Anner. I think both creatures could potentially do an equal amount of damage.

  32. fuzzzeeee snorgleyyyy baaahhhhbeessss! Luvs ’em.

  33. OMG! That first photo KILLS me! They are looking at each other so adoringly.

  34. Is that like some inverted Princess-Di-eyes going on there with the orangutan?

  35. Orang:
    Tonight you’re mine completely,
    I’ll love you ’til you try to eat me,
    Just tell me now that I don’t have to run,
    Will you still love me tomorrow?

  36. Can somebody please tell me WHY THERE IS NO VIDEO OF THESE GUYS!

    We need video, people.

    Very, very cute!

  37. This is so cute it almost makes me all teary-eyed! I think it’s because they can’t be friends forever and I just saw the fox & the hound last week.

  38. Carrie - Perturbed says:

    Attention Meg – don’t think we don’t read these things you say.

    You NEVER see the regular submission box? What is up with that?

  39. Thanks for mentioning that, Carrie-Perturbed. Now I know why nothing I send ever appears here. Meg, is there a secret submission box?

  40. Carrie, Leslie — Theo posted this goodie, not Meg (see the line just under the top caption).

  41. what a cute pair of freinds, that is !!!!!
    interspecies snorgles going on here today

  42. Carrie and Leslie — the difference is, *I* am Theo. *MEG* (the site owner, founder, primary creative force, etc.) sees the submissions email. This mailbox is routinely stuffed to the gills & overflowing.

    I’m the Moderator, she’s the Fearless Leader. And both of us do Cute Overload in our scarce free time.

  43. Yes, I’m one of the boatloads of folks who sent it in, too. This is the cutest friggin’ thing I have ever seen!!!!! I have had the pleasure of playing with tiger cubs and orangutan babies and they are both forces to be reckoned with!

    Thanks for posting it!

  44. My head just ‘sploded from the cutieness… I’m getting flashbacks from “the Fox and the Hound”, though.

    **wanders out singing “when you’re teh best of friends…” **

  45. Apparently, Carrie doesn’t read the captions.

    I am relieved to read that these adorable buddies will be separated in due time.

    I can’t help but shake my head at the idiots who dressed up piglets like tigers and gave them to a tiger. Or the idiots who created this:

    I can’t believe those nutjobs nutjobs trying to “show nature’s harmony.” Nature ain’t sentimental, people! Remember that nutjob guy who died in that bear documentary, after he had “befriended” the bears?

  46. *



    I can’t figure out how to do the link but there’s a GORGEOUS photo in this same series of a baby piglet with its adoptive Mom …

    A two-year-old piglet approaches its adoptive mother Sai Mai, a six-year-old tiger, at the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand’s Chonburi Province, nearly 100 km (62 miles) east of Bangkok, February 16, 2007. Zoo staff outfitted the piglet in traditional Chinese wear, ahead of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the ‘Year of the Pig’, which starts on February 18 REUTERS/Adrees Latif (THAILAND)…

    and in this photo, Mom is lying down and LICKING her baby piglet …




  47. Yeah, it’s cute until the piglet stubs his toe and squeals, setting off his “mom”‘s predator instinct. I’m just saying.

  48. They’re going to make the next super-cute species: TIKEYS!

  49. That picture will definitely brighten your day. I wish I was rich enough to own both!

    Bob Hasko T-Shirts

  50. A friend sent me the link, and I dropped EVERYTHING to come over to CO to get the send-in email address. And here it already was.

    My goodness people, if tigers and monkeys can find friendship, and us humans continue to kill each other and inflict the most unimaginable sickness on non-human creatures, what does that say about our kind? Why can’t we all just respect each other and get along? Most of us humans love life, so WHY WHY WHY are our “leaders” so disgustingly cruel??? WHY WHY WHY do we continue to swallow the evil lies and pay taxes we KNOW will fund torture? WHY WHY WHY???

  51. *



    Arvay …

    enjoy the moment …

    the future will take care of itself




  52. VitaminJ says:

    Ah…doomed love affairs…I am an addict of the melodrama. Must mark my calendar. When the zoo separates the quad in three months(?), I’ll be sniffling into my kleenex at the tragedy of it all. Mother Nature, why must you be so cruel? *shakes fist*

    In the mean time, man! they’re cute. Has affection ever been so adorable? Just cannot help basking in their glow.

  53. HRH, I appreciate your point. I just freak out a bit. Cute! Scary! Cute! Scary! I’m dizzy!

  54. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I happen to agree with Arvay. It’s foolish to look at a couple of baby animals, doing what baby animals do, and try to extrapolate that into some kind of social commentary on the ills of the human race. They are orangutans and tigers, and when the time comes, they will behave like orangutans and tigers, and all “friendship” will be forgotten.

    They are awfully cute, tho.

  55. VitaminJ says:

    Regarding we warmonger humans taking a lesson of virtue from the tiggies & the baby orangs — I don’t know. Most human infants seem pretty peaceable to me. I’ve yet to see a human baby try to annihilate another being, even when they’re teething.

    If the tigers and orangs are still cuddling at age four, that’s when I’ll know I’ve been schooled.

  56. who does the posts these days? most of them do not seem like meg at all. bummer.

  57. kayleenoodle says:

    ooooooooohhh so cute! that is the most adorable thing i have ever seen. how did you get such a cute picture?!

  58. useta hada kitteh says:

    gena, it has been well established that Theo posted this(and, notice, the post is also signed by Theo.) Meg has a very busy “real life” (as does Teho, no doubt) and sometimes Theo helps out by posting something. I think both of them have great taste in Qte ™ — me loves these babies, and I’m sad they’ll have to be parted.

    Arvay, you make sense in a logical sort of a way, but, well, when I look at the baby orang gazing soulfully into the tie-tie-tiger’s eyes, logic isn’t foremost in my mind.

  59. lauowolf says:

    I think this is what my cat thinks is going on here anyway.
    She is my baby jungle cat and I am her adoring primate buddy.
    And no one’s separating us.

  60. SeaBreeze says:

    “Can’t we all just play nice and get along well?”

  61. riolinda says:


  62. missingmeg says:

    Meg? Calling Meg! You’ve been handed this awesome opprotunity, and now you’re flaking out. What the hell? Selfishness takes hold. You don’t appreciate what you’ve created until it’s out’a your hands. Bums, seriously. Bummers.

  63. Yummy–some Orange Tang to go with my double scoop o’ Tiger Tiger (Although, if you think about it, that’s prolly not the best taste combo….) so I’ll just enjoy the eye ‘candy’. :}

  64. AuntieMame says:

    Honestly, people. Even if you *do* think that Theo’s posts aren’t up to par (and what are YOU smoking?!?), it is totally unnecessary and exceedingly rude to say so.

    And Meg selfish because she doesn’t cave to your impatient schedule? Get over yourselves.

  65. some little piece of …. just know how muc a little piece of… they are and that is why they are …constipated.

  66. Christina says:


  67. Tiffany says:

    That’s so cute, but it’s sad that they’ll have to be separated. I wonder if the orangs. will understand why?

  68. Y’know… while I have felt pretty proud of some of my own posts here (esp. where I did both the photos and the text)… by and large, I prefer Meg’s stuff, just like y’all.

    Oh, well, and the Glossary. I like THAT, of course.

  69. Just want to say–oodles of preesh to The (Collective) Management! Don’t let the luv turn into a bummer; yer both awesome for doing this site on yer own terms.

  70. Very cute, but man, is that not going to end well…

  71. actually … yes this is not going to end well…unless somebody wake up and finally realize they are playiing with instinct…you know its gotta catch at some point…its a tiger…it,s a monkey…..a+b=c

  72. Daisycat says:

    *hands Teho a puddin* I think you do a great job! 😉

  73. Oh they’ll separate them before anything gets rough. From the CNN article:
    “When the time comes, they will have to be separated. It’s sad, but we can’t change their natural behavior,” [veterinarian Retno Sudarwati] said. “Tigers start eating meat when they are three months old.”

  74. well theo thinks i am crazy…well i think he his deaf?

  75. I was answering *you*, Fable.

  76. cause that must be what i have been saying since the start! and dont ry to mix that tiger with one of your hamster….shhhhh

  77. [sigh]

  78. Now if this doesn’t melt the heart of the coldest of men I don’t know what will.

    These are soooo precious, so until they do have to be separated, let’s enjoy their wonderful relationship 😉

  79. Awwwww, cuties.

    BTW, people, please stop with the comments on the orang-tiger friendship and the controversy therein. I think the scientists handling them know what they’re doing. Babies need *company*, you know?

    Just sit back and appreciate that you’ve got TWO species of cute baby animals in ONE picture, and that they’re together because people cared enough to do something for them. Geeesh.

    Also, I think Theo’s doing a great job of filling in for Meg. Those whining about it, get it into your heads that they’re both taking time out from their *PAYING* jobs to cater to your childish tantrums. If you think you’re not getting what you want from this site, feel free to leave instead of being rude about it. Learn to appreciate the small things people do.

  80. OoooK!!! Fable used the “M” word…. Librarians gonna get p*ssed!!!

    Is there a bit of tension happening regarding these cutsie (if temporary) fluffy friends picture??

    Is it time to put the kettle on and get some cake out???

  81. Caitlin says:

    i think we need an “i can’t focus muh eyeballs” category 🙂

  82. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    A shame the relationship is temporay, but lets enjoy it while we can. Ook, Ook.

  83. darkshines says:

    Tony James, marry me? *has a Discworld tattoo*

  84. ezreader says:

    I cannot quite tell whether people are dissing librarians…or just playing with stereotypes. Our cuteness matches anyone’s, wanna take it outside?

  85. EZ Reader — it’s all Terry Pratchett references, no worries.

  86. DarkShines – Of course I’ll be your bride, so long as the band plays the Hedgehog Song at the reception and the caterers use Nanny’s recipe book… 😀
    What’s the tattoo of? Tell me it’s Greebo and I’ll love you forever!

  87. Oy vey, you two. Get a room. (On a turtle.)

  88. Major interspecies snorgling! Not even with your typical animals!

  89. I have to admit that for the most part it’s a little silly for those people saying “oh look, animals can be friends, what’s wrong with humans! wah wah wah!”

    I’m sorry, but this has nothing to do with animals. This has to do with children, and human children are the same. When I say children, I mean *young* children. Before the age when they enjoy making other children miserable. What drives me even more crazy is the sheer statistics. Oh look, what monkey and one tiger were friends *EVER*, in a CONTROLLED ENVIRONMENT. Just by the numbers that’s a lot less frequent than humans from what are considered ‘rival’ factions in life manage to do so.

    Besides, the zoo keepers are right, it’s far too dangerous to keep them together into adulthood. More likely than not , even if it’s due to an accident during rough play, that the monkey would end up injured, or possibly eaten.

  90. I understand instinct and all, but if kitty-cats raised around micies and hamsters and birdies can learn not to hunt them (or at least not to EAT them), it seems a little hasty to say that tigers could never play safe with orangs.

    There was that lioness and the antelope species she loved, after all. She never ate that kind of antelope.

  91. Carrie - Abashed says:

    Well exxxxcccuuuussseeee me.

    phhhhhfffftttt… and 😛 I can speak my mind iffen I wanna huh?

  92. Sorry, Carrie. Just couldn’t get over the irony of “don’t think we don’t read these things you say”

    Hehehe 🙂

    All in good fun. No offense meant.

  93. Oh Arvay, that picture you posted… the tiger on the right has the most hilarious facial expression, like he’s just realized his friends are delicious! and the one on the left is definitely sampling the bunny.
    I hope they get those bunbuns out of there SOON!

  94. ThreeCatNight says:

    So precious and innocent. But time will have to separate them. Still, the human animal, which adulterates the atmosphere, and destroys fellow human beings and animal life through war and atrition CAN learn a great deal from these beautiful little creatures.
    Let’s appreciate the sweetness of those two.

  95. I’m curious: how does the tiger know, after three months, that an orangutan is something it should eat, but that the other tiger is not? They’ve spent months together, and are all familiar. I assume tigers don’t eat each other, so what happens at three months that would make the tiger suddenly mark an orangutan as food while recognizing that her sister is still not food?

  96. Lorelei says:

    The look on the orang’s face is priceless!

  97. Jules, it’s the way things move that triggers instinct. For example, my wabbits freak out when I first turn on the ceiling fan… when it’s still moving slowly, the sweeping blades and the shadows they make are just like predatory birds.

    For another example, think about how you can entice a cat to chase a toy by dragging it jumpily along the ground–it’s just like a rodent.

    All these interspecies photos are cute, but they still freak me out. The only animals I’d trust completely are those that have been domesticated and living with us humans for tens of thousands of years. We’ve co-evolved, so our brains are wired to be pals. 🙂

  98. i still miss meg.

  99. Uhhmmm… Gena… the next 3 posts after this one? You know, two cats, one chinchilla, two dogs? …all Meg.

    (OK, that “chinchilla” might be a rabbit.)

  100. Meant no disrespect at all, just missed that upper cap. Theo and Meg, thanks for your hard work, I love this site! The rest of you:

    Let’s hug it out, biotches!


  101. darkshines says:

    Sure Tony, I’m a chick too, but who cares! My tattoo is the Assassin’s Guild motto, going round my wrist!

  102. Darkshines wrote…”Sure, Tony, I’m a chick too”

    :O [Tony is not a chick!]

    Nil Mortifi, Sine Lucre – always thought that would be a good motto for an undertaker’s practice…

  103. Suda Nim says:

    I found a Beanie Baby orangutan at a thrift store. It now lives on my bookshelf, atop my Terry Pratchett books, which include the Johnny and Bromeliad series, the Carpet People and Strata. Not that I’m obsessed. I’m currently re-reading “The Last Continent.” No worries, eh?

    Terry Pratchett is one of the very few authors whose books I’ll buy fresh off the press, hardback, without even reading the blurbs. The others are Neil Gaiman and Jennifer Crusie. Oh, and J.K. Rowling.

  104. hrh.squeak says:

    Suda Nim: You should try Robin McKinley. Her latest, Sunshine, is incredible. But the bestest book of all time, IMnotsoH opinion, is Good Times, ’cause Pratchett + Gaiman = readgasm.

  105. Thanks, Arvay.

  106. Suda Nim says:

    I’ve read “Good Omens” so many times that I just about need to buy a fresh, intact copy.

    That’s how I got introduced to both authors. It was the only non-trashy-romance, non-spy-novel book in the sales rack, and the rest is history.

    Jennifer Crusie does *not* count as trashy romance. Hers are hilarious. Start with “Bet Me” or “Anyone But You,” aka “Fred’s Book.” (As her site puts it, The story of two people who are all wrong for each other and the dog that won’t let them part.)

    But I’ll check out McKinley — thanks for the tip!

  107. darkshines says:

    Phwoar, Discworld love-in, awesome…….