[rasssssssberry sound]


I must have eet. [Beady eyes focus on rasberries]


Nice hand-on-own-foot action [Left] and TEEEENY paw [right]

Ham3 Ham5

Thanks so much to "ShuuShuu" BUTTON QUEEN and sender-inner Lindsay C.



  1. Ratteh!

    And apparently Monday’s over. Yay! 😉

  2. vivian callowaycandy says:

    i had two hammies that looked just like that! edgar and elliott, i miss them so much! this lil baby is darling

  3. Whew, I thought I was going to have to go a whole 24 hours without a new fix of cute. *removes oxygen mask and heart monitor leads* All is well.

  4. acelightning says:

    And the berries look tasty as well 😉

  5. Finally our wishes have come to fruit-ion, so that Meg can produce a new post, rich in Vitamin
    C(ute), and which features the new and improved BEF: Berry Eating Factor

  6. Dang, I was hoping this would solve the ancient old “How many raspberries can fit in a tiny rodent?”. But it seems it eluded us again^^

  7. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Bright as a button like his button eyes.

  8. sooo fuzzy and cute <3 I love the color and tones in these photographs!

  9. p.s. the BEF is sooo over the top in the first photo. BEF makes me a bit uncomfortable sometimes because if their eyes are so beady it looks like someone could pluck ’em… *shudder* bleh. but the hammie is still adorable!!! <3

  10. “Rasberries”? Crimenitly. Teho, PLEASE do what you can to institute some proofreading, wouldja, huh? You KNOW I love Meg more than my next breath, but honestly, the critters are cringing…

  11. *squee*

    Sooooo cuuuuttte.


    Oh, and Serena, that happened with one of my hamsters. Little bully Ari used to pick on her sis, and one day the sis finally fought back. Ari lost an eye and passed away the next morning. 😦

  12. Third pic is classic. Simply wonderously classic.

    I feed my gerbils freshie veggies everytime I visit Whole Food’s salad bar (just one more reason to go!), but they never give me such a cute photo op in return.

  13. deborahhhh . says:

    sudden craving for raspberries . =]

  14. TOCKS UP alert!!!!

  15. useta hada kitteh says:

    The handies! The prosh little handies! …but I, too, was hoping for a pic in which the rasPberries and the sweetie-critter became one. Oh well, at least it’s not Monday anymore!

  16. Oh noes! How cruel, feeding delish raspberries to a hammie!

    Just kidding, how cute!

  17. That little belleh looks poke-able!

    Great pictures, very pretty.

  18. I’ve becomne a harded cuteologist as I know pic 3 is cute but I know it would have been cuter if the whikers and mouth had a little raspberry staining to go with nice full tummy pose.

  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    Am I seein’ things? (Poifickly possible, I gots a cold, and I not thinkin’ straight, maybees my seein’s gone, too…) anyways, are that hammies earses sorta blue-green????

  20. Peg of Tilling says:

    If the ears are blue-green it means she’s a mer-hamster…really! She could live in a fish tank!

  21. Hammie woogums! Give hammie a nice berry just for being cute.

  22. Oh dear gawd, the beady eyes… they’re killing me. I must SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEE but I’m at work!!
    What a little tub tub!

  23. My apologies, because this is going to KEEEL you, but everyone has GOT TO GO SEE THIS:
    Trust me, my people–the very definition of cute overload.

  24. I love the nubby little tail! And, now that you mention it, the ears do look a bit blue, don’t they? It’s because this little hammie’s not just cool – she’s ice cold, baby! :o)~


  26. Madame Sosostris says:

    That tail stubbage is definitely anerable. And I love way Hammie Man looks like he’s a little hammie grandpa, sitting there with his big belly, slouched over, boring his hammie grandkids with tales of, “When I was young, raspberries were MUCH bigger than they are today!”, etc.

    Really. He looks like he should have a little pair of trousers going over his tummy and up to his little armpits.

  27. Fluffernutter says:

    LOOK its MR JANGLES. He is so cute sitting in the hand palm.

  28. Quintessential Hammie!!!

  29. this rat afficianado is quickly becoming interested in hammies, thanks to CO. the belleh! TEH BELLEH!

  30. “La, la, la…*gaspses!* Lookie! Raspberries! Why, don’t mind if I do. *numnumnumnumnum!*”

  31. SQUEEEEEEEEK!!! What a cute hammie!!! I love his laughing-buddha pose in pic#3.

    And mmmmmm … raspberries.

  32. Mmmmm. I love raspberries too. The hand-on-own-foot action is too much!!

  33. Tail snub! I wanted to be the first to mention it! *tiny harumph* *pads back into her tennis ball with raspberry crumb in mouf* *honk-snooze*

  34. Redz..u haf keeled me. keeled me i says. how kin i pawsibly go back tah work after dat? *goes back to baby tang & tigers*

  35. moths_are_scary says:

    I love this! It reminds me of a book I used to read when I was very, very little…


  36. Hee. Hammy is sitting in such a funny position. I do believe they must be relatives of cats in their ability to be almost completely boneless.

    And in the top photo, Hammy is reacting much as I would to a bowl of deelicious raspberries.

  37. Redz, that story is amazing. I saw it this morning…the pic of the orang gazing adoringly into the eyes of the tigger is TOO MUCH.

  38. Raspberries are my favorite fruit! And, now, the cutie is going to have some without giving any to ME! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!

  39. Redzilla- fantastic!!
    (every time I see an orangatan now I think of the Librarian in the Discworld books- cute, but can rip your arms off.)

  40. Jenn Jordan says:

    Those little feets certainly make my day.

  41. i want to put a raspberry on his head like a little hat.then i will nibble on his little toesies! so cute!!!!! great pics!

  42. shanchan –

    and don’t even think about saying the word “monkey” around them…

  43. Persephone says:

    This makes my day so much better. 🙂 Thank you CO!

  44. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Hammie looks as tasty as them raspberries..give me some whipped cream so I can make him a santa hammie!

    And then share the raspberries and cream!!

  45. Lizzie_the_kitty_lover says:

    Awwwwh!! What a nice birthday pressy for me ^.^ SPLEEEE this ratteh/hammeh or whatever it is(looks like a hammy to me, but oh well)IS SO CUUUTE!! Just the thing I need on my 11th b-day 🙂 CO are so prosh!!

  46. Lizzie Kitty — yea, ’tis a fine hamster, verily indeed

  47. First pic –
    Supahhammeh: “Oom mah, za razberrays. Oo, lookeenk good. Heh. Yez, yezz, I know just ze thingk.”
    (turns beady stare straight into surveillance camera and slyly says),
    “Naw you zee meh!” (snaps tiny fingers)

    Second pic -!Ffft!
    Supahhammeh: “Naw you do not! Thanks to my Supahhammeh powairs of invizibilitay. Teh, heh, heh, heh…..” (Gobbling rasPberries, gobble, gobble.)

    Third pic –
    Suppahhammeh: “Aaaaaw! Ze dreaded Supair Hand of Anti-invizibilitay got Supahhammeh! Put meh doon at onceh.”

    Fourth pic –
    Suppahhameh: “Doh, my invizibilitay powairs now only makes me half invizible. Anyway, I have to go ‘P’. And figure out mah accent.”

  48. Waitaminit — Lizzie, did you say *11th* birthday?? (um, happy birthday, but…)
    Cute Overload tends to have a PG-13 rating. Very often. Just so you know.

  49. Pyrit — you so crazy. (yay!)

  50. Nobody else has done it, so here goes:
    (cute obscure Python reference)

    “Raaasspberry. Very woody wood. Not tinny at all. Raaasspberry. Aaantelope.”

    Redz–I sent that to Meg as soon as I saw it this morning. Too freakin’ cute!

  51. …albatross?

  52. Um, “you promised we wouldn’t do fruit this week.”

  53. Fluffernutter says:

    He’s a little Buddha. Feetsies so nibbly.
    Such a cute lil pooky.

  54. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh my God. Hand on own foot.

  55. OH, I dreamt last night I had a hammie! I just remembered that. What a nice dream…

    Redz–i am keeled by the kewt on that link! Thanks!

  56. Redz-you’re right. I am keeled.

    Nuthin’ like interspecies lovin’.

  57. michellemybelle says:

    When the detectives come to investigate my demise, tell ’em this is the ham that did it.

    Seriously. Tell them.

  58. You and Mama Cass.
    (And here I thought that was a myth.)

  59. Awwww, it looks like my baby, Harley!

  60. Ooh, that was soo bad, Theo. Tsky, tsky.
    And didja know one of the Papas passed away recently? Denny Doherty. He was a sweetie.

  61. layla42 – “Come on, brandish that raspberry!” ?

  62. Theo I always thought it was chicken… but won’t argue!

    Redz… cutey, cutey Librarian and friends… I loff the Librarian….

    Hammy and Rasps….slerp…. now that is a dessert worth gaining weight for….

  63. WOOOHOOO my first post that didn’t challenge my blind eyes with squiggly things… It Is OFFICIAL! I am NOT A ROBOT!!

  64. i thought it was a ham sandwich.

  65. It was a choken sandwich.

  66. I want a raspberry the size of my head.
    And then I will eat it, flouting all parental warnings about food size.

    And what do mommie hammies say, anyway, “Never eat anything bigger than….”
    A hammie’s reach should always exceed its mouf, or what’s a heaven for?

  67. 1–note the stomach crease in pic #4!
    2–note the small forehead factor ( for which I am agitating, or is it only a byproduct of features too big for head?)
    3–have a good day cuteologists!

  68. Pyrit: NOT do fruit??? So tell me – what would you do if a killer hammie charges at you with a dangerous raspberry in his little mouf?!!

  69. oh! poor little hammie….what have you done to your rasberry beret????? its gone!!! http://www.lyricsfreak.com/p/prince/raspberry+beret_20111286.html

  70. Mook — first you whip out a banana…

  71. “first you whip out a banana…”

    Theo, you could be leading us into that PG-13 territory now.

  72. Pika Hikari KT says:

    Yeah, Theo; jokes that involve long food items is just asking for trouble.>:(

    That’s a rather large hamster judging by his sitting up position…too many raspberries, maybe?

  73. Yummy hamster, cute raspberries =3

  74. But what about pointed sticks?

  75. Well, firefinch, when you’re walking home tonight and some great homicidal maniac comes after you with a bunch of loganberries, don’t come crying to me.

  76. Incidentally, I’ve found a good scone or croissant to be the perfect defense against berries.
    [makes nummy noises]

  77. T., so you have yeast protection? A puissant croissant?

  78. If you continue with these puns
    I’ll hunt you down & kick your buns

  79. Y’all are on a roll! ::ducking::

  80. Someone all hot, crossed and bothered? Got ya all ryeled?

  81. Theo,
    That is true, what you said about scones and croissants being the perfect defense against berries, unless it is a BERRY flavored scone or croissant!

  82. So is PG-13 the official rating for CO then?

  83. I, for one, am berry, berry frightened of croissants.
    I was scone -ing to defend myself with boysened berries, if attacked.

  84. R. Moore — it’s every bit as official as I am an officer.

    As for the rest of you bakeryheads — expect no mercy.
    Ye shall crumpet under my wrath, and I shall sneer at your petits-four cries.

  85. oh i see….mister theo is having some fun times? crazy times maybe? its fun hein….

  86. I was planning to butter Theo up a bit before feeding him the boysend berries and hitting him over the head with a pan…cake. Watch him curse-sant at me!

  87. I think he might then turn around stuff my mouth with straw…berries.

  88. It would be one HECK of a jaw breaker…a raspberry flavored one.

  89. These Theo jokes are ripe for the picking! Or, are they rotten to the core? No…I think they are just moldy oldy. I’m a real basket case….a basket of raspberries, that is.

  90. Noel, I’ve crust T.’s path far too often to fear him.

  91. is poor mr. hammie mchammerson missing a hand?!

    i didn’t have a hammie growing up, but i did have a little pet rat… i miss my little rattie! anyway, he was missing his tail, but that’s b/c I accidently slammed his tail in his cage door… i felt sooooo terrible & cried & cried at my unintentional cruelty! my dad took care of the wound and he was just fine afterwards… poor little rattie mcshorttailratterson…

  92. Oh. my. goodness. That is just too cute. Especially the hand on the foot! Can we get a closeup of that one? Pwitty puhlease?

  93. Aubrey – I’ll happley turnover your comment but it may be a path to crhyme and punishment.

  94. Aubrey,
    When you butter him up and he gets in a jam, he curse-ant’s at you and turns flakey, especially when you turn the heat up past the boiling point.

    When pushing comes to sh-oven, he might become a basket case, and everything goes to pot. Then we might have to turnover him to the doctor for pills-burry.

    Doooooooooough Booooooooooy!

    Like I say, it’s all or muffin.

  95. I’ve been doing a lot of cinnamon, and now I’ve got to do my thyme.

  96. I thought it was actually a toothpick, in the sandwich?