Mondays suuuuuuck my hiney

I cannot believe I am only eight weeks old and I’m already enduring such nightmares.

At least it’s a good brand of shaving cream. OMG, is that a loofah!?


Um, what were you doing, Michelle?!



  1. Cute…or sad? Poor kittenhead.

  2. Another Angela says:

    CEWT but SAD??? someone dry the kitteh!!!

  3. Poor baby…she looks so freaked out! Please make the nightmare end! I would love to see a photo of this little one all fluffy and dry…she looks like she is going to cry!

  4. Awwhhhaaaawwwhaaawww

    Why do people insist on washing their cats?

  5. Another Angela says:


  6. Another Angela says:

    This is going to stir the Nuffingham pot! Why did Kitteh need to get his head all wet? ;(

  7. useta hada kitteh says:

    Kitteh sez: When my mama used to baff me, she just licked me and didn’t get me all soggy horribil wet, and she purred and told me it was okay, and this doesn’t feel anything like that and when’s it going to end, and will I get a treat? Pleeeze?

  8. useta hada kitteh says:

    On the other paw, tanyasss said “why do people insist on washing their cats”? Maybe, kittens being kittens, this little guy got into something he shouldn’t have, and it was better to wash it off him than for him to try to lick it off himself.

  9. Peg of Tilling says:

    The old man said not to get the gremlins wet…!

  10. We wash our cat because he STINKS! Gawd, I swear he magically turns whatever we feed him into some sort of rotting flesh before he eats it, and then licks his fur. He’s just lucky he’s cute is all I can say 😉

    reg (and smokey the smellycat)

  11. I agree with UHK here. When my cat was a wee kitten, I had to bathe her a couple of times. She’d get into something I didn’t necessarily want her to ingest by cleaning herself, so into the tub she’d go.

    …it also made for a good reason to snuggle with her and keep her warm after the bath. She was mad at me, but I know that she liked the cuddle time. >^_~<

  12. Awh Poor Mckittersen, I can see the fleas!

  13. Another Angela says:

    Well, that just confirms my love for rats, who don’t need bathing to smell wonderful. 😉

  14. AuntieMame says:

    Maybe it’s a rescue kitteh with a skin condition that needs treatment. Or it rolled in a dead skunk. Or is it just dogs that are that stupid?

  15. useta hada kitteh says:

    Sally, I think what you’re seein’ is water droplets…

    Now, do you think the thingy will think I’m a robot yet again, and make my poor 50 year old eyes try to decipher more hieroglyphics under squiggles to prove I’m a bona fide Cute aficionado? (I don’t mean I’m Cute, I mean the stuff I aficionad is Cute…) Sheesh, maybe I am a robot, my brain’s certainly going sproi-yoi-yoi-yoing…

  16. so adorable, it hurts.

  17. Another Angela – rat’s DO smell nice, don’t they? the girls, anyway. i wouldn’t have believed it, but my Susie smelled like violets or some kind of fancy soap. Barry, a boy, smelled more like damp wheat thins…

    poor kitty! at least if he get used to it now, hopefully it won’t be totally traumatic later on. i like that he uses the word “hiney”.

  18. I had to bath two rescued feral kittens to get rid of the flea dirt that stayed in their fur, after their Advantage flea treatment. The flea dirt, if it stays in can continue to itch them.

    They were mostly white, with gray patches, and since flea dirt has blood in it, they turned *pink* when the water hit it. I bathed them in the sink, put a nice thick towel on the edge for their front paws to hang onto while I washed them, and they were really good about the process.

  19. Ooooo the poor widdle kitteh! =( As for stinky kittehs, they can have allergies to different foods just like we can. Or, like a friend’s poor sweet kitteh, he has horrible breath … and serious dental issues! If it was me I’d go to a competent natural vet and find out why he had that problem, but she’s more into American medicine so he’s going to go sleepy-byes and get his teeth cleaned this week. :p but necessary.

  20. this cat looks like its had a very long and harowing day, was it a monday by chance when this happened????
    Please don’t let this monday happen again says poor little kitteh, pppppppllllleeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaasssssssssseeeeeeeeeee!%*$#@*

  21. “Or it rolled in a dead skunk. Or is it just dogs that are that stupid?”

    I’m sorry to say the answer is no. My kitty got skunked not once but twice.

    Re: why wash a kitten, when I adopted kittens recently I got rashes from petting them. I’m not sure what was on their fur but after I bathed them I had no problems and they haven’t needed baths since.

  22. so we also should not sing about the tiny bubbles about this liite one I did not think so

  23. Well, I don’t know people… maybe it’s just my cat that smells only (only) when wet 🙂
    She smells oddly of… wet cat.

  24. libby Sallaway says:

    When my Asha was a little baby kit, she jumped right into the toilet – immediately after I used it! Funniest thing I’ve ever seen. That was the only time I had to bathe her…

  25. that kitten can’t be dirtier than that bathtub!

  26. We had to bathe our cat. We had just washed the floor in the kitchen with cleaner and he’d gotten out of the room we’d shut him in. Being a little demon, he ran onto the floor and got it all over himself. Instead of lettinghim lick nasty stuff off his paws, we bathed him (and got to feel his wrath for it, oww!), then rinsed off the floor.

  27. Another “me too” for justifying the occasionally kitteh bath — in my case, a rescued kitten in pre-Advantage days that was swarming with so many fleas she was borderline anemic. Soapy death to fleas!

    Far preferable to bathing an adult kitteh, which I also had to do once, and in which I came out the loser. He was clean, but I was bleeding from where he used me as a ladder out of the sink — up the front, down the back, claws for traction.

  28. We have a cat that we give baths to because my husband has an allergy and it helps alot to bath the cat every couple of weeks. No he doesn’t love it but he tolerates it.

  29. This picture cracked me up because I can feel kitteh’s pain. This afternoon I was leaving work and storming like mad. My umbrella broke and I had about 75 yards distance to run to my car. By the time I got in my car the left side of me was drenched but the right side dry- it was blowing so hard the rain was horizontal! I laughed SO hard even took a camera-phone pic of myself with wind-whipped 80s hair and soggy wool sweater. *LOL*

  30. oops, the WEATHER was storming like mad. Not me. 🙂

  31. Another Angela says:

    Anner, yes, the girl ratties sometimes smell unbelievably like lilacs or apple blossoms! I have only boy ratties, which smell like fresh corn tortillas. Still huffable for sure!

  32. You know what the kittier should be worried about? The can of shaving cream….

    Kitty:”Ok, so you bathe me, don’t like you, but I will plot your demise later. Wait what is that white stuff? Your going to do WHAT!?!?! HELL NO!!!”

    Sheen! Out comes claws!

  33. Poor little one – such an eloquent face! Don’t worry – your nightMarmieMares will soon end!

  34. That kitten looks so unhappy. I hope the bath was for a good reason.

  35. My kitty Max had to be given a bath when he was a kitty. I was cleaning out my ten-gallon fish tank at the time (so it wasn’t full of water, but it was all yucky, stirred up from the bottom fish water. Yech.), and Max decided to jump in head first to play with the fishies he had so much fun watching from the outside.

    Max decided it wasn’t nearly as fun when he realized he not only got wet from the fish tank adventure, but he needed a bath afterwards to get the nasty aquarium stink off of him.

  36. Awww…poor little kitten! My vet told me never to get their head/ears wet. Don’t know if the sender-inner knows this. Just a post for those of us who DO give our kitties baths-for whatever reason. 😀 And don’t they look so vulnerable when their fur is all wet and stuck to their little tiny bodies? My heart hurts this kitty is so cute!

  37. acelightning says:

    It looks to me as if the kitty jumped and/or fell into the tub, right into the path of the spray from a hand-held shower – if you look at the larger photo, that’s what that pattern of water droplets suggests, and it would explain why even his head is wet. Kitty knocked over the can of shaving cream as he jumped, and it rolled down to the lowest point in the tub, by the drain. Somebody turn off that spray head, *now*, and dry that silly kitten with a soft fluffy towel!

  38. {Does sensible thing and wraps kitty in prewarmed fluffy towel}
    There there kitty heres some warm kitty milk
    {regularly checks if kitty is warm and dry enough using CO approved snorgle test}
    Purring kitty quiet likes idea of bath if gets serious cuddle time in warm towel and treats

  39. TiggyAndOrganutan says:

    this is better – should really submit it but didn`t want y’all to have to wait a few months 🙂

    SO cute!! (in a good way) 😉

  40. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Or perhaps Acelightning, we’re witnessing the rare but entirely possible “Cat who likes water”…maybe he’s in there of his own volition?

    Most likely not, but no one came up with that idea .. is it so unlikely?

  41. Please, please, PLEASE tell me they’re not about to shave teh poor kitteh!

  42. >>>Or perhaps Acelightning, we’re witnessing the rare but entirely possible “Cat who likes water”…maybe he’s in there of his own volition?< <<

    Hey, that makes sense! Why else would the kitty be fixed in place even though water is still spraying all over him? (I refuse to believe is krazy-glued to the tub.)

    Maybe the sad face is because the human is taking the shower nozzle away.

  43. Poor kitty! Cats look the saddest when wet…

    Also reference:

  44. At least he didn[‘t go thru what a friend’s cat went thru

    My friend lived in Mid Missouri, they had pigd. The cat woudl always walk around the pig enclosure on teh fence. One day he had one of those brainstorms- wouldn’t be quicker to go thru instead of around? HA! the pigs had a field day, the exhausted, mud-covered cat excaped and napped in the driveway. Important fact: MO is built mostly on clay. When my friend came home, she saw what she thought was a large clump of drying mud in the driveway. Then it Meowed. She had to crack a lot of the clay off before she could bathe it.

    Moral- always go around the pigs.
    Other Moral- don’t roll in MO mud.

  45. i once had a kitteh that we couldn’t keep out of the sink, or tub, or any basin of water. he loved it (weird, i know), but looked just as pathetic as this babe once he was done playing.

  46. Da po wittow kitteh: “Bu–but Mommmmmmy, why? Why aw you doin dis to me? Mew…”

    Hope kitteh is snuggly warm and dry now.

  47. That tub is NASTY! The whole thing makes me feel squicky. Cute kitten though.

  48. OMG those are the saddest eyes evah!

  49. Red_dragon_girl says:

    Hi, long time visiter, first time poster. It looks to me like the kitty was playing in his/her litterbox. It looks like there is still kitty litter all over him/her. My older cat has needed baths sometimes, like when her flea treatment made her skin itchy and flaky. I think bathing cats is ok, as long as its not all the time for no reason.

  50. Cats have naturally deodorizing saliva – so that after they clean themselves they can sneak up on things. That’s how they make a living. It’s the same reason they bury their waste – to disguise their presence from potential prey. So if your kitty smells bad, it’s probably because his teeth are **badly** in need of cleaning. (Same goes for the breath of dogs and people! bad smell often means something’s wrong.) I would recommend feeding him some dental chows – we like Science Diet Dental Diet. Our cats love it and it really helps.

  51. 😦 Poor kitteh. Looks like he’s gonna cry. I don’t understand the shaving cream?

  52. Okay, fifty posts and nobody said anything about shaved pussy … cat.

  53. [not laughing]
    [not even snerking]
    [oh no not me]
    [heck no]

  54. I had to wash my kitten right after we got her–twice. She was a barn kitten and stunk of horse liniment. Poor little thing, she just sat there and looked at me with those sad little eyes, saying ‘am I done yetpleasecanIcomeout noooow?’ She started purring as soon as I wrapped her up in a big fluffy towel-I felt like such a mean kittymommy! Glad I haven’t had to do it again. :}

  55. Oh, and Pheas owes Another Angela a mocha, too.

  56. thinkie, that’s the best story I’ve read in ages. Those guys are heros of the first order, ‘specially for treating kitteh like a worthy use of their time.

  57. oh, and kitteh looks like he got the saddest surprise of his life when jumped into the tub!

  58. Cat-astrophe says:

    This weekend I helped my sister-in-law bathe her 3 cats – they had escaped into the garage and thought playing in the oil was lots of fun! She washed, and I was the official shampoo-porer and cat-dryer. As I cuddled them each in the towel afterwards, they gave me the best loving, purring looks, which basically said, “I lurve you.. thank you for rescuing me from the crazy lady!” The bath wasn’t their favorite experience, but better than sick tummies from licking off the oil.

  59. Oh and p.s., somewhat relevant cat-bathing story.

    My Timothy once jumped into a pot of used motor oil that my dad left in the shed (why is another question). He was a very oily kitty. He had a bath. My arms were very, very shredded. That was the only bath of his life.

  60. O_o Cat-astrophe, you and I are obviously on the same wavelength today.

  61. We had to give out cat a bath once because he had gotten into the basement and got stuck to one of those nasty sticky mouse traps. He didnt like it one bit! And we recently had to give out larger cat a bath because he had a poopy butt. He yowled the entire time…

  62. I have one of those water loving cats. Nothing will give you the heebie jeebies faster than turning around in the shower to find a cat watching.

  63. MamaDawn, my kitty would sit outside the shower and wait. I’d see a black blur on the other side of the glass shower door and know I was lurfed.

  64. When we brought home Eddy, he had been in The Out for who knows how long, and was dirty. As I found him on a bike ride, he insisted on examining each bike, which meant brushing up on the chain, transferring Pedro’s Road Rage oil from chain to fur. He needed the bath!

    Unfortunately, his affinity for the bikes requires touch-ups.

  65. Well, if y’all notice, the kitten is just sitting there allowing himself to be sprayed… If he was one of my cats, he’d have his claws in the bath tile, climbing the walls to try to escape…

  66. For first post: I thought I was the only one who said “kittenhead”! I’ve actually evolved it into “kitten-headed kittenhead” and called my daughter “babyhead” too!

  67. My cats watch me shower all the time–of course, they’re researchers from another planet, so that’s to be expected. They’re just gathering data.

    And like, Libby, my cats on several occasions as foolhardy kittens lept into the toilet. Once, *while* my husband was using it. After the golden shower, she had to have a real shower.

  68. felis_sidus says:

    To Reg (and Smokey the smellycat): If you haven’t already done so, it would be a good idea to ask your vet to check out your cat. If a cat has bad breath or if it stinks after licking itself it probably has a physical problem. This could be anything from infected gums to a systemic problem. Either way, it’s not normal for a cat to have bad breath or stinky saliva. Dental problems may not seem too serious, but gum infections can allow bacteria to get into the blood stream and affect the kidneys and heart. In people, too!

  69. stop crying……i think it missed its family….

  70. I think those ARE fleas on the blue mat. Once we picked up a stray kitten with fleas as big as tractor trailers on him, and had to do some serious bathing & flea treatment to fix him up.

  71. So, Jordi, did this experience make you at all think twice about what the mice would go through?

  72. It took me a couple of viewings to realize that the things in the lower left corner were droplets of water and not…specks of dirt or something more sinister. Poor little one! What a good kitty, too, to just sit there and not have to be held down. Warm fluffy towels headed your way, babeh…

  73. Heebie Jeebies. Good Grief I haven’t heard that in a long time. How about Galavanting.

  74. I have one of those water loving cats. Nothing will give you the heebie jeebies faster than turning around in the shower to find a cat watching.

    OK, MamaDawn, that is one of the funniest things I have read in a LOOOONG time! Made me cry from laughing! I laugh every time I read that!!!!

  75. Iddums Kiddums says:

    To everyone freaking out that this is upsetting the cat … have you ever had to bathe a cat? When they hate it, you can’t just pick up a camera and snap a picture of them sitting still. Though anthropomorphizing the expression on the kitteh’s face leads us to believe he’s “sad,” he can’t hate it THAT much if he’s willing to sit still like that.

  76. greenighs—- LOL …I just skimmed down the comments to see if anyone else thought about that. Too funny!

  77. My cat Agatha does like water. She doesn’t exactly go swimming, but she likes to get in the tub after we’ve showered and play in the water beads that are left. She also gets really, really, REALLY excited when I water the plants. So sometimes I water her, too, and she gives me a “Was that *really* necessary?” look. She doesn’t mind being a little wet, although I haven’t bathed her since she was a tiny kitten who got into something nasty, and she hated that bath. She’s a Maine Coon, which I think is why, they’re known for liking water. Oh, and she worships the dishwasher. She sits on the kitchen counter and waits to see if any water backs up in the sink, and she gets very excited if it does. She loves to listen to the gurgling. Weird cat, but we love her!


    My little guy, right after I adopted him… paitently watched me sitting on the toilet. The very second I stood up he JUMPED IN. He definitely wasn’t happy, but tolerated the bath. So far, that has been the only time I needed to give him a bath.

  79. one of the erins says:

    It seems to me that if you look into the kitteh’s eyes and imagine it dry, it doesn’t look unhappy… i think kittehs look extra pitiful when they’re wet.

    And yes, I agree that the shaving cream probably just fell in the tub and has nothing to do with what’s going on.

    Just my 2 cents…

  80. Kitty is being very calm. It takes 2 to shower either of mine–1 to hold and 1 to bathe (very quickly).

  81. will you stop being forced into a cruel postion bathing…please!

  82. Actually, after seeing Galileo’s video of getting washed, my boyfriend and I got into a serious discussion about it since Galileo was getting bathes because his owner was allergic to him. I’m *very* allergic to cats but my boyfriend has a cat that he loves so much. It makes him so sad that he can’t have his cat around me, it breaks my heart to see him so sad. I’m going to to go see an allergist (trust me, I’m deathly scared of needles and the whole thought of getting injected multiple times isn’t sitting to well with me…) I sorta wish he washed his cat alot of times through her years so we could continue to bathe her and get rid of the dander. I didn’t know that dander is part skin, part saliva…. and that you can get rid of about 85% of the allergy causing bacteria through baths. I say bathe away to cats if that helps an owner to continue to love his/her cats… but still this doesn’t solve my current situation… sigh…….. Needles it is….. le-sigh…*trying not to succumb the jarring fear of needles…*

  83. you guys r silly says:

    jaypo : you typo-ed your name as “jaypoo” up there in an earlier comment…
    it made me giggle…

  84. Linders, don’t worry, you get used to the needles…

  85. Fable, that comment is just so unnecessary. The cat “pays”?? Come on!

  86. I had a cat who would stand on the edge of the toilet while the various men in my life peed. He fell in and got peed on more than once.

    He also got baths.

  87. onionpencil musashi says:

    if you’re interested, and if it hasn’t been said- simply wiping the cat daily with a wet washcloth will remove many of the allergens and generally annoys the cat far less. you can also look into allerpet. i hear it helps some.

  88. Cats do not need baths.

    Why do people insist on this?
    Its mean. Not cute. Just look at that poor little guy’s face.

    People, animals are not people. Please don’t treat them that way. They dont need clothes and they don’t need baths.

    signed: Lifelong animal owner. Cats and dogs.

  89. Trin – your little black kitty is beautiful…but what big feet s/he has!!

  90. Cutelover — wake up and smell the real world. Seals and cormorants don’t *need* bathing either… until an oil tanker sinks and barfs a million tons of crude onto the coastline. And sometimes a naughty housecat figures out how to get into the kitchen garbage.

  91. Katey I sure hope you did give that cat a bath after the peedip. That’s pretty gross. How bout the guys closing the door.

  92. Helene — don’t feed the semi-sane partly-bilingual trolls…

  93. Sidney, asking the guys to close the door was asking for more trouble than bathing the cat caused.


  94. Anyway, if this little guy really hated it, he wouldn’t be calmly sitting there while his human takes a picture. It’s rare, but some kitties actually like to get wet! I’ve never had one myself, but let’s not forget the scuba diving kitty! :o)~

  95. Carrie DOTU says:

    cute kitty, wet is cute… but sometimes, regardless cats need baths.

  96. Katey, What the heck was I thinking. That would be like asking them to put the seat down. JEEEZE

  97. I am in the same boat as Linders. You do get used to the needles. I get an allergy shot once a week and my kitty gets a bath every other week. She was handraised since she was four days old and has had a bath, either once a week or every other week, since she was three weeks old. It is better to give her a bath and keep her than have her put to sleep. Cats are hard to find homes for.

  98. Cutelover and Fable- So you shouldn’t was your cat. If you cat gets a toxic substance on its fur like crude oil you should let it clean its fur and die right? That is what I’m getting from you two. Your obviously fanatics, because fanatics can’t make exceptions or set aside there own reasoning for logic.

  99. Anyone who is allergic to cats might want to try Aller-pet C. You can find out information about it online. My son became severly allergic to our cat. This is just a conditoning liquid, (I checked it with the vet) and it binds the dander. Anyway, my son had no more allergic reations to the cat once we started using it. Just have to sponge him off once a week with the solution. I just used to put him on the kitchen counter in a warm kitchen and rub him down with the wet sponge. No restraining involved to upset the cat, except a hand in front of his chest to keep him from walking away. And he was a twenty pound monster who ruled the house and didn’t take anything from anyone. Then I would lightly brush his fur with a dry towel, then brush him. He would wash himself right afterward, this stuff is harmless, but it never lessened the effect of the treatment.

    No bad smell or anything to freak the cat out. There are other products around that do the same thing if you can’t find that specific brand. Any pet supply store should carry one. This is the only one I ever used. And no allergy shots required for my boy.

  100. Patricia-Did you ever think they don’t take baths so why should animals? That’s just being ignorant on their part.

  101. OMG it’s true, the cat does have fleas! Look at the little black bumps on his back, poor baby…

    And I don’t care what people say but wet cats = cute. Makes a Persian look like a rat, what’s not to love?

  102. Cutelover are you one of those people that have thousands of cats in your house that you never wash.

  103. Can’t we all just get along??

    I love the cat.
    I love it that the cat is wet.
    I think the owner loves the cat.
    I think there will be no..ahem.. ‘cat shaving’ happening.
    I had my cat’s shaved once (good god they shed! LOL) and Blue (yes.. her name was Blue) sat in the hallway and just growled at herself for about 2 hours after. Poor kitty. she still loves me though.

  104. HAHAA.. I didn’t mean I had my cats SHAVED!!! hahahah.. I took them to a groomer, and they got their hairs cut with clippers, you know.. like you do with your poodles and mini schnauzers.

  105. sandypartridge says:

    When my cat Yammie was still a kitty I had to give her a bath. I was taking a pee and when I was finished, before I could flush, she came towards me (door was open) at 100 mph and in the toilet she went!

  106. Gosh I hope we get another pic up. Too much peeing and flushing going on here. LOL

  107. one of the erins hit the nail on the head– if that kitty’s eyes weren’t wet from the shower, it wouldn’t look unhappy at all! It was probably capering a moment or two before the photo was taken and paused to look up at its loving owner with the camera!

  108. We have a cat we bathe once a week or so…she’s a Sphynx cat, so she’s hairless, and dirt and oil seem to cling to her, so every Saturday morning, into the tub she goes!

    She doesn’t seem to mind it too much, and she now runs to the kitchen right afterwards, because she knows after the water come treats!

  109. patricia,
    a fanatic? oh brother. where in my comment do you see that? fanatics dress their pets up like humans.

    your question make no sense. of course and animal should be cleaned if it has some thing bad on him/her. but to just bathe it out of boredom is not nice.

    do i have ‘thousands of cats that i never wash’?

    are you for real?

    come on people, just use common sense, that’s all.

  110. the only time i ever bathed my cat was when she had horrible fleas. she was so not happy, but somehow she came to understand that her traveling companions were about to disappear. then we sat on the bathroom floor as i picked out the rest.

    and then she hid to dry off.

  111. theo, theo, theo-

    “Seals and cormorants don’t *need* bathing either… until an oil tanker sinks and barfs a million tons of crude onto the coastline.”

    No need to get hysterical. you are talking apples and oranges here. you must know this.. uh.. right?


  112. Wow that kitten is so well behaved. He must… gasp… LIKE BATHS!!!! If I even dribble the teensiest bit of water on my cat she freaks out and attacks with all her might. But this precious dahlink just sits pretty for the camera

  113. They’re called “examples”.

  114. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    VitaminJ, Schnozzle?


  115. Aiyaaagh!

    As much as I’d hate its existence, I almost want to see someone form an anti-CO site or community. Just so the Nuffs will be drawn to it and bitch ‘n’ moan somewhere where we don’t have to see, and they can sit and talk about how cruel we are and agree with each other all day.

  116. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    I rather like that “barf’s a million tons of crude onto the coast line” Theo.. reminds me of an old Bob Saget comedy routine..

  117. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    the old*

  118. (drumming fingertips on keys)
    I’m thinkin’, I’m thinkin’…

  119. OK, Bob Saget popped up while I was typing. Woah. Now I hafta re-think.

  120. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    Aloha pyrit..

    Wet pusseh?
    yes, no??

  121. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    well.. he was a vile man before he was discovered.. ha.. I luffed him..

  122. theo,
    your examples had zero to do with the discussion at hand.

    my dog doesnt like baths, but he loves getting toweled after. 🙂
    never bathed a cat in my life. never had to. can’t remember the last time a crude oil slick hit my apartment.
    i am not saying you guys are all cruel at all. i am only putting in my 2 cents about bathing cats if they don’t need it.

  123. If you notice the kitters is sitting in the bathtub and the water is coming from one of those hand-held showers. It isn’t being showered, the kitty liked sitting in the spray, otherwise wouldn’t it be running away from it? I don’t want to be thought of as responding to the NuffHeds, just making an observation.
    And, dammit, sometimes cats DO NEED TO BE WASHED. Get over it.

  124. Has CO been taken over by aliens? uh…. *looks about w/ confusion*

  125. I have a four month old kitten. I must have given her about 6 baths the first month I had her.

    Not only did she jump head first into the toilet, she pooped on herself a few times, rolled around in kitty litter clumps (those were really fun to get out of her fur), and once rolled in my other cat’s vomit.

    She’s much cleaner now, thank God.

  126. Faekitty (Heather) says:

    ebee, I agree with you completely luv.
    Kitty is sitting there enjoying the new tactile sensation of (hopefully) warm water on his wittle body.
    And cat’s DO need to be washed sometimes. SOMETIMES.. especially.. if they pee’d all over themselves in a carrier or tracked peanut butter all around the kitchen. *nod*..

    Damn you Bob Saget get out of my heeeaaadd!!!

  127. cutelover….mellow.

    Read through the comments. Notice that not once did anyone here state that they bathed their cat for fun. Those of us who do have a very specific reason to do so that has squat to do with fun.

    So again. MELLOW.

    (and Theo’s examples had everything to do with the conversation at hand. Scroll back and reread exactly what you said that he responded to.)

  128. Karen in Toronto says:

    I falled in, mommy. Mommy, I falled in. Mommy, watch, I falled in. Did you see me falled in, Mom? Mom? Moem! Moeem! Moeer! Moeeer! Meeer! Meer! Meer! Meer!

  129. whattheheck says:

    Just came back to check and see if new picture came out. Feel like I stepped into the twilight zone. Fable you are weird.

  130. Beamer has gotten behind the furnace oil tank in my basement twice, I can’t figure out how, and got covered in old oil. Bath was the only answer both times.

    cutelover- your first comment assumed that the cat was getting a bath for entertainment purposes, and not for some health reason. And called it “mean.” (Sorry Theo, sometimes I can’t help feeding the trolls!)

  131. whattheheck says:

    Agree with SHANCHAN Cutelover changed the tune real quick. ***TROLL ALERT**

  132. oh poor kitty! i’ve always bathed my cats – keeps them fluffy and fresh, and helped my allergies tremendously. i have plenty of warm snuggly towels to offer..*hint hint*

  133. Fluffernutter says:

    YOU!! Fable

  134. Fluffernutter says:

    Theo HELP! Site getting off the subject of CUTE! Remember what we are here for people.

  135. Oh noes! Kitteh still isn’t clean. I keep clicking over here hoping kitteh’s bath will be finished, but no.

  136. you guys r silly says:


  137. Fluffernutter says:

    I knew Fable was some sort of a changeling.

  138. i am not a troll.

    trolls are only interested in getting a rise out of people.

    i was posting my opinion.

    i come here to enjoy the pictures and this is only the second post i’ve ever even commented on.

    so what can i say?

    beware of oil slicks?
    don’t get cats if you have allergies?

    i dunno, folks.

    good luck.

  139. “Show me the way to go home.
    I’m tired and I wanna go to bed.
    I had a little drink about an hour ago
    And it went straight to my head.

    No matter where I roam.
    O’er land or sea or foam.
    You’ll always hear me singing this song:
    Show me the way to go home.”

    I’m going to my happy place until someone starts flinging puddin’s and makes things all better here.

  140. Will custard do? My fave…yummmm!!! (but I have to say this thread made my very boring afternoon much more fun!)

  141. Oooh! Oooh! Can it be frozen custard? I haven’t had me a good frozen custard since last summer, when I was in my Wisconsin hometown and Adrians was open.

    Fling as much frozen custard as you want my way. Yum!

  142. I think there are a few frozen custard stands in AC & OC on the Jersey shore that stay open all year round…I’ll have them set up the custard-pult!

  143. (note to CuteLover — I wasn’t calling you a troll, for the record)

  144. Fluffernutter says:

    See you later you bunch a ding dongs.

  145. Those ARE about the saddest eyes I have ever seen. Don’t think he’s enjoying it, but seems to *know* it’s for his own good. And, um – “don’t get cats if you have allergies”—? How much more are the allergic person’s pets loved, that they are willing to go through so much MORE work, than the average pet owner, just so they can give that animal a good home, love it, and take such good care of it. Please – use you ‘concern’ on *causes* that actually need you. Sheeeesshhhhh.
    (no, I’m not allergic, and no – don’t spend my off hours bathing my cats. Just a little common sense is all that’s needed)

  146. Fluffernutter — Since when do ding dongs come in bunches??

    On second thought… never mind. I didn’t ask.

  147. Fluffernutter says:

    Theo, Just thought I’d check back one more time. Glad I did you bunch of banana heads. Now there that comes in bunches. LOL

  148. Theo – in the bulk aisle.

  149. [ahem] OK, BACK ON TOPIC… 😉
    Has anybody else’s *Tuesday* sucked hiney? I am SO ready for a bath right now…

  150. theo…why do you erase my comment all the time…i dont know..i dont think i say more awfull thing than anybody else…so why?

  151. Oh hi, Fable. You’re still here?

  152. Fluffernutter says:

    This is too fun. YEAH FABLE are you still here. Oh yeah I was the one leaving. BYE

  153. How can we be having a flame war when there’s a perfectly good fire-extinguishing water spray in the photo?

  154. jeez… let’s try this again… BACK ON TOPIC…

    Tub. Warm water. No exploding computer networks. Me. Now.

  155. The kitteh reminds me of my kitty-boy Opie, he had his second bath a couple of weeks ago (his last one was 9 years ago). He stinks because he insists on spraying inside the covered litter box and needless to say the other cats brush up against it and get stinky as well.

    One of my female kittehs LOVES water. I don’t give her a bath (I also don’t do any heavy duty combing on her incredibly soft Persian hair either…big fight, blood, screaming and she’s upset too), but her groomer does. She purrs the entire time she is getting a bath. Plus, whenever I take a bath, wash my face or wash dishes, she sits patiently waiting for my wet hand to stroke her fur. She does the piddy-pawing and triple purring (sounds like she swallowed a bird) just in anticipation of my wet hand to touch her. It’s hard to take a bath when I have to keep my hands under the water all of the time.

  156. you know why…cause you guys are addicted to flame and conquering the entire heart! have fun….il see you there:)

  157. Wups, forgot one: CATNIP MARGARITA. Post-haste.

  158. Maybe the frozen custard could put out the fire?

  159. OK, how ’bout frozen margaritas?

  160. well.actually.if you guys would stop pretending…AND come back the friend i had… AND TELL ME what the bleen you are doing ..well maybe….but until then you guys are bleening lame.

  161. Mia — make it a frozen catnip margaritasicle, and you’ve got a deal.

  162. a deal of what? ill lick you honey while i keep my back door popsicle in the freezer….oh common! you guys are horrible!

  163. its called popsicle pimpin and cost a lot of money….

  164. Aaaah, I second you Theo- a nice warm bath. Sounds good after the rainy/slushy, blustery day we had here. Kept waiting for one of the trees around my building to come crashing down.

  165. Mia, Mr. Seimei is still growing into those feet. Vet says he’s going to be tall.

    I still have to make sure he isn’t going to leap as I get up from the commode, and he stands guard when I’m in the bath or shower, along with Miss. Megumi (the tuxie cat).

    Shutting the door would just lead to a chorus of WAILING (not just meows of protest) with my two babies… “MOM! we can’t SEE you!!!” Though I no longer get the expressions of shock when I get in the tub, more of “Oh that again.”. Seimei, the lil’ guy, tried to come in the tub WITH me, using my abundant self as an island.

    My elderly uncle loved to have Megumi visit, and used an inhalable medication to avoid the allergy reactions. It was one of those things they have on the tv commercials. So maybe that would be better for the folks who love their furry friends, but hate needles.

  166. Today I sent a semi-snarky email to my co-worker about a writer who was requesting something or other.

    Only I sent it to the writer, not the co-worker.

    Pass me the frozen catnip margaritasicle and pour a bottle of Stoli in for good measure. I need it.

  167. awww….terorrist tree…we miss them!sooo mush!

  168. There’s just nothing like a wet cat to bring out the Nuffinghams.

    Now I want a nice warm shower… with a kitteh peeking at me and a Margarita waiting on the counter.

  169. Good luck! been waiting for it for months!

  170. Aubrey —-Funny! at least I think you should win something more than just your humble request for that story.
    (R you an agent? —–’cause I got this GREAT story about —Well, never mind ; I’ll wait till youve had a better day) :>

  171. Aubrey (and Mia) (and SarahR) (and whosoeverelse wants one) —

  172. Yikes, Aub! I did that sort of switcheroo once, too. Luckily, recipient of my snarky e-mail was too dense to realize I was being snarky. Whew. Hope it’s just a close call.

  173. Wow, Theo- can’t even tell you changed the color! I love how nicely the green goes with his eyes.

  174. My cat fell in the bath one day. He leapt out so quickly he hardly got wet at all. I was very impressed.

    Yes yes, more wet cat stories. You see, ‘normal’ people don’t like it when you want to talk about your random pet anecdotes. Have to come here where nobody minds the ramblings.

  175. Teho… t3h Yum!!!

  176. I have the worst cat bath nightmare story. Years ago my sister had the friendliest little (at most 6 lbs, full grown) kitty. She (unfortunately) trusted everyone, and would follow people around, right into their houses. One day she came screaming (yes, literally screaming – and if you haven’t heard a cat scream, you are lucky) into the house, and raced around the house into the basement. It took two people to catch her and hold her down in the basin to wash off the gasoline which had been poured on her. Many vet visits later, her skin eventually healed from the chemical burns, and she was as friendly as ever. We were thankful that her flea collar was loose enough that she was able to wriggle out of it and away from her torturers before anything worse happened. But yes, sometimes cats must have baths.

    This one doesn’t look too unhappy about it. A little pathetic, perhaps. And what a lovely shade of red.

  177. Julie Raven says:

    Actually, kitty here looks content =) Not really sad, nor thrilled. And no one’s holding him, so he’s obviously not upset at being wet.

    I don’t think ANYONE bathes their cat for entertainment, because I wouldn’t bathe my kitties on *my own* if they even needed it

  178. Karen in Toronto says:

    The first thing I did with Handsome Stranger when I brought him home was give him a warm flea bath — he was already soaking wet and muddy, and you could see the fleas struggling in his wet fur in the bath. He hasn’t needed bathing or deflea-ing since. But all four cats like to wait for me to get out of the tub, except I can’t coz there’s no floor space.

  179. Lenore — What a horrible thing for both of you to have lived through. Glad she recovered!

    I’m on an animal-welfare mailing list, and they often send out details of animal-cruelty cases with the addresses of prosecutors to rally mail-campaign support of full penalties. Some of the cases are jaw-dropping — to think how *imaginative* people get in animal torture…There’s one that still almost makes me cry to think of. But the b******s got 10 years in prison, hallelujah!

    That’s one of many reasons I like this site so much; the flip side of the kindness of human nature.

  180. Jenn Jordan says:

    Oh man, you KNOW you are in for a good read when you check in on CO and there are 100+ comments on a single picture. It’s better than TV!

    Anyway, I have a funny catbath story. I had had a stressful day and had poured myself a luxurious bubble bath. I was lounging around in the tub when my kitten Simon, who was four months old at the time, jumped up onto the sink, did the little kitten–getting-ready-to-jump-butt-wiggle, and took a flying leap into the bathtub. He swam a flew circles around me and then beached on my tummy for a bit.

  181. I am totally feeling like this kitty is, at the moment. Kitty baby, I can sympathize!

  182. Suda, spell the word out! I don’t think anyone here would object in this case to calling a spade a spade.

    Lenore, I’m so glad the kitteh was made all betteh. I sometimes think that an animal’s trust is their worst enemy.

  183. Hey, I wonder what a kitten would look like if you got it wet and then also backlit it?

  184. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Jenn –


    Love it!!!

  185. Suda, you might create a backdrip.

  186. I had an orange tomcat when I was a kid who would come running when he heard the tub filling.
    He loved to come sit on my stomach in the water.
    He’d stay there as long as I would.
    My only problem was I didn’t like to get soap in the water if he joined me, which sort-of limited how much good the bath did me.

  187. Loling at lauowolf! What a goofy cat!
    My parents’cat, Max, sits out by the lake watching stuff floating in the water. Half the time his tail is hanging right down in the lake and he never cares a bit.

  188. Ok, now I scrolled up a bit and am loling at Jenn’s Simon story!!! haha, beaching on your tummy!

    Gaaa, suda nim, I could NOT read stories about animals being tortured. I have the kind of masochistic mind that saves up all horror stories and plays them back to me in the middle of the night. I am just glad the sh&ts are in prison and I hope whatever they did to animals is done back to them for all the years they are there.

  189. Haha, look at this kitten’s eyes. He is thinking, “You did not know I am really a mountain lion cub and you are SO dead when I grow up.”

  190. I did, though, once have a cat that seriously needed bathing.

    He was a richly furred, glossy black gentleman.
    And somehow he got into a lot of crankcase oil.
    He was soaking in it.
    Really, like Theo’s oil spill, only a one-cat disaster site.

    Maybe he walked though it.
    Maybe someone dumped him into it.
    In any case he arrived home in a serious mess, and couldn’t be allowed to deal with it himself.

    So we wrapped him in a towel and trimmed his claws.
    And we washed him, and rinsed him, and washed him and rinsed him until it finally was all gone.
    And then blow-dried him and toweled him til he was all dry.

    His fur stuck STRAIGHT OUT.
    Every hair, straight out.
    Like a powder puff, or a cartoon.
    Utterly adorable, of course.

    It took more than a week of seriously grooming before he could get it begin to lie down flat again.
    The poor guy was completely humiliated — requiring vast infusions of snuggling and respect.

  191. Jenn Jordan says:

    Simon is totally insane. But I don’t think I’ve met a really lowkey sane keetah in my life yet.

  192. Did you know that you could clean dirty kitties with oily coats using hot bran?

    I heard of this method from a friend who’d heard that they’d used it in the olden days to clean fur coats. Yes, the kind made of dead animals skins that people wore in less enlightened times. But the same method apparently works just as well on live animals, and I forwarded the description onto my friend Anita, who runs this hare care store, and she said it worked well on kitty, so she posted it. 🙂

  193. Lenore, how horrible. I am thankful that your sweet baby was able to get home safely and has such sweet mommies to give her the lovins.

  194. Man, with all the commenters in this thread saying how “nasty” and “dirty” this tub is – I hope you guys never see MY bathroom! This would pass for clean in my old house…

    I have never actually had to dunk a cat in a container of water and wash him off. I figure that, like lawsuits and lengthy hospital stays, cat bathing is something I should strive to avoid as part of a long and happy life.

  195. We used to have a cat with a slight odor problem, even though he was fixed and everything

  196. chet's momma says:

    peedip? hahahahaha!

  197. Wow.

    My kitty never wanted anything resembling a bath, but used to like to hang out in the shower. I kept finding kitty prints on it. She was just chilling in her private space. She’d also enjoy winding around my still-wet legs when I’d get out of the shower. Guess a little water goes a long way for some felines.

    Shots: I had ’em for a while but had to stop after a few months b/c I got awful anaphylactic reactions that required epi shots. Scary. Moral of the story–if you do the shots, definitely stay in the doc’s office for a while afterwards to be sure you don’t react.

    Kitty went to live with a good friend of mine a few years later. *Sigh*

    BTW, have you guys heard of the “Allerca Lifestyle Pets” cats who are being bred not to produce allergens? Seems immoral with so many miao-miao’s needing homes, but it is a little tempting too…

  198. oaklandcat says:

    Theo, I’m with ya, Tuesday can suck too… espesh when there’s no fresh Qte 😉
    totally off the subject but I quit smoking yesterday– feeling GRUMPY.

  199. I’m having some serious deja vu with this comment thread. My head hurts.

  200. Tor – it’s not clear to me that breeding hypoallergenic cats, insofar as it affects providing homes to other cats, is the ethical question. After all, people with allergies will not be able to adopt other cats, or may even attempt to adopt a cat inappropriately and then have to get rid of it.

    There are other issues with hypoallergenic cats, though. First, if I recall correctly, Allerca has not published their results, so their claims about hypoallergenic cats have not been peer-reviewed or independently evaluated. As a result, there’s some skepticism about Allerca’s claims.

    Second, assuming their cats really are hypoallergenic, its not clear how large a gene pool hypoallergenic cats will have; inbreeding cats to maintain a rare genetic mutation could cause other problems, and that is not ethical if it affects the animal’s quality of life.

  201. oaklandcat says:

    Theo, I’m with ya, Tuesday can suck too… espesh when there’s no fresh Qte 😉
    totally off the subject but I quit smoking yesterday– feeling GRUMPY.

  202. oaklandcat says:

    whoops- double posting faux pas- please chalk it up to nicotine-withdrawal delirium.

  203. 204 comments? good god! i figured if there was a flame war it would be about the use of the word “suck”.

  204. sandypartridge says:

    Zombie – I concur. You must work in science. My hubby and I have discussed this issue and definitely worried more about the gene pool being small and the fact that there is no clear evidence in so far as publications in peer reviewed, and respected journals.

  205. Zombie–Good points on the inbreeding and questionable quality of the claims.

    However, as a seriously allergy-ridden individual who nonetheless installed air filters, attempted shots, and took multiple drugs daily for years in order to co-hab with a kitty, I find I’m still tempted — and so imagined others might be too.

    [Blushing with a possible over-reveal]

  206. Jenn Jordan says:

    Congrats Oaklandcat! I quit a year ago and I don’t regret it ever, even though it’s one of the harder things I’ve done. Good luck!

  207. useta hada kitteh says:

    Is it still Monday, like the post way up there says? Dang, I was sure it was at least Tuesday… actually so far this week has had about 17 days. I’m sure of it. It’s just going by soooooo slooooowly, and then I come to CO for a little R&R, and it’s still MONDAY?>!!L@!! Ack.

    I do like this poor bedraggled kitteh, but I could like another kitteh at least as well… … … pleeze? I bin good… … …

  208. People who think cat bathing is entertaining have never bathed a cat… Life-treatening more like! But when my tux cat’s white chest spot is turning “eggshell”, then “ivory”, it’s time for a bath.

  209. Misanthropic says:

    Um, is there already a category of “I’m sopping wet and ready to kill my owner for this, but I gotta say, I’m pretty darn cute”?
    Because bath pictures seem to be popping up all over the place…

  210. Misanthropic: recently gave in to popular demand and created a separate “water on my cat” category.

    The only thing that differs from cat to cat is the pose. The expressions are identical.

    And re the “no one bathes their cat for entertainment” bit. Yes, that’s true, but GIVEN that you already HAVE to give the cat a bath, let’s all admit that they are pretty darn funny wet.

  211. Suda Nim — Cheers!

  212. Brian in Minneapolis says:

    Fable, you tickle my brain.


    Teho, you are teh ‘shop mastah!

  213. Is it really that hard to figure it out? The shaving cream obviously fell into the tub while they were bathing her. The can was probably sitting on the side of the bath, as any average can would be. Loofah probably fell down into the tub as well, since that usually hangs in the tub…as any average loofah would. They’re just placed in the wrong place, at the wrong time!

  214. It looks like there’s water in its eyes, not comfy at all… I have no issue with washing pets, as long as it’s done right… ya know?

    Looks oh-soh sad.

  215. Someone I know once got drunk and decided that she and her cat both needed a bath… together. Turned out that the cat liked it so much the during thunderstorms and other traumatic occurences, she would take the cat into the bathtub to calm it down.

  216. oaklandcat says:

    jenn jordan– thanks– i needed that

  217. Oaklandcat – COngrats!!! That is a great thing to do. I hope you can hold on to it!!

    Lauri – I thought I was the only one like that. I just cant stand any storied like that. They just replay over and over not matter how much I dont want them too. It is wierd how many kindred souls I have found thru CO. Makes you feel like less of a freak.

    Sorry for the off topic posts – we need new HAPPY pics!! Hope everything is ok!!

  218. I agree, oaklandcat, that is really great of you to quit smoking! Good on you.

  219. oaklandcat says:

    i love it when you take a bath and the kittehs just have to monitor the situation. They’re all, “Mrrowwrr? are you sure that’s a good idea, getting in all that nasty water??”
    please xcuse all my self-indulgent postings; can’t sleep. (see above posts)

  220. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    Just when the Cute overload site was going to self combust, a new post appeared just in the knickers of time.

  221. e-beth, I call my kittehs “kittenhead”! and I call anybody I love “babyhead.” Looks like you have company! 😀

  222. Another Angela — mocha is en route. Didn’t it used to be a Coke? Inflation, I guess. ::shrug::

    e-beth and greenighs — “kittenhead,” especially “evil kittenhead” is a popular moniker around here, even though the naughtiest kitteh is almost 7. He also ignores to “cat badness” and “stripey demon.”

  223. Pheas — yeah, it was milkshakes for a few years, too. But not anymore.

  224. Llama-llama duck.

  225. Greenighs – my cousin used to have a band named Babyhead, only they spelled it babihed, so of course his mother pronounced it bob-e-heed, which cracked us all up immensly!

    /complETEly off topic/

  226. …and Teho, thanks so much for the margaritasicle – it was the perfect after-work refreshment!

  227. Poor little kitty…

  228. since there haven’t been posts too much…..
    =(^.^)= meow!!!
    ( ‘ )= quack!!!
    ~(___)`0′ Whatever sound hippos make!!!

  229. Kathy McBride says:

    Not very nice at all.

  230. Are those really fleas on the poor kitty? He needs a good snuggling.

    Have had to bathe my Turkish Angora male on several occasions, the most notable of which included getting somehow doused in paint thinner (sad!). He is deaf and thus very skittish but eventually calmed down and wrapped his arms around my neck and just clung there. We blowed him dry (he liked it because he is deaf so the sound didn’t bother him and the warmth was soothing) and he smelled pretty for weeks after.

  231. Poor kitty!! Why do people do that to their cats? they dont need to be bathed!!!! Stop the insanity people!!!

  232. MG…try reading what others have posted, eh?

    I bathe my cat. She has extremely dry skin. I use a special shampoo that I got from my *gasp* vet. It’s necessary for her general comfort to do so.

    If that makes me a bad person in your books….well I don’t give a flying bleep.

  233. Don’t you mean “a flying BLEEN”, Teri?

  234. Fluffernutter says:

    Look at this!!!! Major post going on here. Had so much fun yesterday had to come back and see if it would be more fun. Isn’t that Kitty dry yet????

  235. Ah yes…BLEEN…forgot it Theo….lol. It’s be a wacky day trying to get to the nitty gritty regarding some invoices and who gets what portion of the selling fee (when one of the people involved suffered a nasty head injury recently…confuzzlement abounds!)

  236. O_O

    I don’t know whether to considre that cute or down right depressing. I feel so sad for the little thin when I look at it.

  237. Fluffernutter says:

    EIMAJTL; he’s fine. Don’t be sad. Just look at the new pic they posted. KittyMonkey

  238. My cats like to sit in the (empty) bathtub. For some reason, the phrase “bathtub pirates” came to mind, because they look like they’re sitting in a boat.

  239. When I take bubble baths my cats (Bebop and Rocksteady) sit on the edge of the tub and eat and play with the bubbles. it’s so cute and pretty much the only reason I take baths now! Well that and the chance Bebop will forget shes kinda chubby now and fall in, which is always a little funny/sad.

    p.s. it looks like that kitten has some fleas on his little belly. When we got Bebop from a shelter she had a nasty case of fleas and when we bathed her she looked just like that with those little brown spots. sad but still cute… poor little guy.

  240. riolinda says:

    awww… look at his cute little sad face. he’s not a happy kitty! 😦

  241. Blueberry says:

    I have had to give my kitty 3 baths. Each time I swore was the last.
    First, we got her from a farm. She had apparently quite enjoyed eating dead mice, gophers, and assorted roadkill with her mom and sisters. She smelled like rotting meat.
    Second, she decided to run outside one day when it was raining. She acted like the rain was acid but managed to jump into a big muddy puddle. Her white paws turned brown.
    Third, she ate some string tufts. And they didn’t come out all the way. So as I watched in horror she dragged her butt across the carpet leaving a lovely brown streak on the carpet and getting it all over herself.
    I will never bathe her again….(Goes off to see what mess the kitty is in)

  242. Queen of LOL says:

    You’d better clean the bath instead of the kitten, LOL!

  243. PeaceNLuv says:

    i love this baby bumface’s tiny heinie!! :D:D

  244. Llama llama DUCK. O<

  245. One of my two kitties is of the kind ‘momma goes into the bath to kill herself scaredies, so one time, the door was still closed, I had pulled the plug already, and the water line in the tub was still high enough, I open the door to get to the living room she darted in there, jumped up the rim of the tub, slipped and her hind quarters splunged into the water.

    I have never seen her jump higher, and run faster then at that moment. It took me a whle to persuade her it is better to rinse off the bubble bath and towel dry her again.

    She never goes into this room now, must have scared her too much.

    They are going on 9 years now, and never did I have to bathe them, just in one hot hot summer I rubbed them down with a wet towel to cool them off a little, and they were mad at me for doing it, but did not dry off by grooming, so they must have liked the cooling effect of the evaporating water.

    Long winded story, I know, but I felt like telling anyways 🙂

  246. thats just wrong. the poor kitty comes into the world and already has to endure such nightmares? and y do people insist on washing their cats. they clean themselves!! thats y they have those scratchy tongues!! u no, cats r afraid of water 4 a reason. now i totally understand their reasoning. i mean, can u imagine coming into the world and imediately being soaked and cold and possibly have soap in ur eyes?? THAT IS ANIMAL ABUSE!!

  247. Babihed says:

    Babihed is still going. We are all for kitty baths if needed.