What is it with kittehs and popsicles?

Today must be déjà vu centrale, because we’ve seen kittehs lick treats before if I’m not mistaken… Again, this feller has that wayward "sooooooo enjoying thees popsicle but leestening to you laugh behind me via ear rotation" look on his face.The best part is this kitteh’s name is "Circus McGircus." Yeah, you read that right.


Circus will have a strawberry fruit bar, steamed pea pods and popcorn in that order! Step on it, Whitney S.!



  1. Circus McGircus is like the greatest cat name ever!

  2. Love kittie’s name. And shortly after this photo was taken, he found himself thinking, “Why can’t I feel my tongue?”

  3. paulajeanne says:

    Sure hope Circus doesn’t freeze his tongue to the treat! Oweeee

  4. I cannot even take a popsicle out of the freezer without my Mr. Kitty running up to me and meowing incessantly until I let her at it! What IS with kittehs and popsicles??

  5. Cathryn Bauer says:

    I think this cat did something machiavellian to get that popsicle, and he’s full of himself for getting away with it. Which makes this picture even cuter IMO.

  6. Cats have a natural advantage over humans, with popsicles. The spinyness of their tongues keeps them from sticking to cold frozen things (like in “A Christmas Story”).

  7. I know we’ve had the “cats can’t taste sweets” discussion before, but this takes the cake. My very shy Delilah will walk over all 4 other housecats to get cotton candy — pure sugar. The others aren’t interested (but don’t leave cookies on the counter!).

  8. you guys r silly says:

    hmmm…I guess I missed the “cats can’t taste sweets” discussion —- couldn’t prove that by MY goodies-lovin’ kittycatters…
    Anyway —-
    “Circus McGircus” IS THE best kitty name EVER!!! Whoever thought THAT one up?!

  9. Just a little spoiled kitty. Ears all flopped back in pleasure.

  10. Hmmm…if it wasn’t snowy and freezing here, that pic would make me want to make popsicles for my kitties, just to see if they’d do that.

  11. LOL!!!

  12. Ears are in radar listening mode; must finish b4 the others get a whiff of my ‘sicle

  13. My kitty loves the strawberry popsicles (and yogurt!) too. She’ll get in your face while you’re eating and won’t go away til it’s gone!

  14. Do kittehs get de brain freezes?


  16. Sooooo good; must look annoyed and pretend I’m not enjoying it.

  17. Okay, so it is okay to give my kitteh a litlle lickey-lick on a popsicle?

    I always read they can’t taste sweet…

  18. What’s his/her favorite flavor of popsicle? I’m guessing cherry.

  19. Circus McGirgus? With a ‘sicle? Of course. As P.T. Barnum said, there’s a sucker born every minute.

  20. Hee. Kitties have such wonderful expressions.

  21. That is the most wonderful cat name EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    how did he get a name like that one ???
    Interesting diet plan their for Mr.McGircus well as long as he is happy and keeps things a going in a circus???!?!?!?!lol

  22. nermalkitty says:

    lol. love eet! I cannot sit down to eat chips & dip w/o my 14 yr old sibling kitties smokey and the bandit climbing all over me. bandit only wants my lap, but smokey must have many, many licks of the french onion dip. after licking maybe 4 heaps off the tip of my fingers, she’ll jump down and run like she’s been propelled from a rocket. ‘course she usually always dismounts like that. it just never gets old.

  23. Your right..cat love treats too, and they don’t even count carbs, fats or calories. Lucky things.

  24. In Dr. Seuss’s IF I RAN THE CIRCUS, the name of the circus is Circus McGurkus.

  25. That IS the best cat name ever, bar none. His male sons should be II, III, etc.

  26. There is also.. get this.. a ‘Circus McGurkus Cafe Stoo-pendus’ at Universal Orlando.

  27. He does look rather annoyed–the look cat’s get when they know they are being disrespected (same look Mr Spock would get, too).

  28. Karen in Toronto says:

    Martha, first there has to be a Junior (and Mr. C. McG. gets Sr. after his name on letters). THEN there can be a II, III, IV and so on.

  29. “mmmmm … pupsicle … wha’? It’s not made out of puppies? Then what’s the point?”

  30. Karen in Toronto says:

    My kittehs are NOT interested in popsicles, even the frozen yogurt kind, but Handsome Stranger flings me to the side to get kohlrabi peelings, and Fiasco T. Peabrain steals avocado “shells.” They ALL come running for Friskies dental treats (snog snog snog snog).

  31. AuntieMame says:

    Well, technically, the Sr. and Jr. is used if the name is exactly the same. I.e., if Mr. Circus Stoo-pendous McGirkus here names his son also Circus Stoo, etc.

    However, if he decides to name his son Circus Farcus McGircus, *then* young Circus would call himself II.

    If he decides to name him George, of course, it’s every man for himself. Or kitteh. As the case may be.

  32. That cat can’t hold his licker!

  33. My cat Penny hates fruit popsicles, which is a good thing because I luff them and won’t share. On the other hand, she does get very aggressive in getting a taste (ok, she would gobble the entire thing if I let her!)of anything with dairy in it. She has, like, a radar nose when it comes to ice cream. I can be downstairs and she can be napping upstairs but as soon as the ice cream comes out, she’s like “whoosh!”

  34. Why do I find it completely disgusting when a mom “cleans” a pacifer off the ground by putting it in her own mouth, yet I will share my glass of milk with all 4 of my kittens? Even after knowing they just gave themselves a bath?

  35. (Most) cats can’t taste sweet because of a mutated gene. If that gene mutated again, such that it was no longer defective, that cat would be able to taste sweet. Since it’s just one gene, there’s no reason that couldn’t happen.

  36. might it be that cat cant taste sweet or it is a sour popsicle you are feeding it?

  37. Sebastien Bailard says:

    You want to be careful feeding human food to pets.

    Most people know about chocolate, but grapes are poisonous to cats and dogs.

  38. Too cute!!! Love the name!! Our dog’s name is Herk MaGerk!!

  39. There is also a gene, I’ve heard, that prevents a certain percentage of cats from enjoying catnip. That is tragic.

  40. Ah, yes, Prince Harry the Magnificent lacks the catnip gene. He looks at it like “WTF? Let me outside.”

    But the cream-cheese gene, boy, does he have THAT all over the place. Nlum nlum nlum nlum nlum.

    Icy smooches to Mr. McGircus.

  41. Man oh man that is one cool cat! And not just because of his popsicle! You can just tell by his face that he is SUPERCOOL!

  42. Very cute kitty! I will have to buy some popsicles to see if any of my 3 cats will like them. One of my cats loves grilled cheese sandwiches. I have to give her little pieces of mine or she drives me crazy!

  43. Circus M., you are tewtally my new desktop. Complete popsicular Qte.

  44. DKN – that very well may explain our Rocketman’s behavior when we put out the ‘nip. He totally ignores it, while the other cat goes ape$#!&.

    But then again, Rocketman loves wheatgrass while the other cat couldn’t care less about it.


  45. iwubkitties says:

    omg! that is soo cute! haha.my cat drank koolaid once. Circus McGircus is a cute name!

  46. Circus McGirkus has to be one of the most unique names for a cat. The name definitely fits the picture, that’s for sure. I guess he really is one “cool” cat!

  47. Yeah, Alexis. And apparently its a very small snippit of the cat population that had the anti-catnip gene…or it may be the other way around it may be a pro-catnip gene.

    Anyway, I sorta feel sorry for the little buggers that can’t get a little catnip buzz now and then. I’ve seen many examples of how they are totally missing out. My childhood cat Ziggy (now passed a few years back) would make a total fool of himself, complete with drool. It was like somthing out of Cheech and Chong, I swear. All my other cats, too. I’ve met maybe one or two in my day that just couldn’t feel it.

  48. And oh! the eyes! *swoon*

  49. Our poor Jasper kitty doesn’t enjoy catnip and it freaks him out how the other kitties go mad for it. Either he doesn’t have the gene, or he is just straight edge.

  50. You can tell the kitty is reeeaaching up for that popsicle from the earback action…scratching at the shoe in the background was soooo, like, 10 seconds ago.

  51. “No, I won’t share with you. Remember? I have GERMS! I’M INFESTED! I’M FILTHY! I’M A GERMY, FILTHY, INFESTED, DISEASE-ADDLED INCUBATOR JUST WAITING TO SPREAD FILTH, GERMS, INFESTATION, AND DISEASE! Besides, it’s the last strawberry and you know I hate watermelon.”

  52. Brak_Silverbone says:


  53. (jingle, dingly, jingle! It’s the neighborhood ice cream truck!) Get your own, Peeps!


    Can I have your popsicle sticks when you’re done? I’m collectin’ ’em to make a boat.

  54. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh, a life on the ocean blue
    With a kitteh pal or two,
    A boat made of popsicle sticks,
    And a Pyrit that’s full of tricks…

    A life on the ocean blue…

    Pyrit, one time you said I could come on your boat with you — is it the boat made of popsicle sticks that we’re goin’ on? That’ll be a cool boat (anything having to do with popsicles has to be cool, because, well, they’re cold, you know…) Anyway, let me know when you get your boat finished.

  55. useta hada kitteh says:

    Also, I was wonderin’ about this kitteh… do popsicles count in “I will leeeck you”?

  56. My old dog (may he rest in peace) loved ice cream, and will growl if you didn’t give him a piece. I used to torture him by eating ice cream sandwiches in front of him and when I had two bites left, I would split in two and give him one. No worries, I didn’t eat that much ice cream as a kid and he rarely ate chocolate. He was just a glutton for it, that and cheese!

  57. I used to live with a cat named Murdock and he was mad about strawberries popsicles too!!!

  58. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    That sandpaper tongue will soon rasp through the popsicle or as we say ice lolly.
    Pyrit a far quicker way to make a boat is a large piece of paper folded in an oragami fashion.

  59. Yitzysmommie says:

    Karen in Toronto:
    I was thinking Circus McGirkus was a pretty funny cat name ’til I read yours – Fiasco T. Peabrain! much giggling and snorting here in my corner.

  60. ahhhh, a delicious mcOtterpops! I must have eeeet!

  61. Useta — yes, I think so. Fixing now…

  62. cristinutria says:

    Does this kitty live in St. Petersburg, Florida?

    We have a craft-show in the park called Circus McGirkus, it’s full of interesting things to see, eat and buy. Usually happens in October.

  63. cristinutria – Exactly. See the link to it in my post above.

  64. useta – Welcome aboard! We’ll name it The Good Ship Lollipopsicle!

  65. The Honourable Gladys Anstruther –
    If I make my boat of origami
    Ever shall I fear the tsunami
    I would rather fold pastrami.

  66. The HonourableGladys Anstruther says:

    I really advise against pastrami
    For a boat would be quite balmy
    Paper now when properly treated
    And here I don’t wish to be conceited
    Is adi-quat for any cat
    Again I do’nt wish to be funny
    But take an Owl honey and money.

  67. Somewhere I read that up to 20% of cats lack the catnip gene. My late Alistaire reacted to it as though it were dryer lint: “Meh…achoo!” Great name, great picture of Circus.

  68. Gladys, Oh, you are a dear
    Referencing Edward Lear
    That poem has gone many a nautical mile
    Edward would surely smile
    I do not mean to lampoon
    But it will always dance under the light of the moon.

  69. This has absolutely made my week!!!

    Circus earned his name (stolen from Dr. Seuss with a slight spelling adjustment so I could remember it!) on the first night we brought him home. The entire night he was bouncing off the ceiling, jumping on and off our bed and keeping us awake. In the morning we found an entire tub of Catnip spread from our kitchen across the apartment (lid by the front door), and him rolling around in it like Scarface, to which my sweetie said, “You are just a Circus McGircus.” It stuck!

    Thanks for all your wonderful comments!

  70. Oh, and Circus looooves his Strawberry fruit bars – will tolerate orange for a short while, but will not abide regular popsicles. mrowrrrr…

  71. WOW Whitney S!

    Circus McGircus really knows how to party! Has he mastered the keg stand yet? 🙂

  72. Chastity Kennedy says:

    Can I have a few licks off the other side?

  73. never saw a cat that liked sweet treats before! from what I’m reading I guess it’s more common that one would think.

    but I had a weird one – my kitteh I had growing up would go completely wackjob nutso for green vegetables. I think she would have committed murder for asparagus or broccoli or alfalfa sprouts. Also high on the list were zucchini, mushrooms, and potatoes.

    My mom had a kitteh that was crazy about dairy, and had a meow that sounded like she was saying “milk”. She was so nuts that she would drag the plastic wrappers from Kraft American Singles out of the trash and lick them.

    And regarding the catnip gene – I was always mystified when the cat I had after college always ignored the stuff, but I guess she must have just been a mutant. not a surprise – she was a weirdo!

  74. was it this…you will pay for that one look! oh i know that look…not from mine but from Pousse-Pousse ….yes…yes…used to pee in plants and on the floor if she was not happy about something…

  75. i liked the asking paw better…that was a heartbreaker;)

  76. useta hada kitteh says:

    Pyrit — “The Good Ship Lollipopsicle” !!!11!! ROFL, excellent name for your boat! With that bit of paper that The Hon Gladys was waving about, I shall make myself a hat for sailing in.

    Sailing, sailing, over the bounding main…

    Glad to hear the kitteh Circus McGircus only likes the fruit popsicles, wouldn’t want kitteh to be just slurping empty calories. (In our family, when I was a kiddeh, popsicles were often referred to as slurpsicles. I think this kitteh would likely agree with the nomenclature.)

  77. samiam cape canav.fla says:

    tooooo funny!!!

  78. My friend’s cat, Foxy, always has a hankering for banana peels. But what is weird is she only wants it WHILE you’re eating the banana. As soon as you put it down for her to lick and nibble on to her heart’s content it becomes invisible to her.

  79. My late kitty Murphy, who had a cleft palate, LOVED to do this and he looked just like Circus, so I cried when I first saw this! How special! He also liked to drink out of a dripping tub–wonder if this kitteh does too? Way to go!

  80. My parents’ cat seems to lack the catnip gene, and also lacks any kind of hankerin’ for human food of any kind. However, when my dad puts lanolin on his hands after a long day of work, she immediately jumps on his lap and starts licking and biting his hands. Anyone else had a cat that likes lanolin? Is it related to catnip?

  81. absolutely not! comes from too different source!
    …Adeps Lanae, wool wax, wool fat, or wool grease, a greasy yellow substance from wool-bearing animals, acts as a skin ointment, water-proofing wax, and raw material…cat nip his a plant that grows freely in the field….

  82. its like going berry hunting, like hunter gatherer…and his ho so much more deliscious!!!!!! look like if it was left there just for oyu out of pue generous altruism! love it! love the way nature does it!

  83. Fable — are you, like, the Doctor Bronner du Québec?
    (just keep clicking “refresh”)

  84. What the… ?

  85. Shanchan — yep, that’s pretty much exactly what I’m saying.

  86. Someone asked about cats loving veggies,I also knew a cat that would “kill” for asparagus. HAD to have it frequently. Steamed, no lemon, thank you.

  87. My older cat Miki goes crazy for cantaloupe, almost as nuts as she does for tuna. I can barely get the groceries in the door before she’s trying to crawl in the bag with the fruit in it.

  88. theo that’s like the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen. HIGH-larious.

  89. Circus McGircus… isn’t that something Dr. Suess-y? Rings a bell for something. Otherwise a cute pic. Wish my cats did that.

  90. Jean Knowlton says:

    Very cute, but WARNING: popcorn is very dangerous for cats. The kernels can seriously damage the intestines. My vet told me never to let my cats near it. (Mine like taco chips, potato chips, pretzels).

  91. what an absolutely adorable photo. just makes me say awwwwwww. 😉

  92. Separated at Birth?
    My cat looks just like that! His name is McCormick, but we call him McGirkus too! This is too weird.

  93. I think this might be my old cat that I had to give away about 4 months ago! He also LOVED popscicles and popcorn. If you’re the person who sent this picture in, and live in Richmond, contact me through the myspace link. I’m glad you’re taking such good care of him and sharing your popscicles! I know he’s a happy cat. I can’t even hate on the name change!

  94. lick me now kitteh…=^-_-^= kiss the kitteh=^-_-^= BY THE WAY I MUST BE PART CAT CUZ LICK MY NOZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  95. i love that picture i have to know who has that cat and i want to meet the person. i have a question:How did u get the cat to lick the popcsical?

  96. Cute kitty picture, love it…