Pretty creative, there. [shifty eyes]

I can’t believe this puppy stooped so low as to COPY the late, great Kumanoko hamster. (Scroll down to see third ‘under blankie’ photo)



Still, not bad, Mark C. 😉

You do get extra points for the tiny ear flips.



  1. AWWWW!!! I wanna snuggle that cute blankey~

  2. cute to the nth degree… puppies rule…xxx

  3. The FLEECE… the FUR… the SLEEPY EYES… the EAR TIP…

  4. PS — I might have an idea about this post for later. Hehe.

  5. Somehow I am hearing puppeh honk-shus through my monitor 🙂

  6. Oh. My. Gonads.

  7. Any room for me under there you cutey pie. I’m just feeling warm and fuzzy down to my toes.

  8. can somebody dig him a whole so he can hide himself or ill have to do it myself…

  9. Move over, puppeh. Make room for me, please.

  10. [gentle *beep* so as not to wake up…]

    Awww, little paw under the ear flip.

  11. Want to rub the ear fuzz………

  12. I’ll take him!

  13. “Please, re-fleece me
    Let me go…”

    Yes, there is a blanket similarity. Or a blanket of similarity.

    But it’s OK! It’s Cute!

  14. OMG! Is it a Golden pup? I LOVE GOLDENS.

    I miss my family’s Golden, Walker Texas Ranger 😦 He lives with my parents all the way in Missouri

  15. OH, could this be a Golden Child reincarnation of the beloved Komanoko? May his hammy-lama nature be reborn in many forms! (With a bow of respect to all that is.)

  16. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Awww… da widdle nosie! Da widdle pawsie! Da widdle mouf! Da–

  17. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Crud, I forgot that things in “< " gets erased... Let me try that again... [cough]:

    Awww… da widdle nosie! Da widdle pawsie! Da widdle mouf! Da–[aplodes]

  18. …….plagiarism…………….or……………………A NEW CATEGORY !!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!

  19. “May I bite your snouts from loves?”

  20. Dwine — baaaaahhhwRHOOO?

  21. PUPPY! I want to give him a soft little *mwah” on the nosey.

  22. paulajeanne says:

    Pyrit, kinda know what you mean. Pics like this one makes my ovaries hurt.

  23. Awwwwww. Sleeping puppies turn me to goo.

  24. Can I join that little cutey and snuggle with that puppy. I am awwwed to the floor over here that is to much.

  25. “tiny ear flops?!?!?!” i don’t see TINY ear flops, them things are ginormuous!!!!! aaaaahhh i love it!

  26. Not exactly a copycat, but…

  27. It was tongue-in-cheek, Deckard C. No worries.

    (And yeah yeah, copyDOG…)

  28. … Excruciatingly excruciating, that is 😀

  29. The pup is so cute I couldn’t even tell the difference between preview and post. I also haven’t taken my meds.

    The face. OH GOD THE FACE!
    The EAR!!!!

    I bet it smells like puppy, replete with pink tummy.

    It’s excruciatingly cute (is what I meant to say 😉 )

  30. It’s got a fuzzy schnozzle.
    Oh my.

  31. 1…2…3…AWWWWWW!!!
    I wonder if the lil’ sleeper has puppy breath? My mom absolutely loooves puppy breath and will snorgle any puppy just to sniff some. It’s like crack to her!

    (I must be out of the loop here…when did Kumanoko go to Hamster Heaven?)

  32. He looks so comfterbuls.

    Remember that bunny several months ago that was about the same colour as this puppy and in a similar pastel blanket? That’s what this post made me think of.

  33. useta hada kitteh says:

    The blankie didn’t quite cover his little pawses, so he had to use his ears for an extra blankie. I kinda felt like that last night…wish I’d had me a puppers to snuggle with (when I got up this morning, I found out the temp had gone down to -21 Celsius. Wasn’t expectin’ that!)

  34. I wouldn’t be able to leave it sleep. MUST cuddle!

  35. Ear flippies? I must munch them!

    nyam nyam nyam….

  36. Three words: Screen. Sav. Er.

  37. Persephone says:

    The paw peeking out from the earflap is more than I can take.

    I think I will go find someone to snorgle now. There is a sleeping man on the sofa who looks like a likely candidate…

  38. kaynoodle says: